Cobra in a Black Dress Pt. 02

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Andrea ‘Andy’ Vaughn opened one eye, then the other. She had a splitting headache and generally felt like shit. ‘What was in that knockout spray? We both went down like pole axed steers. We! Oh My God, Mariss’ that trained gorilla had taken Mariss’, what had he done with her’?

She shook her head slowly to clear it and looked around. She was in a small, dimly lit, cell-like room, lying on a bunk extending from the wall. There was a sink and toilet to her left and a featureless door in the wall she was facing. Andy rose shakily to her feet, washed her face in the sink and used the toilet. ‘Well Miss Vaughn’, she thought, ‘you’re really in deep doo-doo now’, she shuddered, ‘and so’s Mariss. How in the hell am I going to get out of here? I’ve got to…’

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud rattling outside the door, followed by the clicking of tumblers in the lock. “This is like a friggin’ bank vault,” she muttered to herself, then the door opened and a man entered carrying a covered tray. He was dressed in dark green coveralls and heavy boots. His face was covered with a pullover mask and only his eyes were visible.

He was carrying a UZI submachine gun on a strap over his shoulder. He set the tray down on the bunk beside Andy and stepped back in the doorway. “Eat,” he said, cradling the UZI in his arms. Andy lifted the cover on the tray. Her mouth began to water as she looked at a large Sirloin steak, a baked potato, two vegetables, a salad and a glass of tea. The utensils were plastic, but Andy would have used her hands if she had to.

The food was seasoned to her taste and perfectly prepared. Andy ate greedily, she couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten; oh yeah, she and Mariss’ had shared a bag of trail mix on the way to the exposition, Marissa loved trail mix. Andy felt a pain in her heart, where was her Lil’ bit; ‘I’ve got to get out of here’, she thought.

Wiping her mouth on a napkin, she glanced up at the man in the doorway. He hadn’t moved or said a word since he commanded her to eat her meal. His eyes showed no emotion as they flicked back and forth, as if looking for something. Suddenly, Andy realized that he wasn’t looking for something; he was avoiding looking at her. Of course, she was naked; her dress from the party lay on the bunk.

Thinking fast, Andy gave her captor a big smile and said, “Oh thank you so much for bringing me this lovely meal, I was so very hungry,” in a seductive voice. She took the tray from her lap, placing it at her feet, and then spread her legs slightly and leaned back against the wall. The man’s eyes were on her blonde pussy and her large breasts. “I’m so lonely in here all by myself,” she purred, “Would you stay with me a while?”

She opened her legs wider and arched her back, thrusting her pussy at the man, “I could get to like a big, strong, silent man like you,” she said, smiling seductively. “How about a little pussy, big strong man?”

The guard was visibly shaking; “Silence, infidel temptress,” he shouted, “You will not tempt me with your decadent western ways.”

Andy smiled again, “Oooh, a big strong voice too,” she cooed, rubbing her pussy slit with a long finger. “C’mon, big strong man,” she said breathily, “Come and get some of my sweet pussy.”

The guard gave an inarticulate roar and lunged at Andy, ripping open the fly on his coveralls and dropping his gun. Andy struck like lightning, delivering a karate kick with all her strength into the guard’s crotch; then jumping to the side as the man crashed into the wall.

Moments later, Andy was dressed in the guard’s clothing, and listening to hear if anyone had heard the commotion. She checked the ammo clip of the UZI and threw the bolt. The guard was curled in a ball on the bunk, breathing in shallow gasps, clutching his crushed penis and testicles.

Andy did not like to kill unless it was absolutely necessary; so she slammed the man’s head against the wall and tied his arms and legs with the dress. “No pussy for you, sunshine,” Andy laughed, stepping into the corridor, grabbing the keys and closing the door. She could feel the floor trembling beneath her feet, they were still moving, but where. She moved quickly down the corridor. ‘Where the hell is everybody’, she thought, ‘I’ve got to find Mariss’.


Marissa slowly opened her eyes, her head hurt terribly; ‘Andy’, she thought, ‘where’s Andy’? She was in a large dimly lit room, dark red drapes hanging from the walls, a deep pile carpet on the floor. She was lying on a red upholstered lounge, a pillow under her head; a covered tray beside her on a low table. Delicious aromas were coming from it and Marissa’s stomach growled.

Eagerly, she removed the cover and gave a little squeak of surprise. It was some of her favorite foods, grilled Chilean Sea Bass, rice pilaf, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, a tossed salad and a glass of cold milk. Marissa ate like a starving wolf until the plates and bowls were empty.

