Confessions of a Cabbie Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Sharon

All the cab driver stories are in some part based on fact. They all could, or did happen, either in part or completely.


I am a 40 year old cab driver, married and living in one of a square of houses in town. Living opposite me was Sharon, a slim 26 year old, divorcee with two kids.

Sharon used to dump her kids with her mother in law every Friday and Saturday night so that she could go clubbing. I had often seen her come out of the club at night with some guy or other on her arm and seen that guy leaving her house the following morning as I was finishing work which was about 4am, now and again one of the guy’s would last a little longer but not very often.

One Saturday night she came out of the club with a guy on her arm and another one following close behind, I assumed it was the guy’s mate. Dressed in a short loose skirt and a crop top buttoned in the middle it was plain to see she wasn’t’ wearing a bra, her nipples were standing out clearly. They walked over to my car and all got in with Sharon in the middle

“Hi Sharon.” I said, she was out of her skull drunk

“Oh! Hi, yallrite.” she slurred.

“Yeah fine, where to?” I said.

Boyfriend gave an address and we started off, I could see in the mirror that she was kissing him almost before we started to move. Boyfriend’s hands were starting to roam about and even his mate was getting in on the action as well. ‘Maybe they had done this before I thought.’

The trip was a little out of town and by the time we arrived her top was undone, her skirt was up and her pants were at her knees. Boyfriend had his hand on her pussy and mate was chewing a tit. She seemed ok so I just gave the price and mate handed over the fare “Keep the change.” he said, excitement in his voice

Boyfriend tried to pull Sharon out his door but she pulled back saying, “No, I wanna go home.”

“Come on Shaz, have a cup of coffee.” boyfriend said determinedly.

“No! Mike take me home.” she drawled.

Mate jumped in the car and started pushing her out while boyfriend pulled

“Ok guy’s.” I said calmly, “She wants to go home, so shut the doors ok.”

“You keep out of this, it’s nothing to do with you.” boyfriend shouted.

I turned in my seat “Listen guys.” I said. “She’s asked me to take her home. That makes her my passenger and my responsibility, anything you do from here is against her will.” Steeling my voice, I added, “And if you don’t shut the doors now, I will push this button and have a dozen cars here in a flash.” My finger hovered over the red panic button on the radio. It didn’t quite work that way but they didn’t know that.

Pushing Sharon back into the car boyfriend said, “She’s a fucking slapper anyway, come on Mark leave her, you dunno what you might catch.” with a glaring look at me they walked away.

I closed the doors and drove away, not wanting to linger just in case. It was gone 3am now so work was over; I parked the car and turned round “Ok Sharon we’re here.” I said. I will never forget the sight that greeted me, Sharon was slouched in the seat, she had slipped forward so her skirt was up round her waist and her pants around her ankles, her pussy on open view and her top was open. Sharon wasn’t busty by any means but I had often seen her nipples through t-shirts or other thin tops, now for the first time I could see those gorgeous nipples, lovely.

‘Shit’ I thought, ‘she won’t make it on her own like that.’ I moved into the back seat, took her pants off and put them in her handbag, easier than trying to pull them up I thought. I took hold under her armpits and dragged her out of the car, as the air hit her she started to come round, I held her against the car while I shut the door.

“Oh fuck!” she said, “Where am I?”

“Your home, can you make it on your own?”

She took a step forward and stumbled, I grabbed her and supporting her round the waist and half carried her to her door.

“Ohhhh!” she said, “that was a great night. I really enjoyed it.” As we got closer, she seemed to support herself so I let her get her key out and open the door “Thanks Mike, you want a coffee?”

“No thanks I think you need to go to bed.” I said

“I was hoping to have some company but I seem to have lost them thanks to you.” she laughed

“Oh you remember it then.”

“Mmmm I don’t know who the other guy was but he wouldn’t leave me alone” she stepped through her door and stumbled.

Reaching avcılar elit escort out I managed to grab a flailing arm, I pulled her up and as I reached under her other arm I brushed her tit. I finally managed to pull her to me, supporting her from behind.

“Now that feels nice.” she said as she put her hand over mine “You better see that I get all they way in, don’t want me getting hurt do we?” She giggled and holding my hand in place moved into her living room, the front door slammed shut.

She was manipulating my hand, moving it from under arm, making it plain that she wanted me to play with her tits. Once I started on my own her other hand came behind her where she found my erection which was easy because I was wearing joggers and it stuck out like a third leg.

I had never really liked Sharon, she thought she was better than she really was, but I had always fancied her body, so what was a guy to do but give her what she wanted.

I explored those tit’s in the way I had always imagined I would given the chance, a bit rough, pinching her nipple until she felt the pain, running a hand over her flat belly till I found her mound, nibbling at her neck and ears, her breathing was getting heavier.

“Oh! Fuck this.” she said, “I need a drink.” She walked to the kitchen and put the kettle on, which wasn’t what I was expecting when she said ‘a drink.

I stood my ground half expecting her to ask me to leave. She walked back over to me and standing on her toes reached up and started kissing me passionately, running her hands down to my erection. She moved me round until I was standing against the back of the settee.

