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I wrote this story 15 years ago for another site.

This story is based upon true events that took place over a period of about 9 months. I have condensed several of our trysts into one night of passion.

The real person that “Scott” is based upon passed away in 2015. “Clare” and I ended our relationship years ago. I have not seen her since “Scott” died.


Clare is married to Scott. Scott is my best friend; we’ve known each other since we were teenagers.

My story takes place in the late seventies.

It was March, you know that time of year when spring isn’t here yet; you’re sick of winter and just getting over the February blahs.

My wife had left me the previous December and taken our son with her. Something about needing to find herself, and oh “Merry Christmas dear!” Bah Humbug!

Scott and Clare knew I was feeling low so they organized a party at my place — after all I had the space now and no one would be disturbed by the noise.

The party had been a good idea — I was feeling a bit better even if I was slightly less sober than when the evening began.

Now, everyone had gone home except Scott and Clare. They’d stayed to help clean up and we had ended up having a few more shooters. Scott had, as usual, had way too much to drink and had passed out. Clare and I man handled him upstairs to the guest room and put him to bed.

She was really upset with him. His drinking was becoming a problem. His recent promotion had required a lot more hours at work and resulted in a LOT more stress. She said he had never been the really affectionate type, rarely showed his romantic side and had gotten worse lately.

“I wish he’d never taken this stupid job!” she complained “Its killing our marriage”

We went downstairs and I turned on the gas fireplace. We decided to open a bottle of wine, sit on my leather couch and talk for a while.

I was getting a little maudlin and feeling sorry for myself about Lee’s (my wife) leaving.

Clare said, “Frankly, I think she was nuts to leave you. You’re a warm, affectionate kind of guy who takes care of his woman. I wish Scott was more like you.”

We sat looking into the fire for a few minutes while I thought that over. “Did she just make a subtle pass?” I thought. Clare and I had flirted outrageously for years but I had always thought it was just good natured fun — nothing serious. “Maybe I was wrong!? …Nah! It’s my imagination and the booze.”

Just then Clare said “I’m chilled, can I sit next to you?” as she scooted over from her end of the couch.

She snuggled into my side, put her arm around my waist, looked at the fire and then looked up at me.

Clare was, to say the very least, a GOOD looking woman. She had shoulder length light brown, very fine hair (not quite “dirty” blond), big brown eyes, the face of an angel and a body men only dream about. (36D 26 36). You always had the feeling when you watched her that she had just been fucked or wanted to fuck right now. A very sexy woman!

She was wearing a pink v-neck sweater, buttoned up the front, except for the top button so she could show off that gorgeous cleavage and well washed light blue jeans that looked painted on.

I bahis firmaları was in no shape to resist. I leaned over and kissed her.

It was like an electric shock had run through me. My heart started to pound and I started to tremble. I could tell she was feeling it too.

I rolled her on her back and just kept kissing her. It was more intoxicating than the booze I’d had all night. I just wanted to keep on kissing her. Our tongues fenced and dueled, explored each other wantonly. Our lips danced, our mouths sucked. We kissed like the spell would break if we stopped.

I reached out gently and rubbed my open palm across her left breast. I could feel her tense it under my fingers. I began to gently massage it through her clothing.

I knew right then that this was something special that might never come again. I was determined to make it last as long as possible.

I kissed her neck, her ears her eyes, her nose, her cheek and her mouth. I kept massaging her breasts. On and on. Very slowly building her passion.

I slowly undid the buttons to her sweater, to reveal her lace-trimmed bra, which covered those exquisite breasts.

I moved my mouth over her breasts. Nibbling and sucking at her nipples through the material until the front of the bra was wet. I could see the faint outline of the dark areola through the wet material. Her nipples were fully erect.

I pushed her bra up and out of the way to reveal those fabulous orbs. We kissed again. Deeply. As the kiss ended I trailed my mouth across her chest to her left breast and began sucking on it like a baby would nurse. She moaned softly. Ever so softly I sucked the nipple in my mouth and gently put pressure on its base with my teeth and while sucking raked my teeth gently up its length. I was rewarded with a slightly sweet tasting secretion. Almost the taste of breast milk.

“Oh god!” she moaned. I moved to her right breast and did the same thing, with the same result. “Don’t stop” she whimpered. “Don’t stop ever”.

She began to moan and writhe on the couch, her hips making little rocking motions. My heart was pounding. The sight of her in such ecstasy made my now hard dick even harder. All I could think of was giving this beautiful woman more and more pleasure. Pleasure that she had been obviously missing at home for some time.

“Scott you’re an ass!” I thought “How could you ignore this hot, hot woman who obviously loves to fuck?”

We kissed and fondled and sucked for a few more minutes. Clare was getting more turned on by the second — and I wasn’t far behind.

I reached down to the front of her jeans and rubbed her crotch through the material. She clamped her legs around my hand and squeezed. I rubbed harder. She began to gently buck against my hand. Her crotch began to get damp right through the jeans. God this woman was horny!

I undid the jeans, pulled down the zipper and slipped my hand in. Her panties were sodden. I pushed the crotch of her panties into her slit and rubbed my hand up and down it’s length. She crossed her ankles and tightened her upper leg muscles and it was like my hand was in a vice. Trapped in her pussy.

I could feel her quivering and knew she was having the first kaçak iddaa of many orgasms that night.

I learned later that Clare was multi-orgasmic. She said that once she had one orgasm it was like riding wave after wave of them “I just keep cuming and cuming. Some bigger than others but it doesn’t stop until I stop fucking.”

