Cousin’s Girlfriend Pt. 02

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This is the second installment from the first part. That story was my first step into writing. I appreciate the feedback, and I know I will continue to become a better writer. I hope you enjoy this part of the story.


After that night at my cousin’s house I tried to avoid seeing Ashley too much. Honestly, I felt guilty for what had happened. It wasn’t like we had fucked. She just grabbed me a little. I didn’t actually slip inside her. No harm right…

A few weeks go by and a group of us decide to drive into the city to see a movie. We all squeeze into our friend Kyle’s GMC Jimmy. (That thing was a POS, but it was all we had to get around in.)

Kyle is driving while James rides up front. He and I both liked to ride in the front due to our tallness. I lost the coin flip so I rode in back with the girls. So that’s six people in a middle sized SUV. Let’s just say I’m not the smallest guy around so someone had to sit on my lap. Well wouldn’t you know it, Ashley was the smallest.

So I’m sitting behind Kyle with Ashley on my lap. Trish and Destinee are sitting beside us. We ride down talking and having a good time. Around half way into the drive I can tell Ashley is getting fidgety and rocks on my leg to get comfortable. The added friction causes my teenage hormones to go bananas.

I can instantly feel my dick straining against the thin fabric of my shorts, and it’s pressing into Ashley’s ass. She moves more. Every time she moves my dick pulses against her. Her movements were not much but to me it felt like she was grinding against me.

This goes on for a good five minutes until I can’t take anymore. I had to act fast or there was gonna be an oyster in my underwear. So not knowing what else to do, I pinch her side. It wasn’t hard just enough to surprise her and she jumped a bit, which got some questioning looks from her friends. She played it off and behaved herself for the rest of the ride.

So we finally get into the city but ended up being too late for the movie. They had another one playing later that night so we decided to kill some time. We didn’t have a lot of money so I suggested we go to a local park.

We wasted bakırköy üniversiteli escort a few hours walking around the park, talking about what the next few years would be like in college. Kyle and James both got scholarships to play football at the same college. Trisha and Destinee were going to work for their parents. They owned a sporting goods store. Ashley and I were both smart. We were receiving full rides to Duke University. One of the best Medical College in the country. We would probably be spending the next 6 years being around each other all the time. James makes the comment about having someone he trusts keeping guys away from his beautiful girlfriend. Ashley and I both glanced at each other. I’m the worst cousin ever.

It’s finally time to see the movie. I can’t recall the movie. But do know it was LONG. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ashley, and what happened in the car. We didn’t get out of the movies til around 11pm. We were all tired so we hit the road.

The seating arrangements didn’t change. So again I had Ashley on my leg. Everyone was just relaxing in the car. No one was talking, just enjoying the radio. The station is playing smooth 90’s R&B. It was gonna be a hour ride home and after what happened earlier in the car, my mind was still racing. I knew Ashley and I were going to far with our game. But I liked it. Knowing that it was wrong made it all the better.

As we ride down the old highway I can tell Ashley is wanting to lean back. After all she had been sitting up and I know she was tired. James, Trisha, and Destinee had all passed out half way into our trip. The inside of the Jimmy was dark. No lights on this stretch of road.

Amping with courage from what happened earlier I pull Ashley back into me. She doesn’t resist and leans against my chest. Her head rests on the back of the seat. I must say the position was kind of hurting my leg. So without saying a word I raise her right leg and place it with her other. Now she is sitting directly on my lap, with both legs between mine.

No words have been spoken. It seems we like to communicate with actions. I take bakırköy bdsm escort her cooperation as a go ahead. I run my fingers down her thighs. Gently touching her smooth skin for the first time. Once again I can feel myself pressed against her. She pushes back against me. I slide her dress up slowly. My body felt like a giant sponge, soaking up the heat radiating from her body. I take my time, rubbing the bare skin that was hidden under her dress. Making sure not to make a lot of noise.

I slide her dress up to her panties. Running my fingers on the inside of her thighs she opens up to invite my wondering hands. I can feel her shiver and her hands are now on top of mine. She is guiding me to the places she wants touched. Like a ouija board my hands follow directions rubbing down her thighs back up to her tummy. Her soft skin turning me on more and more.

She slides our hands under her dress up to her full breasts. Cupping them immediately I feel no bra, no restrictions. Just beautifully crafted mounds of joy. I caress her hard nipples and felt like Columbus when he found America.

After a few minutes of massaging her breasts, our hands again take the trip down towards her treasure box. She guides my hand onto her silk thong. Wasting no time I began rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties.

Her breathing is getting heavier and she turns her head into my neck. I feel wetness on my skin as she nibbles and kisses me. Not trying to make too much noise we carefully continue.

I make my way under the tiny material and my fingers are soaked in her juices. Her shaved pussy felt smooth and her clit was big. Like an eagle sitting proudly on its perch. I fingered her tight pussy with the care it deserved, rough! I wanted to punish her for teasing me. I pinched her clit causing her to bite my neck. A moan escaped her mouth but not loud enough to cause attention.

Did she liked having her clit abused… She did. I spent the next few minutes rubbing and pinching her pussy and left breast. The mix between pleasure and pain must of been working because I feel her bury her head into my neck, and clamp her bakırköy elit escort legs down on my hand. After about 30 seconds of light jerking her body stops moving.

She brings her lips back to my neck and kisses me with a lover’s passion.

We sit there not doing anything as Ashley’s lips keep pressing against me. I feel her fingers run across my zipper. I didn’t expect this much to happen. We were about 10 to 15 minutes from home. I didn’t want to literally get caught with my pants down.

But I didn’t stop her. Soon my dick was now out and in her hands. She let her fingers run the length, following the veins in my shaft. She grabs me at the base and gently squeezes me. She repeated the process all the way up my shaft. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I can feel the sap churning in my sack.

Ashley then shifts her weight enough to allow my dick to feel the entrance to her pussy. She pauses for a moment. I can tell she is looking straight at James. He’s still asleep. She keeps starring at him. Just when I think she is having regrets, I feel her lips against the tip of my manhood.

Lightning is surging through my body. And then the cruelest thing happens next. Kyle shouts out that we are almost home. Everyone in the car started to wrestle from their slumber. After all that. I only got to the entrance of Ashley’s wet lips.

Ashley quickly pushed my dick away and fixed her dress. I too got myself composed while fighting to put my lion back in its cage.

We manage not to draw any attention as everyone is saying how they had a good nap. Kyle says there must of been a lot of tossing and turning because he was getting kneed in the back. I just apologized and acted like nothing happened.

James asks if I was sore from having Ashley sleeping on me. I said it wasn’t a problem and he just said ok. Smiled, then asked Ashley if she was ok from the ride. She said she was fine, but her butt was falling asleep.

We make it to town. Kyle drops of the other girls first. Then he pulls up to Ashley’s house. James gets out first so he can walk her to the door. Ashley quickly gave me a look and put her finger to her mouth and said shhhh… She then got out.

After those two got out Kyle turns to me and with a shit eating grin says that I owe him big. My only reply was, I no.

James never found out what happened that night. Ashley and I never tried anything again until I ran into her at a college party. And Kyle got an oil change and new brakes. Courtesy of yours truly.

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