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Now that I don’t work at the hotel where I managed the front office and guest relations, I can tell you some stories that took place. Working at a hotel like that one you always get involved in things that no one talks about. We had a rule to never get involved with guests but as they say rules are meant to be broken.

This one time I was helping a big company organize a Christmas party for their employees at our hotel. It was a big crowd and the hotel asked me to work with them full time. I had a guy who was my contact person from their side and since this was a great undertaking we worked quite close.

Naturally the guy was extra attracted to me. Constantly checking out my curves and even brushing against my boobs or butt as if by accident. I am so used to that so I didn’t mind. His hardon was hard to hide in such moments and I enjoyed seeing him shy and overwhelmed. Plus he was kind of attractive, very tall, dark hair.

Eventually we started getting flirty with each other, even a little sexting. But I tried to keep it professional and maintain a distance.

During the actual party both of us were super busy running around making sure everything happened according to plan. It was a hectic night but we kept each other in good mood and joked a little.

Around 2 am things were getting quiet and the guests started to leave. The DJ played some dance music for the remaining crowd who all had a little too much to drink. The guy and I were sitting on the couches sipping on some wine and relaxing.

The music changed to a slow dance and he pulled me up for a dance. He pressed my body close to his threw his arms around my waist and his mouth was buried in my hair. I had a loose dark blue velvet dress on with a low cut neck. Very hot… My boobs were pressed against his chest and this made them stand up and bulge even more out of my dress. We didn’t speak and just enjoyed each other’s embrace.

This was the first time we got close physically. I could tell he was feeling aroused because he was try to draw his crotch away from touching me, probably knew his boner would rub against my belly. I was getting excited too, it was probably obvious from my erect nipples poking through the dress..

I whispered on his ear, “I think the party’s over and we can get out of here…”

And he whispered “What do you got in mind?”

I said “Wait ten minutes and come up to room 809.”

This was one of the rooms that I knew was empty and clean. I kissed him on the cheek and walked away glancing over my shoulder at the surprised look on his face.

I took a detour so I don’t get noticed by other staff. The room was close to a service door so I wouldn’t need to walk long across the corridors, it helped me sneak out and in easily.

In the room I drew the curtains and turned down the lights. Then I heard the knock, that was fast! He was impatient.

I opened the door and there he was. After the door closed behind his he grabbed me and gave me a long passionate kiss. I moaned softly as his tongue met mine.

I pulled away and he said, “I’m just gonna jump you right now!”

But I stopped him, “I really would like to take a quick shower…would you help me undress?”

He saw my flirty smile, I turned my back allowing him to access the zipper on my dress. Silently he pulled down the zipper and my dress unwrapped.

He stared at my bare back and noticed that I covered my bra. I was wearing a shelf bra that propped my tits up from the bottom but the cups were open so my nipples were not covered by it.

He pulled my hands away from the bra and caressed my neck and the top of my chest. I tried to fix my bra and pulled my nipples that were sticking out forward as if they were ready for action.

“It’s a shelf bra, I like to wear it with my cocktail dresses…”

He said, “Well it’s not much of a bra…”

I said, “You’re right, it doesn’t help the poking nipples, but the boobs look great…”

He whispered with a smile, “Your boobs look better without ankara escort it.” At that he unclasped the bra and my tits burst out.

He pulled down my dress and started exploring my underwear and my stockings. I had matching blue sheer panties on that were very revealing. The trim was peeking out of the low thong.

First he slowly pulled down my panties. I turned my butt to him pretending to be shy about him seeing my trim and my pussy lips. But instead he got to watch my huge ass and the thong that barely covered my butthole and my taint.

The thong dropped to my ankles, he picked it up and brought it to his nose to inhale the scent. Then he removed my heels and started slowly rolling down the stockings. In seconds I was standing completely naked with one hand on my crotch and my other arm under my boobs. I walked slowly to the bathroom and he watch my every step in amazement.

He joined me in the shower rubbing his body against mine. We washed each other lightly massaging our intimate parts. He had a nice long and stiff cock that jumped up and down as he moved around slapping my softly on my belly and even touching my tits. The guy was tall and well hung (which I knew from the bulge in his pants whenever I was around).

I asked him to wait for me in the bed while I dried myself.

I found him sitting up against the headboard. I showed off my nude body to him for a moment so his cock hardened even more and was now standing straight up. Then I crawled across the bed toward him swinging my big 36H tits.

