Cuckolding my lawyer husband: my baby popped out b

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Cuckolding my lawyer husband: my baby popped out b
I am Jill and my husband is called Jack. I am 24 and he is 26. We were high school sweethearts and I knew we would marry one day. We then lived in LA. He became a lawyer at 22 and got a job offer in New Orleans. We married a few days after he had become a lawyer. In the meantime I had been offered a good job, but turned it down and followed the man I loved. In LA I had girlfriends and we went out lots of times. In New Orleans I did not know anyone at first.

He was working hard to get to become a partner. We had little sex in that time as he was working hard to be successful. When he was just 24 he became a partner. He became the youngest partner ever. He had made it and financially we were well off. I hoped we would finally start a family, but no way. He even worked harder. He made 60 hours a week! He even worked with Mardi Grass! I already was kind of sore with him as we did have little sex at all. It would maybe only be once a month and always with a condom. I could not take the pill and because he wanted to wait, we always used a condom! What was that all about? We were married and knew each other since we were 14. Even before he became partner I was becoming very angry with him. I had given everything up to follow him and had become a boring housewife. Even worse: my girlfriends kept having babies. I wanted to have a baby and had to listen to all those ‘wonderful’ baby-stories. After his partnership I was not mad, I really began to hate him. I wanted and desired payback! I hated him so much I wanted to hurt and humiliate him.

I had no idea what I needed to do to hurt and humiliate him. I started looking on the internet if I could find a way to pay him back. Cheating on him did not feel enough. It needed to be much worse. I had given up my dreams, my life in LA, everything and had nothing to be happy about. It felt as if my husband had wasted my life. I wanted to pay him back bigtime, really mean and ice-cold. At first I did not find what I was looking for. Because I did not find anything, I began looking at sex and porn sites. Whenever my husband would leave the house, I spent the rest of the day looking on the internet. I looked at porn-sites like xhamster, eroprofile. You name it and I had seen it. Then one day, one lucky day I began to get near. I found my first “breeding” movie. It started searching for more. This was it. This was the way to hurt and humiliate him! It was not for long when I found clips4sale and found “White Bred Wives” and all the rest. For the next weeks I would watch these movies over and over again. I loved to see Nikki, Kassidy and Becky fucked and bred. Whenever I watch one of the movies I was overcome by lust and desire. I wanted what those wives had. I wanted lots of sex to make up for lost times and I wanted a baby. It did no longer matter it would not be my husbands’! I wanted to be black bred! That would really hurt and humiliate him.

After some searching I found an email address for the company that made those films: Fetish Fun Films. It would be fun for me, but not for my husband. Finding out I could contact them made me nervous and excited. I had to think about it. Did I really want to be black bred and have a movie made? Did I really wanted to hurt my husband so bad that all his friends might see that his wife had been black bred? Yes, I really did! I had left al my family and friends in LA. Getting black bred and having a movie would not change much. I still would not see them, but I would have fun again.

A few days later I wrote a mail. I asked them if they could arrange gangbang parties for a real interracial breeding and if they could where they wanted to film these. Anxiously I waited for a reaction. The next day, I got my answer. They would have no problem arranging breeding parties and they liked to film in LA as they were located in LA. They only wanted to know why I wanted a breeding party and if I was married and if so if my husband was ok with it.

I replied that I had seen their movies and liked them o so much and the idea of getting bred really turned me on as I like black cock so much. I did not tell them I was married. I lied on some of the details. I knew they would want to see some sort of id, but on your driver license it does not state if you are married or not. And they would not find our address as we had an unlisted phone number. They would not check anyway.

In the next two weeks we exchanged mails on ‘details’. Like how many breeding parties I wanted, how many black guys I wanted, how long I wanted to stay to film. And I wanted to know where they wanted to make the movie and if they knew a place where I could stay. As a place to stay they recommended the Tropicana Motel on East Compton Blvd. They had made several movies in that hotel. It was a little sleazy and cheap. The hotel had just the right surrounding for their movies. The manager did not mind the filming and the black guys coming around as long as they would not stay the night. He would open the door for whatever amount of black guys would come in. I only really had one demand: the movie could not be sold before I had delivered my black baby if I would get pregnant and they could use anything they made or I would give them. I did not want my husband to know that he might not be the father of the baby.

It seemed to me that I would need to go for four weeks in order to have a chance to get black bred. It would allow a lot of loads inside me. To have loads and loads, I told them I would like to have 25 ‘niggers’ each time and that we could have a gangbang every second day. I would stay for one whole menstrual cycle. So I told them I would like to have four weeks, but that I needed to find out if that was possible.

