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with special input from a fellow voyager

I had just finished business school and taken a job for a small dot com in San Jose. It required me moving across the country from Tulsa, but I didn’t have any objection to that. As I was considering my options, my then-boyfriend, Andrew, told me he was sleeping with someone else. We broke up. It did not take much to get me to leave Tulsa.

I moved and started my new job, which is fantastic. I’m responsible for coordinating strategic alliances for my small company. I have a staff of five working for me. It’s long hours but the pay, and as you will see the fringe benefits, are beyond compare.

The one drawback to moving was not knowing anyone. And since Andrew and I broke up, I hadn’t seen anyone else. I did not want to pick up a guy on the rebound. There are more than enough jerks without risking a bad choice.

Early one Friday evening, Eric my online-lover of many months met me online. We chatted for almost an hour before he began working that magic I love so well. I told him about how I needed to meet some people; about how I was missing my family, and about how work was going. He listens so well. It is like he can read my mind. He always knows when I need to talk, when I need to be held and when I need to be loved. This day, we shared a wonderful fantasy in a hot tub. He pushed my buttons so well that I came twice. It makes me wet to just think about it as I write this story.

As we basked in the after glow of our passions, Eric asked if I wanted to join him for drink. I laughed knowing that he does not drink and suggested dinner. We had been lovers, but online only, for nearly a year now and we both wanted to meet each other desperately. I just did not want to jeopardize Eric’s other life. You see I was and am the other woman. Eric never lied to me or let me on. His passions were so intense that I wanted what ever he would give me. After assuring myself that we would not regret meeting, I agreed to let Eric pick me up in about an hour.

When we went offline and realized what I had just agreed to, my body began to tremble. I am normally so shy. I worried that reality would spoil this special relationship. I dressed with great care. I had changed my mind three times. I wanted to arouse Eric’s passions but I did not want to play the slut. I wanted to have a choice but I wanted Eric to feel an invitation. Ultimately, I decided on a short black skirt and a billowing cream blouse. My hair was pulled back with a large clip but was mostly down the way I knew he liked it. It made me a little wet just thinking about how Eric liked my dark flowing mane.

With minutes to spare, I settled down to wait in the sitting area of my new apartment. bahis firmaları I worried about whether I had forgotten anything. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long. Eric arrived down below and called up on the intercom. As I left the apartment, I relaxed. Eric’s voice was the same one I had learned to trust. Nothing would happen that I did not want and everything that I wanted and needed just might happen.

We had decided to have Chinese at a place nearby. The meal was incredible. I love Chinese food, but this was absolutely amazing. I don’t even know what I ate; I left all the ordering up to Eric. We started with dumplings and soup and then finished with rice and a dish of braised meats and vegetables. I guess it helps when you know the owners, and he did. He told me that he often dined there at the restaurant with his clients. Looking back, I am sure it was the company that made the meal but the mu shu chicken has never to be beaten.

We finished and decided to walk around downtown and window shop. The holiday decorations were up. We meandered around. I was not paying attention to where we were going. It was wonderful to just hold Eric’s arm and feeling close. It was the wonderful warm feeling that comes after enjoying a perfect meal. Eric intense focus on me had thrilled me. He had read my thoughts perfectly. His hand had gently caressed my knee but had not wandered up under my skirt. He had not stared at my ample breasts but had looked deep into my eyes.

We strolled languidly. Our pace was slow, so we could talk quietly with each other. His arm was wrapped around my shoulders, warm and protective. He had gently nibbled on my ear once or twice as he teased me about dessert. Chinese restaurants do not serve dessert.

Too soon, we were standing in front of a large red door leading into an apartment building, my building. “Well,” I asked, “do you want to come in?”

This was the unspoken question of the night. We had agreed to play it by ear. No pressure. Neither of us wanted to lose what we had. Looking back, I believe that Eric had manipulated events to let me know that he wanted me and allow me to make the choice, the perfect gentleman.

Eric only nodded and kissed me full on the lips. I took his hand, opened the door and lead him inside. It was dimly-lit, giving the entryway an air of mystery. We walked up two flights of stairs, arriving at another door, this one painted a dark lacquered green. I took out my keys, quickly unlocked the door, and pulled Eric into my new apartment. Turning the lights on, our eyes were greeted by a wealth of colors: golds, reds and silvers. Black furniture with silk coverings made this apartment home. An elaborately patterned silk rug lay on the floor. kaçak iddaa It conveyed an image of eastern luxury and decadence. I walked into the kitchen and returned with a pair of glasses, wine for me and mineral water for Eric. We sipped as I led him on the guided tour of her apartment. A lot of the décor was family heirlooms that had been in my family for many years allowing me to share more of my story with Eric.

