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Now it’s twenty years later. He’s 33, she’s 35. Christina and Billy both know they were lucky that she didn’t get pregnant when they were younger. They didn’t have sex again after that and both felt ashamed of the experience they had growing up. They lost contact with each other after she went to college.

Holidays were always awkward. Then they got into committed relationships with other people, and started to worry less about the past. But they always knew there was still something there, and wondered how each other’s bodies had changed since they matured. They both always thought of the other when having sex with other people.

An opportunity came up for an extended family vacation at a beach house in California. Christina and Billy each came with the partner they were with at the time.

One night, everyone started drinking and playing charades and other games. Most everyone was eventually too drunk or too tired to keep going, but Christina and Billy stayed up and started talking. They both felt bad that they hadn’t spoken in so long. They dodged the topic of the reason why for a while, but eventually Billy said “I can’t cum without thinking of you.”

Christina took another shot of bourbon and said “me neither.”

Suddenly they both knew what was about to happen.

Before they could think of a good room to go to, Christina was on top of Billy, her dress hiked up around her thighs, and she put her lips on his mouth. She already knew his huge cock was hard inside his pants, and saw earlier in the night that his precum was starting to leak through as they talked.

As she stuck her tongue in her brother’s mouth for the first time in 20 years, she remembered how much she loved him. Not as a brother, but as a man. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her panties as she started unbuckling his belt, kissing him as she pulled down his pants. Her brother’s huge cock was now making a tent in his underwear in front of her as she rubbed her face against it, panting hot breaths through the fabric.

Billy said I don’t know if we should do this…not meaning it. He’d been wanting her lips on his cock again for years. She gave him that look and he knew there was no going back. He jerked his underwear down and felt her swallow him completely. This time it wasn’t hesitant licking, but deep throated swallows. Billy couldn’t believe that he was once again fucking his big sister’s mouth. But it felt so good he couldn’t stop.

He put his hands on the back of Christina’s head, guiding her over his cock. He thought if he just came in her mouth, that wouldn’t be so bad. But Christina wanted more. Her pussy was aching for her brother’s cock, and she wanted to feel him inside of her. She pulled her dress off, and undid her bra, standing completely naked in front of her brother.

He took in the sight of her mature body. Her tits were exactly as he remembered from growing up, but now her pussy was much more hairy. He knew that despite his best intentions, he had to have her. He reached forward to grab his sister’s ass and pull her wet hairy cunt into his face. He buried his face in her bush, thrusting his tongue out to taste her wet pussy.

Christina pushed her brother back against the couch and said “I need you inside me”. Then she straddled him, taking his huge cock in her hand and guiding it to the entrance of her wet pussy. Christina put her tongue in Billy’s mouth as she sank down onto his cock. Billy looked into his sister’s deep blue eyes as he felt himself inside her again.

Once again, he knew he should not be doing this. His girlfriend, seven months pregnant with his baby, and Christina’s boyfriend, were right upstairs. But Christina’s pussy felt so good, and he’d been thinking about this very situation in fantasies casino şirketleri for twenty years. He started licking his sister’s still tiny tits, knowing there was no going back. Billy took Christina’s tiny tits in her mouth, remembering them just as he’d been imagining for all this time.

Christina noticed that her brother’s cock was even bigger now, filling her completely and pushing all the way to the entrance of her womb. She had never been with a man as big as her brother now was. She had wanted a baby for years, but never managed to get pregnant. She wondered if it was because her boyfriend had such a tiny dick.

Now that she felt her brother’s huge cock, she became hopeful again. Maybe it was because she was so drunk, but she wasn’t worried about birth defects. She only knew she wanted this man to breed her, brother or not. Christina started pumping Billy’s cock harder and faster, the walls of her vagina milking his huge penis.

Billy felt his balls starting to contract as he fucked his gorgeous sister and he thought he should stop. He knew how potent his seed was–his girlfriend got pregnant even though she was on birth control–and that if he came inside his sister, she would certainly get pregnant. But then he looked again at the perfect woman wrapped around him.

Before he could stop himself, Billy was pumping load after load of cum into his sister’s womb.

