Chasing After Katja

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I met Katja when I was in my junior year of college at Stanford University. I’d been fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship due to my decent athletic prowess. But more than that, I wanted a quality education. So I buckled down and was more than half way through my computer science degree. I was working on my own project in the library when Katja bumped into me. She was a lovely statuesque beauty. Her auburn hair was in a tight pony tail. She was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that showed off her goddess like long legs, and tight full ass. Her flowy shirt exposed just a bit of her sexy tummy and belly button piercing.

It was like I was staring at the incarnation of Aphrodite herself. I wanted to worship her body and pay tribute to the flowing of the gods. I stammer out a hello as she apologized for bumping into my chair. “Please forgive.” She said in a faint accent. “I am very sorry.”

“It’s perfectly alright.” I respond. I stare at the gorgeous beauty next to me. Soft porcelain skin, bright green eyes, full lips. I notice no ring on her finger, and my fantasies begin to spin.

“Are you looking for a place to sit?” I ask. “You can share my table with me if you’d like.” The library is fairly crowded, so she would have a hard time finding a table otherwise.

She flushes, unexpectedly. “No, I should not. Please, thank you. But I will find another.”

I stand up, my six foot two frame easily towering over her. I would imagine she’s somewhere around five foot six. I reach over and pull the chair next to me out, inclining my head towards it.

“Please. I promise you won’t bother me. Why don’t you sit here, the library is pretty full so you’ll have a hard time finding a seat.”

“Thanks.” She says sheepishly, and takes the seat. I sit back down in mine and resume my studies.

My eyes focus on my work, but my mind is still thinking of the gorgeous stranger with the sexy accent next to me. I notice out of the corner of my eye that she had brought her study materials. Books on finance and accounting liter the area of the desk next to mine. I sigh and put my books down.

“I’m sorry.” I say, inclining my head to her. “I’d hate to bother you, but my name is Jason. May I ask what yours’ is?”

She frowns. “I am Katja.”

The shortness of her response doesn’t discourage me. I can’t help but stare at the gorgeous woman next to me. I won’t let her leave without her number at least.

“It’s a wonderful pleasure to meet you Katja. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” I’m trying to be subtle, büyükçekmece escort but I’m having a hard time.

“No sorry. I must go.” She says, and hops up.

I sigh. I can’t let her run away from me. I go back to my work, and then begin to plan.

I begin to ask around campus over time and gather some information on the object of my affections. Katja is from Belarus. She moved to the US just this year to attend Stanford. Apparently from what I’ve been told, she’s the daughter of a former nuclear scientist and Miss Belarus. That explains the brains and the beauty. But I have to have her.

I spend months looking for her, but every time I catch a glimpse of her, she runs away. I try not to stalk, but I can’t help it. I’m too obsessed with the curvy auburn haired beauty. So I stage a plan. I managed to convince one of her friends to set us up on a “blind” date. It took a lot of convincing and bribery, but I finally got it set up.

I was late to the restaurant on purpose. I knew from months of chasing after Katja that she would run if she saw me first. So I waited until she was seated, then I made my appearance. My dark brown hair was well kept, my face shaved, and my piercing blue eyes focused on my prize. I approached from behind so she wouldn’t see me first, and I quickly slid into the chair across from her and grabbed the menu.

“So what’s good here?” I ask casually, looking at how beautiful Katja looked in her form fitting black dress. It totally accentuated her wonderful body. She wasn’t the tiny figure of modern women. But more of a classic beauty. Wide hips, a full stomach, large chest. There was no way she was any smaller than a size 8, but that just made her more beautiful.

Shock crossed her face when she saw me.

“You?!!” She accused, grabbing her purse. “You set this up didn’t you. I thought you’d realize that I was avoiding you on purpose.”

But she didn’t get up. While her face was scowling at me, her eyes were open, readable. So I would take advantage of my opportunity.

“Please, just have dinner with me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since we met. All I want is a chance. I promise that if you absolutely hate me after tonight, I will leave you alone. Just give me a chance.”

She sighed. Putting her purse back down, she looked at me and her face softened.

“One date, but you’re paying for whatever I want and after that we’re going back to my place. Then we’ll see how you feel about me.”

