Crossdressed In best friends mom clothes 10

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Crossdressed In best friends mom clothes 10
I was totally exhausted after that good fucking. He passed the joint…

“I can’t believe I just fucked you! I never imagined that you so good-looking as a girl! Mmmm, fuck, Caroline!”

I passed the joint back to him. “I’m glad you took it like that! But I guess I relaxed a bit after seeing you being so crazy about my feet. I liked the attention. He-he!”

He smoked some more. “I don’t just like them…they’re the best girl’s feet I’ve seen in pantyhose ever! I love you in pantyhose, Caroline!”

I blushed; I couldn’t get enough of people saying that to me. “Thanks, Peter. You turn me on with your lust for me, and I really like your stiff cock inside my pussy!”

He dumped the joint in the ashtray and looked at me. “And you turn me on, Caroline! Don’t be Brian again around here. Be your girly self all you want!”

I got all warm and fuzzy inside. “Thanks, Peter! Can I use your shower and maybe a towel?”

He got up and went to the bathroom and picked me up a towel and laid it at my side.

“Thanks, Peter!”

“No problem. Thanks again for a lovely evening! I leave a blanket for you here on the sofa. I’m gonna go to bed now. Cya tomorrow, Caroline!” and then he shut his bedroom door after him.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom and took a long hot shower.

As I washed myself, I thought about how I loved to be Caroline, and all the attention I get as a girl was empowering. Mmmm, I love getting fucked as the slutty girl I am underneath my pantyhose outfits! I dried myself; I then found those black Wolford 25 denier shape-lifting nylon pantyhose with reinforced toes. Mmmm, the feeling of the soft nylon was amazing when I got them on and my ass firmed up. Wolford was by far the best pantyhose I’ve tried! I sprayed myself with my female deodorant – I loved that scent. I grabbed my baby blue silk shirt for now, to sleep in. I walked into the living room, taking the blanket over me, and rubbing my nylon legs together as I fell asleep.

I slept like a baby…

…and woke up because there was a knock at the front door.

I put my glasses on, although I didn’t need glasses – it was just a part of me now when I am Caroline. I looked at my phone, and the time was already 10:42 in the morning. I stood up surprised, and didn’t know what to do. The knock became louder. I opened the door to Peter’s bedroom. He was asleep with a huge boner. I shook him as I called his name – but no response at all. I just had to do this myself.

I walked into the hallway and to the front door in only my baby blue silk shirt and black Wolford nylon pantyhose. The knock came again and heard her saying “Come on, bro. Wake the fuck up!”

It was his elder sister. But It’s only Saturday! What is she doing here already? I gently unlocked it and opened the door only slightly. “Hi, can I help you?”

She looked at me a bit surprised. “Ehmm…Is my brother awake in there?”

“Sorry, but he is passed out. I tried to wake him!”

“Ok. Well I come back later. Sorry for asking, but…are you his girlfriend?”

My face blushed and I was lost for words. “Ehh No! Don’t know really. Kinda a complicated moment!”

She smiled at me. “Yeah, I know the feeling. Some Boys are scumbags, though I need to believe that my brother treats women right! I’m off. Maybe I see you later?”

She turned around and saw her walking to her car, and I saw one of the coolest looking cars I’ve seen. Some kinda muscle car in a dark wine red glitter colour with black rims. I saw how she looked – tight black short jeans with holes in them. Her ass had curves and it looked amazing in those jeans. And I almost didn’t believe it, but she wore purple nylon pantyhose with net pattern in some black Adidas sneakers.

“Hold up!” I said.

She turned around and I saw 2 big round breasts in a purple lace shirt and black tank top underneath. Her big breasts pushed a used black leather jacket to each side. And, oh that face was so pretty – with big blue eyes and blonde hair, long in the front and short in the back with some undercuts.


She walked back to me at the front door, and I gently opened the door for her.

“You can come inside. I’m sure he will be up soon!”

She smiled and looked me up and down. “Mmm, thanks sweetie!”

I was shaking a bit – me standing here in only black nylon pantyhose and my baby blue silk shirt. She just walked inside moved the blanket from the sofa, and sat down. “I’m gonna make myself a coffee. I can make you one too, if you want?”

“Sure…I could use a coffee. Thanks!”

I went into the kitchen and put some water in the kettle. I haven’t really been around girls when I was dressed – only with mom – and I didn’t even have makeup on or nothing. My nipples became hard and poked the fabric of my shirt. I was a bit nervous of a girl being this close to me. I hadn’t really been with girls as such. And she was totally hot had the cutest smile.

“How you want your coffee? Ehmm, what’s your name?”

She smiled at me and said. “I’m Roxane, but everyone calls me Roxy. I take my coffee black!”

I made 2 cups of coffee and sat down beside her. “And I’m Caroline. Nice to meet ya, Roxy!” I glanced down at her ankles and leg. Because her jeans were so short, they went just under her knees. Those purple net-pattern pantyhose looked amazing on her. I could see them through the holes of her jeans. I wanted so badly to see her hosed feet and just smell them. And I really had to control myself from getting a boner.

“Hi Caroline. So how you know my little brother?”

“My brother took me to a party once with the guys, and I met him there…and we sorta just got talking the other day again!”

“He-he. Yeah, he always catching the good-looking girls!”

