Cleaning Amy

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Cleaning Amy

I looked up as I was emptying my lawn mowers grass collection bag into a plastic lawn and leaf bag and saw Amy’s Ford Transit van pulling into her driveway next door. She quickly jumped out and ran into her house. I was a little disappointed to not have been able to get a better look at her before she was in the door. For having just passed 35 years of age, plus having had four kids, she was in great shape and normally wore clothes that showed that, especially in the summer.

I had started to mow again and minutes later she was waving at me to get my attention. I shut down my mower and walked in her direction as she walked towards me. She was only about five foot two inches tall, her brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, pretty much her standard hair style. She had on sunglasses so I was unable to see her brown eyes. The thing that really drew your attention was her almost blinding white smile of perfect teeth. She was one of those women that managed to be both cute and hot at the same time.

“Hey Jeff. I need a favor.”


“I am running way behind to pick up the twins from their playdate, plus get Daniel from soccer practice and then get Meghan to her lacrosse game. Dave isn’t going to be coming home from work this evening. Can you put out some food for Buster and let him out back for a bit. Please.”

“Of course. No worries.”

I could barely hear her saying thanks over her shoulder as she was half jogging back to her van. I took the opportunity to watch her ass in the yoga pants she was wearing. It took a second to register that she had changed while she was in there. When she had entered the house earlier she had been wearing jeans. I knew this because I had stolen a look at her butt as she entered the house earlier. She jumped in the van and sped off up the street.

Amy and her husband Dave had been our neighbors for about five years. It was nice to have a younger couple move in. My wife and I enjoyed watching their kids play and grow and if we were honest with each other didn’t mind watching Dave and Amy either. They both looked like they belonged on a California beach. Amy was a stay at home mom and Dave was an FBI agent, part of their elite Hostage Rescue Team or HRT as they went by.

Because of Dave’s job he would be deployed for specific events, sometimes for long periods or he could suddenly be called out with no warning. Over time my wife Jennifer and I had become someone Amy could reach out to for help when Dave wasn’t available. This could be for a chore at her house, a quick request to watch the kids or anything that popped up. The baby sitting was rare these days because the oldest daughter had turned thirteen and they let her watch her brothers and sisters for short periods now, along with all the kids now being school aged.

I finished my mowing and went into and took a quick shower. It was a pretty hot and humid day and I sweated profusely while mowing. Once I was changed I went in the kitchen and grabbed the key to Amy and Dave’s house. They had given us one years ago for situations just like this. This wasn’t the first time we had been asked to feed Buster or let him out.

I unlocked the door, pushed it open and called out to Buster. He quickly trotted up to me for a quick head rub and then moved to the back door. It was obvious he knew why I was here. When we got out back he did his business, I threw a ball for him about a half dozen times and he let me know it was time to go back in and get his dinner ready.

I filled his water dish first, then walked over the pantry where I knew his food was. As I headed that way I felt hot and humid air entering the kitchen area. I stopped and realized it was coming from the laundry room, since our floor plans were similar I knew what the problem was. The laundry room ran off the kitchen and you went through it to get to the garage. The door from the laundry area to the garage must not be closed all the way and that is what was letting the hot air in.

Stepping into the laundry area the hot air was worse and the door to the garage was definitely open. I stepped over the laundry on the floor and closed the door. As I turned to come back in the kitchen I looked down and saw what had to be a pair of Amy’s jeans laying there. I was almost out of the room when I saw the flash of purple lace inside the jeans. I instantly knew that they were Amy’s panties in there.

I quickly dismissed the thought that had immediately formed in my brain and got Buster’s food for him. I poured it in the bowl and put the bag back in the pantry. I was now in a small battle with my conscience as I moved to the kitchen island to grab my key to their house. The key they had given us because they trusted us I thought.

That thought had almost made me win the battle I was having but I only made it about three steps towards the front door before I turned around. I did hesitate for a second at the laundry room entrance, but it was only a second, and then I was bending down to pull ankara escort Amy’s panties out of her jeans.

