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Author’s Note: Both characters in this story were at least 18 years old when the sexual activity occurred.

This is my entry in Literotica’s 2015 Valentine’s Day Contest. Please read it and vote honestly. Comments and reviews are always welcome. Although most of the story is fiction, it is based on an actual event that happened when I was a young girl.


“Do you still remember those cute little candy hearts with the writing on them that you gave me on the first Valentine’s Day we were together?” Marcy asked Noah as she leaned over toward him on the davenport in her parents’ family room, an impish look on her face. “It was a few days before the dance at the middle school.”


He would never forget those crunchy and colorful little candies, which he later learned were called “conversation hearts.” They were the first gift he ever gave her. The two met when both entered middle school and Noah immediately developed a tremendous crush on the pretty girl with the long blonde hair, big blue eyes and creamy complexion. Now he would describe his heart as having skipped a beat the first time he saw her but he hadn’t been one to wax so poetically at the time. Marcy is even better looking now, with the same hair and eyes and unblemished skin but her body has filled out until she is sexy as well as beautiful.

He remembered the dance she had mentioned too, particularly the events that led up to their first date. Every boy in the class, each in his own ten or eleven year old way, had been attracted to her but Marcy wanted nothing to do with any of them. Early in February of that same school year, when Noah finally worked up the courage to ask her about the upcoming Valentine’s Day Dance, he brought her a gift of a small plastic bag filled with the conversation hearts. He hoped they would help give him support in his difficult undertaking. The young swain had decided he needed something to help break the ice and that seemed to be the best thing he could afford.

Marcy also remembered the gift with great fondness. She had turned eleven years old the previous month and had not yet started liking boys but Noah had seemed different. He was neither loud nor boisterous as most of their male classmates were and he had offered her the candy when he approached, which was something none of the other boys had done. The first piece she withdrew from the bag was pink and the bright yellow printing on it said “Be Mine.”

She had decided then and there he was different from the others, besides being cuter than most, with his freckles, reddish-brown hair and green eyes, and being his girlfriend might be something she would want to do. The youthful blonde bombshell and the infatuated youth finished the candy together and, by the time they were through, she had promised to dance with him on Valentine’s Day. That was the most she would be able to do when that day arrived because the teacher-chaperones would accompany all the boys and girls who chose to attend to the large assembly room where the dance would be held. They didn’t want to risk having the young people pair off on their way there.

They had a great time on that special occasion, holding each other tightly in the slow dances or bouncing up and down in front of each other in the more lively ones. They both danced with others, of course — the chaperones would not have stood for any of their charges being too cozy with each other – but there was nothing they could do about Marcy and Noah holding hands while walking home later. That dance was their first time together and there were many more occasions that year and the next, but nothing more than innocent puppy love. Both sets of parents were even stricter than the teachers had been at that first dance together.

Although strict, they were not omnipresent and, a few years after their dance date, Noah and Marcy gladly gave their virginity to each other, helping solidify their love, which was real by that time. That sexual encounter was the first of many and, when Marcy mentioned the conversation hearts the evening before Valentine’s Day of their senior year in high school, they had already set a date for their wedding. On the day they were sitting on the davenport together, her parents were out of the house and would be away until late which was why Marcy brought up the subject then.

It wasn’t just nostalgia that had led Marcy to mention the gift from over seven years earlier. In that town there is an adult book store which, in addition to magazines, books and videotapes, sells candy and other treats to customers with specific wishes. She had gone to that store a few days before and, early that morning, had picked up her purchase of special conversation hearts. She removed the bag of candy from her purse, quickly sorted through them and offered one to Noah.

It was pale green and seemed slightly larger than the earlier ones had been. He smiled in fond remembrance as he looked at it but had a question. avcılar üniversiteli escort “Thanks, but it doesn’t have any writing on it.”

“Turn it over.”

He did as Marcy directed and was surprised to see the word “Blowjob” printed in bright yellow.

“What does it say?” She already knew but wanted Noah to read it to her.

