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The dark night creeps slowly over my weary soul. My sandal feet rise and fall lifelessly. Walking on a crowded noisy street, yet deserted and silent. Sounds blend to become one. Then suddenly shatters.

Sitting in a corner of a dimly lit café. Tired eyes watched the faces. That was mostly lost behind the blanket of smoke that lazily rose from the cigarettes of smokers. Dim shaded lights hung, motionless from the ceiling. The flames of candles in colored multifaceted glasses dance endlessly.

Pop-art and abstract paintings decorate the rust brick walls.

Numb ears listen carefully to the music that flows distantly through the café. Melo jazz, mournful blues, an erotic poem. The whispers of others, the thunderous applause or the sudden silence.

My hand welcomes the feel of a new friend. Eyes happy to look at her beauty. Nostrils tickled by her dreamy fragrance. A new friend that moves with grace, whose eyes glitter like snowflakes in the moonlight. Her laughter warms the soul. In our silence we fed on each others presence. In speech we quench our thirst with each others voice.

Our fourth cup of coffee is now cold. The musicians had just left. The customers are few, burning eyes and fading perfume, an empty cigarette package, an ashtray full of butts.

Now walking out of the dark café into the blinding brightness of the early morning sun. We held hands as we picked our way thru crowds of people going to work, the noise of the traffic penetrates our ears that long for sweet silence. We retreat into a restaurant for toast with jam and tea, at times laughter would gust from us without control. Weariness began to enfold us in its heavy blanket of non comfort, laying a heavy finger on our eyelids.

From bahis firmaları restaurant to a cab. We drove along the city streets in silence for our tongues refused to move. Her head on my shoulder, hand in hand, our eyes shut out the sights out the city, our ears half listen to the cars going by. From the cab to my pad and we embraced behind closed doors.


From the cab we climb a flight of stairs. Upon reaching the door. I dug my hand into the bag at my side to take out the keys. Excitement made my hand shake and I fumbled with the lock until I was successful.

We step inside. The fading fragrance of incense touched our nostrils. The tranquility and coolness wrapped themselves around us. For me it was like the embrace of a lover from whom I have been away from for too long. I welcome the feeling as it welcomes me.

I reach out ever so softly and embrace my new friend, gently bringing her against my body, our body touch and sweet sensation flood my body as her hand slide around my waist. Eyes that for a moment had a lost look, looks up into mine.

The kiss that follows refreshed my weary soul. It drew music from the silence. Light from the darkness. It increases my hunger for more of her sweetness. With the kiss came caresses. With the caresses came the need to feel bare skin. There in the living room we slowly and freely undress each other.

In the living room we let our hungry eyes feed on each others nakedness. There was much beauty to be seen on such an early morning. To deprive myself of a moment glance would be quite destructive on my part. So I devour every inch of her with my eyes until I was well fed.

My hands cry for the true touch it had been deny. I heard them cry out their torment, kaçak iddaa envious of the eyes. But not for long. She came forward to satisfy the hunger of her hands. She let her hands dance over my body. I set my hands free to feed. We stood touching, caressing and whispering how soft and smooth the skin feels. We compliment the pleasant curves. Giggling when an over sensitive spot was touched. We teased and delight. Feeding the passion that burns within.

Another embrace, another kiss, hand in hand and laughing floated into the shower. We washed away fading perfume and cologne, the perspiration of a long hot Summer night. Allowed our hands to linger at certain places. Fingers slide over mounts. Wraps around a column. Venturing into crevices. At times we stood still in each others arm, wanting to melt and merge while the water made detours where our bodies touch.

Somewhat refresh, we walk back to the bedroom. Heavy oversized curtains block the sunlight. A dim blue light gave the room a moonlit glow, incense spreads its outdoors aroma through the room. An open tape player oozes soft jazz seasoned with blues and flavored with soul.

A firm bed that took our bodies. Once again we fed the passion of our body with passionate kisses, gentle caresses, whispered instructions and suggestions. Our lips and tongue gave what pleasure they could. Soft moans and groans escaped into the room.

Yet all that we gave was only a sample of what we had to offer. What had been simmering all night was ready to boil. How sweet in was to lay between her thighs. Marvelous was the feel of her warm hand as she guides my rigid column to her moist crevice. A moment of hesitation to embrace its hot moistness. A slow thrust of the hips. The pussy yields. kaçak bahis The prick penetrates.

Slow was the tempo of the music. Slow was our cadence as we move against each other. Our intensified passion boosts our rhythm. Our moan and groan flowed steadily. Nail and teeth breaks flesh. Beads of perspiration burns fresh wounds.

Caught in orgasmic fervor we held tightly to each other and cried out our satisfaction.

Panting in contentment we laid side my side, there was no need for words, for awhile cigarettes glowed in the semi-darkness of the room. We cuddled and surrendered to sleep.

Awake I watched her sleep, there was no resisting the desire to let my eyes feed on her naked beauty. I gave in to my weakness and touched her. That led to caressing her body. Innocent kisses on the cheek lead to more kissing. That led to my caressing her breasts with my lips and tongue. Her soft moans became music to my ears. Her hands on my body delight me.

Again I settle between her open thighs and felt them closed on me. She was the guide and I followed where she led. She led me to her sweet pleasures and I glided in. Well rested and free of our primal hunger, we played long in our wonderland of pleasure then laid exhausted after our monumental orgasmic gust.

Again we welcome the coolness of a shower to wash the sweat of our play away. A moment of privacy for her to prepare herself. We ate a snack that I prepared. In the atmosphere of familiar sadness, in the livingroom where we had abandon our clothing, we dressed in silence.

At the door there was an embrace, a kiss, a promise of future meeting and a good bye. I watched my friend, my lover walks down the stairs, a turn of the head, a smile, a wave of the hand and she was gone.

The dark night creeps slowly over my joyous soul, my sandal feet rise and fall with life, walking on a crowded noisy street, I became aware of faces and sounds that blends to become one continuous melody of life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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