Did she just say I was good-looking? I was getting crazy with this girl. Hot-looking girl with perfect curves, and in pantyhose, saying that I’m good-looking. Mmmm, that made my day! I even blushed.

Out of nowhere, I heard like moaning. At first, I had no clue where it came from. It kept on going, and you could just make out what they saying…

“Mmmm, yes, Peter…AHH! I wanna feel your cock inside of me!”

Then it hit me like lightning. Peter had woken up and was now watching the porn film he made of us last night. My face turned red as a tomato. I almost stumbled on the way to Peter’s bedroom, and I could hear his sister laugh when I closed the door.

“Peter…turn that shit off! Your sister is here!”

He got a huge shock when I burst into his room and dropped the phone on the floor.

“ARGHH!!! YES! Keep going…Please keep going!”

He reached down at the floor and turned it off. Then he whispered to me “Why the hell didn’t you wake me up? Did she hear anything?”

I got a bit pissed. “First of all, I tried to wake your ass. Second…yes, she heard it! Get some fucking clothes and go meet her!” I walked into the living room again and sat down and drank my coffee.

She smiled at me again. “So I hear it was a nice evening last night? He-he!”

I blushed again and didn’t know what to say. I felt so embarrassed and changed the subject. “That’s a really nice car you got there!”

She took her jacket off and threw it on the floor. She had colourful tattoos on her arms of pin-up girls, blended with hot rods and flags – she even had one of a burger – and they were all stunning on her. And her breasts were a good size, maybe 2 and half size bigger than my firmly-shaped tits. Hers looked so soft. Wow, what a girl!

“It’s a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Pretty much modified all the way. Other engine, suspension, exhaust system, interior and dashes. Yeah, that’s my baby!”

“Wow…I bet it is fast?!” My god, I sounded so stupid!

“He-he…yeah, it’s pretty quick!”

“Cool. Very nice car!”

Then Peter came into the living room. “Hi sis. How are you doing?”

She got up and hugged him. “Hmm, little bro. I see you found yourself a pretty lady? He-he!”

They both looked at me and I blushed, and drank the last of my coffee.

“Ehmm yeah, not quite. More like a one night stand thing! And I thought you would come tomorrow?”

“Well I got a day of early! But had I known you would fuck Caroline last night, I would have waited. I’m sorry!”

I was caught by surprise on how direct she was. Then Peter’s phone rang. He answered it and walked into the kitchen. I stared at the TV minding my own business. Roxy was a bit intimidating. I couldn’t stop thinking about that – I sat next to Peter’s good-looking sister while we both were in pantyhose.

She shouted into the kitchen. “Hey bro. Can I make a joint?”

I could see him nodding in the kitchen, still talking on the phone. And as she was making that joint, she kept on speaking to me…

“So what you do for a living?”

I felt very shy around her, and would often answer her with my head bowed down a little. I wouldn’t want to disrespect her. There was something about her. Mmmm, what a girl!

“I live at home with a woman that I’m also a maid for. Can’t complain!”

She smiled at me. “Really? Mmmm…you in a maids outfit…”

What? Is she flirting with me? Sure seemed like it at times!

Peter was done talking, and sat down in a chair. “So listen up, girls. I forgot that Michael was picking me up…need to set up for a party tonight!”

Roxy didn’t seem to care. One thing she didn’t like. “Is Michael coming here to pick you up?”

“Yeah, he will be here in 15 minutes!”

“For fuck’s sake! Does he know I’m here?”

“Yes, he knows! Finish that joint and relax. We will be gone in 5 minutes again!”

Roxy had a grumpy look on her face.

“Ehmm, Caroline. Can I talk to you in my bedroom?”

I got up and followed Peter, and closed the door after me.

“Listen, I like what we had last night, and would love to make it more! You’re so sexy!”

I smiled and felt nice.

“But I’ve been sent out by the military again…got notice like a week ago. So I’m gonna party with my boys one last time before we’re off! I just wanted to be honest. So this can not be a thing!”

“How long are you gone for?”

“I don’t know yet. A year, maybe 2! Anyway, you can stay here if you want, but I’ll be gone in 2 days. And I promised that my sister could use my place while I’m gone! Yeah, before I forget…She has just been released from prison!” and then he walked out of the bedroom.

I’ve got to be honest – I felt somewhat afraid! I gently walked into the living room, and sat down in the sofa again. I thought about Peter leaving, but I was not devastated. Just glad he told me the truth. Then someone bashed on the front door…

“Are you ready, Peter?” Michael entered the room and spotted Roxy in a second, and saw me too. “Wow, Peter…hiding 2 pretty ladies here all for yourself?” He gave Peter a ‘wink wink’ with his eyes, but he went straight for Roxy. “Hi Roxy, hunny. How are you doing?”

“Eww. You again. Isn’t there a party you should get to or something?” She lit the joint and smoked.

“Easy now, Roxy…I don’t bite. You gonna come to our party?”

“No. I wouldn’t even come if you’re the last person on the planet!”

“Leave her alone, Michael! And here is the key to the apartment, Roxy. I’ll be home tomorrow evening. Let me have a puff of that!”

“Nope. Make your own!” bahis siteleri and she passed the joint to me. I took it and smoked it. Wow, it was really good.

