Crack Addict Ch. 04

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“You wanna do what?!!”

“I want you to lie down on your stomach. I’m gonna rub this vial of baby oil on your ass cheeks and then I’m going to rub my dick in the crack of your ass until I cum. Preferably, I’d like to rub said cum all over your ass cheeks with my dick.”

“Man, you crazy… Crazy as fuck.”

“But I got money.” I pulled a loose wad of cash from my pocket and gestured towards the prostitute. She giggled like an old hag and reached for the money.

“You sure that’s all you wanna do right? I mean you ain’t gonna slip into the booty hole or nothing’ and claim it’s some sort of accident or something?!!”


“You sure?”


“Right, I’ll show you were to go.” I’d been driving down the street after a late night at the office when I’d spotted her walking along the cracked side walk as I waited at a red light. There was no doubt that she was a hooker. She was a big girl with even bigger hips. Wide flaring hips that moved almost of their own accord. She was wearing a garish loudly colored dress that accentuated her “Coke Bottle” figure and her availability probably on the cheap. There seemed to be no one else at the intersection at this time of night so I just sat watching her move a little further off into the distance. What sold it was the incredibly massive butt that jiggled under her cheap frock.

She looked back at me and began to strut up the street in an enticing display. I watched those meaty cheeks bounce up and down for all of five seconds before gunning it and skidding to a halt next to her.

Her name was Roxy. She claimed that she was “twenty two” (More like thirty two) and claimed to be visiting from New Orleans. She was African American; dark skinned with a gap in her extremely white teeth and was wearing a sandy brown wig. She directed me to a shady looking motel near the freeway. I found myself thinking how convenient it would be to just hop on the freeway after I’d finished chasing my particular dragon.

After being humiliated at the BBW club and the Ms. Stetson debacle, I’d decided to go “underground” with my fetish. It was the safest thing to do considering that I’d become such a pariah at work. So, I’d begun sating myself on the toasted street rumps of black and Latina street walkers not that I didn’t wanna squeeze one out on white girls, but usually they came in the Auschwitz emaciated look, were just two damn gross or didn’t fuck with black guys on order of their “black” pimp. I’d found some great asses out here on the street, but guilt was getting to me. I’d resolved to do the hooker thing one last time when I saw Roxy.

“This sure is weird.”

“What can I say, it’s my thing.”

“What?!! You scared of bahçelievler escort Aids or something? I’m clean mister; I done had my test and everything last Saturday.”

“No, it’s not that, I just wanna do that one thing okay?!!”

“Don’t get so sensitive I’m down with it.” I was already helping her out of her dress and marveling at the jiggly, black, sponge like rump before me. Roxy politely patted a spot on the bed and I sat down. My cock was throbbing like crazy. It was as if it had a mind of its own as she pulled it gently into the air and buried her mouth on it. Roxy was wearing barely there stark white panties that disappeared into her massive crack. I was impatient and pulled her boobs from her top. They hung loose and pendulous almost touching the floor with large erect nipples.

“Let’s just do it now.” She stopped slurping on my member and looked at me in mock shock.

“You really love ass don’t you?”

“It’s; complicated.” My craving was getting the better of me as I watched the hooker struggle to pull her underwear down her massive thighs. Her huge ass looked monstrous once it was freed of the offending garment. I began pouring baby oil and simultaneously rubbing my cock into her massive butt cheeks. Roxy giggled like a school girl as my cock smoothly glided up and down the length of her indigo dark butt cheeks. Unfortunately, I came too soon ten minutes into my routine; I was already spraying a monumental load across Roxy’s ample cheeks and backside.

I’d barely finished when she stood up and casually strolled into the bathroom. I watched her hike up the rest of her skirt and wash her butt off with a towel way too small for that gargantuan ass.

It was at that moment that I felt like a true degenerate.

“Later baby.” She kissed me on the cheek and paused with one last tidbit before she walked out of the motel room humming.

“My daughter has a better ass than mine. Probably drive a freak like you crazy.”

“Yeah, I’d like to see that.” I responded dryly and dripping with intended sarcasm.

I sat on the bed starring at the closed door pondering my fate. I was no better than a real crack [cocaine] head, out in the wee hours of the night scrounging around, so particular in my tastes searching for that perfect butt. I had to stop, yet didn’t know how. I would seek the help of a therapist unlike the one I’d met in the BBW club. I wondered why I just couldn’t find a girl that had all of the attributes I currently desired.

It was almost three in the morning and the towels were clean, so I took a shower. I figured that I’d ponder my fate over an original slam at Denny’s or something.

