Closure Pt. 03

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Author’s note: This is the third part in a multi-part story detailing a couple’s final hours together. Please start with Closure Pt. 01 and Pt. 02. I purposely withheld too many extraneous details regarding external description and background because, for me, it is the eroticism, the sex and the connection that fuel my stories and my characters. I find that writing about short flashes of intense intimacy is what works for me.


I must have drifted off to sleep, covered in your cum, my hair a tousled mess. I lay curled up on my side in between the cool sheets. I felt your heat, your warmth, permeating from your body behind me, close. In my head I was caught somewhere between reality and the remnants of my dream filled sleep. I heard you breathe, sharp and quick, then felt your hot breath on the back of my neck. I could sense the familiar rhythm of your hand stroking your thick cock and knew you were ready again.

My eyes still closed I pressed my ass back until I felt your throbbing tip brush against me with each stroke. Noises of want and pleasure erupted from deep within me. Wetness, once again, dripped from in between my legs. My hips circled back further until I felt your firm body against my skin, your hand tightly fisting your erection against my plump ass. Your noises were low, intense moans of need that I had remembered and often recalled during my masturbation fantasies. They made me crazy.

My fingers moved down to my wet opening and slipped inside while I pressed firmly on my swollen, sore clit with the palm of my hand. I fucked myself with my fingers as you pressed your cock against my circling ass and hips. Your left hand gripped my hair and pulled gently back so my neck was exposed for you. I reached back with my hand, grabbed your hip and pulled you closer into me. My backside completely touching your front, your face in my neck, your beautiful dick, hard and dripping with precum, between us.

Your mouth moved to my neck softly licking and sucking my salty skin, breathing heavily in my ear. I felt my insides quiver, I knew I could come at just your kiss as I penetrated myself but I didn’t want to yet. I flipped over towards you, face to face. Our breath was heavy with sleep and lust. Your stroking slowed as we stared into each other wanting to fuck even more than before. I moved my hand to your cock as you rolled onto your back. My face rested on your chest between bahis firmaları your arm and your beautiful body. I watched, as together, we stroked your erection in rhythm.

My hips, in sync, straddled your incredible thick thigh, stimulating my clit with every rotation. My wetness covered your leg and you enjoyed watching me fuck myself in this way. But I needed you inside of me. I moved my mouth down your torso towards your cock. My cheek rested against your stomach, my hand cupped and massaged your tight balls as you continued to stroke your length and enter my mouth. You fucked my face as I sucked hard and fondled you. You watched from above as your shiny tip entered my messy wet mouth over and over. You gasped each time, withholding your urge to fuck my face too fast. You wanted to enjoy watching your length disappear entirely deep down my throat and then slide slowly out. One hand was wrapped in my hair guiding me gently deeper onto your cock, the other stroking yourself, slowly at first, then faster. I felt your dick get harder as my tongue pressed against it and your breath quickened as you picked up your pace fucking my mouth. I wanted nothing more than to give you pleasure. That was my purpose. Your moans became more urgent and I knew you were close. ‘Fuck Jennifer,’ you groaned.

I wanted your cum. It was mine. I pulled my mouth off, while your hand, covered in my saliva, worked fervently on your cock. Faster. I felt your muscles harden and tense beneath me, your body shook, convulsed. I opened my mouth wide and gripped hard, waiting. You exploded onto my face and into my mouth again and again in hot bursts of your delicious cum. I swallowed and sucked and savored the taste of you. I wanted all of you, all of your cum. Every last drop. I wanted you to fill me with it. I sucked until there was nothing left, until your beautiful cock softened in my warm mouth.

You looked down at me grateful for my dedication and my need for you.

But like always, with you, I wanted more.

‘Stay here,’ you whispered as you climbed out of the bed. I heard the loud flow of water as it pounded against the empty bathtub and filled. I rolled onto my stomach and admired you in the next room, naked and glowing, checking the temperature, finding the soap and towels. You caught me staring and smiled as you walked over to the bed.

‘Stand up please,’ you requested as you gripped and squeezed kaçak iddaa my ass from above. You bit your lip as your hands kneaded my soft skin.