“It says ‘Blowjob.”

Marcy grinned lewdly, knelt in front of him and started to unbuckle his belt, followed by unfastening his pants and pulling them down around his ass. Noah smiled again, more than willing to play the game, and lifted himself from the cushion of the davenport so she could pull his pants all the way down. It was a cold day in the middle of February but Marcy had turned up the thermostat earlier in anticipation of the nudity she expected they would be sharing. Noah had taken off his shoes and jacket at the door and the eager blonde had no difficulties pulling his pants off around his feet, where they were followed by his cotton jockey shorts and his socks.

With her man naked below the waist, Marcy gazed up at him and rested her elbows on his thighs. Leaning forward, she gently held Noah’s cock, which was fully erect in anticipation of being drawn into his fiancé’s warm, wet chamber of delight. She reached out with her agile tongue and licked under the ridge and probed into the slit on the end. Marcy was receiving almost as much pleasure from what she was doing as Noah was and one of her favorite parts of sucking him off is looking up at him and seeing his body already responding joyfully. That is one of his favorite parts too. He has told her many times how much he loves looking into her big, blue eyes and watching his cock as it slowly eases its way between her pretty red lips, the way it was doing then.

Without looking away from his face, she elevated her mouth above the head of his cock and lowered it while licking in concentric circles. When her tongue was once more caressing under the ridge, Marcy stopped, raised her head, looked up at him lewdly and lowered her face again, this time surrounding Noah’s shaft until it brushed against the back of her mouth.

She stayed like that for a few seconds, fondling his cock with her tongue before opening her throat and enveloping the entire length, taking it so far in she could feel his curly pubic hair tickling her lips and nose. Once again, she caressed his cock with her tongue, reveling in the sensation of the smooth skin stretched over the hard roundness, before beginning to slowly draw her lips back, stopping when just the head was cosseted between them. For almost a minute, Marcy’s tongue laved the velvety surface until she slowly lowered her head again, practically swallowing the hard cylinder that felt so good.

This time she didn’t stop but continued slowly bobbing her head up and down. Marcy loved everything about what she was doing, from the way her lover’s thick shaft spread her lips to the way his cock filled her mouth to the way the head brushed against the back of her throat before gliding the rest of the way down. One of the most pleasurable sensations was seeing his chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply and the grimaces of joy flickering across his face. Marcy knew the greatest pleasure of sucking him off would be when Noah climaxed and his delicious cum squirted into her mouth and covered her tongue so she could savor its taste and texture before swallowing it but there was a great deal of fun to be had before that happened.

Marcy was becoming more sexually aroused every second and she was also breathing deeply. For greater comfort and to give Noah an even greater visual delight, she unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. After she removed that restricting garment and set it aside, she tugged her blouse out of her skirt, peeled it off and unfastened the buttons and zipper at her waist. She knows how much Noah likes to see her big breasts sway from side to side with her movements and pleasing him gives her pleasure too.

She would be able to reach inside the skirt and her panties to play with her clit but she had no intention of bringing herself to a climax with her fingers. Marcy had something planned for that day with no parents around that would be far more fun for herself and for Noah than her masturbating would have been.

Sucking him off would be just the first part, albeit an extremely enjoyable part, of their tryst. Marcy resumed sucking his cock in and out between her lips, while licking every inch with each slow stroke until she felt the hard organ throbbing. Although not really very sexually experienced, Noah’s cock had been inside her mouth often enough for her to know what that meant. He was ready to come so she increased her pace and stopped giving him deep throat because she wanted to be sure to catch his cum on her tongue to get the full enjoyment. Less than a minute later, avrupa yakası escort the stiff cylinder jerked; Noah groaned in joy and the first gush of his hot semen burst into her mouth.

Just as she wanted, his cum landed on her tongue, delighting her taste buds and the entire inside of her mouth. Marcy kept sucking; Noah sighed happily and ejaculated twice more before he was through coming. Gently, she removed his cock, which hadn’t softened at all, from where it had deposited his cum and held it upright in her fingers. She swirled the delicious mouthful, relishing the flavor and texture until she let it slide down her throat.

