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Author’s notes:

I would like to take the time to apologize in advance for a slight unorthodox opening chapter. It is basically a rambling introduction to an intimate friendship between Joshua and Michelle. I plan for chapter 1 to actually be a flashback between Michelle and her new lover. From chapter two onward I plan to explore the chaotic friendship of a guy and a gal with benefits rooming together while going to graduate school.

An Introduction

His name was Joshua Townsend. He was a twenty-five year old student entering his second year of graduate studies. At the present moment he was seeking his Masters in computer science. His time was evenly divided between his credit load and the research necessary for beginning a working draft of his thesis. It was the ability of machines to rewrite code through the implementation of learning neural networks.

What, however, was pulling more and more time from his schooling was his current (live-in) girlfriend, Michelle Casanova. The two met during his first year of graduate studies. In the beginning the two of them had just been friends. Oddly enough, they had met because of proximity of their living arrangements. The two at the time were living in campus housing, in a nontraditional student dormitory (on different floors).

(How it all began)

The two had got to talking one day. He had held the elevator in the lobby for her, it was rainy outside, she was soaked (as was he), and two had struck up a conversation about the weather. Over the course of the next few weeks, the two would seemingly run into each other at odd intervals. In time, they would become close, but remained just friends. This was because of her living arrangement at the time.

Michelle was a bi-sexual girl, though she considered herself to be mostly a lesbian. She, however, did not fit the stereotypical image of what Joshua thought a lesbian should look like (either butch or lipstick). To him she was just a girl, and seemed no different than any of his previous girlfriends. She was by no means an activist; she came from a somewhat conservative family. In the spring semester, however, her world would come crashing down around her. The girl that she had been seeing, Monique Morrison, would leave her for another woman. The woman was an anonymous blond of Nordic ancestry who played the part of an ice queen towards both Joshua and Michelle. A wall of separation became apparent and the friendship of Monique was lost in the transition.

It was during this time that the two of them became a little closer. They went out drinking a couple of times. He was not a big drinker and neither was she, however. They mostly used this time to scout for potential fill in mates for her. In less than subtle ways she gave hints at her need for companionship. It wasn’t until about their fourth date together that she finally revealed that she was not a lesbian, but actually bi-sexual, but not all that experienced with men.

Little more was said of her wants from the previous night. At the time he had believed her confession to be spurred on by her cognitive state. She had been somewhat drunk, had come on to him, and actually made him very uncomfortable (though, truthfully aroused). The next day when he confronted her about, she did confess that she was mildly attracted to men. She, however, downplayed the nature of her confession somewhat. The two of them remained friends.

During the summer months, she spent an equal amount of time looking for a roommate and a lover off campus. She desperately wanted to leave campus housing behind her. From their brief correspondence by email (he had been visiting his parent’s at the time), it became obvious that she had met several women, but none of them turned out to be the “one.” It was somewhat subtle that she had been sleeping around, but he did not have the courage to confront her about it. Instead, he left hints about possibly coming and rooming with him until she could find a place to stay.

He had moved out over winter break into an apartment. It was a single bedroom, with a study (that could be converted in another bedroom). It was on the eleventh floor, on the bus route, and a bargain. He had got the information necessary to apply for the unit through a friend in the department. The cash necessary had actual come from a previous settlement during his undergraduate years. It basically was hush money that had been paid out for somewhat unethical behavior that he had partaken in. It was by no means an illegal activity, but the large payment allowed a certain individual to keep their dignity. In response, he had originally tried to decline the money, however, when it became obvious that he had little choice, he had taken it and invested it. At the time he had been twenty, a second year sophomore, who was confused, and in the process of making a major change from psychology to computer science (his father had been a psychiatrist).

Returning to campus around the end of July, it surprised him somewhat to find that she was willing to take him up on his bakırköy escort offer. During the first weeks of August he helped her (with some friends) move into his place. She did not have that much furniture, though she did have a lot of clothes, books, and other personal items.

The spare computer room that he had been housing old hardware, mostly servers and other obsolete ware in was moved to a friend’s place. With the computer hardware now gone, her room was essentially identical to his. Her room was a little longer, however. The room had housed a coffee table, sofa, and a single end table at the far end of the room. It surprised him when she requested to keep the furniture.

