Couples Camp Ch. 07

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Brad walked briskly to the old wooden doc. The rest of the class was already there mingling around, stretching and getting ready for class to begin when Brad noticed he was the only one still wearing the tan shorts they had begun the day with. Everyone else was wearing skimpy European style speedos that matched their bikini tops. It looked more like a bunch of guys dressed like women in two piece bikinis than like a group of men going swimming.

“Well looks like someone is running a little late.” Beamed a deep chuckling voice.

“Everyone in the water… except you ten,” He announced.

“The next time you come to class you better be dressed in the appropriate attire. You understand?”

“Uh, yes sir,” Was all Brad could muster for a response.

“Well get those shorts off and get your ass in the water ten.”

Brad was in shock. Did this man want him to undress in front of everyone? Everyone would not only see him naked but with this cage encompassing his manhood.

“Now, ten. If you make me wait any longer, I promise you’ll regret it.” The drill instructor of a teacher assured him.

Brad was scared by the teacher’s tone of voice. He surely meant it and god knows what kind of punishment would be dished out if Brad didn’t quickly comply.

“Yes sir.” Brad compliantly responded as he began pulling down his shorts in front of the teacher the class and the whole world. Brad’s face was already warm from the sun beaming down on it, but now it was on fire with embarrassment as he dropped his shorts to the wooden dock.

“Good, now get your ass in the water.”

Brad quickly scurried to the edge of the dock and leapt off into the cool lake water.

“Ok ladies you know the drill. To the other side , first there gets the carrot, last the stick.”

Brad thought to himself, the teacher must be referring to the motivational concept of rewards and punishments. This means last back is going to be punished, and Brad knew he didn’t want that.

The ten of them began swimming and Brad was in the rear, just trying to keep up. He swam and swam as fast as he could but just couldn’t keep up with the pack. Some of them would have to flip over and float on their back to take a rest and catch their breath, others seemed to just take off and disappear. Brad would just about catch up to the swimmer in front of him from time to time only to have him flip over and swim away. Brad couldn’t catch up. Not only was he out of shape but this heavy steel cage was weighting him down. He finally had to take a break, so he started floating to catch his breath.

“You better get your flabby little ass in gear there ten, or your gunna be today’s big loser.” It was the instructor. He was following along on a jet ski alongside the line of racing swimmers.

Brad tried to say. “Yes sir.” But just couldn’t catch his breath well enough to get it out.

“Tell you what; since it’s your first day I’ll cut you a break. ” He said throwing a floating tube into the water next to Brad.

“Get in.” The instructor yelled as he revved up and started taking the slack out of the rope.

Brad gladly pulled himself up onto the float and held on as he was slowly towed towards the far side of the lake. They were staying close to the line of swimmers, for about half an hour, when they passed the last three swimmers trying desperately not to be last

“OK. This is as far as I take you. Get your ass to the shore.” Brad heard the teacher call back to him.

Brad slid out of the tube and back into the cool lake water. He looked around and saw not too far away the rocky shore of the lake. Brad was rested and ready to complete the final stage of this contest, so he began to confidently swim towards the shore and the other men. Brad swam for a few minutes and then stopped to float and catch his breath. He was passed by two of the men while he was laying there but still thought he was far enough ahead of the last man that he could easily avoid whatever punishment awaited last place.

Brad was probably a hundred feet from the shore when the last man finally caught then passed him. Brad was completely exhausted. He had given it his all and even with the ride was still last. Finally he made it to the rocky shore of the far side and was climbing out of the lake. He climbed up to the top of the rocks where the rest of the men were standing around looking back at him struggle to get out of the labyrinth of boulders. Just as Brad reached the top and the clearing above, he heard a voice from the lake call out.

“OK ladies. Last one back gets the other half of the stick.”

The dripping wet group began running back to the resort side down the path that ran all the way around the lake. Brad was keeping up with the string of runners and found himself in the middle of the pack. He was uncomfortable and embarrassed at the fact he was running completely naked, the shiny steel cage flopping violently in front of him and his feet sore from the lack of shoes. The string of men continued on until they finally made their ankara escort way back to the dock, where the instructor awaited.

“Ok looks like one gets the other half of the stick.” The instructor said clearly indicating who had finished the foot race last.