Now I had to have my husband agree to let me spend four weeks in LA. Not even in my wildest dream had I believe he would me have four weeks in LA. He did not even try to stop me or have me go for a shorter time. He just said: “Ok, honey. With you out of the way I can really make some progress on these dossiers I am working on.” He had no idea what he just had said. He was glad I was out of the way! This really pissed me off. What did he think I was some furniture that you could through away?

Three weeks later I would go to LA and have some fun. But if I got pregnant, I had to make my husband believe he could be the father. The two evening before I left, I forced him to fuck me as a farewell gift. As usual he wanted to use condoms both times. After he comes, his dick goes limp immediately. I had him wait before he pulled out and told him I would get the condom so he did not have to take it in his hands. I have very sharp nails and with one of them I slit the top of the condom. It seemed as if the condom had broken both times. He was furious and told me to get a morning-after pill the next days. Fat chance, nothing had happened. When he left the door in the mornings he yelled upstairs that I should not forget to buy morning-after pills. We did not want to have k**s right. Stupid ass-hole. Luckily I was on my way to LA. On my way to the airport I stopped to buy a family pack of condoms. At the airport I rushed to the ladies room. On the toilet I opened the family pack of condoms and got a pair of scissors out of my handbag and destroyed all the condoms. With a sigh of relieve I threw the destroyed condoms in a garbage bin. I wouldn’t need those the next four weeks!

After arriving at LA airport I went to my hotel. I hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, but would be bad enough. It had been the last room available and it would be mine for the next four weeks. The room was small, but it had a nice double bed. It had a small bathroom with a tiny shower whose curtain had seen better days. I might feel dirty after staying in the room for four weeks. I had no idea how the FFF team would manage. The next day would be the day! I did not sleep that night. I was nervous, very nervous, but also very glad I had done this. No condoms for four weeks!

I was up early. I had to wait till 14.00. It gave me 5 hours to anticipate and prepare. I had bought green, yellow and pink spandex dress, a silk body and tried everything on. I decide to wear the green spandex. I also put on make-up. I did overdo it, but I wanted to create a cheap, trashy look. When I looked at myself, I would have offered myself money to have sex. At 13.30 I was ready. Just in time to welcome the FFF ‘crew’. There were just two cameramen. At 13.45 the first men came around. At 14.00 25 nude black guys, no let’s call them niggers. They were horny all had stiff dicks and looked at me if I was a cum-dump. I was sitting on the bed, but was too shy to do anything. One of the cameramen told the guys what was to be done. “This is a breeding party, so all cum must be shot inside this slut. You can take her, spread her legs and push your dick inside and fuck her. She is her to be bred, so give her as much sperm inside her as you can. No mercy, fill her up. You don’t need to have stamina, when you have to cum, you go for it. Don’t hold back. Just blow your horns. If you want to call her names to cum, go ahead. Okay, guys go fuck her!” That was the voice of most of the FFF movies! The man that encouraged women to get black bred and told niggers to impregnate white sluts!

He turned to me. I told me he would help me. We will chat some and then we will see how it develops he told me. He told me to sit on the bed, naked.
The voice: “Hi, who are you, how old are you and where are you from”?
Me: “I am Jill, 24, and from New Orleans”.
The voice: “And why are you here?”
Me: “I want to have a gangbang with black guys and quite some to.”
The voice: “And you told us you want to be bred as well, don’t you”.
Me: “Yes, I want to be bred”.
The voice: “And you really want to be bred, because this is just the first of several breeding parties we will have for you. You will be staying for four weeks and each second day we will have and film a breeding party, don’t we. Okay Jill, lie down on the bed and spread your legs so all our niggers can see where they have to shoot their spunk.”
I lied down and spread my legs. I felt all the guys were watching right into it.
Me: “Yes, I will stay for four weeks and will have 14 breeding parties. The last will be on the day I fly home to New Orleans. Just hours before I will fly home. I hope that seed will fly well on the way back.”
The voice: “Okay, guys. Now it is your turn to cum inside her and make her pregnant. We will send her home to New Orleans with a black baby inside her.”
The voice signaled two guys to crawl to me on the bed. They got at a side of me each. “Just play with her breasts. Suckle them so she knows what she will feel in nine months.” He signaled a third guy. “Get between her legs and fuck her! She needs it.”
The 3th guy was big, very big. He had arms of steel and towered over me. It started looking down to his dick. It was big as well. He sank down on me. He told me to open up my cunt and to spread it wide. I obeyed. Willingly I opened up my legs and cunt making room for him and his dick. He smashed into me. He didn’t hold back, in one thrust he was in deep. With deep and hard strokes he fucked me. He was fast and furious: in less than a minute he had unloaded his dick inside me.

A fourth guy came to the bed and placed himself between my legs. He made a remark about the sperm he could see inside me, but I did not hear it very well. I was looking at his dick and wanted it güvenilir bahis inside me. I spread my legs a little wider to give the message I was ready for him. He pushed my legs apart and shoved his cock inside me. It was not as long as the first one, but it was bigger and spread my cunt wider. He said to me: “I am fucking you white slut. I am going to fill you up. Gonna get a black baby in that belly of yours. Will make sure to have you pregnant”. He added a few more lines and came inside me.

