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I’m in Tori’s basement – tied to a chair, blindfolded, naked and gagged. My hands are cuffed behind me and my rock-hard cock is locked in the plastic cup of a chastity belt, engorged and aching for the feel of her delicate skin. Fantasies of her jacking me off with her hand send a jolt of electricity rushing down to my cock as thoughts of our earlier phone conversation make me tingle all over.

I have a surprise for you tonight, Mister, she teased.

Tell me, I begged.

She giggled. Guess you’ll have to wait for tonight to find out, love.

Come on, Tori, not even a hint?

No. And then her tone shifted.

Now listen very carefully, slut, because I will not repeat myself. You are to be at my back door, naked to your briefs, at seven p.m. When I answer the door you will be in the proper position, on your knees and ready to be put in your leash, and you will not make me wait. Before our playtime starts you will strip and be thoroughly inspected. And you’d better look absolutely perfect for me if you don’t want to lose your clit privileges. Is that clear, slut?

Same answer as always. Yes, ma’am.

I could hear Tori start to smile again on the other end of the line. Good. I’ll see you at seven, handsome.

The unremarkable (but always sexy) way in which Tori answered the door makes me all the more anxious (somewhat positively, somewhat negatively) to see what her surprise will be. I certainly hope it’s not some horribly painful piece of jewellery (two of my three lines in the sand involve piercings – no nipple and no navel. The other one is no eating poop.)

Is it her wardrobe? Even though I was supposed to keep my eyes down in her presence I sneaked a peek at her when I came in – she was just in her everyday clothes, for now. Or a new toy? Aside from the equipment she used to bind me I haven’t seen anything. And for the moment I can’t think of very many toys that Tori hasn’t used on me. All in all I’ve been treated like the sissy bitch I am – whipped, clamped, burned with wax, made to suck on a strap-on and then take it in my ass – and I’ve deserved it all.

In mid-thought I hear the cellar door open. A few seconds pass and it closes again, shutting off the hum of appliances in the kitchen. The butterflies begin to flutter aydın escort in my stomach as I hear the clack, clack, clack of Tori’s shoes down the stairs and coming towards me. As the steps come closer they veer to my side, and then Tori kneels behind me and unlocks my handcuffs. Then she pulls out my orange gag and roughly yanks my blindfold off, pulling a few hairs in the process.

Here’s your surprise, whore.

It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust even to the dim basement light, but when I see the surprise I become so excited that I almost blow my load on the spot. It’s like a scene from my most erotic dreams: Tori’s dressed in her sexy prison guard outfit, with a short black skirt, red high heels, an ample view of her breathtaking cleavage, and a riding crop at her side. Just like she was dressed last Halloween (minus the crop, of course), at the party where we made out for the first time and exchanged numbers. I’d played the whole night over in my head so many times – her suggestive pose for the camera with an inviting smile and her short, flaming-red hair over one of her eyes; her hips grinding hard against mine as we traded spit for the first time in a dark closet; her hot, whisky-filled breath blowing on my neck as she stroked me through my pants. Seeing her in uniform was my hottest memory of her, and we’d had a lot of adventures since then. I’d only told her about it once –

My biggest fantasy is being a prisoner and you being the guard. Only you’re wearing your costume.

Which costume?

Your prison guard costume, the one you wore at Halloween. So you could be the guard on my cell block. And maybe if I’m a model prisoner, I can get a few special privileges …

She’d laughed at me. You’re so cute, she’d said.

Stand up. She breaks my train of thought with her domme voice and I feel a little ashamed of my fantasy.

She motions to the wood-panelled wall to my right. Over to the wall. Hands on the wall, squat, and bend over. Now.

Yes ma’am. I do as she orders.

My hands on the wall, she walks over to me and eyes me for a few seconds.

Now bend over and cough.

I cough and hear a loud snap behind me, then another. She’s putting on latex gloves. A loud farting sound from a lube container aydınlıkevler escort and the squeak of her gloves rubbing together. I smell that distinct chemical smell that can only be K-Y jelly.