They were bikini cut panties and I was little surprised that they seemed to have a little bit of weight to them. I had started another fight with myself at this point but knew for certain what side was going to win this one. I opened her panties up to bring them to my nose to smell crotch area. There was a part of me that really hated I was doing this but, the part of that was aligned with the growing excitement and adrenalin rush I was experiencing was in control.

As I brought them towards my nose the aroma that hit my nostrils explained the little bit of weight I had noticed. My eyes confirmed it at almost the same exact time. The gusset of her panties was full of cum. When I say full, I mean full, you could see where it had pooled there. I now had another dilemma that was quickly resolved as I brought the gusset to my mouth and my tongue and lapped up the cum that was in the panties. I then sniffed them before sucking on the cotton gusset.

What I had just done suddenly caused a moment of panic. I couldn’t believe that I just licked up and ate the cum of another man. I also couldn’t believe how much the smell and the taboo of what I had done had turned me on. The panic sensation forced me to think about what I needed to do and the first thing was to put the panties back in the jeans as close to how they had been when I pulled them out.

I stepped back and looked to see if things close to what they had when I first saw her jeans and panties. As I stood there I felt a sudden pressure on my leg and I jumped before realizing that it was Buster nuzzling against me wanting a little more attention. I quickly petted his head and raced to the door locking it behind me.

As soon as I got into my house I raced upstairs and grabbed my Ipad. I opened the photos app and pulled up pictures of Amy that I had saved from her Facebook page. I found my favorite, she was on the beach in her bikini, kneeling in the sand and looking back over her shoulder. It showed that amazing smile but more importantly her ass. I reached down to push my shorts away and took my already hard dick in my hand.

It only took a few minutes and my stomach was covered with my cum. I decided to scoop that up with my hand and licked my hand clean before grabbing a towel and cleaning up a little more. I closed up the Ipad and headed down stairs. I had not hear Jennifer pull into the garage and when we both stepped into the kitchen at the same time I jumped.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. You are very jumpy.”

“I didn’t hear you pull in. How was your day?”

She told me about her day and I half listened. Truthfully most of her days were the same. She spent them at a barn where we boarded a horse. She enjoyed the time around the horse and she and the owner had become close friends. She asked how my day was and I told her I had mowed and done other yard work. Most of my days were pretty much the same also. I played golf or did chores. We both had pretty good pensions, and had made good investments, which allowed us to retire last years just a couple years after passing age fifty.

She ran up to the shower and asked if I would order a pizza for dinner as she went up the stairs. I watched her walk away from me and enjoyed that view also. For a fifty year old woman she still had an ass that would catch your eye. Unfortunately, it had been a long time since I had done anything with her ass but admire it. She had gone through menopause a little earlier than a lot of women and it had killed any interest she had in sex.

I think that is part of what had led me to do what I had done earlier with Amy’s panties. As our sex life had died I had turned more and more to erotic fiction as a way to arouse me and to get off by masturbating. Recently, I had been reading a lot of stories about panty sniffing fetishes and even more recently about cream pies. I had sniffed Jennifer’s panties a lot recently, I especially enjoyed the ones she had worn to the barn. Today was the first time I had gotten a hold of someone else’s panties.

I ordered the pizza and flipped on the television while scrolling through my phone. The pizza arrived at the same time Jennifer came down from her shower. We ate in the family room while watching the Game Show Network, something that had become part of our evening routine. We discussed our plans for the tomorrow and I laughed a little on the inside. She was going to the barn and I was going to work in the yard on the flower beds, so basically the same as every other day.

Around eight o’clock my phone vibrated at I saw a text from Amy- Hey, Jeff could you come over tomorrow morning around 9:00 after the kids have gone to school. I want to chat about something.

My heart took off and I felt like I couldn’t get my breath. My guilt from what I had done earlier was racing through me. Had Amy figured out what I had done? What else could she want to chat ankara genç escort about. I stared at the screen deciding how to respond. Should I ask what it was about? Or if she was okay?

Finally I sent- Sure. See you then.