“Ok, fine. I’ll just take my weed with me then! Cya!” and they both walked out.

Before they closed the door, you could hear Michael, “Man, your sister is so fucking hot, dude!” And the door was shut, and heard the car leave.

I passed the joint back to her. “Thanks. I’m sorry if I ask too much. But better ask now! Peter mentioned that you’d just got released from prison?”

“Yes, I did! I stabbed a man in his leg. He wouldn’t leave me alone! But don’t worry, he lives. He-he!”

What?! I was sitting with someone who stabbed another person! I got frightened when she told me.

“How long were you in for?”

She leaned back in the sofa and thought for a second. “I guess a little over a year!”

“Isn’t it tough to survive?”

She laughed out loud “Ha-ha! It’s not like in the movies. More like a very basic hotel you can’t get out of…that is filled with women! I had my pussy eaten by other inmates. Oh I miss that already!”

The thought of her being in prison and some inmate licking her pussy turned me on. But I did not know what to say.

“Wow! Ehh, sounds cool!”

She looked at me. “You ever had your tight pussy sucked for real? Its feels so good!”

“To be honest, Peter sucked me last night!”

Why…why did I say that?

“First. Guys don’t know how to suck a pussy. Second. Eww, don’t mention my little brother and you. End of conversation!” She walked to the fridge and grabbed 2 beers. “Here you go!”

“Thanks!” I opened the beer and drank from it.

“So, I need to get some things. You wanna come with me?”

I nodded.

“Sure, I’ll come, but I need a shower first. Ok?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I’ll take a shower after you’re done. And please don’t take too long…I know pretty girls like you take ages!”

“Of course, Roxy…I’ll be quick!”

I walked quickly to the bathroom with my bag under my arm. I locked the door, and took my shirt and pantyhose off, and jumped into the shower. I washed myself like I always did. Dried myself and lubed my gem butt-plug and stuck it in my pussy – just a part of me now! I put on my black Wolford nylon pantyhose and then a microfiber bodystocking with long sleeves and lace neck, and it was button at the crotch, over my pantyhose. I pulled out a dark blue silk skirt with white polka dots on it that went down to my knees. My nipples were hard as always and poked the microfiber bodystocking. I applied my makeup with smoky eyes with a hint a dark blue. Mascara to make my eyelashes curl nicely. Some red blush colour for my cheeks, and dark red lipstick for my lips. I sprayed myself with perfume and put on my red glasses. I looked good and felt good. I packed my purse with my money, phone and makeup. I zipped my gym bag up and went into the living room and saw the TV running and Roxy full asleep on the couch.

She looked amazing – her nice big breasts going up and down as she slept. But best of all was that she had no shoes on her feet anymore. Those purple pantyhose feet were gorgeous with French pedicure. I walked a bit closer and just stared at those pretty feet. They were hanging over the edge of the sofa. I got down on my knees and got a real close-up on the purple pantyhose toes. I got so close I could smell her feet. Oh my god, the scent of her sweet sweaty pantyhose feet was magical. I sniffed and sniffed them without touching them. My tiny dick got so hard. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this to a real girl, but I couldn’t control myself. As I kept smelling her feet, I stuck my tongue out and was touching the bottom of her purple hosed big toe. I was so close to just swallow her feet when I tasted those pretty toes. But I kept calm and just held my tongue out. I felt like little ticks in her feet followed by wiggling of her hosed toes. And it just made my tongue touch her nylon feet even more. I got a bit scared and decided to stop. I drank some of my beer from the table. And when my little dick had found it place back, I gently woke her up.

“Roxy! Hellooo, Roxyyy…”

She opened her eyes gently and stared right into mine. “Wow, Caroline. I knew you were hot…but damn! And you got some pretty eyes! Any guy would be lucky to snatch you up. He-he!”

I blushed, and she finished her beer in one go and burped loudly. Don’t know why, but she was so kind and dominant at the same time.

“Thanks…I really like your eyes. Such a nice blue colour. And I love your smile! You’ve got like these smiling holes (dimples) in your cheeks, and they are so adorable!”

She stood up and took her black tanktop and purple lace shirt off. I stared at her big lushes and beautiful breasts in that black push-up bra. And her purple pantyhose were pulled over her belly button. Oh what a sight.

“He-he…thanks! I think we will get along, alright?”

She took her jeans off and bra off, only standing in the hose. She didn’t wear panties under her pantyhose. That hosed ass looked amazing; everything about her looked so soft and fluffy. Her big breasts sat perfect! Yeah, they hung a little, but they were real! Mmmm. Then at last she removed her pantyhose. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor and she stood naked in front of me.

“Gonna be nice with a good shower. Won’t take long!”

“Ok Roxy. Enjoy!”

As soon as I heard the shower turn on, I picked up her pantyhose and leaned back in the sofa. I pulled my skirt up and pulled my bodystocking to one side to reveal my tiny pantyhose dick erect. The pantyhose still felt warm. I put my nose right at the crotch of the hose and sniffed all that good pussy scent. And oh dear, did she smell good! I gently stroked my dick while I was sniffing and tasting her pretty net-pattern purple pantyhose. I only ever smelled Margaret, and this was something else. It felt intoxicating. I wanked faster and harder. My own pantyhose legs and feet were shaking – I was about to cum. I bundled up the pantyhose in my hand and pressed it against my face and sniffed all her sweet odours. Just a couple of strokes more, and my legs stretched in the air while I was cumming. The cum oozed slowly out of my dick and down onto my hosed thighs. Lucky for me there were wipes on the table, so I quickly put the pantyhose back and wiped myself off. I put my bodystocking nice and neatly back in place and pulled my skirt down. As I sat back down, Roxy came out of the bathroom only wrapped in a towel. Phew, that was a close call! I hated when my horny slutty side just took control of me. It’s gonna get me in big trouble sometime.

