Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 02

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Two weeks and not a word, Laura had been certain he would have text-ed at least and she was beginning to feel quite foolish. Yes he had said he was going away for a few days but why no contact? She felt like a slut, used and discarded like a piece of trash. Not helping was her partner’s constant annoying ways. Not just using her as a servant but then expecting her to lay still while he performed his interpretation of making love, a few thrusts before ejaculation leaving her cold and not in the least satisfied. She had tried imagining the body on top of her was his, but that had made her start to react and that was not allowed. The last few days even her bathroom masturbation sessions had lost their charm.

The phone vibrated on the kitchen counter and she ignored it. This was the time her partner always text-ed with demands for meals. It vibrated again, seeming louder and more insistent. She hated cooking, trying to make the measly amount she had to buy food produce anything that was palatable.

“For fucks sake!”

The phone buzzed a third time and picking it up she considered opening a window and letting it fly before remembering that she had paid for this replacement herself. Snarling just a little she glanced at the screen.

“I want to tongue your ass till you squirt, then fuck it deep.”

Laura swallowed hard and leaned against the kitchen counter her stomach churning on a roller coaster ride.

“Pull my cock out and cum down your throat till you gag.”

She knew what was happening but couldn’t believe it as her panties and jeans were soaked in a rich mixture of ejaculate and pee.

“Meet me tomorrow at the edge of the wood behind your apartment 11.00 am sharp. Wear a dress and no underwear and bring a blanket and a scarf.”

The rest of the day dragged on endlessly, Laura’s mind was still trying to come to terms with her sudden loss of all control and the acts that tomorrow promised. She tried desperately not to think about his tongue in her ass but the feeling of that wet penetration somehow managed to invade her every moment. The act of real anal fucking filled her with some trepidation, sure she knew it was fairly commonplace and had been told it was extraordinarily pleasurable but however exciting to her somehow remained taboo. Needless to say she remained soaked all evening and in order to avoid questions had to invent a stomach ache to forestall her otherwise nightly carnal chore.

Laura slowly walked towards the entry to the nature reserve. She was nervous for two reasons. Firstly it was so close to her home she probably would see someone she knew and secondly this was the first time she had ever worn a dress and no underwear. The feeling of the cotton fabric clinging between her ass cheeks was very arousing and although she felt a continuous need to straighten the crease she was enjoying it just too much. The entry was just a gap left in the four bar fence, with a gravel path that lead through the woods, up a slight incline to the central reservoir. She glanced at her phone and seeing that she was a few minutes early lent against the first tree trunk just inside clasping the required blanket and scarf tightly. Four minutes later her phone vibrated.

“Walk towards the reservoir till I tell you to stop.”

She was getting quite used to the demanding texts and the knowledge that his eyes were obviously turned towards her made her swing her hips a little and of course decidedly damp.

“Stop and look behind the tree to your left.”

On the ground behind the tree was a Walmart bag. Laura picked it up and looked hesitantly inside. There were two wrapped parcels.

“Small tokens of my esteem. You can open them in a minute. Walk to the reservoir.”

After a hundred yards the trees thinned till the large clearing containing the pond came into view. The area was a popular spot with walkers and Laura was a little concerned to see several people strolling around the waterside paths.

“Turn bakırköy türbanlı escort left and follow the path along the edge till you come to a sign that says no fishing.”

Laura continued following his instructions to the letter. Her heart was beginning to pound in her chest from the excitement. She found the sign quickly, right in front of a particularly overgrown section of bank extending into the pool and covered a mass of grass and reeds almost waist high.

“Slightly to the left of the sign is a slight path leading to the water’s edge. Follow it.”

Laura started into the grass and was surprised how easily the grass parted for her. Obviously this trail was used regularly.

“Stop and look to your right.”

She could just make out a flattened area about eight foot away and pushing through the undergrowth found that the grass had been cut short and even. She stepped into the square and waited.

“Lay on the blanket on the grass.”

Laura had expected that text and had already worked out the best place to be. The grass was slightly higher on one side so she carefully flattened the fleece and laid on her side facing towards where she had stepped in. Absentmindedly she straightened her dress then laughed at her modesty. Here she was waiting for who knows what to happen and she still was being modest.

“You can open the packages now baby.”