“Four was the winner again so he gets free time the rest of the day. As for one and ten, I will deal with you two later tonight.”

“You all better hurry up and get to class.” The gruff drill sergeant hollered.

Brad and the rest of the swimmers picked up their shorts and slipped them on over their bikini bottoms, all except Brad of course who had been shamelessly flopping around.

Brad spotted nine walking back to the resort and hurried to catch up with him.

“Hey buddy, I got promoted to second grade so I guess I’m going to class with you.” Brad declared as he rushed to catch up.

The two made small talk, as they made their way to the next classroom.

The classroom was at the top of stone steps just like the first class and once inside looked exactly like the previous room. There was a large flat screen on the wall behind the teacher’s desk and two rows of desks aligned towards the front of the room.

“Ah yes nine and ten.” The new teacher spoke as the door opened.

Brad was surprised at what he saw before him. A tall dark haired woman with large protruding breasts barely held in place by her top. She was wearing a black latex top and red latex mini skirt with tall black boots.

“Only two of you in my class today, so why don’t you both take a seat here in the front.” She said motioning to the two desks in the front row closest to her desk.

“Now, nine and I have already met, but why don’t you tell me a little about yourself ten.” The imposing woman instructed, as she sat on the front edge of her desk crossing her shiny black boots.

Brad was a little taken aback by the question. No one here seemed to care a lick about how he felt let alone showed any interest in him.

“Well, umm my name is Brad.”

The teacher jumped up from her desk and slammed her hand on the desk in front of Brad scaring the living crap out of him.

“EXCUSE ME!” She yelled scowling down at him.

“You are number ten. That is it, nothing more. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded like a scared little boy.

“Don’t ever forget who you are, you got it? Now what’s your name?” She sternly asked.

“Number ten.” Brad said with a hesitant tone.

“Number ten, what?” She asked still not happy with his response.

“Number ten, ma’am?” he responded hoping to be giving the answer she was looking for.

“That’s right, number ten ma’am. Now since you don’t know anything about yourself let me teach you ten.” She continued.

“First of all you are here at Pine Lake so that means you have agreed to go through a modern couples training program. That means you’re not much of a man. YET!” Her words began to sting.

“Now let’s see here, as I remember your girlfriends name was Brooke, right. It says here you weren’t very attentive or romantic with her.” She said looking down at some notes on her desk.

“It’s my understanding you saw how a romantic attentive lover brings out the romance in a woman, and how Nick brings that out in Brooke. Is that right?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am” Brad quickly replied, making sure not to anger her again.

“So you understand she needs more than you have to offer. She needs what Nick has for her now and no longer has use for the pathetic relationship you two once had.”

“Yes ma’am.” Brad meekly responded.

“I want to make sure we are clear here ten. You no longer have a girlfriend. You lost her to a much better man. She is out there right now enjoying her new life and you are in here all alone.”

Brad was trying hard not to let this woman’s words get into his head, but it was impossible not to feel the deep wounds she was inflicting on his psyche. Brad had witnessed Brooke’s lust for nick, and had accepted the idea of her being with Nick, but the idea he had lost her, hadn’t crossed his mind since her loving words of encouragement the night before. As she picked up a remote from her desk and pointed it at the TV on the wall, she said.

“Let’s take a look at what you lost, shall we.”

The TV screen lit up seeming to pick up where the earlier video of Brooke and Nick had left off.

“That was fantastic baby. But now it’s your turn. Nick whispered as he gently guided her to the bed.

Brad could instantly feel the pressure in his cage build. He was already getting aroused at the idea of watching his once girlfriend making love with this tanned muscular prize. She was completely enamored with Nick; it was obvious in the way she ran her silky hands over his body.

Nick surprised Brooke when he abruptly picked her up and tossed her on the bed with easy. She lay there looking up with a smile on her face as Nick glared at her looking down with lust filled eyes. Brooke was on fire with passion. Nick had warmed escort ankara her up to the point her body was glowing with the flames of desire.

“Look at how wet she is ten.” The teacher whispered in ten’s ear as she leaned in close to him.

Brad could feel the warmth of the teacher’s hot breath in his ear as he watched the TV never taking his eyes off the action.