Christina orgasmed as her brother’s cock exploded inside of her, her cervix opening to drink his cum and finally fertilize her. She kissed him deeply on the mouth as he continued to cum, no longer caring that it was his sister he was now making pregnant.


Christina waits nervously for the next few weeks to see if she will start having morning sickness. Even though she desperately wants a baby, she worries that it won’t turn out right if it’s from her brother. Finally she goes to the doctor. She finds out that not only is she not pregnant, but that without fertility treatments she may never be able to get pregnant. She is devastated, and immediately calls Billy. She knows he has been worried also about whether she would get pregnant. They agree to meet at her office for lunch in the cafeteria.

At lunch, Christina starts to cry about the fertility issue, and she asks that they go to her private office instead, because she doesn’t want her coworkers to see her crying. Billy puts his arms around his sister and then holds her hand as they walk quickly upstairs to her office. She closes the door behind them, and she starts weeping. She tells Billy how devastated she is about her fertility problem, and he tells her that there are a lot of options. In vitro fertilization, other types of fertility treatments, adoption. He is very kind and sympathetic, and realizes that as he is holding his weeping sister in his arms, his cock has grown stiff.

Billy has a mixed emotion of brotherly love and intense sexual desire. He loves Christina so much, in different ways. He starts to kiss the tears away from her cheeks. The taste of the salty tears on her cheeks drives him wild, and he suddenly can’t help himself from kissing her passionately on the lips. Christina starts to pull away out of instinct, but realizes how much she needs to feel loved right now. She allows him to spread her lips with his tongue, and responds by opening her wet mouth and looking into his eyes as she accepts her brother’s kiss.

The kiss lasts a long time, and eventually she stops crying, touching his cheeks with her hands and thanking him for his concern. Then she laughs and says she guesses they didn’t need to be so worried about her getting pregnant. He knows she is laughing out of frustration, but he is glad she is starting to feel better. He says, “yeah, I guess we didn’t have to worry,” and starts to put casino firmaları on his jacket to leave.

As he is moving toward the door, Christina says “Billy, wait,” and he turns around. He can see a different look on her face now. Somewhat mischievous and playful, in contrast to her earlier sadness. “What?” he asks.

“Well,” she says, “if we know I can’t get pregnant without help, I guess we wouldn’t have to worry if something like that happened again.” Billy can’t believe what he’s hearing. He’s been thinking about making love to his sister again since it happened, but thought it would never happen again, and that there might be terrible consequences for the first time. It hadn’t occurred to him that maybe it wouldn’t be the last time.

Billy reaches out and brushes Christina’s hair out of her eyes, his fingers lightly touching her face. Suddenly his mouth is on his sister’s again, his cock hard and his balls swollen from being near her.

Christina is wearing yoga pants, as usual, and her brother suddenly pulls them to the floor around her ankles. She is standing in front of him in a see-through sweater with a bra on, pants around her ankles, and panties that are clearly getting wetter by the moment. Billy puts his hand between his sisters legs as he starts kissing her again, gently massaging her slit through her wet panties. Christina moans at his touch.

“Are you sure?” he says, already sliding his hand up her shirt. “Yes,” she says. “I need you.”

Billy manages to undo his sister’s bra with one hand, the other still slowly rubbing her pussy through her panties. Christina helps her brother slide her sweater and bra off. She is now completely topless in front of her desk, yoga pants binding he ankles together in front of her brother. Billy lowers his face to his sister’s tiny tits, never pulling his hand from between her legs. He licks his sister’s tits and feels her tiny nipples harden under his tongue. She knows she has to be quiet since they are in her office, but can’t help but gasp and moan at the touch of his tongue on her breasts.

Christina reaches out and takes off Billy’s tie, and starts unbuttoning his work shirt. The time before, she never saw him completely naked, and wants to see how his muscular torso has developed. She kisses his neck as she pulls his shirt off, and sees how hairy his chest has become. She runs her hands across him and presses her naked chest to his, feeling his hairy muscular pecs against her tiny tits.

Billy quickly unbuckles his belt and lets his trousers drop to the floor around his ankles, his huge cock bulging erect and wet through his briefs. Billy and Christina giggle as they realize that at least one of them needs a leg free. Christina slides her wet panties down her legs, and pulls off one of her shoes, freeing a leg and leaving her hairy pussy exposed in front of her brother. She finds her face once again in front of her brother’s bulging underwear. She slides his briefs down around his ankles as his huge cock springs out and slaps her chin. She laughs again as she grabs it with her hand.

