Daddy’s Wake Up Call

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Daddy’s Wake Up Call
I’m laying in bed with you, wearing only a pair of white lace panties, my head snuggled into your broad chest. I wake up super horny and desperate to receive your seed. I nudge you and you don’t wake up, so I start slowly kissing and nibbling your neck and ears. I can barely control myself, your musky scent gets me so riled up. I start kissing down your body to your already erect nipples, grinding my dripping cunt against your thigh.
“Daddy! Please wake up”
Still nothing !
I suck and nibble on your nipples and slowly run my hand down to your boxers, tugging at the waste band to let me in. I finally get my hand in, you’re already rock hard and ready to play, your cock twitches as i run my little hands slowly across your bulging balls, caressing every inch of them knowing that their contents belong inside of my fertile little boy cunt.
I kiss down your gorgeous body caressing you canlı kaçak bahis with my hands and grinding on your leg as I go. My juices running down your thigh, my clit throbbing from the friction of my panties rubbing against it. I moan and squirm as i make my way down. I finally reach your crotch and pull your boxers down. Pulling back your foreskin I begin to gently lap at your throbbing head, the combination of your smell and the taste of your morning wood makes me moan with excitement.
I stick out my tongue and take you into my mouth salivating more and more the deeper you get in my throat until I have your whole cock in my little mouth, my chin resting gently on your balls. I can hardly breathe but you feel so good, throbbing and twitching in my throat. I hear you begin to stir and moan so I pull back slowly, letting your foreskin slowly roll forward over your head and then I plunge you pinbahis giriş into my throat once more, hoping that it will wake you.
You still don’t wake up but i can feel you breathing deeply and hear you moaning in your sleep. Saliva runs down my chin and dribbles onto your balls.
I can feel a puddle beginning to form under me as my cunt juices seep through my panties. I cant take it anymore.
I need daddy’s cum inside of my tight cunt !

I climb on top of you, nudging you once more to try and wake you… Nothing.
I sit straddling you for a while, grinding my clit against your bulging head, I begin panting and moaning loudly as i slip your cock into my bonus hole. I bare down as much as I can, inviting you into my pulsating cunt. I can feel the tip of your dick kissing the opening of my cervix as I start to bounce and grind on you. You begin to moan louder as your eyes slowly pinbahis güvenilir mi open. My eyes are closed and my head tilted back in ecstasy so I don’t see you waking up.
Suddenly I feel your hands grab my hips, I gasp loudly. You tilt me forward so my hands fall onto your chest to support my weight, my pelvis lifted slightly so you can lift your hips and pound into my hole. I begin to moan louder, panting and squirming on top of you barely able to catch my breath.

“breed me daddy, fill me with your babies!”
I scream as you repeatedly plunge in and out of my dripping cunt. You begin to pant rapidly, groaning and moaning louder with every thrust, I’m a quivering twitching wreck on top of you.

My eyes widen as you push me down and thrust your shaft as deep as you can into me. I feel you swell inside of me and fill me with stream after stream of hot, thick cum. I feel its warmth fill me up, almost certain that you fired it straight into my womb. The walls of my cunt twitch and massage your dick as I lay with my head on your chest catching my breath.
“good morning little one ” you whisper gently as you stroke my hair
“so, what’s for breakfast then ?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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