One thing I had not thought about was that even they unloaded their dicks inside me my bed still got smeared with cum-stains. To keep it cheap I had not asked not to clean the beds for every week, but once in two weeks. It dawned on me that I would be sleeping in a cum-stained bed for the next two weeks. Didn’t matter, I wanted it sleazy and dirty, well that was what I would get.

The first 15 guys or so really used me as a cum-dump. On me-in me-shoot in me and up in a few minutes. It might look disappointing, but it was not. I did not get an orgasm or so, but it still felt very nice. Each of them really trusted his dick inside me. Not like my husband that did it slow and quiet, but without excitement or devotion. These fucked me with excitement and devotion. Most had the devotion to knock me up.

The voice stood beside the bed and told me: “Okay, these were the quickies: the fast bowlers so to speak. They have opened you up and dumped quite a seeding ground inside you. You might think it would go fast and we would only need two hours or so. But the guys that will go next are the real deal. Most of these have bred white sluts on a regular basis and have done over 50 breeding parties each. All over the world. These niggers have been to Europe and Japan to breed slut wives. Mostly on invitations only.”

He was right these last 10 niggers had what I hoped for. The first of the ten dived on top of me. He did not start to fuck me directly. He took my tits and played with them first. He looked at them and told me how big they would become after he had bred me. He did not hurt them, but he held them firm and tried ‘to squirt milk’ from them. Meanwhile I felt his dick against my cunt. He was teasing my cunt. Her pushed his dick again the entrance, but did try to push it in. “You want it inside you, don’t you. You want me to push my black dick inside your cunt, you dirty little breeding whore. You want me to knock you up. I can feel you want it.” He murmured in my ear. He did not speak loud, but whispered. He wanted me to focus on his words. He continuously spoke these kinds of words. I got mesmerized. Suddenly and unexpectedly he penetrated me. Even while he fucked me he kept talking in a sound voice, even when he fucked me deeper and quicker. He had done this before, he did not get out of breathe. “Do you want me to cum inside you? Do you need my black seed inside you? Do you want it? Do you want my black baby?” At the end he kept repeating these lines over and over again till I could no longer stop myself and I just yelled “Yes, cum inside me!” I had thought I was just 10 minutes he was fucking me, but only the last part lasted 20 minutes. He had fucked me over 30 minutes. And still 9 to go.

Each of the next guys had their own way of fucking me. Yelling, telling, teasing, twisting and fucking hard, slow, deep. The first week this was the kind of treatment I was getting and I had loads and loads of black cum. I had 4 breeding parties just that week with 25 niggers each time. Only that first week I had taken 100 loads. My husband had not even fucked me 100 times in the last 5 years. Maybe we had not even gotten 50 fucks in those 5 years.

The first week had boosted my self-confidence. There are plenty of guys that want to fuck this slut. Only my husband doesn’t. When I came to LA, I just had a vague idea how it would be, but now I really enjoyed it. I liked the dirtiness, the raunchiness. I even started to like the smell of cum and sweat that had been dwelling my bedroom in that sleazy hotel. I had not expected I would get turned on by those niggers telling me that they would breed me, knock me up. But the more they used these terms, the hornier I would get. On the day after the second gangbang, I had asked the people of FFF if I could have copies of the breeding parties they had filmed. They were so kind to give these to me. Since I have these, I stayed in on the days we are not filming and watch these raw cuts. I would masturbate while I watched these. By the start of the second week I had and seen so much sex I was really meshed up. My body was yearning for cock. It did not want to go without sex.

The first gangbang in the second week seemed to continue as the week before. But I had not reckoned my body had set itself in a completely different mood. The same 25 niggers were around for this gangbang as the first one of the first week. The voice had told me that we would play things in the same order as with the first gangbang. Except the fondling of my tits, we could do without.

The same big black guy as the week before towered over me. This time he could really smash inside me. His cock went in with ease. My cunt had been well lubricated the previous week. He was about to fuck me, but my body took over. Instead of fucking me, I was humping back at him. I trashed my cunt on his dick. I could not help it. My body wanted to have his black dick deep inside itself. My cunt was really taking his cock inside itself. It looked as if my cunt wanted to swallow his cock. The guy came quickly. He could not hold back. The voice completely went mad. “Look how she is humping his cock. She can no longer hold it. She really is a slut for black cock now. Her body just wants it. I don’t think she can resist any black cock anymore.”

