Coming Home With Daddy

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Coming Home With Daddy
“Oh my god, why won’t the sun just fucking go down already.” Britney was frustrated. “I swear, as soon as it’s dark I’m getting naked and sucking your cock.” Her father, Brad was driving. He laughed and took a sip of his Coke. The two had spent the day at South Padre tanning, rough housing in the water, and even building a couple of sand castles. But now they were on the way back. The sun was hanging low on their left as they headed north to San Antonio.
“I swear, I need to have your cock in me right now. I can’t stand it.” She reached over and ran her and over the bulge in Brad’s pants. They had been fucking for a couple of months now. Britney bit her lip and smiled at her father. About a half hour later, she got her wish. The sun went down, and she immediately got naked. Britney had been soaking wet for a long time now. It was easy to fondle each other and play around in the water where no one would see, but all it did was build up their urges and drive each other wild. Her pussy was saturated, and hungry. As she peeled her tiny denim shorts off of her tight ass and slid them down her tan, slim legs, the cab of the truck was filled with the thick, warm aroma of her young, wet pussy. Brad’s mouth watered.
Brad stole glances of his daughter’s naked body as they drove. Every time they passed under a light on the highway, he got to see her young, tight body in all it’s beauty. She was rubbing her thighs against each other while she ran her fingers along her chest. “I thought you were going to suck my cock.” Brad said as he took the last swig of his Coke and smiled.
“Just wanted to make you wait.” Britney maneuvered her self in her seat so that she was on her knees laying over the console. She started maneuvering her dad’s shorts and pulled his cock through the zipper. It was hard, and warm in her hand. She immediately swallowed the whole shaft into her warm, hungry mouth. She had sucked more than a few cocks in her day, that’s just how high school was. But nothing compared to her father’s cock. It was thick, warm, and hard as steel. She loved the way it felt pressed against her tongue.
“Oh fuck…good girl.” Brad ran his fingers through her hair and kept his eyes on the road. Again, every now and then he would steal a glance at her sucking on his cock as they passed under a light. He ran his hand along her smooth back, in between her ass cheeks, and slid his fingers deep into her pussy. She was soaking wet. A quiet whimper vibrated his cock.
Brad could see in his side mirror a vehicle coming up behind them. As they passed under a light, he saw that it was a cop.
“Ah hell. Hold on baby, we got a cop pulling up.” Britney paused her sucking briefly.
“Oh really?” she giggled. “Hmmm…what if he caught us?” He could pull us over at any-“ she licked some precum from his cock. “…second.”
“Mmmm…stop screwing around baby. Get dressed. He could see.”
“What if he pulled us over right now? How would you explain it?” The cop car was getting closer. Britney started bobbing her head up and down faster and faster, pausing only to tease her father. “He could see me bobbing up and down on your illegal bahis cock at any second. Or see my tight little ass in the air.” The cop got even closer. Brad knew it was a real risk. The cruiser was an SUV, so he would be up high enough to almost see into the car. He tried to focus on driving. Britney kept sucking and slurping. Her head was bobbing up and down faster and faster. As the cruiser came up next to him, and shoved her head down hard on his shaft and held it there. He felt his thick cock force it’s way into her throat. He couldn’t help but lift his hips up and press against her face. The cop passed uneventfully. Britney was focused on controlling her breathing to keep her gag reflex under control.
As Brad let go of her head, she slid his cock out of her mouth with a wet ‘bwah’. They both looked up and watched the cruiser disappear ahead of them. They were both still riding the nervous wave of excitement from having someone so close while they were doing such forbidden things. Brad looked at his daughter as they passed under a light. Her chest was heaving as she breathed excitedly. Drool hung from her chin and clung to the valley between her smallish tits. He put his hand under her chin, drew her close, and kissed her deeply.
“Fuck me…” Britney could barely get the words out. “Just fucking fuck me…” She kissed him again. Britney climbed into her father’s lap and slid his cock deep inside of her. In one motion, her tiny pussy swallowed his entire shaft. Brad was looking over her shoulder watching the road, and watching the side mirror for any upcoming cars. His daughter’s pussy was divine. She started rocking back and forth on his thick shaft. Her pussy juice was rolling down his balls and onto the seats. She rode his thick shaft hard and fast. Every time she was close to cumming, she would back off and then speed up again after she relaxed. She loved edging herself closer to orgasm over and over again, before finally exploding. She knew her father’s staying power, and he would have no problem satisfying her need to delay pleasure.
Britney could feel her father’s cock inside of her. It was…pleasurably invasive. She could feel that there was something in her, not just the sensation of having a cock in her, but the sensation of having a ‘thing’ in her. It was like fucking a rail road spike. It was like fucking a bed post. It was like fucking a drive shaft. It was like fucking a hammer. She had to cum.
She buried her face in her father’s neck and started grinding harder and faster. Brad knew she was close. He just kept his hands on the wheel. The truck continued straight on down the road. He took one hand off and put it on her back. He could feel a light layer of sweat on her back. The windows were fogging up their warm breaths mixed with the scent of her pussy. Britney was whimpering and moaning in her father’s ear. It didn’t take long, and she flexed, and came hard on her father’s cock. Britney had a habit of almost crying when she would cum, and this was no exception.
“Sssssshhhhh…good girl.” Brad ran his fingers along her spine and pat her back. “Good girl…” He kissed her behind perabet giriş her ear. They kissed passionately for a brief second as she climbed off and sunk back into her seat. Brad tucked his cock back into his shorts. He knew he would get more than his fill when they got home.