My nervousness grew when I never saw a response acknowledging I had confirmed I would be coming. My wife looked at me and asked if I was alright, I seemed to be flush and breathing fast. I told her I was fine and probably just needed to drink some more water. I gathered my stuff up, cleaned the kitchen and told her I was heading upstairs.

We pretty much never went to bed at the same time. I was an early riser and she was a night owl who slept in most days. I brushed my teeth, took some meds, and climbed in bed with the TV on. My brain was still racing on what Amy wanted to talk to me about. I knew it would be tough to sleep tonight.

Suddenly a thought struck me, Dave was at work today. Whose cum was in her panties? It couldn’t have been his right? Amy was having an affair, she had to be. I was fairly shocked at that thought. If, somehow, Amy had figured out what I had done, I at least had some dirt on her also. If she threatened to expose me I could threaten to expose her.

I gave up on the sleeping around 05:30 in the morning. Through the night I had what could be described as a series of cat naps. I would sleep, lightly, for about forty minutes, maybe a hour and then be awake for thirty minutes or a hour. My anxiety was in overdrive. My biggest worry was Amy telling Jennifer. I had no idea how she would react to it. I was also worried about her telling our other neighbors. I definitely didn’t want to be known as the neighborhood perv.

I went downstairs and made coffee. Sitting on the couch I had the news on the TV, mostly for background noise and scrolled through social media on the phone. I was willing the clock to move faster while at the same time becoming increasingly scared about the confrontation I was sure that was coming up.

Occasionally I would convince myself that it was something else and she just needed help with something in the house. I scrolled through my phone to look at previous texts from her and in the past she normally had texted what she wanted help with when sending the text. I would then convince myself, first, that she wouldn’t have noticed I had messed with her panties, second, that there was no proof it was me. Maybe Buster had smelt the odor and ate it, that was believable right?

Jennifer came down a little after eight. She wanted to get to the barn before it got to hot. I was just happy she would be gone when I went next door. She commented that I looked a little rough this morning. I told her I hadn’t slept well which satisfied her and she was on her way quickly.

By eight thirty I was pretty much pacing around my kitchen. I went up and changed out of the my sleeping clothes and put on a pair of khaki shorts and tee shirt. That took about three minutes, I was positive the clock was either standing still or maybe even moving backwards. Finally at ten minutes to nine I walked out the door to go to Amy’s. The walk would take about thirty seconds but I couldn’t wait anymore.

I lightly knocked on the door and tried not to hyperventilate as I waited for her to answer. I could hear her foot-steps coming down the hall and the door swung open. She was in a pair of running shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt and as always looked good.

“Good Morning Jeff. Come on in.” She turned and walked towards her kitchen. Even though I wasn’t certain how I was breathing right now I couldn’t help but follow her ass with my eyes as she walked in front of me.

“Want any coffee? Have a seat.” She pointed towards a chair at her kitchen table.

I shook my head no. I wasn’t sure I could speak right now. It didn’t help that the chair she pointed out resulted in me having a direct view of the laundry room. Buster came up to me and obviously wanted some attention. I quickly rubbed his head and scratched under this neck.

“So, I am sure you are wondering why I asked you to come over.” It was a statement, not a question.

I managed to get out. “Yes.”

“You have any idea? You seem nervous.”

I shook my head no.

“Okay, well I think you do based on how you are acting. When you were here yesterday did you do something you shouldn’t have?” Her tone never changed and she was looking into my eyes.

I immediately looked down. My hands were almost shaking. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

“Well, did you?”

I decided to play dumb. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I tried to look her in the eye as I said it.

“You don’t, really?

“Okay how about I give you a clue.” She got up, walked into the laundry room and reached into a laundry basket sitting on the top of the dryer. When she came out she walked over and dropped the panties I had found in her jeans onto the table in front of me.

What I wasn’t sure about antalya escort what she thought I had done with them. Had I not gotten them back into the right position? Had she paid that much attention to how they were laying in her jeans on the floor. Why didn’t she think that the dog messed with them. I still had some deniability here. Plus I could hold the affair she had been having over her if she threatened me.