When she bahis firmaları was finished, she sighed contentedly and lay back on the lounge. Then a tear trickled down her cheek; the meal tasted great and was excellently prepared; but given the choice, she would rather been eating hot dogs with Her Andy at the shooting range snack bar. She began to sob softly, wiping her eyes on a napkin. Where was she, what was going to happen to her. ‘Oh Andy’, she thought, ‘I miss you so, where are you’?

“Did you enjoy your meal, little one?” hissed a voice behind her, “You ate ssso fassst, I don’t think you really took the time to tassste the blend of flavorsss. My chef will be ssso upssset.”

Marissa spun around; it was that woman, the Countess, ‘The Cobra’. She was dressed in a shimmering green silk robe, the hem pooling on the floor as she glided towards Marissa. ‘Damn’, thought Marissa, ‘how does she do that’?

“Where am I, Countess, where are we going, where’s my Andy?” Marissa sputtered angrily, sitting up on the couch, “You have no right to hold us here, let us go, right now.”

“Patience my sssweet little girl,” purred the Countess. She stared at Marissa with her unblinking golden yellow eyes, “We’ve jussst met and you don’t want to leave right away, do you?” Marissa stood and walked towards the door, “Damn right I do, Countess, I’m leaving and Andy’s leaving with me.” Marissa stopped, there was no doorknob, no handle, “How does this thing open, lady?” she snarled, walking back to where the Cobra was standing.

“Sssuch fire, sssuch passsssion, you are like a wild horssse to be tamed, I am ssso going to enjoy thisss,” said the Countess, with an evil chuckle; “I can tell, you will be my favorite sssex pet.”

Marissa was becoming frightened, but she was also getting angry. “Listen, bitch,” she shouted, “I’m nobody’s sex pet and the only person that I make love with is My Andy, so keep your filthy hands off me.” Marissa suddenly realized she was naked and the Countess was looking at her with hunger in her slitted yellow eyes. “Don’t come near me, bitch,” growled Marissa, going into a defensive stance, “I’ll break your fuckin’ neck.”

The Countess chuckled again, “Thisss will be ssso deliciousss, let usss begin, my pet.” From the folds of her shimmering robe, the Countess produced a short silver tube and pointed it at Marissa, discharging it with a soft hiss. ‘Oh shit’, thought Marissa, ‘it’s that sex pheromone spray, I’ve got to resist it, I’ve got to’. Marissa stood trembling, feeling the fires of passion sweep through her body; she began to sweat and it was hard to breathe; “No, no,” she screamed, “You fuckin’ bitch, I won’t, I won’t, Ahhhh, Andy, help me, please.”

The Countess dropped her robe to the floor, her coppery skin glowing in the candle flames, swaying slowly back and forth. She held out her arms, “Come to me my wild one,” she purred, “Come and experiencessse incredible essstacies; passsionsss you have never dreamed of, come to me.”

Marissa gave a choked sob and began to walk towards the swaying figure, her body was aflame and she couldn’t control herself any longer. Her last conscious thought was of Her Andy, then she was in the Countesses’ arms and her lust consumed her.

Marissa clung to the Countess’ firm body as a drowning man clings to a log; their mouths glued together as they explored each other, stroking and rubbing. The Cobra picked up Marissa in her long sinuous arms and carried her to a huge bed in a corner of the room. Marissa was showering the angular face with kisses, her passion beyond control.

The Cobra laid Marissa softly on the bed, spread her legs apart, crawled between her thighs, and began to feast on her sopping cunt. Marissa was in ecstasy, the Cobra’s tongue was deep inside her and it felt as if it was a foot long as it licked her soft walls.

She mauled her own breasts, squeezing the flesh, pulling on her stiff nipples, loving the sweet pain. Then that marvelous tongue found her clit and began to make love to it. Marissa felt several thin fingers driving into her gushing pussy, twisting and turning, pushing her ever closer to a bone crushing orgasm. She felt as if her heart was bursting, her bones melting, her orgasm slamming into her like a sledge hammer. It was as if she was hearing someone else screaming, a long way off, but it was she.

Marissa screamed and screamed as the Cobra ate her and fucked her, she was cumming again and again, bucking and thrashing on the bed as that marvelous tongue and those thrusting fingers drove her insane. She felt herself blacking out, her senses overloading, then she fainted.

When Marissa awoke, she was being rocked in the Cobra’s arms, the woman making little crooning noises as if she was her baby. “Did you have a nissse ressst, my lovely,” murmured the Cobra, “Your climaxsss were magnifisssent, so thrilling, now I know you will be my favorite.” Marissa jerked out of the woman’s embrace, “I’m not your favorite, I’m not,” she began kaçak iddaa to sob, “I love My Andy. Please let me see her, please.”

The Cobra snickered, “All in good time, my delicate flower, but firssst, you mussst give me pleasure asss well. It iss only fair, isss it not?”