“Ahh, that was fucking nice with a proper shower! Oh, before we leave…will you suck my pussy?”

It startled me!

“Ehh noo…I’m sorry…I don’t mean it like…Ehmm, like…”

“Don’t worry, none taken! Just asking! Mmm…would love to feed my pussy to such a sweet and innocent pretty girl!”

I totally blushed. She threw her towel down and sat down naked in the sofa while putting the purple pantyhose on right beside me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pretty legs while she put them on – and my tiny dick under my skirt was stiff! Ohh, that body was just beautiful and so fucking soft. I wanted to squeeze her pretty bum so bad. Use it as a pillow with my cheeks rubbing against her soft skin. She pulled her pantyhose up on her stomach again.

“You see any runs in my hose?” She did a little spin for me.

“Nope, no runs. You look fine!”

“Thanks. Sorry to ask you, but you don’t have a tank top and some jeans do you, Caroline?”

She was a bit bigger and taller than me. I really didn’t know if I wanted to, but I was still somewhat frightened of her, so really what choice did I have? I walked over to my bag in the hallway, found a pair of my skinny jeans (all black), and a top in white. I walked into the living room again and handed her the clothes.

“Here you go, Roxy. I hope they fit!”

She smiled at me. “Sweet…I like the jeans! Can I cut some of the legs off them?”

“Sure, you can have them. I’m more of a skirt girl!” I just said that to a girl. Ahh, the feeling of being a real girl with another girl, maybe even become girlfriends?! It was more for me than just sex all the time. She walked into the kitchen found scissors and cut some of the legs off the jeans – she even made holes in them.

“Yeah, I see that princess! May I call you ‘princess’? I see a little Goth style in you, and saw your pretty leather jacket in the hallway. But with those glasses and pretty outfits you wear…I can tell that you’re a princess. Right?”

I smiled shyly at her. Oh, I liked the sound of that!

“Yeah, I don’t mind! Whatever you feel like, Roxy!”

“Mmm…you are obedient too! You’re a princess! Well we better get going. You get the keys!”

She quickly put the jeans on which made her ass look fine as hell. Then the white tanktop and purple lace shirt over it. She sat down and put her sneakers on her pretty nylon feet. I picked the keys from the table, grabbed my purse. Put my leather jacket on, with my high heeled ankle boots. And locked the front door after us. We got in her car and drove off.


The car was loud, but still nice inside with black leather seats – and it was real fast! I felt pretty special driving with her, all dressed up with another girl. I didn’t know her at all, but somehow she made me feel safe.

“Hey Roxy, where are we going?”

“To visit my old boss I worked for. We need some more weed, right?”

“Yeah, would be nice. But we don’t have to!”

“Nonsense! I need to talk to Jeff anyway!”

5 minutes later, we arrived by a car repair shop, and she just drove her car inside.

There was a big muscular dude that came out of a small office. He was bald with a lot of tattoos, and even his face. Another teenaged guy was doing some work on a car. Roxy stepped out of the car. And the big guy had a huge smile on his face.

“Damn,,,long time no see! How the fuck you doing, Roxy?”

They hugged.

“Hi Jeff. Been too long…He-he!”

“How is that V10 holding up?”

“She lives pretty well!” She clapped the hood of car, like a little pet.

“Cool…cool! Man, I missed you k**! Why don’t you come work for me again? Still the best mechanic I ever had!”

I could see Roxy thinking about it. “That’s not why I came. But I’ll think about it!” She waved me out of the car. I opened the door, and stepped out. And he saw me.

“Wow…hello there! Who is this nice looking ladybug?”

Roxy laughed out loud. “Ha-ha. Yes, she is a pretty one. Meet Caroline. Caroline, this is Jeff!”

He stepped forward towards me and lifted my hand and gave it gentle kiss. Mmmm, what a gentleman! No one has ever done anything like this! I blushed and shyly looked away.

“Hello, Caroline…it’s surely a pleasure to meet you!”

“Hi Jeff!”

“Mmmm…what a pretty little girl you are! How old are you?”

Bit weird asking me that, but I answered him anyway. “17!”

His eyes scanned me up and down while he bit his lips. “Really? So young and feminine! Do you have a boyfriend?”

I was about to answer, when out of nowhere he was punched on his shoulder with full force.

“Argghh! What the hell?”

“Big idiot! You’re scaring bahis şirketleri her! No wonder you’ve got no girlfriend!”

“What do you mean? I work all the time…got no time for girls!”

“Then stop creeping her out!”

He looked at me. “Am I creeping you out?”

“Ehmm. Maybe a tiny bit. But I appreciate those nice comments. Thanks!” And gave him a little smile.

“See, Roxy…some girls do like men! Well Caroline, you’re welcome! Now let’s go in my office!”