Moving in, she than placed down a massive rug. On top of this she positioned a queen size bed, which she had just purchased. A nightstand with a black compact flight went to the right. Overhead, he installed a ceiling fan, and than she proceeded to jam as much clothing into her closet as he believed was possible. As for her entertainment lifestyle, she had very little. Her only items were a Black Mac Book, iPod player (nano for running), and an iPhone. She, however, did enjoy watching his 42″ LCD HDTV, mostly because it housed a three-way digital turner, and had an attached X-box 360 gaming unit. Surprisingly, the girl was quiet addicted to online gaming, mostly of the fast shooting-um-up first person games.

The gravity of his situation did not hit him until the following weekend, a good two weeks before classes were scheduled to start. That evening she had come out of the shower wearing only an ivy white pair of jockey hi-cut panties and a long sleeve sweat shirt. It was evident that she was not wearing a bra because of the way her bust strained against the material. Up until now, she had been very modest around him. This was the most that he had seen her undressed, and she was by no means even semi naked. At no point had she even tried to position any feminine toiletries in the bathroom beyond the typical shampoo, body wash, and facial soaps and cleansers. Not a tampon or vibrator insight, which made him a little more comfortable, but yet at the same time, worried him some too. He wondered if she was really all that at ease staying with him.

Strangely though, he felt his member swell for the first time, and it became clear to him that he was living an illusion. It was more of a lie than a figment of his imagination. Still, it was a reality distortion nonetheless. He was wasting money, to rent a nice place, and for what? To impress a girl that saw him as nothing more than a kind of wingman to escort her downtown as she barhopped and hooked-up with other chicks.

He had noticed a startling change in her behavior pattern upon moving in though. The bar scene had virtually disappeared. She still went out, a little more than he was comfortable with (mostly himself, he was more introverted). She, however, rarely got drunk anymore. Further, she never brought girls home; at least not to spend the night.

Coming back to the present, he noticed that she was starring at him. She had noticed him giving her the eye. He dipped his head, blushed a little. He turned and began to walk away.

“Wait,” she called after him.

Turning around, he eyed her once more. He was mostly taking in a fleeting view of this gorgeous girl that was rooming with him. Joshua was no slouch. He was just less than six feet tall. He had a chiseled jaw, high cheek bones, deep blue eyes, and a killer smiled that was enhanced with his pearly whites. His frame was just over two hundred pounds, lean and muscular, but very compact with a thirty inch waist. This was mostly due to his previous conditioning.

She, however, was a bombshell, not the blond variety either. She was of Hispanic heritage. Her hair was black, long, and straight. Her face was embraced with high cheek bones, pouty lips, and deep brown eyes. Her skin was dark, but only mildly more so than his. He did not know her measurements, but guessed that they were something in assessment of 34d-24-35, though he could have been off by a few degrees. Still, while she was a hottie, and worked hard for her body (daily running and bi-weekly freestyle swimming); what had originally attracted him to her was her personality. She was a flaming flirt, but in an unusually conservative way. It was hard to explain, but he just felt drawn to her whenever she was around him. Not even for intimate reasons, but just to observe the nature of her fluid sexuality that oozed out of her sensuous body.

A very pregnant moment of silence passed between them. “Yes?” he inquired.

“Did you like what you saw?” she coyly inquired. He noticed that she was biting her lip a little as she uttered the words.

“Huh?” he was dumbfounded by the straightness of the question.

“I think you know what I mean,” she remarked.

“Well…ah, sure, I think you’re body is…well,” he uttered, barely thinking.

Grabbing onto the counter, she positioned her body against the bare wood of bakırköy eve gelen escort the cabinets, and in the very next motion hoisted herself up. Sitting on the counter, he got a fairly good view of the hi-cut panties she had on. It was becoming apparent that she was neither drunk, nor high. Michelle was clearly aroused though. It was a playful sort of arousal, it was by no means passionate, and her mannerisms by no means signaled her intentions.

Another uncomfortable pause came between them, but before he could speak again, she cleared her throat. “Tell you what, if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine,” she said in a very husky voice.