Brooke’s body was limp on the bed waiting for the onslaught to come with anticipation. Her chest was heaving up and down and her breathing quickened as Nick bent down kissing her thigh. He worked his way up and down both her thighs; teasing her with his tongue she worked her into a frenzy. His assault continued as he worked his way up her belly and to her heaving breasts, paying close attention to every square inch of her lovely body.

Soft moans of pleasurable anticipation escaped Brooke’s lips as Nick worked his magic across her lovely skin and up her neck. Nick was skillfully stirring her to a feverish boil as he kissed up her neck to her earlobe. He was whispering something in her ear softly enough even the sensitive microphones couldn’t pick it up.

“Yes. Yes.” Brooke moaned.

Nick continued his assault by running his hand behind her neck and lifting her slightly off the bed to press her lips to his kissing her deeply. The camera zoomed in showing Nick’s skillful tongue darting in and out of her pleading mouth.

Brad heard a whisper and felt the hot breath of his teacher again.

“I bet you have never seen her like that before have you?” Knowing it was a rhetorical question.

The camera pulled back to a wide view showing the two entwined on the bed kissing in a bonfire of passion, but this time there was something different about the camera. It was moving around. This was not the static picture of a hidden camera but the slow movements of a hand held camera controlled by a cameraman. The scene continued to unfold as the camera man walked around the bed getting every angle of the action, when Brad noticed there were people sitting in the chairs and couches in the room. There was now an audience.

Brad was sitting there staring at the screen almost breathless. Brooke was a flaming ball of passion he had never seen before. Nick was in complete control of every neuron of her existence as she lost herself in his embrace. Nick was whispering in her ear again as Brooke called out.

“Yes, yes, I’ll do anything for you.” She called out.

Brad was in shock. He never heard Brooke talk like that. He had tried to get her to talk dirty to him but she never felt comfortable doing it.

Nick was holding her face in his firm hands as he gently kissed her on the lips.

“Do you see how she responds with a real man ten?” The teacher loudly questioned.

“Ten! Do you see how she responds to a real man?” The teacher once again questioned, snapping Brad back to the classroom.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded. He felt almost dizzy. Perhaps it was from holding his breath in anticipation of what he was to see next.

“You want to see more don’t you ten?”

“Yes ma’am.” He responded.

The camera panned around and stopped on one of the couples sitting in the surrounding sofas. It was an extremely attractive blond woman who was completely naked from head to toe sitting with a very skinny short man who was also wearing a chastity cage, much like Brad’s. The sexy blonde stood up as she looked at her partner and wickedly snickered.

Nick stood up and moved away from the bed taking a seat in an open chair, as the blond took his place gently pressing her lips to Brooke’s. The two continued passionately kissing and petting each other, putting on a show for the entire room.

“I bet you wish you could be in that room right now. Don’t you ten?” His teacher giggled.

Brad was breathless, staring at Brooke making out with another woman. He never in a million years thought she would do that, let alone in a room full of people. Who was Brooke now? What had happened to his once demure girlfriend? He continued to watch at the blond worked her way down to Brooke’s engorged nipples. Brad had never seen them so large before, but then again he had never seen Brooke this full of passion before either.

Nick leaned into frame and once again whispered something in Brooke’s ear.

“Please eat my pussy.” Brooke called out.

The skillfully attentive blond slowly worked her way from Brooke’s swollen bosom down to her dripping gash. Brad was fixated on the blonde’s methodical attention as she so skillfully lapped at Brooke. Brooke gasped for air as the blonde’s tongue gently came to rest on her clit for the first time.

“Watch what happens when someone who knows how to please a woman is eating pussy ten.” The teacher mockingly said.

Brooke’s head was thrashing from side to side as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She was moaning out in ecstasy as Nick and the rest of the room looked on at the beautiful sight ahead.

“Oh god yes, yes, lick me, make me cum on your tongue.” ankara escort bayan Brooke screamed out as she reached down pulling the blonds head in deeper.

Brad had never seen Brooke cum like that before. She was shivering as wave after wave of orgasms rolled across her body. She was completely lost in the pleasure as she pulled the blond up to her and stuck her tongue deep within tasting herself on her new friend.