Before Marissa could respond, the Cobra’s silver cylinder puffed in her face and she felt her lust rising, losing all control again. The Cobra kissed her passionately and she felt herself responding, their tongues twisting in each others mouths, saliva dripping.

Marissa kneaded the Cobra’s small firm breasts, pinching and pulling on the stiff nipples, kissing her frantically. Then she began to lick and suck down the woman’s body, loving the feel of the golden skin, listening to the hissing moans as the woman squirmed beneath her.

Then Marissa reached the Cobra’s pussy. She was totally hairless, a long dripping slit and an almost non-existent pubic mound; almost pre-pubescent in appearance. Marissa spread the pussy lips apart with her thumbs, leaving long, lingering licks along the length of the oozing slit. Her body was no longer in her control, the concentrated pheromones driving her on as she pleasured the woman she desperately hated. The Cobra howled as Marissa filled her mouth with pink pussy flesh, driving her tongue deep into the gushing folds, eating for all she was worth.

Marissa felt the Cobra’s slim thighs against her head, the long fingers tangling in her brown hair. The Cobra began to fuck Marissa’s face, humping wildly, uttering short, high pitched screams, gasping between each scream. Marissa thrust four fingers into the narrow slit, pumping viciously, biting and gnawing the woman’s engorged clit, shaking her head back and forth, growling like a dog with a bone.

The Cobra began to cum, her body becoming rigid; back arching, her long fingernails ripping Marissa’s scalp. Marissa attacked her savagely, pummeling her pussy, abusing her clit, making her cum and cum and cum until, with one final shriek, “Eeeaaahhheee!” she collapsed on the bed, passed out.

Marissa climbed from the bed, her face covered with the Cobra’s thick cum. Her knees were wobbly and she felt like going to sleep; but she needed to get out of here, she had to find Andy. She tottered from one side of the room to another, looking for a way out. There was none. Then she looked at the woman she hated on the bed, she was snoring, a contented smile on her face.

Marissa began to cry, huge gasping sobs that racked her body; she fell to her knees, hugging herself, rocking to and fro. She had betrayed Her Andy, making love with that awful woman, letting her touch her, excite her; she felt dirty and used. “Oh Andy,” she sobbed, hugging her body “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m not your Mariss’ any more, I’m a cheap slut, a whore, that woman’s whore, Oh Andy, Oh God.” She curled up on the rug, crying softly in her pain, finally falling asleep.


Andy walked swiftly down the corridor, UZI at the ready. That guard was going to wake up sooner or later; she needed to make a move now. Then she saw a half opened door. Creeping closer, she listened for a moment, hearing voices and loud humming sounds. She looked in and saw two men sitting at a bank of screens and keyboards. ‘A communications center’, she thought to herself, ‘If I can get a signal out, we may stop these jokers before they do more damage’.

She stepped into the room, both men turned towards her, “Hey Ahmed,” said the one with glasses, “What’s the Mistress want now?” Andy tried to make her voice gruff, “Wants to see you, both of you, I’m keeping watch.”

“Oh crap,” said the taller one, “What the heck have we done now? Put it on automatic reply, Hans.”

They walked out and down the corridor, talking animatedly. Andy shut the door, locked it, sat in the control chair, put on earphones, keyed the mike and began to manipulate the controls, searching for the right frequency. Locating it’s unique carrier wave, she smiled and began to speak “Bear Cave, this is Panda Bear, do you read me, Panda Bear calling Bear Cave…”

“Bear Cave to Panda Bear,” said a voice in her ears, “Is that you Panda Bear, we lost track of you, you ok?”

“Not really,” Andy replied, “I don’t know where I am and these bastards have Marissa, I need some help here, fast.”

“Juuust a minute, ah, there we are,” the voice replied, “Got a lock on your signal, here’s the visual, focusing, well, I’ll be damned. Keyhole shows you’re on the interstate, about thirty five miles out of the Twin Lakes metroplex. You’re ridin’ in a quad semi, Panda Bear; in fact, you’re in a convoy. Must be twenty-five, thirty semis, nose to tail, all of ’em quads; regular Aussie road train convention. You join the circus, Panda Bear?”

“Not quite,” Andy groaned, “This is the Universal Weapons Exposition, startin’ its U.S. tour. The expo’s a cover. They’re gun runnin’ Bear Cave, big time, all sorts of weapons, heavy stuff including missiles. They kaçak bahis threw a big party and invited arms dealers from around the world. We were invited too When we found out what they were up we were drugged and kidnapped. We gotta stop ’em.”