My first kiss was on his lips, my second was on his chest, my third on the tip of his penis. It was wet with precum. I licked his rock hard shaft and his purple head, soft light licks like on ice cream. Then I grabbed his knob with my mouth and started giving head to it with loud greedy slurps. He groaned and roared with pleasure.

He noticed my big ass which I stuck out as I was blowing him and whispered, “That ass must be a real sight from behind right at this very moment…”

I answered “I’ll let you enjoy that sight a little later.”

I ran my hands over my ass and pussy and felt the juices leaking. His cock was now well moisturized too. So I stood up and brought my body over his crotch trying to sit on his cock. But it was very tall the way he sat up, so I had to squat down on it. From that position I grabbed the headboard and lowered my ass.

“Guide your cock into my pussy!” I instructed.

My pussy opened over him because my legs were apart and he easily slipped it in between my wet lips. First, I let only his tip inside, then I raised my body and the second time I lowered my ass I let him in a little deeper. Eventually I took all of his length and quickened the rhythm with quiet gasps.

My tits pressed together as I held out my arms to the headboard. The tits were rubbing up and down his face and he was sticking his tongue out so they were covered in his drool. I carefully rode his cock trying to control the depth.

“Your fucking cock! God, I love how it feels inside me…”

He grabbed my tits and started slapping his face with them. His mouth bit my nipples whenever his lips caught the areolas.

I whispered, “Eat my tits baby… Suck those nipples baby…don’t let go of them!”

All these squats were getting me a little tired so I rolled off him and lay now on my belly. He finally got access to my big ass, he was kissing it and licking it, and gripping it and running his fingers down the crack.

“Spread my ass and lick me there…” I said.

“Fuck yeah…” I heard.

And his tongue stung me with pleasure. He kissed and licked all around my pussy and then worked on the lips…

“Pull them…pull my lips with your mouth…” he lightly nibbled on my thick lips. “Be careful with clit, its very sensitive…” I was gushing juices on his face or maybe it was his drool.

He then lay over me and poked my pussy hole with his cock. He fucked me prone biting my neck and shoulder. I felt the tip of his cock ram against escort ankara the front wall of my vagina bringing me closer to orgasm. He felt it and grabbed my hair and started giving me short strong nudges with his cock staying inside of me.

I moaned, “Right there…right there…don’t you fucking stop…ah ah ah ah ooooh! Don’t stop, make me cum…cum…make me fucking cum!”

The pressure of his wood against my g-spot finally made me orgasm, I let out a long moan, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuck…”

After he made me cum, I rolled over to catch my breath. I was breathing hard and still moaning. He got up around the corner of the bed and pulled me towards him so my head was hanging off the edge of the bed.

I saw his huge rod swinging above my face. He took it in his hand and slapped my face with it. On my lips, on my cheeks, on my nose.

I stuck out my tongue and tried to catch his tip. He used his hand to guide his penis into my mouth. When my lips grabbed the tip he shoved it in and started to slowly go back-and-forth.

I was moaning with pleasure as was trying to swallow all of his length. He started going in even deeper and I was already slurping and choking on it. His speed increased an his balls were hitting me in the face slapping on my forehead.

He grabbed my tits as he was fucking my mouth. My hands helped him feel my very erect nipples. I could feel his fingers pinching them and that made me squeal even louder with pleasure while I was struggling with his hard cock in my throat.

From that position he slowly leaned forward and put his mouth on my crotch. ifelt his tongue playing with my clit as he continued to fuck my mouth. Once in a while he moved further down to kiss my pussy lips and then return to the clit. I spread my legs to give him better access then he climbed on the bed.

We were now in a 69 position with him on top. His head was between my legs and was squeeze it with my thighs and pushing him onto my pussy. All this time he kept fucking my mouth as deep as he could. I had his balls in my fist as I was massaging them and drooling on his cock.

Then he said, “I want to fuck your big tits, can’t take my mind off them!”

So he spinned around squeezed my tits together and slowly put his cock in between them.

I was whispering, “Fuck my titties hard, fuck them nice and hard…”

He moved deeper and deeper and soon I felt his tip touch my chin. I stuck my tongue out to meet it. It was so warm and wet with my own saliva. I opened my mouth try to catch it and every time his cock came out I gave him a lick. He saw me playing with his knob and laughed.

Then h grabbed my hair and pushed my head hard on his cock. He was literally back to fucking my mouth and I didn’t mind!

He was screaming, “Take my dick in your fucking mouth!”

I could feel him getting more and more aggressive and rough with me. I was losing control myself, my pussy was pouring and I felt the bed getting wet with the juices. He reached his hand backward to feel my hole and stuck two fingers in it, then he brought them to my nose and smeared my own juices on my face.