As we walked into his office, I looked back at the other mechanic and he was looking at me and turned away when I saw him. Oh, I was loving this attention! Roxy and Jeff sat down in the chairs.

“Take a seat, Caroline!” and he pointed to a busted-up old couch, and I planted my behind there.

“We need some weed, Jeff. I know, I know…I still owe you some money. For the motor and such, but I just came out of jail and just wanna relax and get into the real world again! I’ll even consider your offer!”

He got up from his chair, went out of the office, and came back with a bag of weed. “This is the fucking last time. This is for 500 bucks! And when you get your ass back to the real world, then come and work for me again!” He threw the bag on the table.

Roxy checked her pockets. “Ah damn, I just used my last money on gas. You know how it is. She is a thirsty girl…so…I’ll pay you later, ok?”

She was about to take it, when Jeff slammed his big muscular hand over the bag. “Last time, Roxy…I mean it!”

I felt bad for Roxy. I knew I had the money in my purse. So I pulled out 500 dollars for him and laid it on the table.

“There you go, Jeff. And thanks again for your help!” Roxy got up and walked out. “You comin’, Caroline? And take the weed!”

Jeff removed his hand. I took the weed and put it in my purse. I smiled “Bye, Jeff!”

He smiled back. “Bye, gorgeous!”

I felt his eyes on me when I left the office and into Roxy’s car. And we drove off.

“Thanks, princess. You didn’t have to do that…but I appreciate it. I’ll pay you back!”

“Don’t worry about it…I’m glad I could help. Can I ask you something?”

“Shoot, princess!”

“Are you gay? I mean you only like girls, right?”

“Yeah…I thought you knew that already? What about you? You ever eaten pussy before? He-he!”

I thought about Margaret’s pussy, and how I sucked her lovely juices. But I was not about to tell her that. “Ehh no…I only like men!”

“That’s a shame! I bet your pussy tastes great. Hmm, princess?”

I blushed and felt my tiny dick come to live. Please not now! I needed my female hormones – been a while since I last took them, and felt my dick was controlling me too much. “Thanks. I think! Can you drive me home real quick?” The time was around 17:22.

“Sure. You are not going home are you? I was going to buy a whiskey. I really don’t wanna be alone right now!” She looked a bit sad.

“Ehh no…I just need to get my…Eh…Credit card!”

She revved the car. “Good! Show me the way!”


10 minutes and we were there, but I saw a car outside.

“Stop. Hold here on the sidewalk. I won’t take long!”

“I’ll wait, princess!”

I walked up the house door, and got a better look at the car. Hmm, it looked a lot like my stepdad’s car. Hehe! But come on, what would he be doing here? I stepped inside and heard loud music. I took my high-heeled ankle boots off and walked quietly inside. I couldn’t see mom anywhere. But then I heard slight moaning. Sounded like it came from mom’s bedroom. As I approached the door, I saw it slightly open. I looked through and saw my stepdad doing mom in doggy-style – and mom had a black corset on with stay-up stockings. My tiny dick became hard instantly. My step dad was busy looking down at mom’s pussy and fingering her ass. Oh fuck, Margaret looked amazing getting cock from behind! Mom was enjoying every inch of my dad’s cock. Her head was swaying while she was getting fucked. But then her eyes saw me! She held her head still and looked and stared at me. I became so horny with all this. Mmmm, mommy sees me peeking on them! I lifted my skirt and pulled my bodystocking to the side and pulled out my tiny dick from my Wolford pantyhose. She nodded and smiled too. She made gestures with her mouth whilst moaning. Her mouth said “Mommy’s good girl!” I stroked my tiny dick. My dad pounded mother good in her sweet pussy. Mom’s pretty stockinged legs were shaking as she orgasmed while dad still fucked her. Right there, I wish daddy would fuck me again! I saw him thrusting harder and harder. I grabbed my tit and squeezed my nipple. AHH yess. Mommy was screaming and still looking at me with a dirty smile. My legs started shaking too and I felt my tiny dick cum and shot the load through the crack of the door and landed on the floor in the bedroom.

Mom smiled at me and made one more gesture “Bad girl!”

I put my tiny dick nicely away, and gave mom a little wave. I left and went in my room. As I got my drops from my own bedroom, I could hear my dad cumming too. I smiled to myself, knowing how much mom loves cum, and she’s probably swallowing every last drop of him! I quickly took 5 drops of the female hormones. Then headed for the liquor cabinet and found a bottle of ‘Pink’. I took that, and a bottle of whiskey. I better get going! So I quickly put my heels on and quietly closed the door behind me and got back into Roxy’s car.


“Cool! You got something to drink to?! Glad I got to know you, princess! He-he!”

“Yes…free drinks. Sorry for the wait…had to use the bathroom too!”

We drove off and got some beer and cigarettes at the gas station, before we got back to the apartment.

We got inside and I got a beer for me and Roxy, then I put the rest of them in the fridge. Roxy was making a joint right away. I than put some music on, The Doors. “Yess…I love The Doors!”

She was singing along with the song. Then she said. “Thanks for paying for the weed!”

I sat down with her on the sofa. “No problem. And really, you don’t have to pay me back. I bet it’s hard getting out of…You know…Jail?!”