She had put the plastic bag behind her back and retrieving it took out the first parcel. The wrapping paper was taped down but her nails were long enough to slip between the two seams. She looked at the contents intently and shivered a little. The plastic bottle contained anal lube. Her ass bud tightened and then pursed open. Placing the lube on the fleece by her side she took the second item out. This was a larger parcel wrapped in red tissue paper tied with string. Two boxes had been wrapped together inside. One was a magic bullet vibrator, the other she recognized by its egg shaped ending as a G spot massager. She tried turning on both and sure enough they had batteries already fitted.

“Take of your dress.”

She stared at the text momentarily then with some difficulty managed to slide her dress up and over her head without raising her body too far. Suddenly she realized she was getting hot, her nipples were hard as buttons and her labia lips felt very swollen and damp.

“The bullet is for your ass. Use the lube.”

Her hands were shaking as she reached for the lube, the cap opened very easily and the viscous fluid felt cold on her fingertips. She reached behind and ran the moistened fingers over her ass bud and daringly dipped the middle finger inside. It slid in so easily and the effect felt amazingly good. The bullet looked huge but as suggested she presented the tip to her sphincter and applied a little pressure. To her amazement her seemingly tight ass opened like a flower and swallowed the cylindrical vibe with ease. The control cable was long enough to pass back over her hip to the front and she stared at the numbered speed nob. Slow, medium, fast were the choices. Her cervix was quacking already.

“Put on the blindfold get on your hands and knees then touch your clit. I am watching your every move.”

Laura looked around trying to work out where he could be overlooking her. Deciding he must be in the trees to her left she swiveled round so when she got on all fours her ass and pussy would be totally exposed to his view. If he wanted to watch she was going to put on a damned good show. The bullet felt good in her ass and she decided it was about time to warm its little motor up. She turned the dial so slow and was immediately rewarded with the most sensational of vibrations deep in her anal canal. She arched her back to ensure her ass cheeks would spread as wide as possible and was certain that the slightly puckered appearance of her freshly penetrated sphincter would drive him crazy.

She bakırköy ucuz escort placed the G spot vibe below her belly so it would be easy to find and carefully sat up on her haunches to tie the blindfold. A quick glance around satisfied her that no one was close enough to notice anything and fastening the scarf tightly around her eyes resumed her doggy stance. Retrieving the vibe from the blanket she felt down the curved shaft till the end and controls were at her fingertips. The first click bought the wand alive but not as wildly as she had imagined so decided to turn the dial up too notches more. The buzzing joy stick was moving to her satisfaction now and resting on her left forearm she guided the ovular tip to her already dripping vulva. No sooner had she touched the shimmering head to her clit when she felt an orgasm start to invade her consciousness.

“Fuck that was fast.”

The words sprung from her mouth uncontrollably as the first solely anally propagated climax she had ever experienced overtook her body in waves of writhing and convulsing spasms.

The oval wand tip slipped between her labia lips easily and the sensations as she slid the contoured head the length of her slit caused her to lower herself so her forehead could rest on the blanket for support. The anal vibe was doing wonderful things to her body. Laura was quite annoyed with herself that she had disallowed this whole layer of alternate pleasure to this point in time. Briefly her mind wandered to the possibility of having a live rod of stiff flesh filling her pulsating anal canal and the mere suggestion caused her back to arch so violently that she worried the bullet would be expelled. She quickly tightened her anal sphincter and was rewarded by a delicious climax permeating through her abdomen.

The fact that she was no longer alone in the area was a little disconcerting. She hadn’t heard their approach and apart from the tiniest suggestion of breathing it was only her sixth sense that told her now. Not wishing to disappoint her lover she decided to carry on with the show and positioning the wand carefully slid the shaft into her wonderfully slick interior. The angled oval tip immediately found her G spot.


Her exclamation was sharply followed by several arcs of ejaculate squirting from her urethra in pulses. The experience was both excruciating and overwhelming and heightened enormously by the thick wad of hot semen she felt shoot onto the small of her back and start to dribble down her ass cleft. She turned the angled tip of the wand till it pressed against the thin membrane between vagina and anal canal exactly at the depth of the bullet. The two came into contact and a shock of vibrations like electricity shot through her body causing her to convulse like a rag doll. The second wad of semen hit her ass bud dead center and the hot fluid felt scalding as it coated both her sphincter’s exterior and seeped through the pulsating opening to touch her inner walls.