Bend over more, slut. All the way. I want to see all the way to the back of your dirty little pussy-hole. And you’d better not be hiding anything if you want my toys to stay out of there. She unlocks the chastity belt, breaking my throbbing cock free.

I’m not hiding anything, ma’am –

Whoosh – smack, smack, smack. Three stripes right across my ass with the riding crop. I bite my lip because I know I’ll get more if I make the slightest sound.

Just as the blood starts rushing back to my tender, red ass, Tori grabs me my the balls and dick and squeezes, hard. She pulled my face to hers.

You are to speak when you are spoken to, and at no other time. Is that clear, slut?

I wince from the mix of pain and pleasure. Yes, ma’am. I’ll be good.

Good boy, she says. She scoots behind me and I start to feel her smooth, latex-clad fingers penetrating my backdoor. First one, then a second, then a third. She moves them back and forth, then hooks her finger on the inside of my ring and rubs the lube around in a circle. I take a deep breath. I can feel Tori rolling her fingers in a ball.

Open up, slut – and she shoves her entire fist up my ass in one hot stroke.

I shriek from the sudden, intense pain in my rectum. Tori has fucked me with some pretty huge dildos before but I’ve never taken anything from behind quite as massive as her latex-bound fist. But I know I’m not getting any mercy on that account.

She pulls back her fist and shoved it back in, harder and deeper, over and over, all the way back to my colon. With each pump she skates across the back of my prostate and I feel a brief rush of intense pleasure. She must be going at least a foot inside me.

And then she turns an already perfect moment into a shot of pure sexual heroin – she takes her other hand and starts giving me a handjob. Stroking the whole length of my cock, she fixes me with her eyes and gives me one of her delicious verbal spankings.

You’re a dirty, worthless, prissy little whore – she spits the adjectives at me ayrancı escort and I’m as hard as you can be without exploding – who deserves to have his ass fist-raped by Miss Tori. You love it, don’t you, slut?

I bite my lower lip, struggling with all my mental powers to keep from cumming. The humiliation is always what pushes me over the edge.

You’re not going to cum, are you, slut?

I can’t even answer, I’m so close. I close my eyes and try to clear my head. Tori strokes harder and harder and slams her fist inside me up to her elbow.

You’d better not cum. You’re a filthy little bitch and you don’t get to come until Miss Tori gives you permission. And Miss Tori isn’t going to give you permission until she’s played with you all she wants. And after our little playtime, Miss Tori is going to have her boyfriend over so he can show you what a real man looks like. Don’t you want to have Justin over?

Justin is her old boyfriend. I can feel my cheeks go red.

And you’re going to be in your girly underwear because you don’t get to wear boxers like a real man.

She pauses. I can feel the final humiliation coming.

Oh, and I’m taking lots of pictures, too. Justin and I are going to keep them for when we need a laugh, and I’m going to send copies to your boss and your mommy and …

And then I cum. The humiliation, the fisting, the heels, the uniform – it’s all too much. I feel the intense heat wave of orgasm rush from my balls to the head of my cock, and then five or six hot blasts of sperm come volleying forward onto the wood panelling.

I take a deep breath, revelling for a moment in the intense pleasure. I felt Tori’s fist slide slowly out of my asshole.

I can hear her stand up, her red heels clicking against the concrete floor. There’s a few seconds of pause.

Look at the fucking mess you made, whore!

Tori picks up the riding crop and smacks me across my swollen ass again. And again. And dozens of times over the following two minutes. Then she drops it and leans over next to me, pulling my ear to her mouth.

I’m going upstairs to take a bath. You will clean up your filthy whore mess with your tongue. I want this wall spotless when I come back.

She lets go and I just swing back, still a little high from the intense climax.

Yes, ma’am, I reply.

Then she wordlessly stands up and walked away. I can hear the click, click, click of her heels going up the stairs as I, freshly fucked and still naked and red, lick the first white rope of cum off her basement wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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