Marcy knew there was more cum to be swallowed, some of it still oozing out of the slit on the end of Noah’s cock and more remaining inside. Still holding the stiff shaft upright so nothing would run out and be wasted, Marcy licked every drop off the outside before putting the tip back into her mouth. With the thumb and fingers of that hand, she squeezed out the rest of the semen, catching the viscous fluid on her tongue until she had everything. Smiling up at Noah, she savored that second mouthful as she had the first before letting this treat join the other.

“My god, Marcy! That was fantastic,” Noah enthused. He really meant it too. She had sucked him off before but it had never been as great as that day had been.

“I’m glad you liked it. It was great for me too. Now, let’s see what we’re going to do next.” She selected another of the conversation hearts, purple this time, and handed it to him.

Noah held the candy correctly this time and grinned as he read the message to her. “It says ‘Eat Her Pussy.”

“Well, then, I guess that’s what we’ll have to do.”

This was not exactly an unpleasant thought or hardship to him. “Do you want to sit here where I’ve been?”

“I think we’d better go up to my room. We’ll have more room on my bed.” Marcy suggested, her face filled with glee as she sad that last word.

“I guess you’re right. Should we take our clothes with us?”

“I think that’s a good idea.”

Marcy refastened her skirt, picked up her bra and blouse and made sure she had the bag of conversation hearts. Noah gathered up his pants and shorts but decided to leave his shoes and jacket in the hall closet. With him naked below the waist and her equally bare above, she led the way upstairs to her bedroom, which she had prepared before the object of her affection arrived. Marcy had made the bed with clean sheets and pillowcases and turned the covers down. Just in case Noah had not come prepared for what she intended to do with him, she had bought a package of condoms and hidden them in the panty drawer of her dresser. After entering the room and closing the door, Marcy sat on the bed and gazed at the man who was about to take her to paradise.

Before that could happen, she had to remove her skirt and toss it onto the far corner of the bed, leaving her clad in only her panties with their soaked crotch. Marcy left that last article of clothing on because she knew Noah likes to peel them off her just before burying his face in her wet pussy. She did roll the waistband down low enough that the juices she would be secreting could run freely and inspire him to lick her entire pubic area. Swinging her feet up onto the bed, she pulled a pillow under her head and waited for Noah to join her. A minute later, after removing his shirt, he was lying beside her and holding one of her succulent breasts in his hand and, a fraction of a second later, he was caressing her nipple with his avid tongue. Marcy could already feel the sexual pleasure coursing through her body, especially between her clit and the place where his mouth was so active.

From the sexual excitement Marcy was already feeling, the cute pink nubbin was erect, just the way Noah likes to feel it under his tongue. Seconds after starting his lingual attentions, Marcy’s upper body was happily squirming under his face and her movements grew more pronounced when he transferred his ministrations to the other lovely orb. Noah continued moving his mouth from one breast to the other until the voluptuous blonde was moaning in bliss and her honey was flowing down the length of her sexy body.

“Eat my pussy,” she begged him. “The heart said you have to eat my pussy.”

Noah knew it was that time too so he abandoned Marcy’s breasts and started licking and kissing his way down her body, starting with the soft slopes of the delightful mounds he had just been pleasuring. Her juices were gushing even more heavily and their scent was urging him to continue his journey. Marcy was urging him too, pushing on Noah’s shoulders to hurry him on his way. By the time his mouth reached her Mount of Venus, the heavenly aroma was close to intoxicating.

After licking under the elastic waistband of her panties, the enamored young man got off the bed, got back on at the foot and advanced bağdat caddesi escort on his knees until he was crouching between her thighs. He reached out, slipped his fingers inside the waistband and started to tug on the wispy scrap of fabric. Marcy raised herself from the bed and Noah pulled her panties down around her ass, peeled them down her legs, pulled the soggy lingerie off around her feet and turned to drop them onto the floor.