Pulling away, she looked me in the eye. With a big smile, she slowly moved downwards, slipping her fingers into the waistband, taking my joggers and pants with her. Her hand went to my erection and her head moved forward, I could feel her hot breath on the tip and then her tongue, making me jump slightly. She let out a little laugh, and then took me into her mouth, deep and hard, now she was in full swing, one hand guiding me into her mouth, the other playing with my scrotum. It had to be one of the best bj’s I had ever had, and I gave myself to it, determined that she would swallow even if she didn’t want to.

I was letting out moans and she was looking up at me. Now and again she took me out of her mouth to use her hand, giving me a big smile. She was enjoying this as much as I was it seemed. As I tensed for the orgasm she moved faster, squeezing my balls harder. I put my hand on her head and started thrusting, no need for the hand, “Ohhhh yes!” I sighed, “Ohhhh.” and she swallowed it all, even licking up the last drops, she came back up still hold my dick and with a quick kiss said, “Coffee?” and walked to the now boiled kettle. For someone who could hardly walk an hour ago she seemed to have come to life. I had to ask myself if I was being setup.

“That’ll do for now.” I said, laughing as I and stepped out of my joggers

She had made no effort to do her top up and seemed to enjoy watching me looking at them, and the effect it had on me.

“Sit down.” she said, handing me the cup.

I turned and sat on the settee expecting her to sit with me but she sat in a chair facing me. I took a sip of my coffee and put the cup on a nearby table. She sat cross legged looking at me, I could see right up the skirt to her bum cheeks which was her intention, neither of us said a word, she put her cup down, “Thanks for rescuing me. Has it been a busy night?” she asked, uncrossing her legs and sitting sideways.

“Err yeah not bad.” I said, her legs opening, skirt rising, finger playing with her nipple

She carried on with mundane conversation, spreading her legs more and more. I could see her bush now and her glistening slit, my dick had risen and was throbbing, and she kept looking at it and smiling.

‘Fuck this.’ I though, and slowly slipped to the floor, moving toward her, between her legs.

I ran my hands up her legs over her bush and on ward to those firm hard tits and onto those harder nipples, squeezing them taking them between thumb and finger, pinching until she moaned. Moving back down to her hips I pulled her forward until her bum was on the edge of the seat, her skirt round her waist, I ran my tongue up her leg across her inner thigh’s flicking at her clit and then down again, her legs opened further. I took her legs and held them wide, licking her avcılar escort inner thigh moving on right through her wet pussy to the crack of her arse and back again. She was moaning loudly now so I played my tongue over her erect clit, nibbling it with my teeth. Her hand came to my head holding me where she wanted me. She was close. I worked her clit and her swollen lips until she started pushing into my face. Then I stopped

“No, no don’t stop, don’t stop.” she whispered

Down I went teasing her again, I done this a few times until she moved her hand to her pussy

“Fucking bastard.” she said, slipping her finger into her sopping hole. I let her work herself for a minute and then I took her hand and held it under her bum.

“Nooo. No don’t stop please, make me cum I wanna cum go on please.” she said gasping and moving her hips in circles

I buried my face in her pussy and worked her as hard as I could, fast and furious, her legs flew straight up, pulling her hands free she pushed my head further into her pussy thrusting her hips upwards; she was fucking my tongue so hard she nearly knocked my front teeth out.

“Ohhhh.” she moaned, and pushed my head “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” louder this time “Arrrrrrrrgh yes, oh yes yes Ohhhh.” Thrusting up and pushing me down, bouncing me off her like a rubber ball “Yah yah yah yah.” Her arms flew to her tits and I thought she was going to rip them off, and then moved up to her face. “Ohhhh you bastard, ohh you bastard you made me cry, you bastard.” her legs came down; her arms fell by her side, “You fucking bastard you.”

I moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juice from my face. I moved back and sat on the settee looking at her, this time it was me with the big smile on my face, I picked up my cup and drank.

“Don’t!” she said, still crying and putting her hands to her face “Don’t look at me.” and with that she got up, dropped her top on the floor and curled up next to me resting her head in my lap, hair brushing my erection.

She lay silent until the tears stopped, I ran my hand lightly up and down her body and over her tight little bum cheeks. One thing I had to admit, she was firm all over, one of the benefits of being so slim I suppose.

She started to stir, running her hands up my leg and over my thigh. Raising herself to my face she took my semi erect cock in her hand, she ran her tongue over my lips slowly pushing into my mouth, kissing me hard, her passion rising. She moved back down. Turning, she took me slowly into her mouth. I ran my fingers lightly down her back, finding the crack of her arse, played, moved on down to her pussy, wet and warm, sliding a finger in and then out, back to her bum crack, played, slight entry, moan, slap on her buttocks, moan, back to her pussy, picking up the juices to lubricate her arse, this time in a little more. I kept this up until my finger slipped easily into her bum crack. Each time the slap getting harder and each time, she moaned a little louder with pleasure. All the time she was working my cock with her mouth. After a while, she started moving her hips, a slow thrusting motion each time I entered her pussy and each time I entered her arse. She was ready.