“Maybe some truth to that! The only thing I really care about is my car! I got friends, but they live in another city. Decided to get a clean start! Peter lived here before I got locked up, and I really like it here!”

“So you are staying here?”

“Yeah…and I was planning on taking that job that Jeff offered me! I just like to mess with him!”

“He is really big and somewhat scary!”

“Yes, he can be. Don’t think you need to worry. He was ready to fuck you right there! Hehe!”

Roxy lit the joint and relaxed as the music was playing in the background. I drank some of my beer, and saw Roxy kick off one shoe then the other shoe with her nylon foot. I was looking like crazy, and wishing I could touch them. And thought back on how I smelled her pretty feet this morning. I’d even seen her beautiful body naked! My tiny dick was horny. Mmmm! Then a scent hit my nose. No mistake – those were her smelly pantyhose feet! Wow – best smell ever! I leaned a little towards her just to catch more of her lovely scents. Then she blew smoke in my face.

“Here, princess…smoke!”

I took the joint, and was leaning back in the sofa. She put her feet on the edge of the table so her nylon feet were side by side, curling nicely over the edge. They look so nice in the light. And as I took another hit from the joint, I unzipped my high-heeled ankle boots, and passed the joint back to her. I unzipped my other heel and placed my feet like hers.

The weed got to me and I felt even hornier than before. I wiggled my feet to the music, to try to enjoy just 2 girls hanging out together. Yeah ok, she was a bit of a tomboy, but that was it. She is beautiful and special. She gave me a pat on my leg indicating that it was my turn to smoke. I smoked some more.

“So what do you think of my brother?”

I looked at her “Doesn’t really matter now, does it? Now that he is going away!”

“Hmm, you’re right…silly question! Just trying to make conversation!”

I walked out into the kitchen and got my bottle of ‘Pink’ and opened it. I took a glass and poured it for myself.

‘I mean, really? Why fuck me one night and then tell me you’re leaving the next?’

I took my bottle with me, and sat back down with Roxy. “You know guys. They do anything to fuck a pussy. Guys are idiots!”

I put my bottle on the table close to her feet. I wanted an excuse to touch them. Don’t know what I was thinking! Her pretty pantyhose feet just resting on the table. The beer, weed and my glass of ‘Pink’ was getting to me, and I already felt a bit tipsy.

“Yeah, Roxy…guys’ fucking suck!” and drank more of my glass.

Roxy took the bottle of whiskey and drank straight from the bottle. “Oh yeah, I missed this! So good to be out again!”

I rested my feet as hers and glanced at her pretty nylon toes. I smiled “It must be nice. So is there a girl in your life? I mean, like a girlfriend?”

She sipped from the whiskey again. “Argh…. Well aren’t you my friend? And you are a girl?” I instantly blushed. Then Roxy laughed out loud. “Ha-ha. You should have seen yourself! Nah, I had a girl in prison…but that’s over now!”

I turned towards her on the sofa, with one leg tucked under my bum and the other going down on the floor. My dark blue polka dotted skirt sat nicely over my nylon thighs and held my glass of ‘Pink’ in my hand.

“Hehe… Don’t tease me, Roxy!”

I looked at Roxy, and her eyes were staring at my breasts. I looked down at my own breasts and saw my nipples poking the microfiber fabric of the bodystocking. I hadn’t even noticed it before now! I blushed again. She looked away when she realised I saw her looking.

“Come on, princess…you can take it. Are you really only 17?”

“Yeah, I am!”

She leaned down to the floor and picked up one of my heels, and stuck her nose in it and sniffed it. I was stunned at what I was witnessing. Roxy, with her pretty nose in my high-heeled ankle boots – and smelling my stinky feet! My tiny dick erect under my skirt. “Mmm, Caroline…Ahh…”

This only happens in my fantasies! I couldn’t believe that she did that in front of me. Be a good girl and don’t tell her anything!

“Oh wow, Roxy. He-he…that’s kinda weird isn’t it? They must be so stinky!”

She sniffed once more. “Mmmm…your heels smell amazing, Caroline!”

She looked me in the eyes while she sniffed them. And oh boy, it was sexy. I tried to pretend like nothing. She placed the heel on the table.

“So what are you drinking?”

“Oh, this is ‘Pink’!”

“Yeah, I can see it’s pink, dummy!”

“He-he! I mean, the name of it is ‘Pink’! Got it from the woman I am maid for!”

“Oh I see! Can I taste some?”

“Sure, I’ll get you a glass!”

“Don’t have to, princess. Got one right here!”

What? I didn’t see any wine glass?

She took the bottle and poured the ‘Pink’ in my heel. Held my heel up. “Cheers, princess!”

I stared at her with a slightly open jaw. As she drank it from my stinky heel – every last drop got in her pretty mouth! I started stretching my pantyhosed leg without even knowing. Pointing my nylon toes for her.

“Yeah, I like that! Maybe a bit too sweet for me, but just canlı bahis right for the little princess!”

I smiled; I just felt so good inside and felt my nipples get harder. “He-he…you are so crazy, Roxy! Can’t believe you drank from my stinky heel!”

“I’m sure the taste of those cute little nylon feet made it much better!”

I blushed. Another girl really just said that about my feet! Mmmmm. The word ‘nylon’ out of her mouth was making me tingling inside. “He-he…thanks, Roxy. I like the pedicure on your pretty feet!”