Laura was now totally incapable of any other words and when a third gift of semen hit the back of her neck she simply raised her head from the ground opening her mouth hopefully and was rewarded with the still pulsating member being thrust deep into her welcoming throat. She was on fire and the only thing that would extinguish her conflagration was cock, or more correctly a parade of endless of cocks filling her belly to overflowing with hot salty sweet semen. Hungrily she sucked on the now deflating member but was relieved when it was withdrawn and replaced with a fresh fully erect substitute. This cock was shorter but amply thick and she luxuriated as it skull fucked her mouth hard and fast. Swallowing this wad was easy as the force of the ejaculation left the precious cargo hovering on the very edge of her trachea.

Laura had found a rhythm, any fresh cock slipping between her lips was echoed by the crash of her womb against başakşehir escort her cervix. The wand had long since slipped from her vulva, forced out by the constant rippling of her vaginal muscles. The bullet was still miraculously vibrating away in her ass and the sensations had caused her sphincter to gape. She found this sensation surprisingly acceptable and had almost lost any concerns that might have previously existed about such exposure. The cock she was sucking now was both thick and long. Not as big as his but certainly a size quite adequate for oral satisfaction. She could feel the beginnings of an ejaculation from the additional swelling and the twitching spasms pushing the shaft against the roof of her mouth. She had started to notice the different textures and flavors of the various loads and was wondering what this expulsion might bring when she was answered with such a volume of gismo she had to fight to swallow it all down before any was lost through seepage.

“You have done so wonderfully you get your promised reward.”

His voice whispering in her ear bought an immediate shuddering orgasm as the bullet was slowly pulled from her quaking asshole leaving her sphincter open and vulnerable. His cock head felt so big as it touched her, the mushroom head pressed hard against her open ring hot and insistent. She arched her back even more, straining muscles to try and ease his penetration and was rewarded with the head and an inch of shaft firmly embedded. Bracing herself she awaited the onslaught but rather than just plunging deep he allowed her sphincter to grip a little and become somewhat accustomed to this first phallic invasion.


Laura couldn’t help herself, she was aching to be filled balls deep. Her ministrations bought an immediate response and another three inches stuffed her anal canal with pulsating flesh.


She came hard and as her womb cartwheeled he fed the remaining length to her starving cavity, his ball sac slapping against her swollen gaped labia. He fucked her in slow deep strokes, taking time to make sure every contour, every twitch of his rock hard member had total contact with her previously virgin hole. She quivered, moaned, gasped for breathe only to have her lungs emptied continually by a weight of climax she had previously thought impossible. When he finally ejaculated she screamed. Not the scream of a frightened child but the guttural cry of a she-cat being speared by her lover’s penile spines. His cock pumped her full to overflowing and as he did her face back and shoulders received an endless shower of semen from the apparent forest of cocks surrounding them.

Laura opened her eyes and saw the sky blue and cloudless above her. Momentarily she thought she had awoken from the most incredible erotic dream imaginable but slowly her body began to tell of the reality of all the events she remembered. Her mouth was dry but had the distinct taste of semen still on her tongue, teeth and inner cheeks. The smell of sex and spent seed invaded her nostrils from everywhere and her hair felt sticky and matted. Her ass was still puckering strangely and reaching down she felt the round base of an anal plug imbedded between her cheeks. The plug felt good and just the realization of its penetration started her abdomen quivering again. She rolled on to her side and surveyed the blanket. The material was covered in the wet outline of shoe prints as well as the dried remainders of the stray cum shots that had missed her mouth or torso. A very large damp stain gave proof to the volumes of ejaculate that had gushed from her body and the two times she had peed from pure loss of bodily control.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat she pulled her dress back over her head and with a new found brazenness stood up without a thought for being seen. Gathering the wand and bullet she replaced then in the Walmart bag and holding her new found treasures and blanket firmly made her way back towards home. Her route took her passed several groups of men in deep conversation and she found herself strutting provocatively as she progressed causing the plug to oscillate seductively in her sphincter. The thought that any or all of these strangers might have been part of her wonderful oral gang-bang coated her thighs with a fresh and welcome stream of slickness.

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