Controlling You

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We meet as usual in the pub, you already sitting there with your beer and a white wine waiting for me, watching the world go by. I walk up and sit opposite you, smiling at your obvious nervousness. It still never fails to amaze me that after all this time you are still nervous every time we meet.

“Hello baby, I’ve missed you,” I say, as our eyes meet and you smile your welcome.

I pick up my wine, “have you been waiting long?”

“No, only about 5 minutes,” you reply.

We sit and discuss the day and the time that we have been apart, what we have been doing and catching each other up on things in general, your wife, my life, work and other small talk, just sitting getting used to each other again, each meeting like a first time even though we know each others bodies and minds so well.

You ask if I want to eat and I grin and raise my eyebrow, “Only you honey,” I reply laughing.

You join in and make a flippant remark about possibly letting me at some point, little knowing what I have in store for you. I finish my wine and suggest we go for a walk in the evening air, for no real reason other than you look tired and stressed out and a walk may help you wind down a bit.

You finish your beer and stand up, taking my hand as we leave the pub and walk down the lane to the marina, watching the birds and the boats. We walk in companionable silence for a time, each lost in our own thoughts, when I avcılar rus escort feel the last of the sun on my back and turn around to see the most beautiful sunset imaginable.

I stop and watch a hot air balloon as it drifts silently across the skyline, and your fingers pull in mine as you carry on walking, not realising that I have stopped. You turn around and I hear you sigh as you see what I can and I feel your pull on my arm slacken as you take a step back to me and I feel your arms come around my shoulders.

This is what I miss when you are away from me, the closeness.

We stand in silence and watch the balloon as it moves out of sight, then you plant a kiss on my neck so lightly it makes me shiver.

“Lets go home,” you say, and with your arm around my shoulder you lead me back toward the cars and home.

We get home and into the house, your hands starting to wander before we even get through the door – you need me every bit as much as I need you, but tonight you are going to know my need, know how much I miss you when you are not with me and how often you cross my mind.

I close the door and turn to face you, reaching up and wrapping my arms around your neck, our lips meeting and tongues entwining, becoming more passionate with every second. Your hands move down my body, feeling my nipples harden under your thumbs, my body moving towards yours, melting avcılar türbanlı escort into you. I feel you hard against me and pull away.

Turning around and taking your hands, I lead you to the bedroom and start to take your clothes off, each second becoming more and more urgent as my need for you grows. Stripped finally, I pull you to the bed and tell you to lay on your back and not move.

You do, and I move in kissing you deeply. I work my way down your body slowly taking you in, breathing you, tasting you until finally I reach your hard cock. Slowly I slide you into my mouth, loving that first sensation as you hit the top of my mouth and I taste you on my tongue.

My tongue around your shaft, my teeth grating at it gently making it jerk and grow, I move up you and then plunge back down again, then repeating it I start to pump you. Your hand in my hair means I have no control over how much I can take as you push me down. I gag and dig my nails into your thighs, and knowing that you are too big for me to take completely just turns you on more and makes you bigger. You keep your fingers in my hair but no longer try and force me down just feeling the rhythm as I pump up and down bringing you closer to cumming wanting to feel you in my mouth, your cum spilling over my teeth and tongue, a thought which makes me pump you faster wanting to bring you on.

Solid in my avcılar ucuz escort mouth, I feel you quiver under me, your fingers tighten in my hair again as you try to pull me off so that you can fuck me, quickly, passionately and with nothing but lust – but I’m having none of that – you will cum, but you will cum down my throat where I want, not you.

You may be bigger but I’m in control this time.

I pull back to your head and lick the precum from your engorged tip – it is deep red and so beautiful – then I take you back into my hot, moist mouth running my tongue back down again – the only words you can say are, ‘I’m cumming’.

With one hand cupping your balls I suck deeply on your shaft and you explode, my other hand rests as far as possible under your ass and just as you explode I plunge my thumb into your asshole – you buck and scream under me but cum longer and deeper than you have ever cum before. I turn my thumb and make you cum even more – over and over you spurt down my throat, what feels like gallons, so much I am drunk on it.

All that is filling my head is that I want you every second of every day, to feel you filling me, your teeth on my clit making me cum over and over, a slave to my body.

I finally feel you start to relax under me and remove my thumb and my mouth, moving back up you until I am level with your face again. You kiss me and smile lazily at me, totally spent, gathering me in your arms you tell me that you can taste yourself in my mouth and if I ever do that again………well who knows?

I smile, kiss you again and curl up in the safety of your arms knowing that no matter what, we do belong to each other, knowing that no other man or woman on this earth will feel with us what we feel with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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