The second guy also was the one that had gone second the week before. Again he started fondling my tits, but when he pushed his cock inside me, he did not have to fuck me. My body took over, again. I was humping on his cock. He tried to make the same rude remarks as the week before, but as he did not control what happened, he could not talk. He just moaned and began to breathe heavily. When I set my nails in his arse, he came inside me. He shook heavy and rolled off me. This happened with all other 15 niggers. They all came much quicker than the week before. I was humping back at each one of them.

The first guy of the breeding brotherhood so to speak was about to fuck me as well. He had seen what had happened with his 15 quickie brothers.

“You are really getting into this aren’t you? You don’t want to stop. Maybe you had some doubts last week, they all have gone. You want black seed inside you and you want to be bred by blacks. Last week it could be, now you want to be. You don’t want to be holding back. You really want; no you need to be bred. You want us to send you back to New Orleans with a black baby inside your belly. We do not need to ask anymore. We have to make sure to put so much black seed inside you that it would be impossible not to get pregnant by blacks. Even if it wouldn’t work in the next for weeks, you will return to make sure! You are the real breeding slut. Don’t want to know why you want it, but we will make sure.”

At the first day in week three, the voice asked me to lie on the bed and close my eyes.

The voice: “You have had two weeks of breeding parties and we are about halfway. We have seen you have become a complete breeding slut for black cock. The first week you might still have had some reservations, but last week, they were gone. . Tell me what you like in the last two weeks and what you would want in the next two. What did you like in the last two weeks?

Me: “I like the sperm, the black dicks, the amount of fucking it got, but the most I like was the guys calling me names and uttering sentences like “I am going to dump my black seed inside you”, “I am going to breed you’, ‘your my slut for black cock’.”
The voice: “Which sentences did you like the most?”
Me: “I am not quite sure. But I do love ‘I am going to shoot/dump/put/pump a black baby in your belly’. I also like ‘I am going to breed you’. I like ‘a black baby in your belly’ more because it sounds nastier.”

At that moment I felt something on my body and wanted to open my eyes, but the voice I wasn’t allowed to. It felt like somebody was writing on my body! At first on one place, but then somewhere else and then it felt like two people were writing on my body at the same time. It seemed whatever they were writing was no small print. I was sure they had written some nasty words on me. Then the voice told me to turn around and it felt some more writing on my back as well. When it was over, the voice told me to stand up and open my eyes. I was looking in a mirror! I could see what they had written and drawn on my body. I saw a queen of spades mark on one of my tits, a black cock on the inside of each of my legs and the rest were texts. I could read: “BREED ME!”; “KNOCK ME UP!”; “PUT A BLACK BABY IN MY BELLY!”; “PUMP A BLACK BABY IN MY BELLY!”; “SHOOT A BLACK BABY IN MY BELLY!” These were only some of the lines that had written. I panicked a little. In my head it went like: ‘They were not supposed to do that. My husband could find out.’ O, I had said I was not married. I could not say that! I have to go along as if there is no problem at all. It looked nasty though. I looked at it and it felt good. I turned my body to have a good look in the mirror. Not only was the front covered with bad language, but my back as well. I must have made some appraising sounds as the voice asked me if I liked it. I really did. That was what they had to do to me.

The voice continued: “the last two weeks, the boys did all the work. You just lied on your back and let them take you and shoot, dump or pump their seed in your belly. This week will be different. You may only use two positions. Either it will be doggy style or you will be on top. And you will beg, demand or ask to be bred, have them shoot a black baby in your belly. They will not say anything. Your body is also talking for you, but that is not enough. You have to beg, demand or ask with every single guy. You may use whatever words you like so you may call them ‘nigger’. The guys will tell you what position they want to have and you will have to do it. That is how it is played this week.”

I swallowed as I liked it when they were calling me names, but demanding or begging them to impregnate me had not come to mind. It sort of turned the tables. I had thought about having them breed me, but not about wanting them to breed me. If they bred me I could ‘blame’ them for turning up pregnant. Now I had to ‘blame’ myself for turning up black bred! It somehow changed the game. And for a short moment it made me uncomfortable, but very soon I realized I really wanted to take responsibility for the events that should happen. Really, I did not want to blame them. I really wanted to be black bred now. And it dawned on me: this wouldn’t be the last time I would be black bred.