She relaxed her hold on my hand and I put my fingers into her dripping pussy. Still kissing her and sucking her breasts and now rubbing in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit with my thumb, she began to moan louder and began fucking my hand with her well oiled hips.

We had been engaged in this foreplay for about 40 minutes now. My dick was aching, but I was mesmerized just watching her cum and cum and cum. I couldn’t help myself, all I wanted to do was focus on making her cum again and again. My wife had never had orgasms like this. Had never been this wet or wanted to fuck this badly.

Suddenly, Clare began to speak ” Oh god” she begged “Fuck me. Fuck me please, please fuck me, Pleeeaaase! Oh god! Pleeeaasse! Fuck me!!!”

I rose up and pulled off her jeans, pealed off her drenched panties, undid my pants and pealed both pant and underwear in one motion.

Clare’s pussy was so wet it was frothing! It looked like whipped cream. I had to taste it.

I leaned forward and licked her pussy from bottom to top. She tasted like lemons. I loved it!

My dick was now like a steel bar. I’d never been this hard in my life. “Oh god! Please” Clare moaned.

I slid into her nice and slow, savoring the moment and the sensation. It was like pushing your cock into warm honey.

She gasped and arched her back. I began to move inside her slowly, getting control. I didn’t want to cum too soon. I kept kissing her and she kissed me back with a passion I’d never known. It was like a hunger that could never be sated — for both of us..

I realized in that moment, fucking my best friend’s wife, that I had found my sexual soul mate. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

I was fucking harder now, harder and faster and harder. The only sounds were those of our heaving gasps for breath, Moans, grunts and the steady slap, slap, slap as our bodies pounded into each other.

I was fucking so hard and deep into her I could feel the lips of her uterus slip around the end of my cock. I’d never felt that with my wife and the feeling was so intense I almost came.

Clare was going wild. Moaning , her back arched, clinging to me with her legs, trying to get me even deeper inside her. Begging me to “Fuck me harder, harder! Oh fuck! Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god fuck meeee!”

I lost track of how many times she came. I could feel her orgasms, the quivers, the wetness. Oh god was she wet! I had never had a woman this way before. I loved it!

I was fucking her for all I was worth. I could feel my own orgasm building now. My balls were contracting, my dick was feeling full.

Hold it! Tighten your cock muscles. Don’t cum! Hold it! Fuck her! Fuck her harder! Fuck her! Your cock is swelling even more! Its going to burst! Oh god! Hold it! Fuck her! Fuck her! Make her cum! Fuck! Fuck! God!

The release is intense. She cums, screaming. I cum and bellow kaçak bahis like an animal.

(Thank God Scott sleeps like the dead!) The orgasm is intense. I’m shooting bursts of cum into her over and over. My cock keeps spasming long after I stop coming. We both stay locked in embrace, resting ; catching our breath. My dick is still steel hard and throbbing.

Suddenly, Claire looks at me in shock. “You’re still hard!” she exclaims. “I felt you cum and you’re still hard!”

“Its being with you babe” I replied and started moving my hips in and out of her delicious cunt again. She drew in a huge breath, arched her back and closed her eyes. We were both ready to go again. This was going to be a night we’d both remember all our lives.

The next four hours were a blur of lips, hair, tits, hands, arms, legs, cunt, cock, and cum.

I remember that I stopped counting my own orgasms at sixteen — Sixteen! I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t done that many even when I was sixteen!

Clare just kept moaning and sighing, eyes closed and saying “Oh God! Don’t stop” and “You’re the best!”

At last, I simply couldn’t cum any more, but I had one last trick up my sleeve, so to speak.

I waited until Clare was just about to come again. I pulled my dick out of her and quickly reached in side her with my hand. I reached for her G spot, I knew I’d found it by her sudden breath intake, and began to flick my finger rapidly across it. It was as if I’d passed an electric current through her cunt.

Clare screamed “MY GAAAWWWDD!!!!” and lifted her pelvis up off the sofa and grabbed my wrist between her legs with both hands. This forced those luscious tits together and forward between her arms.

Every muscle in her body tensed, her thick nipples stood at full attention, her skin flushed hot, pink and sweaty; back arched, head thrown back — a lusty woman in the full throws of a very full orgasm. I then saw the result of the first G spot orgasm I’d ever seen. She began a flood of about a quart to two quarts of fluid from her cunt — raw female “cum juice” – over my hand , my arm, her legs, the couch and the floor. Clare was humping my hand like a mad woman! “Oh! Oh! Oh! God! Fuck! Fuck!…”

She finally collapsed on the couch, exhausted from the effort. We were both drenched in sweat and cum, heaving great gulps of air , and both fucked right out.

She lay on the couch, just resting , eyes closed. I sat on the floor beside her just watching this vision of sated female sexuality. She finally opened her eyes, dreamily, and smiled at me. ” That was the best sex I’ve ever had and you’re the very best lover I’ve ever had.” “Why didn’t I meet you before I met Scot?” she said wistfully.

The only thing I could think to say was ” I love you Clare. I think I have since the day I met you.”

She put her finger to my lips and said softly ” Don’t say that. We both know we can’t hurt Scot. If he found out about us ….he must never know.”

I knew in my heart she was right; but I couldn’t let her go that easily. “Lets just take it one day at a time then and see what happens” I held her and kissed her then as we snuggled, naked on the couch.

Finally, we decided we should tidy our love nest and that we needed a shower before Scot woke up and asked some awkward questions.

We went upstairs to the shower hand in hand.

The warm water of the shower enveloped us as we embraced and slowly made love again.

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