“Roger that,” the voice replied, “We’ll take ’em out before they reach a heavily populated area. Sit tight, Panda Bear, Mama Bear says the cavalry’s on the way. Don’t go gettin’ yourself killed.”

“Roger that, sittin’ tight, Bear Cave, Panda Bear out.”

“Fuck that sittin’ tight,” muttered Andy, “I’m gonna find my Mariss.”


When Marissa awakened, she was alone in the Cobra’s bedroom. She had been washed and dressed in designer shorts and a top. Fashionable walking shoes were on her feet. Her hair had been combed and brushed, and she smelled faintly of perfume. ‘I guess this is how the Cobra treats her ‘pets’, she thought wryly, ‘I guess that’s what I am now, one of her fuckin’ pets. Oh Andy’, she sighed, ‘I loved you so, goodbye my darling, I’ll never see you again’.

She sat heavily on the couch, feeling lost. Suddenly the door opened and a figure stood in the doorway; dressed in dark green coveralls and heavy boots, the face covered by a pullover mask, carrying an UZI. ‘Oh no’, Marissa thought, ‘what is she going to do to me now, kill me ’cause I didn’t satisfy her enough’? She rose from the couch and walked towards the individual in the doorway, shoulders slumped, “Okay, I’m comin’, where we goin’ now?”

The hooded figure gestured for her to come closer until they were face to face. Marissa was shaking, what fresh horrors awaited her. Then the individual lifted the mask “Surprise, Lil’ bit,” said Andy, smiling at her. Marissa’s eyes widened in shock, “Andy, Oh My God, Andy, is it really you, is it really you?”

Andy gave her heart’s desire a crooked grin, “It’s me , Mariss’, big as life and twice as mean,” she closed the door, put down the UZI and opened her arms, “C’mere my love.” Marissa squealed with joy as she flung herself into Andy’s strong arms; the separated parts were whole once more. She showered her lover’s face with kisses that Andy happily returned. They hugged each other tightly, glorying in the contact, their desire for each other increasing with each kiss and caress.

“Oh Andy,” Marissa began to cry, “I thought you were gone forever, I just wanted to die. That horrible woman, she forced me to make love to her and she made love to me, those damn pheromones, I couldn’t control myself. Oh Andy, I’m not your Mariss’ anymore, I’m the Cobra’s little whore.”

Instantly, Andy was consumed with rage; ‘that fuckin’ bitch drugged and raped My Mariss’, she thought, ‘that fuckin’ Contessa’s gonna fuckin’ die, I’ll see to it personally’. She hugged her sobbing partner tighter than ever, “Don’t cry, Lil’ bit, you’re no ones whore, least of all that human snake’s, you’re my Mariss’, My Lil’ bit, my lover, my partner, my reason for livin’,” Andy felt the tears starting, damn, she hated crying.

As they clung together, Andy and Marissa’s passions were rising, their love for one another blotting out the world around them. Marissa looked at Andy; her eyes were shining, only partially from her tears. “Make love to me, My Andy,” she whispered, “Make love to me and wipe away every trace of that horrible woman from my body. I need you my love, I need you now.”

Andy hesitated, those attack helicopters were gonna’ be here any minute, there was gonna’ be a hell of a firefight and they were right in the middle of it; plus she had a score to settle with that Cobra bitch. Then, Marissa was walking away, dropping her clothes, jumping onto the huge bed, holding out her arms, calling to her. Andy unzipped her coverall and yanked off her boots, the air cool on her naked body. ‘Fuck it’, she thought, ‘I’m goin’ to my Mariss’, we’ll die together if that’s what the fate’s want’.

She strode to the bed, climbed in and gathered Marissa into her arms. The contact of their skins was like a charge of electricity, making them wriggle with pleasure. They began the lover’s dance, the blending of bodies and souls; the integration of two individuals into a rolling wave of sweet desire, wrapped in the satin of their yearning for each other. They were together, they were complete.

Marissa cupped Andy’s beautiful breasts in her hands, squeezing gently, sucking on the large, stiff nipples, licking the pebbled aureoles, coating them with her saliva. Andy moaned as her Mariss’ made love to her breasts, thrilling her beyond measure.

She began to stroke Marissa’s soft belly, teasing her button, combing her fingernails through the brown pubic hair, edging teasingly toward the moist pussy mound. Marissa whimpered, lifting her hips in response to her lover’s touch, sucking greedily on huge mouthfuls of Andy’s breast flesh.

She sighed with pleasure as Andy slid two long fingers into her, rolling them against the pink folds, her thumb caressing the swollen clit. Andy moaned as Marissa removed one hand from her throbbing breast and slid three fingers into her sopping pussy. Andy lowered her head and took one of Marissa’s hard little breasts into her mouth, teasing the nipple with her tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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