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I have been thinking about you all day today. We have been talking for ages it seems, but today will be the day that we finally get to meet and I have been sitting on pins and needles, wet with anticipation.

I quickly undress and step into the shower, wanting to be as clean as possible for your arrival. I know that you like that. I wash my hair with wild strawberry shampoo and put conditioner in. Then I squeeze the body wash onto the sponge, and slowly wash myself, starting at my arms, going down my torso. I love to watch the water stream down my body, watching the stream drip off the ends of my hard nipples, rolling down my stomach and over my neatly trimmed pussy. As the hot water passes over my clit, my excitement is noticeable. I moan at the feeling that the warm water brings.

I then wash my legs, from my thighs to my feet, in long, gentle strokes. The apple green nail polish on my toes glistens under the water, and I am glad for taking the time to freshly paint my finger and toe nails the night before. I didn’t leave anything out. You are a stickler for detail and I know that you will notice.

I run the sponge over my trimmed mound and as the soft fabric touches my erect clit, I unwittingly let out a squeal. I cant wait to feel you touching me. To finally feel your strong arms around me, to feel your mouth on mine. Oh God, I don’t think I can wait for your arrival, I need to cum now.

Putting one foot up on the shelf built into my shower, my pussy lips open invitingly. I watch the water stream down my body, dripping off of the small patch of hair that lies just above my slit. It seems to slow down as it reaches my pussy, teasing me, daring me to finish a job already started.

With my free hand, I reach up and lightly pinch my left nipple, watching the skin pucker underneath, making my nipple seem to stretch away from my body. I love to watch them harden like that, and I gently pull on my nipple, feeling a small shock in the deepest recesses of my being. My head falls back and a small moan escapes my lips. I touch the other nipple, and look down to also watch it tighten under my fingers.

The anticipation is killing me, or so it seems at the time. Nothing is more important right now than cumming. I let the body sponge drop to the bottom of the tub, discarded, and gently circle my clit with the middle finger of my right hand. Oh God, there is no turning back now. I continue to pinch my nipples with my left hand, slightly harder now, and I can feel it building… a roller coaster on the way up……and I cant wait to reach the summit and the freefall that follows.

I say your name out loud and tell you how hot I am for you. I tell you that you are the only man that I want, the only man that I will ever want, and that I’ve never needed someone to fuck me so badly in my life as I do right now. I can almost feel the hardness of your cock as the orgasm that I need so badly takes over my body completely. With reckless abandon, I let my head fall back and scream, “Yes, Oh yes, fuck me now!!”

As the waves of pleasure wash over my body, I can feel it from head to toe, as the roller coaster reaches the top and quickly descends, leaving me feeling spent.

I snap out of my fantasy, and realize that I don’t have much time left to prepare for your arrival. I turn off the shower and quickly dry off. I don my pink bathrobe and slippers and go downstairs to prepare myself.

I walk over to the stereo and turn it on. Alternative rock. I know that you like it, as do I, and it gets me in the right mood to prepare for you. I put moisturizing cream from head to toe, and spray a little “obsession” on my belly. Its your favorite perfume.

I open my closet door, looking for the outfit that I put aside just for you. It’s a black lace teddy, that laces up with shiny ribbon up the front, and has long lacy material coming off the bodice. It reminds me of something “Spanish” and it suits me. I then put on sheer black stockings, and a black garter belt. A pair of sheer black panties go on underneath, and black suede heels make the outfit complete. After checking my hair, I am just about ready for you. I put a little make up on, not too much (because I know you don’t like that), and look around the room. I decide that candlelight would be best, and set about placing and lighting candles in different parts of the room. I also light an incense stick, and soon afterwards, the smell of apples and cinnamon fill the room.

One last glance in the mirror and at the room, and I am satisfied. I look at the clock and see that it’s just about time for you to arrive. I fix us both a glass of red wine and sit on the edge of the bed, waiting to hear your car pull into the driveway.