When she saw him giving his full attentions back to her naked, waiting body, Marcy raised and spread her legs so Noah could do what they both wanted. He leaned forward, wrapped his arms around her thighs and breathed deeply of what she knew he considered her incredible fragrance. It was flattering that her man was so enraptured of her pussy that he took so long smelling and staring at her there but Marcy wanted more than anything else in the world to feel his tongue making love to her there. To urge him to get on with it, she began to thrust her pussy up toward his mouth, which was only inches away.

At last he started lapping up her juices, starting with those that had trickled down her legs until he had it all, followed by slowly bringing his tongue up her crotch. Marcy’s skin is very sensitive there and she reveled in the sensation of his wet giver of joy as it cleaned off all the fresh juices and continued by licking upward between a pair of her outer and inner lips.

Great waves of delight crashed through her body and she moaned in erotic joy. As Noah’s magical tongue continued its slow journey upward between the lips, her carnal pleasure multiplied. Marcy looked down her body and saw a scene of which she could never grow tired. Between her ivory thighs was a shock of reddish-brown hair and, as she watched, it moved slowly closer. From every place the hair moved, a thrill of pure delight swept through her body, until a freckled forehead came into view. Noah, his face covered with her juices, looked up at her and smiled before the rumpled hair returned to where it had been and more and even greater pleasure swirled through her.

The man providing the exquisite joy was receiving it as well. Everything about eating Marcy’s adorable pussy was a treat for all his senses, from the beauty of the pink and white and blonde confection to the flavor and aroma of her honey to the sounds of joy she was uttering. She does not shave herself and the soft, sparse blonde hair served to emphasize her lovely ivory skin and swollen pink lips. However, the best part of all was the sensation of her soft, smooth legs and body under his tongue and lips. Lapping up the juices from her legs and belly had, besides being delicious, been delightful to his sense of touch and her dripping crotch had felt even better.

But the best was when he started licking between her labia, loving the contrast between Marcy’s slick outer lip and her engorged inner one, especially with the way she was writhing in bliss under his face and thrusting her eager pussy up against his mouth. When Noah’s tongue finished caressing between the first pair of lips, he noted in delight the way Marcy’s whole body was rocking from side to side in involuntary reaction to the extreme joy he was giving to her. He kissed her mons and, after his tongue had squeegeed up every drop of the fresh juices, began to treat the second pair of lips the same way.

Marcy had given herself completely over to the excruciating delight Noah’s mouth was giving her. Besides rocking on her ass, she was thrusting her legs out past his face like a pair of ivory pistons and her feet were steadily drumming on his back. Marcy’s head, with her mouth agape in bliss, was tossing back and forth on her pillow and she didn’t see Noah’s face when he reached the end of the second pair of lips and kissed her mons because her eyes were closed too.

“Suck my clit,” she pleaded when she felt the kiss. “Suck my clit and make me come!”

Noah would do that soon, because Marcy’s coming is the best part of eating her pussy but he was having far too much fun to want to do it right away. Instead, after devouring all the honey she had just provided, he started below the lovely pink hole that had secreted the delicious treat and licked slowly upward, using more pressure than he had done when he started. As soon as Marcy felt Noah’s tongue stroking her and the loving way he was applying it, her movements almost doubled in their intensity and she babbled again of her joy.

“Yes! Right there! Lick me there.”

She felt him doing what she wanted. Marcy felt Noah’s tongue slowly advancing up her crotch and probing all around the edges of her pink hole, which sprayed his wet giver of joy with fresh juices. She was as ready to come as she had ever been but what his tongue and lips were doing was so delightful, she wanted it to go on forever, if that had only been possible.

After caressing all around the dripping wet place, she felt his tongue pressing into the hole itself but it was too thick and blunt and flexible to be inserted. The sensation was still a fabulous one and Marcy urged him to continue, which he did, until his mouth started advancing onward toward her clit, the sweetest of her sweet spots, especially when she was with Noah. She cried out happily when she felt his lips engulf the sensitive morsel.

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