I did not have long to think about it all. The guy that had gone first every week was already on the bed. He demanded me to do it doggy style. It got on all fours and he moved behind me. I was waiting for his dick, when I heard the voice talk.
The voice: “Tell him what you want!”
Me: “Put your dick inside me”.
The voice: “Louder we cannot hear you! And that is not clear enough! Tell him what he needs to do.”
Me: “Stick you dick inside türkçe bahis me and pump your seed inside me. Breed me!”
The voice: “That is better, but you must keep reminding him. He must not forget what he needs to do. Make him want to breed you.”
Me: “Pump a black baby in my belly! Breed me! Nigger, make me your whore! Knock me up! Pump your seed inside me.”
As I yelled all of this I felt cheap and dirty, but I liked it anyway. It made me go weak, horny, made me feel dirty and I liked it all. I made about fifteen comments in total and he came inside me. His last trust was deep and hard. He went much harder and deeper than had done when he had lied on top of me. He rolled on his side and I got get up. Almost..
The second guy came on the bed and wanted me to ride him. I had to sit on top of him. He wanted to look at the dirty writing on the front of me.
Again the voiced told me: “Tell him what you want! Make him cum inside you!”
As I rode him, it began asking-demanding.
Me: “Shoot your black baby in my womb! Make me pregnant! Pump your seed inside me! Use me!”

Sitting on top was harder to work than lying on my back. I could not talk with this intensity and speed continuously. I had to talk slower. It already began to sound like begging and asking. The voice understood what he was doing. He knew I could not keep demanding as it would exhaust me. The bastard wanted me to beg and ask! At the end of the breeding party I would not even have the breath to ask, I would only be able to beg to be bred or to have a black baby pumped inside of me!

The second guy came inside me, but he was able to take more than four times the time he had used when he lied on top of me. This breeding party would last longer than the ones in the previous two weeks. I climbed off and saw seed out of my cunt leak on the bed. That morning the bed had been cleaned, but it would not be cleaned for another fortnight. The linen would be fully seeded within a few days! And I had to sleep under it.

I was right. After the fourth guy I could only beg to be bred or have a black baby pumped inside me. There was one upside: all the niggers were hornier than before. They loved it that I had to beg for their sperm. The voice had to direct more. He had to remind me to beg as I not always thought about it or did not have the breath to do it. Especially riding the black dicks was more exhausting. But it also was a lot of fun. I was able to use my cunt to pull the semen out of their dicks. I could use more or less cunt muscle power to get them off. If I wanted them to cum quickly, I just tensed my cunt muscle and they could not hold back for too long. If I wanted to prolong I could relax my cunt or ride less hard.

The first breeding party of the third week lasted twice as long. It made me feel much dirtier and cheaper than in the previous two weeks. It didn’t matter. I found that I like it so much more!

The fourth week the breeding parties were even hornier and dirtier. The most fun for me was the one that we held on the day I would return to New Orleans. The last plane I could take would be at about 6 PM. I would land just before midnight. That day we would start at 12.00 and it would last until I needed to go to the airport. I would not have time to cleanup. My cunt could be leaking seed on the flight home.

On the last day, there were no niggers that could not last. Guys that could only last a few minutes were not invited to participate. All the professional breeders were invited. For the fourth and final week all limits were off. I had to suck, fuck, but no sperm was to be spilled. All sperm needed to end up inside me. At the start of that week, the voice had introduced double vaginal penetrations as well. He told me it added to the idea of breeding as you could not see which guy had come first. In the fourth week all the writings and drawings were corrected each day. So they stayed ‘fresh’. At that time about three-quarter of my upper body was covered with writing and drawings. It did not count them, but there must have been more then 50. This would be a breeding party to remember.

As it was the last breeding party, the voice said: “This is the last of our breeding parties and we will be doing something different. We will not do one-on-one, but Jill will take only two dicks in her cunt. She will be black fucked by at least two guys at the same time. In effect we will only do vaginal DP’s or better. Both guys will try to come together. The first five pair will lie on the bed balls against balls and dick against dick. Jill will sink onto them and fuck them.”

I saw the first pair dick against dick. It looked nice, strange and horny. The penises pointed to the sky and were set to shoot. I lowered myself onto the dicks and started to fuck. I felt full. I had to accommodate. I took too long.

The voice: “You need to demand, beg or ask to be bred. Tell them they have to pump a black baby inside you. Demand them to black breed you.”

Me: “Breed me. Shoot a black baby inside my belly. Make me pregnant.” I tried to demand, but fucking two black guys at the same time costs more energy than fucking just one. I had to beg them to black breed me. The voice knew I liked it. He had learned I loved to beg. He knew I had crossed a line and would be a breeding slut forever. “Breed me. Pump a black baby in my belly.” I continued talking, but much slower than I could fuck. The guy did what I begged for: they shot their loads inside me. Not at the same time, but close. I stood up and saw their cum-covered dicks. I told them to slip aside. I wanted to get the next loads. It took me an hour to do all these five DP’s where the guys lied on their back. But I loved it. A cunt full of black cocks and a lot of sperm as bonus. The voice knew I could not go without black cocks any more.

The voice: “Okay, Jill is full of cum, but not jet satisfied. She wants to go home very dirty, sleazy and feeling cheap. The next five PD’s will be one guy below and one guy behind. Jill will be sandwiched and creampied.”