I bakırköy türbanlı escort think about our conversations in the past and all that you have shared with me. I like to think that I know you quite well by now and hope that you will like what you find when you arrive. I start to think about all that we have in common, and all the erotic fantasies we have shared with one another, and I am shaken back to real life when the doorbell rings. You are finally here!

One last glance in the mirror, and satisfied with what I see, I mount the steps going up to the front door. I’m excited, but nervous at the same time. Before my mind has a chance to let any doubts settle in, I hurriedly open the door and run into your arms. We embrace for what seems forever, neither one willing to let the other go. I finally pull away and tell you to come inside.

You are even taller than I thought you would be, and in great shape. Your workouts have definitely been kind to you, as I notice your flat stomach, and your firm body in general. I can’t wait to see you underneath your clothes, but decide to make this last as long as I can, savoring every moment.

You kiss me and tell me how great it is to finally see me in the flesh. You tell me how long you have waited for this and how you still feel like you’re dreaming. I assure you that it isn’t a dream, take your hand gently in mine, and lead you downstairs to the bedroom.

You slowly take in the room….the candles burning, casting their flickering shadows on the walls. The incense slowly filling the room with a wonderful musky scent. You notice the perfume I’m wearing and tell me that I smell delicious and that the outfit I chose for our rendezvous is very flattering, showing off my feminine curves. I smile, glad that you are pleased with my efforts.

I hand you your glass of wine and take mine as well. You raise your glass and with a smile say “Here’s to us, and a night to remember”. I smile and raise my glass, softly clinking the two together, and take a sip. The wine is sweet, but not nearly as sweet as what is to come.

I open my mouth to speak, but you quickly raise your hand, putting a finger on my lips to let me know that you don’t want to talk. I watch in anticipation, waiting to see what you plan to do next. You walk behind me and I can hear your heavy breathing in my ear. I close my eyes so that I can concentrate on every move that you make, every breath that you take. I don’t want to miss one thing.

With your mouth still beside my ear, you run your hands down my bare arms, feeling my soft flesh grow tingly under your touch. Every one of my senses is alert and you are talking to me with your hands now. You wrap your arms around my waist and squeeze, impressing me with your strength, your sheer animal power. I can feel my knees growing weak and its hard to remain standing. You whisper in my ear….”I want you so badly. I’ve wanted you for a very long time, and I can’t believe that I am finally here. Touching you is more than I could have ever hoped for.”

You have always known what to say to me and always choose the perfect time to say it. Its one of the things that I adore about you. You walk around to stand in front of me, and I cant look at your lips any longer without needing to taste them. I lean in, with my mouth slightly open, and suck your bottom lip into my mouth. Mmmm, I can still detect the faint taste of wine and you open your mouth and cover mine with your own. You are a wonderful kisser and as I feel your tongue touching mine, I can also feel my pussy getting moist.

I break our kiss and pull your shirt up over your head. As I trace the lines of your chest with my fingers, I marvel at how tight and hard your body still is. Your skin is so smooth, and I trace the small line of hair that starts just under your navel. I then undo your jeans, slowly pulling down the zipper. I’m thrilled to see that you are wearing nothing underneath. I can see the perfect outline of your hard cock under the denim fabric, straining desperately for freedom.

I longed to touch your hardness with my hands….to feel the pulse of your hard cock pounding inside my palms, but as if you could read my mind, you take hold of my hand and softly say “Not yet”.

You walk over to the bed and lay down, never taking your eyes off me. You ask me to dance for you. You tell me that you want to watch me take off all of my clothes….one piece at a time, and very slowly. You don’t want to hurry. Like me, you are afraid of missing something, anything.

I turn the radio off and find one of my favorite cds to put on instead. The first song that is playing is “You can leave your hat bakırköy ucuz escort on” by Joe Cocker. Perfect. I may not be Kim Bassinger, who danced to this song in my favorite movie “91/2 weeks”, but I will do my best to please you.