Britney put her shorts and tank top back on and pulled her purse out of the back seat. She cracked the window, and lit a cigarette. Brad looked over at his daughter. Even at 18, she looked much younger. It was always a little odd to see her smoking. She played with the smoke a little before blowing it out the window. He liked watching it. She wasn’t his daughter, she wasn’t a high school student, she was a naughty little girl.
The rest of the drive was quiet. Occasionally she would run her hand along his thick shaft while playing on her phone, or smoking. “So when is mom coming home?”
“Sometime around ten, she said.” Brad responded while rubbing her inner thigh near the crotch of her shorts.
“Ugh…I wish it wasn’t until next fucking year.” Britney grabbed her father’s cock.
They rounded the corner to their house, and Brad pulled into the garage. Britney jumped out of the truck and stretched with her arms high above her head. She looked lustfully at her father. She knew he hadn’t cum yet and that she was going to be fucked to pieces in just a few moments. He returned the lustful look. Britney casually, and coyly walked into the house.
Brad’s cock was throbbing in anger. He wanted to fuck his daughter into a pile of mush. Her ass was eating her shorts. He had remembered being able to see some of her labia earlier in the day when they were eating lunch. What a slut.
In the kitchen, Britney poured herself a cocktail, a rum and Coke, and peeled her clothes off. Brad loved looking at her naked body. His daughter took care of herself. Between volleyball practice and regular jogs around the neighborhood, she was tight and round where it counted.
Brad pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor as he started walking towards his daughter. She smiled as she sipped her drink. He slid his shorts down and let his hard cock spring free. Britney looked down at it and smiled more. Brad took her drink and sat it on the counter as he guided her to the living room. He grabbed her neck and kissed her deeply, turning her to face the back of the couch.
“Bend over.”
“Mmmmm…yes daddy…” Britney did as she was told. Brad slid his daughter’s shorts down her tan thighs and was almost eye to eye with her pink pussy as it peeked at him from between her ass cheeks. In one swift motion, he was up to his hips in her. His thick cock sunk deep into her young wetness. Again, she whimpered and squealed a little as her father’s cock spread her wide open. He started pounding hard and fast. There was no passion, just raw, carnal fucking. She had gotten to cum already, now was his turn.
Brad didn’t focus on making sure his daughter enjoyed what was going on, he just wanted to get his nut. His wife, Brenda, would be home in the morning, so tonight was the last time they would have for weeks to fuck each other. He held on to his daughter’s perabet slim hips, pounding harder, and harder. He could feel his orgasm building.
“Yes daddy! Yes daddy!” Britney kept screaming over and over again. “Fuckme!Fuckme!Fuckme!” Brad reached a hand forward and gripped one of her tits under the shirt. “Oh yesssssss! Harder! Harder goddammit!” Britney started cumming on his cock. “Ugggggggghhhhhhh……yesssssssssshhhhhh!” Her body went limp. Now it was Brad’s turn. He felt his balls start to clench as his orgasm overpowered him. His fucking went into overdrive. He grabbed his daughter’s hair and yanked her head back as he began dumping his cum deep inside of her. He felt her pussy clench around his hard shaft. He could feel his cum envelop his shaft. Their breathing was heavy and fast.
Britney stood up and turned her head towards her father. She could feel the hot load of cum inside of her start draining out of her and down her thighs as he slid his thick dick out of her. They went back to the kitchen and sat at the bar. Britney sipped her cocktail some more and lit another cigarette. Brad had a bottle of Gatorade.
“I can’t believe we have to wait three weeks before doing this again.” She said as she took a drag and blew the smoke into the lights above the bar.
“Well, we can get some more fucking in before she gets home tomorrow.” Brad sipped his drink.
“Yeah, but you know what I mean. I just like the ability to walk around the house naked or suck your cock on the couch or whatever.” Britney took a drag and let the smoke drift out of her mouth, and into her nostrils before blowing it out. “So…can I tell you something without you getting mad?” She looked at her dad with innocent eyes.
Brad’s heart started to beat a little faster. Uh oh…bad news. He thought to himself. Pregnant maybe? He hoped hot. “Uh, sure baby…what’s up?”
“Well…When Baily stayed the night a couple weeks ago, we got a little tipsy.”
“Yeah?” Brad was relieved it wasn’t pregnancy.
“And, I may or may not have…spilled the beans to her about us.” Britney smiled a nervous smile. The kitchen was quiet. “I swear it’s not a big deal.” Britney started speaking faster and faster. “She’s really cool. I swear she won’t tell anyone. She was really into it. I don’t know why I said anything. It’s not fair daddy, I was drunk and horny and we were playing truth or dare!”
“It’s ok baby…” Brad pat her thigh to comfort her as she took another drag of her cigarette. “I mean, it’s not great, but it’s ok.”
“I swear daddy, she isn’t going to tell anyone. But…”
“But…” Brad go a little concerned again.
“But…she kinda…sorta…wants to watch us.” Britney smiled her nervous smile again. Brad’s cock flexed and came back to life. He sat in silence for a minute as he thought about his daughter’s friend. He had always lusted after that little minx. “Daddy?” Britney asked as she blew a cloud of smoke over her head.
Brad was snapped back to reality. He looked at his daughter. His wife would be home in eleven hours. “Bend over.” He said. Britney smiled an evil smile, snuffed her cigarette in an ash tray, and bent over the barstool. Tomorrow, her mother would come home, but for now, this cock was hers. And maybe, just maybe, in three weeks, she would let Bailey use it. Her train of thought was interrupted by a thick, hard cocked shoving itself deep inside of her wet, hungry, greedy pussy.

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