I moved away and pulled her up so her arse was facing me, pulling her skirt off as I went, resting her arms on the back of the settee she looked straight into the large mirror on the wall.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, “I have never seen myself being fucked before, that has to be thee turn on.”

“Oh it will be.” I said, “Coos that arse was made to fuck.”

She moved away slightly, “I don’t do that, well I haven’t done that, not that I wouldn’t want to but….”

I slapped her hard on the arse then took my erect cock and pushed it slightly into that wet pussy. She relaxed and moved onto me, still holding my cock I waved it just inside her, catching her clit with each motion Then I pushed in and sharply back out again running it against her arse, back into her pussy, now I slipped my thumb into her bum crack, SLAP!! Hard on her bum a loud moan, same routine, thrust hard out brush her crack, slap and back in each time the thumb went in easier, now I thrust into her pussy slowly and long, slipped a finger into her bum crack, felt the muscles grip it, draw it in.

“Look up.” I said, “What do you see?” I moved my hand to her tit taking it in my hand and squeezing hard, she liked a little pain it seemed

“You, squeezing my tit.”

“What avcılar eve gelen escort else, all of it, say all of what you see?” I said thrusting harder seeing the look of pleasure on her face with each movement

“You squeezing my tit, fucking me, finger fucking my arse, shit that’s a turn on, oh fuck, I can see you making me cum”

I moved my hand over her hips to her wet pussy, and slipped two fingers in, then I pushed them into her arse, smooth, thrusting harder now into her pussy, I could see she was close, her fingers gripped the back of the settee, head down pushing back on me moaning louder, faster

“Oh yes yes ohhhh.” she said.

I stopped and lifted her head to look in the mirror; her eyes were wide-open, wild, on the brink

“Oh you bastard, you like to see me suffer don’t you?” she said tears welling in her eyes

I began again slowly, but gradually speeding up, all the time my fingers working her arse which was now pliable and taking two fingers with ease. This time I waited for the hip thrusting, I glanced in the mirror and saw her looking at me, head rolling from side to side. I gave a smile

“Oh no please not again please let me come please, I’ll do anything just let me come.” she begged.

So I did, I instantly rammed into her pussy as hard and fast as I could, the look on her face could have been terror instead of the force that her orgasm hit her. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, nails bit into the settee, and then she was thrusting onto me again.

“Oh ye, oh yes yes yes yes arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh yes.” she screamed.

I slipped my fingers into her pussy again, this time playing her clit, I took my cock out and put it to her bum crack, I stopped playing her clit, her head came up looking at me in the mirror, too late, slowly I slid into that tight, virgin bum crack.

“Ohhhh” she said, “Too soon, I hadn’t finished.”

I took her hand and placed it on her pussy, pushing her finger and playing her clit with it, it only took a second for her to take over while I slowly fucked her arse. Slapping her hard as I did so.

“Oh fuck! What have you done to me?” Her eyes were wide staring into the mirror, her hand still going”

“Tell me what you see.” I said.

“Ohhhh god, no I can’t, no.” she said.

I slapped her as hard as I could. “Tell me.” I shouted.

“Your, one, fucking bastard, ohhhhhhh god, I am fingering my cunt, cumming like never before, and your, your…”

“Say it.” I said softly, “Say how it feels.”

“Ohhhh, you’re fucking my arse, fucking my arse,” and she laughed, “your fucking my arse and it feels like I have two cunts, one cumming and the other… on the way.”

Her arse was so pert and tight I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I didn’t need to, her hand was moving fast on her clit, she was thrusting onto her fingers and then back onto me. Her chin was resting on the back of the settee as she watched wide eyed and unbelieving at what she was doing.

I could feel my orgasm rising fast “Oh yes babe, oh I’m gonna fill your arse with my juice, oh yes yes yeesssss.” I was going like train ramming her arse, fucking it and not caring if I hurt her or not.

She screamed, loud she screamed, I looked in the mirror and saw her face smile’s and pain, she was thrusting harder onto me now, her hand stopped it’s motion but thrusting into her each time she moved

“Oh fuck it, go on fuck it, oh yes keep fucking, fill it up go on fill it upppppppppppp.” I kept going until she started to slow down, my dick saw with the grip of her arse.

Finally she stopped. Raising her head she looked in the mirror at me and smiled a huge smile, “Fucking hell!” she said, “I wish I had tried that before you dirty bastard, Ooooooooooo” as I slipped out, soft, limp, and nearly dead I sat down next to her.

She stayed like that, looking in the mirror at herself for some time, and then with a little giggle she curled up against me and started to fall asleep. I moved to get dressed and she lay there eyes open looking at me. “I suppose I better finish what I started and get you safely to bed.” I said

I picked her up, and as light as she was, carried her up to her bedroom, I lay her on the bed and had a final look at that slight body, those firm tit’s and those rock solid nipples, running my hand over them for what was probably the last time, I covered her over and left

I went out the following morning and as I closed my door, I saw Sharon sitting on her front door step drinking a cup of coffee. I looked over and she smiled at me, touched her nipple with her finger and kissed it. Maybe I will see them again, I thought.


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Thank you

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