“Why are you showing me those?” My recent thoughts had given me a touch of confidence.

“You know why I am showing them to you. I need you to tell me what you did with them and I have to admit I am curious to why you did it.” Again her tone was very matter of fact.

I went with the complete denial defense. How could she prove I had done anything. “I didn’t do anything with them. Why do you think I did?” I tried to sound a little indignant.

Amy actually laughed at my response. She stood up and walked over to the counter and picked up an Ipad and brought it to the table. She quickly signed on and it looked like she went to an App.

“So I came home yesterday evening and went to do some laundry right after the kids finished dinner. I went into the laundry room to add the stuff I taken off when I raced in here yesterday afternoon. I happened to know that those were, let’s say, extra dirty.” She pointed at the panties on the table.

I continued to try and look into her eye. Wondering how the Ipad was part of this but it was obvious that it was.

“So imagine my surprise to find out that they were cleaner than I expected.” She emphasized the word cleaner. “It took me a minute to understand how that could have happened but I remembered you had come over to feed Buster.”

My heart rate had to be close to 100 now, I was breathing fast and I couldn’t look at her. I still didn’t say anything.

“Jeff, you know Dave is an FBI agent right? And as a FBI agent he takes the safety of his family seriously. A part of that is an alarm system on the house. You knew we had that because we have given you the code. Did you know that we also have cameras?”

My gasp was audible and I knew how I was busted. I am sure the panic showed on my face.

“I guess you didn’t. Yes. We have them at all the doors on the outside of the house and on the door going into the garage.”

I considered just leaving right now. I wasn’t sure what good that would do. I decided to stay and hold my ace in the hole, her having an affair, until after I heard what her plans were for the information she had was. She taped on the Ipad screen and I could see a video was on it waiting to play.

“After I remembered you had been here I had a possible idea of what had happened to my panties but I really needed to confirm it so I went to the video tape as they say.” She smiled at that. “Jeff, you took my panties out licked and sucked on them. They were full of cum. Jeff, you are pervert aren’t you?”

She had hit play on the video and the evidence of what she had just said was right there, playing in black and white on the screen. The worse part is it was the quality was very good, there was no way to deny it was me or what I was doing.

“Yes.” I was looking down at the table as I said that because I didn’t know what else to say. “I am so sorry I did that! I have never done anything like that before. I don’t know why I did it. I am sorry! I will never do it again! Please, Please, don’t tell anyone!”

“You expect me to believe that you just picked up my panties and ate the cum that was in them? There had to be a reason you would one, think to pick my panties up in the first place. I mean I have heard about men that sniff women’s panties. Do you do that? Are you panty sniffer?”

Her tone in all of this was so even it was confusing to me. She didn’t sound angry. I took a second to consider my answer.

“Well, are you?”

“Kind of, yes.” I blurted out.

“What do you mean kind of? Are you, or aren’t you? It is a fairly simple question.”

I could feel her eyes boring into my but I couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eyes.

“Before yesterday I had never thought about or had sniffed anyone’s panties but Jennifer’s.”

“So, you are a panty sniffer. Does Jennifer know you sniff hers? And why did you suddenly decided to add mine to the panties you wanted to smell?”

“Jennifer doesn’t know. It is just something I started doing in the last couple years. Honestly, I didn’t come into your house with the intention of doing that. I felt the heat coming in from the open door to the garage and I went to close it for you.” I had looked up for a second and as soon as I saw her looking at me I looked down again. “I saw a little bit of your panties sticking out from the jeans. I started to leave but I was drawn back to them, I don’t know why.”

“Well the video camera footage does pretty much confirm that. Why did you start smelling panties in the first place? You said you only started doing this a couple years ago? Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I am sure. Mine and Jennifer’s sex life pretty much stopped when she went through early menopause. I was reading a lot of erotic fiction to make up for it. One day I read a story about a guy sniffing panties and it turned me on. That lead to me eventually smelling hers.”

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