One guy lifted me up and placed me on top of a guy that was lying down. He wasn’t tender. He pushed me down on the waiting cock. He on his knees behind me and shoved his dick along the one that was already in my cunt. They were rough. At first they shoved their dick in the same rhythm, than they adopted a different speed each. I forgot to beg. “Beg to be bred! Beg to have a black baby pumped inside your belly” the voice screamed. It was obvious the last breeding parties would be hard and merciless. It would be the last breeding in four weeks. And even though it was hard, I liked it. My husband had never made me feel like this. I like it to have lot of cum inside me. I was sure I had been bred by black. I thought this was the last of it all, but I was wrong. There was one more big surprise.

Towards the end, the voice stopped the breeding party. He had a special surprise. He had me lie down on my back, close my eyes and spread my legs. Once more he asked me: “What do you want? Why are you here? Tell us once more.” I yelled: “I want to be bred! I want to have a black baby pumped inside me!” I felt the bed move and knew he was crawling on the bed. He wouldn’t fuck me, right. He is white and I want a black baby! He placed his hand on my cunt and let it run down. With one move, he opened up my cunt and spread it wide. I felt something going inside. It wasn’t cold or metal, but it wasn’t a dick. He told me to open my eyes and look down. As I looked down I saw a syringe resting in my cunt. It was filled with a white liquid. I knew it would be black sperm. “Do you want to squirt it in yourself or must I do it for you? Well, I am going to.” Before I could answer, he had emptied the syringe inside me. Some of it blew out, it was too much too quickly. It must have been the semen of 100 men or so. I could not clean myself and would fly home shortly. “Okay, that’s all folks” was the final remark the voice made. I had to dress and pack my bags to go to the airport.

Close to midnight I arrived in New Orleans. I had told my husband I would take a hotel at the airport. At the hotel I made a selfie video. I sat on the bed naked. The writings and drawings were still visible. While making the video I spoke the next words: “Just home from LA. I have been away for a month and had several breeding parties. I have the seed of 100 niggers inside me. I hope those niggers knocked me up. We will see in the next weeks if they succeeded.” I sent this selfie to the people of FFF. As I sent it I did not realize they could use it in the film they were to make. I had given them permission to include any film they would make or get from me. I also made a second selfie for my husband that I would show one day. “Honey, I was away for four weeks and had a lovely time in LA. I arranged to appear in a breeding movie. I had 14 interracial breeding parties and I hope I am black bred as I make this selfie, but I have to take a pregnancy test to know for sure. But really hope I am, you wimp.”

Even after I had got back from LA, my husband did not intend to have sex with me. He was still too busy working. I did not mind as I really did not want my husband to see the writings and drawings on my body. In a couple of weeks these had worn off. My husband never saw these at all.

The next month I missed my period and got a pregnancy test. I hoped I would be knocked up. As soon as I got home, I did the test. The breeding sessions had done their job: I was black bred. Now I had to tell my husband I was pregnant. At first I wanted to tell him it might not be his, but I didn’t. It seemed a lot more humiliating to have him see the baby is black when it was born. That evening I told him I was pregnant. I told him I had gotten the morning-after pill after the accident, but that they did not seem to have worked either. He asked me to get an abortion, but I told him I could not have an abortion because of my religion. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I was never too involved in the church and it really would not have stopped me if I wanted an abortion. But it was an excuse he could not set aside. I mailed FFF that I was pregnant and they had to wait with putting out the movie till after the birth. I did not give them the real reason I didn’t want it on the market earlier. My husband might see or hear about the tape and everything would be ruined.

At four months I really had a belly to show for. Again I made a selfie video for the people from FFF. I had made a card board with the text: “Black Bred 4 Months Pregnant”. In the next few months I made a selfie video with a text: “Black Bred x Months Pregnant”. In the seventh month I made the last of these selfies. I had a big belly and held a sign: “Black Bred 7 Months Pregnant”. All of these were eventually used by the people from FFF.

After sending my fourth pregnancy progress report, I imagined that just sending another report was not that thrilling. So at the end 7 ½ months I sent a mail to FFF and asked if they could arrange an interracial pregnant gangbang in New Orleans, as I could no longer travel. They could not come to New Orleans themselves, but they had a camera guy near New Orleans that had worked for them before. His name was Jimmy. They gave me his phone number. Later that night I made a call and he told me that he could set up a gangbang for a pregnant black bred slut. We planned the gangbang to be held when I was 8 ½ months pregnant. Jimmy had found a ‘nice’ motel where we could film.