Christina holds her brother’s cock vertical as she starts to lick his balls and shaft. Billy runs his hands through his sister’s silky hair as he feels her mouth go to work on his hard dick. Billy knows that if she keeps going, he will explode, and he tells her that he’s about to cum. Christina pulls her mouth off of him and stands up. “No, Billy. I need your cum inside me.”

Christina shoves all the paperwork on her desk to the side as she hops on to the desk, cold under her bare ass cheeks. She spreads her free leg to the side so that her dripping wet cunt is fully open and exposed to her brother. Billy can smell his sister’s wet pussy. It’s a little riper than the last time, both because she worked out güvenilir casino earlier in the day, and this time he hadn’t been drinking. The smell drives him wild and he bends down toward her wet cunt.

Christina tries to stop him. She is always fastidiously clean when she knows she might get eaten out, and she tries to pull his head away from her wet and aching pussy lips. Billy knows what he wants, though. He thrusts his little older sister onto her back on her desk, pinning her arms down as he buries his face in her cunt. Billy and Christina grasp each other’s wrists as Billy works his sister’s thighs apart with his bare masculine shoulders. She is powerless to stop him, which makes her even wetter for him when his face and tongue reach her leaking pussy.

Billy massages his sister’s clit with his nose as he thrusts his tongue into her cunt, tasting Christina’s pussy. He pulls back a little and starts gently circling her clit with his tongue. By now Christina has stopped resisting and wants her brother to make her cum with his mouth. She pulls his hands up to her tits and whispers “touch me.” Billy licks his fingers, his mouth wet with his sister’s cunt, and starts slowly circling each of her nipples. Christina squirms underneath him, almost overstimulated by the attention, but feels herself ready to climax. “Please don’t stop,” she moans softly, as her brother starts lightly pinching her tiny nipples (smaller than his own) between his fingers, still working her hardening clit with his tongue.

Suddenly Christina’s legs start shaking, and Billy sees her stomach clenching. He moves one of his hands down to her abdomen as it becomes hard and swollen, as if she is doing sit ups. Christina wants to scream with the pleasure of her orgasm but knows she has to be quiet.

She whispers “fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes” to her brother as she continues to cum under his mouth. Then she grabs his head and pulls it away from her pussy, her clit too sensitive to be touched as she finishes climaxing, and he puts his mouth on hers in a deep wet kiss. She tastes and smells her cum on his face.

Christina takes her brother’s head in her hands and whispers in his ear, “are you still ready to cum for me?”

Billy does not need further invitation, and his rock hard dick is suddenly balls deep inside his sister’s pussy again. He can’t believe how wet she is, and once again she is surprised by the size of his massive cock, suddenly filling her completely. This time she can’t control the volume of the yelp that she lets out as he fills her. Christina covers her mouth with one hand as her brother starts thrusting inside of her. His sister is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and Bill can’t believe how fortunate he is to get to fuck her.

Once again her brother’s cock is touching Christina’s cervix, and she can feel his head thrusting against the opening of her womb. She thinks again of how much she wants a baby, and is overcome with a wave of sadness even at the height of her pleasure. Christina suddenly starts weeping again, silent tears running out of her eyes. Billy understands why, and Christina’s tears start to send him over the edge. As he feels his balls tightening, he takes his sister’s face in his hands, looks deep into her blue eyes made even more beautiful with her wet tears, and says “I love you.”

Billy says “I love you, Christina, I love you,” over and over as he unleashes more cum than he ever has before into her womb. Christina can feel the hot warmth of her brother’s cum gushing into her womb, spilling around his cock, filling her birth canal, running out of her pussy lips and onto her desk. She feels the hot cum leak down to her asshole, even as she imagines, hopefully, how much is still inside her.

“Maybe this time,” she says, as Billy again kisses the tears away from his sister’s face, his throbbing cock still inside her.

“I hope so,” says her brother. They both grin as they look at each other and say, almost at the same time, “or we can always keep trying!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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