“Oh really? You like my feet?”

My face turned slightly red. “Ehh, ya…Yes!” I couldn’t hide it anymore.

“Mmm…nice to know! I like your baby-soft feet. Your pretty toes with black nail polish on. They really turning me on…Mmmm…and way too long since I’ve seen petite little feet encased in pretty nylons!”

I felt my tiny dick throbbing. Ohh, this is too hot! I kept on showing of my nylon feet and wiggling my toes, and she just stared at them. “Can I taste that ‘Pink’ again?”

I nodded with a smile.

She took a sip from the bottle and swallowed. “Not the same. Mmm, maybe…” She filled her mouth with ‘Pink’ and placed the bottle back on the table. Then lifted my nylon foot by my ankle and sucked her lips around my big toe, letting it glide inside her mouth while spilling some ‘Pink’ down my nylon foot.

“Ohh no…don’t do that!” I felt my nylon toe inside her mouth getting all wet from the ‘Pink’ she was twirling around while her tongue was licking my toe. “Mmmm, Roxy…don’t do…AH…That…Mmm. Why?”

Then she swallowed all the ‘Pink’ and sucked my toes clean. My god, it felt amazing! And seeing such a pretty girl sucking on my nylon feet turned me on so much. She let my foot go and it was all wet from her sucking them.

“Mmmm, princess…even better than drinking it from your heel! Your nylon feet taste sweet!”

I bit my lip and felt my leg shaking a little from the pleasure of what I just seen and felt. “Ehh, Mmm…Thanks! So you like feet?”

“Ha, yes! And love pretty nylon feet like yours! I have a thing for nylons and tights!”

I got goose bumps as she told me. “That is so funny…because I’ve got a thing for such things also! In fact…I’ve been watching your pretty nylon feet all day!”

She smiled, then stood up and pulled down those skinny jeans, with only her standing in her purple net-patterned pantyhose, and in my white tank top with the purple lace shirt on top. She put her beer in her hand and leaned back in the sofa and placed her purple nylon feet close to my thighs. “You’ve been watching these?” Then her nylon feet wiggled right in front of my sight. Mmmm, so pretty.

I blushed a little, “Yes, miss! You have really beautiful…Nylon feet!”

“Uhh, miss. He-he…are you a good girl, Caroline?”

I nodded for her.

“Then give me a foot rub!”

I placed my leg up on the sofa as well as going along her leg. My foot was rubbing her nylon thigh, and I started giving her pretty-looking feet a good rub. She drank a sip from her beer and her other hand was caressing my nylon feet. I was in heaven right now. The desire is too strong!

“Smell them, princess. I can see how you look at them!”

I gently closed my eyes, leaned a bit forward, lifted her nylon feet up to my face, pressed my nose in-between her nylon toes, and sniffed them so good. I kept on smelling her nice feet with smiles, and just taking in the moment.

“Mmmm…wow, Caroline…you really like my smelly nylon toes!”

“Oh god yes…yes …very much, Roxy! I love your nylon feet scent!”

She pulled off her shirt and bra, and was now sitting in front of me in only her pretty purple net-patterned pantyhose. “I really get turned on by such a beautiful girl sucking my stinky nylon toes. Mmmm…you sexy bitch! I fucking love it!”

She pushed all her toes in my mouth, and I gladly accept all of them. She leaned over the side of the sofa, picked her jeans up and picked something out of her pocket. She sat back up, but with something in her hand. I looked at beautiful Roxy while sucking her nylon toes. Her hand glided from the pantyhose-covered stomach and up to one of tits. She slowly squeezed her hard nipples, as she closed her eyes with pleasure. Her big round tits looked so soft, and my sissy dick was hard underneath my pretty polka-dot skirt. How did this all happen to me? I’m so excited in being a girl, because of this. All thanks to Margaret, I had become such a pretty pantyhose girl. Showing myself off.

“Hope it’s ok…I’m playing with myself? But you see what you doing to me, right?”

She spread her nylon legs wide apart and I saw this beautiful pantyhose gusset all-moist from her pussy. I blushed a little whilst nodding. Then there was a distinct sound, and I saw Roxy open a folding knife. She pulled out in the gusset of her pantyhose and cut the gusset out. The pantyhose snapped back in place as she cut it off. She threw the knife on the floor. Her pussy looked just as soft as her breasts and ass. Her all-shaven, beautiful pussy, almost poking out the pantyhose hole. My eyes were wide open as she gently led one of her hands across my nylon feet and the other down to her pussy.

“Mmmm, Caroline…So you’ve never sucked any pussy? You sure sucked my nylon feet good, princess! I bet you suck a great pussy too!”

I was totally stunned over her beauty that a girl this gorgeous would even say things like this to me. I was enjoying every little moment of her nylon feet. Just watching her play with herself while I snack on her pretty nylon toes. Those long-sleeve tattoo arms were so pretty in the light. I even saw a dragon going from her mid-thigh with its tail going up, covering most of her back in black and dark red. This woman is something else. I didn’t even answer her. I was just watching and staring as her hand went down to her clit and gently rubbed it. I heard little moans from her. Her finger was going in small circles around her clit and it sounded wet already.