Whoa. çağlayan escort I wasn’t even thinking sex on the first date. I wouldn’t mention it anymore unless she did.

So we had dinner. She was only 20, so she couldn’t have any wine. I ordered a nice bottle of sparkling water instead. She slowly relaxed and told me about her childhood. Her parents were clearly the most important people in her life. I began to admire them myself as the night wore on. The more she talked, the more I became infatuated with her. She was beautiful, smart, charming, loving, and most of all she seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed hers.

After dinner and dessert, I leaned back in my chair and gazed at her. “So why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something wrong or something to offend you?”

She sighed and looked off into space while she took a drink of water.

“No, you did nothing wrong. In fact you were charming and I find your pursuit of me very flattering. But you won’t want me when you know the full truth. Which it’s time for you to learn. So take me back to my dorm room. It’s time for you to know what you’re getting into.”

I shrugged and got up. She followed me to my car, and let me open the door for her. In the car she asked more questions about me, a subject we’d covered very little. She was surprised to learn that I was the youngest of eight children. I shrugged.

“I’m from Kansas. It’s fairly common out there.” She laughed and pointed me towards her dorm.

Arriving, she guided me to her room and then made me go sit on her bed.

“Now. Let’s see what kind of man you are. I’m about to show you a very private secret. Something only my parents are truly aware of. After you know what it is, you cannot tell anyone. If you react well, then we can discuss us. Otherwise, I never want to see you again.”

I took of my tie and waited, unsure of what I was going to be revealed.

She groaned, and then pulled up her dress. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. Typically women pull off their dresses for sex, but she just pulled hers up to her stomach. After that, she dropped her tight lace panties. At first the darkness of the room kept me from understanding, but then I realized what I was looking at.

Where her panties had been was a cock. Not a tiny one, nor an exceptionally large one. But a decent sized on. It wasn’t fake either. It was the full package, cock and balls. But then I realized something else. She had a pussy bellow çapa escort her balls.

I’ve never been gay or even bi. So the cock at first was a massive turn off. But I shook myself out of the trance and decided to get some more information before I made a decision.

“So. I’ve heard of hermaphrodites before. Is that what you are?” I ask, trying to be objective.

She sighed and laid on the bed next to me, her dress still pulled up.

“Not exactly. You see I am something different. One of a kind really. My father is a nuclear scientist, and when testing out an experiment, he accidentally exposed my pregnant mother to a high dose of radiation. It transformed me in the womb into what I am. I’m not like anyone else in that I’m a woman in every single way. I can give birth, give milk, my breasts are natural. I just have this cock in addition. It’s strange. But that’s why I avoided you. I like you very much, and I was worried you won’t really want to be with me because of my penis.”

I looked at her genitals. Both were perfect specimens. Her pussy was actually oozing. It looked like she was aroused. Her cock on the other hand was tiny and shriveled.

I looked into her eyes.

“Let me ask you this. Are you attracted to me?”

She sighed.

“Very much so. My vagina is aching for you right now. My nipples are so hard. I’ve wanted you since the first time you chased after me. “

“But your cock isn’t.” I observed.

She looked down.

“No. I can’t explain it. But I have no desire to use that on you. Thank god. It makes me feel more normal. I don’t want you to think I want to fuck you up the ass. I find that disgusting.”

I sigh.

“So do you find girls attractive?”

She rolled her eyes.

“Of course you ask that. And yes. I do. But I’ve never been attracted to anyone so much in my life before. I want to ride you so badly. You have to let me know what you think about me.”

I paused and looked at my shoes.

On one hand, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted. On the other, I can’t help but find her cock strange.

But she doesn’t get aroused there, at least for me. So that makes the idea more bearable. Hum.

Thinking about it, I can’t imagine leaving her. I want her too much. So I decide to take a leap.

“Katja, let me make love to you.” I proclaim, and grab her.

My mind drifts off as the passion of our kiss takes over. I think I love this woman, and I will do whatever it takes to make her happy.


Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment for what you liked or didn’t like. If you notice bad proofreading, let me know. But please don’t nitpick. Thank you.

Author’s note:

This is the first part in a many part story. I will publish more as I come up with them. Feel free to leave suggestions or requests for future stories if you have any.


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