I feel like I am the center of the universe, and you are my only audience. You make me feel that way, never letting me feel neglected or unwanted. Your eyes never leave me as you watch my hips sway to the music, slowly taking off the outfit I so carefully chose to wear just for you. As each piece of clothing comes off, you find your way across the bed, moving closer and closer to me each time, never taking your eyes off me.

When I am down to only the garter, stockings and panties, you stand up and tell me that you want to finish. You unhook the stockings and slowly roll them down my legs. I lift my foot slightly, so that you can take them off completely. You then take off the garter belt, leaving me in just a pair of sheer black silk panties. You kneel down in front of me, pulling me close to you. You inhale deeply, savoring the scent of my wet pussy. By this time, the panties are noticeably wet and you lick them. I can feel the heat of your tongue right through the sheer material and a moan escapes my lips.

You stand up and our mouths lock in a strong kiss. I can feel your hand moving my panties to the side, and your fingers tracing my wet slit. My knees grow weak and I’m not sure how much longer I can remain standing. You break our kiss and tell me “Baby, I want to taste that pussy. I’ve been waiting so long to wrap my lips around you. Don’t make me wait any longer”.

With that, I hurriedly slip my panties down. I can feel my own juices on the material as they slide down my legs and I kick them to the floor. You gently push me onto the bed. You stand and as I watch you remove your jeans, I cant take my eyes off of you. Your body is just so perfect and I reach down to stroke my own pussy as I watch you discard the last of your clothing with great anticipation. I have seen pictures of your cock before, but they will pale in comparison to seeing you for real, right in front of me, close enough to touch.

Your cock is so hard that it seems glued to your perfect stomach. I watch it bounce free when you drop your jeans to the floor and gaze at you in awe. I reach out to touch you, but you gently push my hand away, telling me that there will be time for that later. You climb onto the bed and slowly part my legs, allowing you full view of my wet pussy, spread out before you.. You look so hungry, as you lean your face towards my pussy, licking your lips in anticipation of tasting me for the first time. My body is trembling with lust and I slightly raise my ass off the bed to bring you closer to me.

When your face is just inches away from my slit, you inhale deeply, drinking in the sights and smells surrounding you. You are such a tease! I have waited forever for this moment and I can’t wait any longer. My legs are trembling and I am so wet at this point that I can feel my own juices dripping from my cunt and making the sheets underneath moist.

You gingerly stick your tongue into my wet hole, making me wince. I let out a small moan, as you trace my wet slit with your tongue, purposely avoiding contact with my clit. You look up at me and tell me how sweet I taste. Just as you had imagined. Like candy. You go back to licking my pussy and this time, when your tongue reaches my clit, you wrap your lips around it and draw it into your mouth. You start to suck on it, lightly at first and I can feel your finger slide into my hole. You begin to slowly push your finger in and out while continuing to suck on my clit. Oh my God….that feels just incredible!

I run my hands over my breasts, lightly squeezing. I watch my nipples grow hard with anticipation, and then lightly pinch them between my forefingers and thumbs. My pussy aches with the need to cum and my hips start to rock back and forth, as if they have a mind all their own. I am back in the roller coaster again, and quickly getting near the top. As my orgasm grows closer, my whole body is on fire. I don’t think I have ever wanted anything so badly before. I wrap my long legs around your head, drawing your face even further into my now soaking pussy, and scream out, “Oh my God, I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!”

My whole body convulses and at that given moment, you could have asked me for anything and it would have been yours. As the waves of pure physical joy wash over me, I look down and see that your eyes are open and you are watching me. I smile at you and sit up. You get up on your knees and pull me up to you, locking your mouth onto mine. I can taste my başakşehir escort own sweet pussy on your lips.

