Crazy in Vegas Ch. 02

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I arched my back into him, wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his ass, pulling him hard against my face and filling my throat with his huge cock. I couldn’t believe I was actually swallowing ALL of it! I gagged hard, lost my breath and pulled away, saliva dangling in thick strings from his wet head. Gulping for air and moaning rhaspily, I thrust my hips against his face. That’s when he decided to use his teeth. I felt a firm pinch, then he pulled, dragging his teeth until my clit slid out of his teeth and sprang back. At that I shrieked a little and pulled away.

I scooted off the end of the bed head first and put my head and shoulders on the floor, offering my already dripping pussy up to him on the bed, spreading as wide as I could so he could get a good look at me. I held on to the bottom of the bed frame while he knelt on the floor with his cock and balls dangling above my face. He practically dove into my pussy then, not being shy. I closed my eyes and felt is tongue lapping against my clit. I opened my mouth wide and gave his balls a wet lick, wrapped beylikdüzü ucuz escort my hand around his still dripping shaft and felt the vibrations as my pussy muffled his deep moans. He wrapped his arms around my legs, nearly lifting me right up, burying his face even more. By the time he’d finished eating my wet snatch my face had turned red from being inverted. When he helped me get vertical I stumbled a bit and fell against him.

When the hair on his face brushed against my neck it was wet and, of course, smelled like my pussy. I turned my head and breathed into his ear, “You know, I could really go for a little pussy right now, myself.” I could tell the idea of adding another body to this mix appealed to him, he gave my ass a good hard (just hard enough) smack and mumbled, “Yeah” huskily into my ear.

“But right now?….Well, right now, I need to feel you stretch my pussy.” I gave him a playful push and he collapsed onto the bed, his cock standing upright and bobbing at me. I watched him grab his dick and hold beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort it still, indicating with a confident little nod of his head that I should take a seat. Still in a bit of disbelief at the events that had landed me in a hotel room in Vegas, hovering over this gorgeous man when there was a time I was so intimidated by a simple conversation with him, I obeyed. My nerves were starting to wear off then, and I slid my body against him as I climbed over him and positioned my sopping pussy over his waiting dick.

Now, this being the first time I’d ever taken his cock, I wanted to savor it. I reached down and replaced his hand with my own. I laid his hard dick down between us and rubbed my pussy up and down its length. We were both so wet and I moaned a little as my clit slid over his shaft. Then I shifted my weight and grabbed him again, this time I guided the head between my throbbing pussy lips and swirled it around, rubbing him all over me. I even gave him a hint of what was to come by beyoğlu escort sweeping his cock back to slide over my ass, just to get him thinking. At that he moaned and said, “I’ll fuck your ass later, but only if you ask me to.”

Just hearing him talk dirty, even a little, kind of pushed me over the edge. I immediately forgot about all that savoring business and, using my fingers to guide him into me, slid down his slick shaft as far as I could. His sharp intake of breath told me that he’d enjoyed that, so I bobbed all the way back up, pulling his slippery dick completely out of my now tingling cunt only to rock back down and bury him into me again. With the first thrust, he’d gasped. With the second, he moaned. I wanted more moans, I wanted to feel his head slide into me so easily again, but I knew I could take it deeper if I moved just a bit. So I stopped with his dick buried into me and, after a slight pause I clenched my pussy as tight as I could, squeezing him inside me and making him thrust his hips up to me. I’d spent a good deal of time at red lights strengthening my pussy for just such an occasion as this and his reaction told me it had been worth it. I relaxed and smiled my sly smile down at him, shifted again and bent my knees so I was on my feet squatting over him. Relaxing my legs completely, I sank down on him, taking him completely and feeling my pussy stretch around him. ..

To be continued from HIS p.o.v.

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