Then we got to the bedroom. There was a queen size bed, dressed in pure white silk. I sat down on the edge and pulled Eric on top of me. I had made my choice. Without talking about it, we had agreed to take our relationship to the next level. Our lips met, and my tongue immediately darted into his mouth, probing it and expressing my need.

Eric reached up to feel my breasts. He pushed his hips into mine. I ground my small waist back against him. We explored each other with our hands before he slid off my body and started unbuttoning my blouse. Off it came, quickly followed by my bra. Then he turned me over and unzipped my skirt. It, along with my hose, was rapidly removed and sitting on the floor. I was entirely naked before Eric, for the very first time.

I was already very wet. I spread my legs so Eric could see and smell the moisture between my legs that clung to the dark hair of my pussy. He leaned over, kissing my firm stomach, finding a path downward to my inner thighs and my pussy. It was absolutely dripping. He kissed my flower delicately, savoring the flavor of my excitement. I know from his face that he was thinking, “She tastes wonderful; the perfect dessert”

Keeping his face firmly planted against my cunt, he knelt down onto the floor. I moaned as he started really licking and tonguing my pussy in earnest. He lapped my opening from stem to stern, pushing his mouth hard against my clit. Then, suddenly, I started bucking my hips against his mouth, crying softly to myself as I came with a new level of intensity.

After my orgasm subsided, I pulled Eric up off his knees. He quickly shed his clothes, his suit and tie joining my skirt and blouse on the floor. Then he was on the bed, lying on his back. I straddled his head, holding my pussy right above his mouth as I sucked his cock into my mouth. He licked and sucked at my cunt lips before biting on my clit. I responded to the aggressive nature of his play, moaning and taking his cock as far into my mouth as I could. He rolled me onto my back and positioned himself between my legs. Holding his cock, he placed it at the entrance to my wet hole. Then, with one deliciously long slow thrust, he slid all the way into me.

Wrapping my legs around him, I ground my clit up against the base of his penis. He pumped me hard with kaçak bahis long strokes. In and out he pounded, reaching around to grab the flesh of my ass to pull me harder against him. When his finger touched my asshole, I went wild. Moaning and grunting, I rocked my hips so that his fingers were directly on the entrance to my ass. He pushed a finger in and I immediately came, my pussy clenching down like a vise on his shaft. Eric knew that he was going to come soon, so he pulled out for a quick breather. He urged me over onto all fours. He knelt behind me, looking at my inviting pussy lips. They were naturally open and glistening with moisture. He placed the head of his shaft against those wet lips and slipped in easily. Deep inside me, Eric pumped me over and over again. Then, leaning over and putting his weight on me, he reached around to take hold of my breasts. He pinched the nipples firmly before pushing down with his hips and collapsing me onto the bed.

He reached up, taking my forearms and held them above my head, pinning them down against the silk sheet. I couldn’t move. He was fucking me hard from behind while holding my arms still and I was going crazy. The scent of our sweat and sex filled the room. He pounded into me with long urgent thrusts, and both of us were groaning loudly. I though we were going to break the bed or, at least, disturb the neighbors. I came again, thrashing up against his body.

He pulled out of me again, grabbing my waist. With some help, I got back up onto my hands and knees. I knew what was next. My barbarian was aroused to full passion. He reached out to my pussy and rubbed my sex juices all in and around my back door. I sighed with anticipation as he touched and massaged my ass. Readying myself, I arched my back, presenting that other entrance to his rock-hard cock. He pushed up against me, the head slowly penetrating my tight hole. I grunted, bearing down against his weight, straining to allow his cock into my tight virgin ass. The tip slid in and I started bucking against him, panting and moaning. He reached over, held my hips still, and slowly slid in until he was buried to the hilt. He started pumping slowly, getting used to the sensation. Then he reached around to play with my clit.

I was practically screaming with pleasure. I was moaning and crying to myself, telling him to fuck me hard, to fill my ass with come. He started really thrusting into me with hard and insistent strokes. I cried that I was coming again, and he joined me, moaning in that way that always excites me so much. A geyser of cum erupted from his cock to fill the dark depths of my ass.

He withdrew and we lay there still, trying to collect our thoughts and our breath. We fell asleep in the afterglow, spooning, as lovers should. Just thinking about that night brings back that special warm feeling.

Last night Eric asked about dessert after hot spicy Indian food. I can hardly wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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