I got dressed bakırköy escort and opened the door. There was a girl standing in the doorway with her hand raised, frozen in place as if she were going to knock. She smiled and lowered her hand.

“Hi!! My name is Coco and my mom Roxy said you had a thing for big booty.”

Coco was a somewhat petite, small dark skinned with a short frizzy hair tied off in a bun. She had a green ribbon tied around her head. She turned and revealed an amazing apple bottom butt that looked like it belonged to a larger woman. She was wearing pocket less jeans and began shaking her gift.

I snatched her into the room and marveled as she peeled off her jeans and let me fondle that lump.

My redemption would, happily have to wait until another day.

She didn’t even ask for money up front as I knelt in front of her and started rolling her form fitting jeans down her dusky thighs. She had gone commando and I was treated to the sight of her perfectly proportion sex situated between her luscious thighs and shaved bare. The scent coming from her box was unmistakable and arousing. Coco peeled off the simple pea green t-shirt she was wearing to showcase a nice set of sloping C-Cup breasts in what appeared to be a stark white training bra. I tried to pry her young supple breasts out of the tight fitting garment which flattened her tits against her chest but had my fingers lightly slapped away.

“My titties aren’t on the menu mister.” She had a slightly stern sound to her soft voice and I chuckled as Coco placed an arm across her chest. A few moments later she snapped the offending garment off flinging it into my face.

Her laughter became moans as I took a salty nipple into my mouth. It was fully engorged and erect little nub and she cradled my head somewhat lovingly.

“Mom said you were into ass and here you are all fucking with my tits.” She cooed as I continued to rub them rolling the nipples between my fingers.

“I just appreciate beauty.” I replied as my palms lightly caressed her flat tummy while I marveled at how small her waist was in comparison to her wide flaring hips.

“I’d appreciate some money first.” She’d remembered and I wasted no time fishing sixty bucks from my pocket to pay the neophyte street walker. I found her adorable and cute as she got on her knees and took me in her mouth. I noticed that she hid the wadded up money under the bed and smiled at her naivety.

Coco may have been knew to the business but she gave head like an old pro gently caressing my cock and running her tongue along its length before taking it into her mouth and sucking real hard. She actually balgat escort began milking my cock for all she was worth until I softly pushed her away before I blew my load.

“Can’t handle it huh old man?” She taunted as I took a few steps back reaching for my trusty bottle of lube. I’d been frequenting the area so much recently that I kept my glove compartment stocked with numerous trial sized lotions and lubricants.

“Like I said, I appreciate beauty.” She beamed at my admission as she crawled onto the bed on all fours displaying her beautiful expansive bottom. Coco’s big ass was a thing of beauty as each of her hips formed a perfect semi-circle with her huge meaty cheeks dominating my view. A slight tremor ran through my body as I slathered the entire bottle of lube all over her dark chocolate globes. I pushed her cheeks together causing some of the oil to run into the deep crevice of her dark mounds near her brown-eye.

I straddled her body and sandwiched my cock between her cheeks which were cool to the touch initially and began running my length very slowly back and forth until I had a good rhythm built up.

Coco began flexing her cheeks around my cock on my upward thrusts adding to the pleasure as sweat began to run down my forehead and back. In moments I’d picked up the pace and was really giving her big ass a really good humping as the sounds of our sweaty bodies slapping against one another filled the room. Coco for her part kept time with me using her magnificent cheeks to milk my cock until screaming her name I began to shoot an incredible jet of cum which erupted on my upstroke and spurted from the top of Coco’s mashed together ass-cheeks into the small of her back. My semen actually reached hallway up her back.

“WOW!! You REALLY LOVE this ASS don’t you?!!” She had reached back and run her palm through my spunk coating her hand. She held her gooey palm in front of her face letting my semen run off her fingers while she stared at it incredulously. I almost thought she would sample it but no dice.

“You got the evidence right there on your fingers baby.” My cock was still raging hard but I didn’t feel like giving the shapely teen any more money.

“Thanks Coco, tell your mom thanks too baby.” I didn’t bother waiting for her response as I hopped into the shower again to clean up. The nubile indigo teen surprised me by jumping into the shower with me.

“Damn, you really made a mess of my back mister.” She noted my shocked expression and smiled while taking the soap from my hand.

“Could you do my back?” Five minutes later I ended up “Getting a Freebie” and happily fucked Coco’s big ass doggystyle for fifteen minutes before blowing another wad all over her big dark chocolate ass.

“This is the FUCKING LIFE!!” I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as I watched Coco slide back into her form fitting jeans.



My heart leaped into my throat as Coco’s eyes became as wide as saucers.

… To be continued.

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