Two güvenilir bahis siteleri weeks before the gangbang I phoned Jimmy. I wanted his help. I wanted to have a clean-shaven pussy at the gangbang, but I could not do it myself anymore. I asked if he knew a ‘full service’ salon for a slut for black cock. He immediately named Miss Brown. She provided the fullest service. She had a beauty and hair salon, but also had a tattoo shop. She would set any tattoo you wanted as long as it was not political. Jimmy had seen Miss Brown set some very nasty tattoos himself. She provided privacy for her ‘slut for black cocks’ as well. Her shop could be reached by a backstreet that would lead to her totally enclosed parking lot. He would give her a call and if she wanted, she would call me. The next day I received the call from Miss Brown that I could come whenever I wanted. We made an appointment for the day before the gangbang. She shaved me completely bare.

Jimmy had booked a cheap motel room outside New Orleans along one of the high ways. He had asked Miss Brown to help finding well hung black guys. Jimmy told me Miss Brown could line up dozens well-built black guys. She really had ‘full service’. Jimmy had told Miss Brown they needed three or four black guys with at least 15 inch dicks. She wasn’t a madam or so, niggers just had heard Miss Brown could hook them up with all kinds of nasty white sluts. She had a list of white sluts that wanted to be black bred. The hotel was on highway 10. So close by.

When I waddled in, I could see five naked black guys directly in front of me. I also saw Miss Brown. She looked at me and said: “Well, you never can have enough black dicks, can’t you. Enjoy what you are about to receive.” And she went out. Jimmy told me that Miss Brown sometimes stayed, but only if she had heard something nasty would happen. It meant a real breeding would go on. The rest of the room remained dark.

After Miss Brown had left the room, the guys walked over. I don’t know what they had been told, but their hands were everywhere. On my tits, on my belly, on my butts and I could definitely feel a finger searching for my cunt. With their bodies they steered me to the back of the room. I could see something that looked like a gynecologist chair, but if the comfort of a gynecologist chair would be 1, this chair rated 10. It really looked comfortable. It would enable the guys to fuck me without too much worrying about my big belly. They had full access to my knocked-up cunt.

The first nigger moved between my legs and pushed my knocked up cunt open. He had no mercy. He pushed in deep and hard. Instinctively I opened my legs much wider. The guy kept fucking and fucking. The other guys played with either my belly or my tits. The guys working on my tits tried to see if they could milk from them. It did not squirt, but drips came out. The guy fucking me started calling me names. “Gonna fuck you good. Gonna make that pussy black bred. Gonna shoot my seed inside that white bred slut cunt.” I loved it. He was relentless. He fucked me for well over 20 minutes and then he came inside me. I felt his cock slip out.

I ordered on of the guys beside me to take over and to ‘fuck my black bred cunt’, to ‘pump his seed inside that white slut for black cock’. He shoved his cock inside me and gripped my big belly. “Love to fuck a black bred slut. When you drop the baby, we will breed you again. Miss Brown knows you’re going to be a breeding slut for the rest of your life. She already made a list of us niggers to breed you. Now I just want to learn how it feels to fuck you when you are bred by black. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to be bred again. You want to be a breeding slut for black cock, don’t you?” I didn’t want to, but I replied “Yes, I will be your breeding slut”.

After the second guy came inside me, I remembered a scene from one of the Elaine’s movies. It had found it very horny and decided my video needed something like it. I ordered the niggers to throw the mattress from the bed on the ground. Just the mattress, but not the linen. I ordered one of the two lie down on his back. I took his cock and sat down. I pushed my cunt down onto it. Loved it. Two other guys I ordered to stand beside my head. I took both penises in my hands while riding a black dick. Carefully I jerked both penises gently. They got harder and stiffer. The guys moaned, but kept it all in. Suddenly I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. Never had done that before, but it looked so horny in Elaine’s video. I sucked harder and harder. The guy could not stop himself and came inside my mouth. The other guy looked with amazement as he had heard I did not suck cock. “Proteins for me to grow on” I joked. “Come on; give me your cock as well. Suck that as well. Just come inside my mouth. I am already pregnant, so I don’t need it go be black bred. We can mess around with it now.” He gave me his cock to suck. He had been so aroused with the scene; he came in a few moments. I swallowed his load as well. I was still fucking the guy underneath me. “Come, shoot you load inside me. Give me your black seed in my knocked-up pussy. Just unload in me.” He did not need any more encouragement. He shot his load inside me. Sperm inside my cunt and mouth made me feel dirty, but not yet dirty enough. I stood up and showed the inside to the guy below me.

“Are you guys ready for one more thing? I want to feel really dirty. I will lie down and you can stand around me. Two guys beside each side of my body and one between my legs. I want you to cum over me. Shoot you seed over my black bred belly, my black bred cunt and my milk filled tits.” They all came standing around me and jerked their dicks. I liked the look of it. Five dicks jerking because I wanted it. I hoped they would all cum at once, but that did not happen. But they blasted their seed all over my body. I loved it. I felt really dirty. Highly pregnant and fully sprayed with cum. It was to be the last porn addition to the movie, but not the last addition to the movie.