She looked at me with her flirty and pleasant eyes. “Mmmm…it excites me being watched while I play with myself. You like my pussy?”

I made a weird sound like a half ‘yes’ and half moan. “Mmyes…Ehh, yes. It looks very pretty!”

She then let her 2 middle fingers slide inside her pussy. Her moaning became louder as she fingered herself faster. I was stunned and was just staring at her. She stuck one of her nylon feet in my face and wiggled her toes.

“Suck them! Suck my nylon toes AH…as I play…Mmm, with myself!”

I swallowed her nylon toes and sucked them real good for her. She grabbed my foot and put it in-between her legs. My black Wolford shape-lifting nylon pantyhose foot, was there – right in front of her wet pussy. She still had a grip around my ankle.

“I want your pretty little foot in my pussy. Mmmm…those cute princess toes!”

Before I even realised it, she pushed gently down with her pussy over my nylon toes. Her pussy slowly let my foot in. My tiny erect dick was throbbing so damn much, from feeling her wet juices just soaking my nylon foot.

“Oh Fuck yess! Mmmm…I love your nylon feet, Caroline…AHH!”

She was getting in a rhythm fucking my nylon foot. And oh, it looked and felt amazing. I stuck my tongue in-between her nylon toes. It drove me crazy and I just wanted to pull my tiny dick out and cum so bad. But I didn’t wanna risk freaking her out. I came this far, no turning back now! I felt her pussy getting more wet. I pointed my feet and wiggled my toes, and it did made her scream at times.

“Argh! MMmmm…! It feels so…AH…good inside me!”

She fucked my foot so hard that I felt her legs shaking. Her nylon toes inside my mouth wiggled. Then a really loud scream followed…

“ARGH!!! Oh my god!! FUCK YES!! I’m cumming…AAHHH!”

It was more like a squirting water hose! My whole nylon foot instantly got soaked from her wet pussy. And I felt her pussy squeezing my pretty nylon foot inside of her as she came in pulses. I felt so amazing – and she looked like an angel while cumming. She leaned back with her head tilted backwards after she had cummed for a whole 20 seconds.

“Ahh yes, Caroline…that felt awesome! Mmmm…good girl!”

I slowly pulled my soaked nylon foot out her pussy – all wet from her juices. I couldn’t help myself – so as she just rested there after her orgasm and didn’t look my way, I thought I’d just grab a quick taste from her juices of my nylon foot! I pulled my foot up to my face and sniffed her sweet wet pussy smell that had soaked my nylons so much. Holy fuck…what a lovely scent! I started sucking my own nylon feet. Oh my god, the taste of Roxy’s pussy was amazing. And of course I started moaning of tasting my own feet with her juices on them. And it startled her a bit as she heard me. She looked up at me and smiled. I couldn’t stop – the taste was too good.

“Mmm…your sweet pussy…Ahh, Mmmm…it’s amazing…AHH!”

She smiled at me, and pointed down to her own pussy. “You wanna taste me now, don’t ya?”

She laid on her back on the sofa, with one leg up the sofa, and with one leg up the table – wide, and so nice. She gently started rubbing her clit again. I had to taste her pretty pussy! So laid on my stomach with my head in-between her legs. I could hear her breathing get heavier. I felt my dick rubbing against the pantyhose and the pantyhose rubbing against my silk dress. That pussy was beautiful and I was so close I could smell it. Mmmm. I stuck my tongue out and gilded it over her clit.

“AH! Caroline, don’t tease me…”

Then I sucked my lips around her clit and worked it with my tongue.

Her legs were shaking like crazy already. “YES! Oh yes yes yes…AH! Suck my cunt…MMMM!”

I was thrusting my hips into the sofa and felt the pantyhose rubbing so good against my small erect dick while I sucked her beautiful and tasty pussy. Oh god, I love that taste!

She grabbed around my head and forced me tighter to her wet pussy. “I’m gonna cum…Yes! Keep sucking me! AHH!” She thrust my face harder and violently for a couple of minutes. All of a sudden her pantyhose thighs hugged my face, “AARGHH! Fuck me…MMMM YESS…ARHH…” Then her pussy squirted like crazy.

Oh yes, I love that feeling so much, being forced to drink from her wet pussy. When i felt it going down my throat thats when I felt myself cum. I didn’t want to get noticed that I just cummed in my pantyhose, so I kept on focusing on sucking her pussy. After a minute of more sucking, I felt her legs loosen their grip. I stopped sucking and just rested my head on her pantyhose thigh while looking at her sweet wet pussy.

“Mmmm, Roxy…you taste amazing! I think you are amazing!”

She was gliding her fingers through my hair. Mmm, felt really nice.

“Wow, Caroline…You are a pussy-drinking slut! Way better than I expected! Mmmm!”

It felt good just being together with her. It all felt right until she said “Now let me return your sweet favour!”

I was in a bit of a shock. No, I couldn’t do that. So I stood up and felt my cum dripping a bit down my black pantyhose thighs. “Ehh…No, I’m fine! Really, you don’t have to do it! In fact, I’m tired and off to bed!”

I walked into Peter’s room, and before I smacked the door shut. I heard her say “Wait! Why…are you doing this?” I sat down on the bed. And she shouted at me “Suit yourself…Slut!”

I crawled under the blanket in Peter’s bed and fell asleep not long after.

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