I let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as I pressed my ass into the air then stood before you. You brushed the hair from my face and kissed my lips softly both of your hands resting on my shapely shoulders. You took me by the hand and guided me to the steaming tub then instructed me to get in. I stepped in slowly, one foot at a time, letting the heat fully permeate my soft skin. Your hands gently glided up my legs as I began to submerge, lightly grazing every inch. You stopped momentarily to explore between my legs as I stood, knee deep, in the water facing you. Your fingers longingly traced my folds then entered and flicked my insides. I moaned in delight, the familiar wetness from within me covered your fingers as I once again I needed you to fuck me.

My hips pushed into your hand and I grabbed your arm pulling you closer, deeper inside of me. Your other hand moved to my breast taking as much as you could into your grasp and squeezed tightly while you took my nipple gently in your mouth. Your tongue flicked until my nipple stood hard and erect. Your fingers on the other hand continued to fuck me rhythmically as my excitement rose and I felt the familiar sensations of approaching orgasm. You kissed your way across my chest to my other breast sucking hard and pinching my nipple until both were firm beneath your mouth. I found the back of your head and pulled your face into my breasts as your hunger for them increased. My fingers gripped your hair and you moaned and hummed as you enjoyed devouring my full breasts and hard nipples.

You pulled your fingers out of my pulsing slit and moved them to my mouth. Your eyes met mine as you pushed each finger, covered in my sweet taste, deep into my mouth. I sucked hard, enjoying my juices, never losing my eye contact with you. Your thick cock began to swell as you watched me swallow your fingers one at a time. I watched you turn and walk into the other room. When you reappeared I saw the long soft flesh colored dildo in your hand, your swollen cock bobbing with each step.

You looked me in the eyes and lifted my right leg so my foot rested on the side of the tub. You cupped your hand and held it in front of my mouth. I worked up the saliva I knew you wanted and let it drip from my mouth onto your palm. You rubbed kaçak bahis the tip of the shiny rubber dildo with my spit.

‘What do you want me to do with this?’ you asked, never losing eye contact.

‘I want you to fuck me with it.’

‘Good girl,’ you affirmed as you guided the dildo between my legs. You reached in and spread my delicate folds and at first, gently penetrated me. You pressed deeper, slowly. I held your shoulder for balance and with the other hand grabbed your now throbbing cock. I squeezed and moved up and down your length as the dildo fully penetrated me and you began fucking me with it to the same rhythm as my hand on your cock. Your thrusts became harder and full of aggression. My hand moved faster and harder in pace.

‘Is this what you wanted? To be fucked like this?’ you asked.

‘Yes please. I want you to fuck me harder,’ I replied, wincing as each deep thrust hit hard inside of me. The pain was intoxicating. Like our connection, like our addiction to each other.

I felt your cock throbbing in my hand. I felt the precum pulse from your beautiful shiny tip. I built up more saliva and let it drip down onto your cock as you continued to shove the dildo deep inside of me, over and over. I could feel my muscles begin to tighten and I knew I was close. You grabbed the back of my head and pulled our foreheads together. My hand moved faster on your fully erect cock and I could tell by your quick breath you were about to come.

‘Oh, oh fuck!’ you exploded in waves.

Your cum covered my hand and stomach and shot into the hot bath water as you continued fucking me with the dildo.

Feeling your orgasm sent me Into ecstasy. My muscles contracted around the rubber cock, pulses of electricity flooded my being. I wanted you, wanted more. I squeezed hard, my body seized, I felt you more than ever. We climaxed together. Your cum covered me, mine shot out on your hand from around the sides of the dildo. You kissed my lips gently as you pulled the slippery rubber toy from deep inside of me.

You kissed my mouth harder, lovingly then wrapped your arms around me, taking all of me into you. Holding me closely, not wanting to let me go.

‘Sit down, Dear,’ you instructed me, ‘I’m going to wash your hair now.’

I melted into the bath water as your hands gently caressed my scalp and your fingers combed through my long wet hair. You were so gentle and loving, filling me equally but so differently than you had just moments before.

We knew was our last time together. Our last time to experience this connection. I was grateful the night was only just beginning.

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