When the gangbang was over, I asked jimmy if he would be interested to capture the birth of my black baby as well. The thought of giving birth to a black baby thrilled me, but I would not be able to see it myself. So I would love to have him make my birthing video as well. He had already seen my intimate parts.

Every week before the birth of the baby I would go to Miss Brown. I wanted to see the baby pop out of my cunt and not to see it escape from the bushes. Miss Brown and I had the biggest fun together. She told me crazy stories about the tattoos she had set and the reasons behind them. The nastier the tattoo, the more she liked it. One of the nastiest was a woman that had wanted a six inch ‘Queen of Spades’-tattoo just above her cunt. It count not be missed. But she also liked to do smaller, sneakier ‘Queen of Spades’-tattoos.

One evening about three weeks after my gangbang I went into labor. I told my hubby to get the car and I would follow. I called Jimmy to tell him to go to the hospital so he could make the video. I had told my hubby I wanted a video and had found a friend that wanted to help by making the movie. I told him that Jimmy did this as a professional and that he came highly recommended by the wife of the CEO he worked for. When we arrived at the hospital Jimmy was already there. Jimmy was surprised to see another man. As far as he had been told, I wasn’t married. There should not have been a husband. He did not rat on me; the three of us went to the maternity ward as if all was normal. It was no problem we had someone to film it all. The three of us were admitted to a delivery room. Al the time Jimmy kept filming.

The nurses helped me to the bed and asked my husband if he could help to undress me. He helped me undress and was about to lay me on the bed when he saw my temporary tattoo: a ‘Queen of Spades’-tattoo. I had Miss Brown place it above my cunt. “Hey that is cute” he just said. “What does it mean”? “Well honey, I got it at the supermarket. It is a playing card, so it should bring me luck in delivering this baby” I told him. I heard the nurses and Jimmy chuckle. This was New Orleans, they really understood the meaning of the tattoo, but it completely passed by my hubby. He really had no clue whatsoever. I looked in the faces of the nurses and Jimmy. The nurses shook their heads. They had some idea how crazy this might get. There was a big chance that the baby would be black and dad had no idea at all. Jimmy already knew the baby would be black. He almost chocked, but he didn’t want to miss this chance. This could turn out to be epic.

It took some time, but after two hours I popped out my baby. My black baby. My husband looked at it and just observed the obvious: “It is a girl”. Somehow he missed that the baby was black. The nurses placed the baby on my belly. And it seemed to sink in with my husband that the baby was black. Terribly black. “Isn’t the baby a little dark for us”, he stupidly asked. The baby was not just a little black, it was really, really black. “You wimp, the baby is black! It is my baby! But not yours! I have been bred by black. You sissy. You wimp. You crybaby. You really didn’t know the meaning of my tattoo did you! It is a ‘Queen of Spades’-tattoo. It tells that a woman loves black guys very, very much. This will not be the last black baby. Those niggers really do fuck me and they don’t need a condom. They don’t want a condom. They just want to unload inside my cunt and breed me.” To my shock my husband broke down! He started to cry and just looked at the black baby. “And you know what. I will take a permanent ‘Queen of Spades’-tattoo. Your wimp, you crybaby, you sissy. I really love black cock. And I will be bred several more times! You can beg, but I won’t stop it. I love it too much. I really got addicted. You just have to take me as I am.” To my surprise, he became a cuckold in front of me! He just murmured: “I will do anything honey. Of course you can fuck as many black guys as you want and be bred by them.”

Later I heard the reason he broke down. When he was a very young he had been bullied on school. They had beaten him silly and they would call him the exact names I had done: Sissy, Wimp, and Crybaby. It all came back in a flash and he broke down into being a sissy, a wimp and a crybaby. He asked me if he should get back into therapy. I told him he did not have to bother as I was okay with it. I never wanted him to get back to normal!

The next day Jimmy came visiting in the hospital. “And what is going to happen, do you think”. “Well” I said. “I have got him on his knees. I won’t let him up again. I like fucking black cock so much I want to stay on top of those. I will be bred more times, but we have to see how and what. I will be having fun.” “And what about the video I shot yesterday. What shall we do with it?” I told Jimmy to send the tape as is to the people from FFF. They can freely decide what to do with it. It would make a hell of and ending to a breeding movie. The first movie would show a black baby popped out of a black bred slut. Maybe it would make some money for me. And I could do without my husband if I wanted it. I might get a “Queen of Spades”-tattoo, but maybe I should get a “Black Bred Slut” in capitals instead. The next day, Jimmy phoned me and told me that FFF had decided to include the birth of the baby as it made such a sleazy, trashy and never seen ending. Because I had lied about being not married and the reason why I wanted to make the video, they also asked me to make an additional video that could be used as an introduction to the movie. That would really add to the raunchiness of the video. The video was a best-seller.

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