I break away from our kiss, and we exchange places. Your cock is still as hard as it was when you first undressed, and I cant wait to get my hands and mouth on it. I lean down and kiss you first, telling you how I just love your body, every last inch of you, and how I’ve waited far too long for this moment. I lick one of your nipples, watching it harden under my tongue, and then gently suck it into my mouth. I can hear a low moan escape your lips, urging me to continue. After gently sucking on your nipple, I move to the other side, stopping only to gaze upon your face in the process.

Once I have made your other nipple hard, I continue to lick down the length of your body. Over your smooth chest, tracing your ribs with my tongue, stopping only to kiss your sensitive flesh now and then. When I reach your navel, I flick my tongue inside and swirl it around, then trail the thin line of hair found directly underneath.

Your cock is so hot and hard as I touch it first with my hands. It flinches under my touch and makes me smile. I look up to see you watching every move that I make. I wrap my right hand around it, and very softly, in a teasing manner, run my hand up and down the length of the shaft. You moan again and close your eyes. There is already precum oozing from the slit, and I eagerly lick it. You taste heavenly, like I knew you would.

I wrap my lips around the head of your cock, gently sucking on it, pulling upwards. At the same time my hand remains around the base, gently stroking you. You push your hips upwards, beckoning for more. I continue to suck on just the head of your cock, stroking the base, and then take my free hand and gently rake my manicured nails over the sensitive flesh of your balls. You moan louder this time, again pushing yourself into me. I know what you want baby, but you will have to wait for it like I did. I continue, alternating from using my nails and then gently squeezing your balls, and suck on the head of cock a little harder now….

I look up at you to see the look in your eyes. They are pleading with me, begging me to take your whole cock into my mouth. I give you what you want, what you’ve been waiting for. As my lips slowly slide down the base of your cock, the head touches the back of my throat. I swallow hard on you, and you again moan at the sensation of having my throat close around the head of your cock.

I then slowly begin to raise and lower myself on your cock, tracing a line on the thick vein found underneath. You cant stand it anymore, and hurriedly push me away saying, “No baby, I don’t want to cum like this. I want to cum inside your hot pussy”.

You help me to a sitting position and then ask me to turn around, resting on my hands and knees. Once there, your warm hands roam around my ass and before I know it, I feel the sharp slap of your strong hands on my sensitive flesh! I let out a small squeal, and can feel your hands again on my skin. You are feeling how hot my skin is now, and looking at the handprint you left.

You take your cock in your hand and get closer to me. You tease me by running the head up and down my wet slit, but I am so hot at this point and I don’t think I can stand anymore teasing. When the head is near the opening, I thrust my hips backwards, impaling myself on your hard cock.

We both moan, as your cock is wrapped in my hot wet pussy and you reach under me, pinching my nipples as you begin to slowly thrust yourself in and out. Despite the volume of the music that’s playing from my cd player, I can hear every sound that we make, as if there isn’t any other noise at all. I can hear the sound of our skin slap together as you quicken the pace and thrust into me even harder and faster.

“Oh God baby, this feels so fucking good….your pussy is so fucking hot and wet….I could spend the rest of my fucking life right here….” You say as you let go of my nipples and firmly grab hold of my hips. My body is literally bouncing off of you, as you pound your hard cock into my pussy and within seconds, I can feel your body stiffen as you tell me you are cumming. My pussy muscles tighten around your cock, milking it for every last drop of juice possible. Your fingers are digging into my flesh, hurting me slightly, but I won’t be aware of any pain until much later.

We lay down together, in an exhausted heap, and you wrap your arms around me, drawing me closer. I feel so safe and warm here in your arms, and within minutes we are both sound asleep.

Several hours later, I awaken to find myself alone. I sit up and look around, yet there isn’t a trace of you to be found. Then, I spot the note tucked under my pillow. I read it. It says:


You looked so peaceful sleeping, that I didn’t want to wake you up.

Thank you for a night that I will never forget, as long as I live.

Every inch of you is as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be and your taste will remain with me always.

I love you.

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