“Look how wet you are, you feel your pussy juice?!”

I could only nod with my eyes watering.

He let me lying there on my back lifted my legs and knelt before my pussy. He started kissing my legs and feet, and his cock was now lightly touching my pussy lips. It was so slippery that at one moment his tip was caught in my hole.

He moved in to spread the lips and penetrate my vagina.

I gasped as he entered me, “I love feeling you inside of me…please fuck me with it…my pussy is so wet for you…please fuck me, fuck me…”

He held my legs up by the ankles and moved his cock in nd out slowly.

I begged, “Please deeper…oh yeah… Deeper… Yes, even deeper… Right there, yes…oh oh…oh…oh…”

I felt his cock now touch my insides and pressing harder and harder against my cervix…

“God you’re so big stretching my pussy!”

Hearing ankara escort bayan this he started getting rougher and was now drilling my hole with roaring noises.

I was gasping with each thrust, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

My tits were flying around so I had to hold them so they don’t give me a black eye.

He pushed on my thighs so my tits were now between them and my head between my knees. This made my pussy open up almost like a glove with the lips yawning and the clit sticking out. The shaft of his cock was sliding on them and I reached out my hand to slap my clit. It felt like a little button and when touched it it gave me orgasmic sensations.

I begged him, “Please don’t stop…don’t fucking stop…”

His cock was pressing against my g-spot inside my vagina and I helped it by rubbing my clit. In seconds it sent me into orgasm, I came with wave after wave as he kept on giving it to me.

I was almost quivering with the orgasm, “Ooooooooohhhhhh!!”

He leaned to kiss my open mouth and my sweaty face. I smiled and looked him in the eyes, I could tell how happy he was making love to me and giving me orgasms.

I said, “So I think it’s soon your turn, tell me how you want it…”

He answered, “I want it in doggie style, I want to see your big booty, grab you by the hips and do you from behind, fucking your pussy until it makes me cum…”

I kneeled on the bed and bent over so my ass was in the air…

He exclaimed, “Oh my god, oh my god! What a beautiful ass! Such a beautiful sight!”

He started worshipping my ass kissing it and caressing it. He spread my cheeks and licked me in between. He ran his tongue over my butthole and flicked it with delight. I could tell he was enjoying it and I was loving it myself.

Then he stood up and held my hips with both hands. I suddenly felt his cock poke me in the taint, he was trying to poke the hole with it.

He laughed, “My cock is throbbing hard! I’m trying to aim it into your pussy but it keeps pointing up!”

I answered, “Sit back and I will sit on it.”

So he did, and I sat with my thighs on his knees. I caught his tip in my hole and sat down slowly on it and my pussy swallowed it whole.

He roared, “Ooohhhh myyy goddd!”

I giggled as I started to girate my hips. Up and down, up and down.

I think his cock grew because now I felt every vein of his shaft rubbing on the insides of my vagina.

I asked him, “Squeeze my tits! Ah yeah…just like that…You like it?”

He whispered, “Mmmmmm, yes baby!”

He was reaching forward and feeling my chest as my boobs were bouncing up and down. It was a little hard for him to hold them down so he cupped his hands and they were jumping in them while he felt the hard nipples with his thumbs.

In this position it was easy for me to control how deep he was inside me. Also the direction of the moves because I could make his cock press into me in all the right places as I wiggled my ass to adjust the angle.

It was making me feel so good that I started to moan, “Mmmmm, baby it feels amazing…mmmm, it’s gonna make me cum again…oooh…mmmmm…”

He heard my gasps and started pushing his own hips to match my rhythm. More and more intensively. Soon his pushes made me lean forward as I put my hands down to keep from falling on my face. His body made slapping sounds as he was pounding me from behind now fully standing on his knees.

The pounding got stronger and I was on my elbows, “Oh-ba-by-yes-yes-it-feels-fuck-ing-good…”

He was getting close himself and I started screaming, “Harder baby harder! Fuck me deep with this big fucking cock of yours!! Give it to me!! Yes!! Harder!! Ahhh!!”

He started moaning too. Then he pulled his cock out and put it between my ass cheeks.

It throbbed and he let out a loud orgasmic cry, “Aahh! Cuuuummming!”

I felt the warm splurts on my ass. He slapped his cock around, the liquid was running down my butt crack…

He crashed next to me and I lay my head down on his shoulder. We cuddled a little longer and promised each other that no one would ever learn about our encounter. I was just hoping my staff at the hotel wouldn’t find out. But I think people had guesses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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