The two women passionately kissed as the camera man panned around the room showing the smiling faces off all the attendees.

“Now show me what you’ve learned.” Nick called out for the whole room to hear.

Brooke wasted no time and feverishly pushed her lover aside and onto her back. Brooke began an assault on her blond lover as if her life depended on it, only slowing to catch her breath. Brooke found her way down to the moist folds feverishly kissing every inch of this soft beauty.

The camera zoomed in to catch the first time Brooke’s tongue tasted the sweet flavor of another woman.

“Uh oh, she might have found a new favorite.” The teacher announced.

Brooke was feverishly lapping at her blond friend like a thirsty cat at a bowl of milk. It was the sweetest flavor she had every tasted, and the erotic smell of perfume and pussy was flooding her senses. Brooke was completely overcome with the flavor, texture, sounds and smell. It was as if she needed this woman’s essence in her for life. Brad was overwhelmed with the desire Brooke was showing for this woman and his own desire was swollen, painfully against its confines.

Brooke feverishly continued to explore the deepest folds of her blonde lover when Nick entered the screen leaning down and kissed Brooke on her cheek.

“That’s my girl, give her the pleasure you desire.” Nick cooed.

Brooke seemed inspired even more to bring the woman beneath her to completion. She probed deeper and deeper trying to reach the depth of this woman’s gushing passion.

“Oh god yes, that tongue of yours is amazing. Keep licking. I’m gunna cum all over your face.”

The camera zoomed in just in time to see the throbbing stream of fluid flowing all over Brooke’s tongue. The sounds of slurping and sloshing filled the room. The fluid coating Brooke’s probing tongue and lips.

Nick was gently encouraging Brooke with kisses on her check and neck as the passionate cries of orgasm filled the room.

“That’s my girl.” Nick could be heard proudly reassuring Brooke she had pleased him as well.

“You see what she will do for him? You see how he has released her passion? Your relationship with Brooke will never be the same as it once was. She has found passion she never knew existed without you, and most likely never will.” The teacher taunted Brad.

“So you see ten, she doesn’t want what you have to offer any more. What you gave her was minimal at best, and now not nearly enough. Brooke has obviously moved on without you and is quite satisfied. Wouldn’t you say?” The teacher said as she flicked off the TV.

“Tell us nine, what do you think? Will Brooke ever be satisfied with what ten has to offer?”

“No ma’am.” Nine responded firmly.

It was hard for Brad to hear that confirmed by his new friend, but it was true. Brad knew it. It was obvious Brooke was full of passion for Nick and others in a way Brad had never been able to extract from her. Brad’s sadness was overwhelmed only by his own arousal, and it was confusing to him. How could he be so sexually excited at the sights and sounds of losing her? It was true though. He was full of desire for her right now, even more than ever. He wanted nothing more than to touch her, smell her, and taste her.

“Ha ha ha, I bet your little pee pee is straining to get out. Isn’t it?” Teased the latex clad tormentor,

“Would you like to see what it takes to please Brooke now ten?” she cackled

“Yes ma’am, please.” Brad pleaded.

“Well what would you be willing to do ten? What would you be willing to do to please her? Would you be willing to let her go to make her happy? Would you be willing to change everything for the both of you forever? Would you do anything to make her happy?”

“Yes I will do whatever she wants, whatever I have to do to make her happy. Just please let me see her. I need to see her now.” Brad Pleaded.

“WHAT did you say?” The teacher growled.

“Ma’am, please let me see her ma’am.” Brad begged.

“You’re lucky it’s your first day ten. If you don’t learn your manners quickly it’s going to cost you dearly. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am.” Brad tried to apologize.

“Very well then, let’s take a look at what it takes to please Brooke. ” She said turning the TV back on.

The satisfied blonde was getting up from the bead and returning to her seat next to her partner as Nick raised Brooke up her feet to kiss her glistening lips. She wrapped her arms around him pulling his firm body in a close as she could.

Nick reached his hands behind Brooke and pulled her ass in tight with both hands in a firm jerk, causing her to gasp.

Nick was once again teasing her, trying to make her go insane in anticipation as he kissed her neck and fondled her at the same time. He whispered in her ear again and she went crazy.

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