She was playing with him and he knew it. Still, he enjoyed the openness of their conversation. This was a slightly different side of her, a side that she did not expose that often.

In the past, however, brief, he had dismissed her somewhat awkward advance as being under the influence of alcohol. When no reference was made the following day, he often concluded that he was right, and that when she got drunk, she got horny. It did not matter if it was a guy or a girl, she was after all a professed bi-sexual. Though, she had not dated men recently, her last boyfriend had been during her freshman year of college. Now she was sober and a wanton. Welcome to the club, he thought.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea, you are after all,” he trailed.

She glared at him. “What, a lesbian?” Not waiting for a reply, her face turned back into a smile, and she calmly remarked, “Come on Josh, it will be fun.” Pause. “I haven’t seen one in a while, and it is obvious that you would like to see mine.”

He was still taken back. “So you want to see my…penis, and in return I get to see your,” he stopped and his head motioned below.

“Nope,” she responded. She guided his eye contact back up her face and placed the palms of each hand under her bust. Enhancing her bust, she smirked a little. “No pussy, but you can see and maybe touch my twins.”

Stupidly, he found himself soon agreeing to her little game. In the living room part of their shared apartment, he watched as she removed her sweatshirt. Underneath she exposed a beautiful pair of breast. She was very well endowed, though he now known they were fake from prior conversations. Still, her surgeon had done a marvelous job. Letting him touch them, she was amazed at how sensitive his hands were on her.

“Question?” he mumbled.

Pause. Her eyes met his. “Yes,” she stated. She felt the authority of the situation; it kind of gave her a new sense of power.

“When did you get them done again?” he asked. He had honestly forgotten due to the amount of details she had told him about her life over the past two weeks; it had been a markedly more personal nature than when they had just been friends.

“Just after I graduated from high school, though I did have them redone after my sophomore year of college,” she calmly, in a matter of fact voice informed him. She was very good at teasing him, and the two of them knew it.

Taking a seat on the coffee table, she looked at his crotch. He knew that she could see that he was very erect. Still, she motioned for him to remove his black shorts. He paused, a little mortified. He was not nearly as well endowed as her. His penis was fairly average, though it did have a slight bend that some women seemed to enjoy, and was mildly thicker than the typical dick.

“I’m not sure that this is a fair trade,” he mumbled.

She made eye contact with him again, after having eyed his nether region. “Well, than you should have thought about the deal that you were making…now off with the pants please.”

Mortified, he got up enough, and in one sweeping motion, he tugged them down. Her eyes traveled down. She was in awe, and he was sort of wondering why. He was typical guy. Joshua was a little less than six inches. His penis was a little thicker and had a slight bend to it, though it neither trait was all that uncommon.

“Can I touch it?” she inquired.

He paused. “Sure, I guess,” he responded. He was a little unsure of his statement though. In truth Josh was pretty aroused and a couple of strokes were likely to set him off. Luckily for him, however, her touch was very gentle. Almost too gentle, she was handling his prick like a piece of china. It than occurred to him that she might not have that much experience with guys. He had just assumed that she had slept with her fair of men earlier in her life and not brought up her experiences for a number of reasons. Though, thinking back it became evident to him that her talk was mostly centered on gals, if anything, guys seemed to mystify her. They were very foreign to her.

Taking her hand away, she conjures a phrase together (probably without thinking much), “My last girlfriend (talking about Monique) used to use a strap-on at times, but it never felt like yours…the way it pulses, that is so fucking cool!”

He was now utterly at a loss. Why bakırköy grup yapan escort was this so new to her, he thought? “Michelle, you have had other men in the last, right?” he suddenly inquired.

“Huh?” she paused. “Ah…yeah, in the past, but it has been a while,” she coyly stated.

In truth he did not know whether was telling the truth. He really had no way to measure her experience, but based on her recent actions, he was beginning to have some doubts.

(The first few weeks of school…)

The two of them had begun their classes. She had increasingly become a little friskier around him. At times this would tantamount to some flirting, and at others a little touching and feeling. They never kissed or embraced really. It was just some friendly touches.

He further noticed that she was no longer as conservative around him. It was not uncommon to see her in some kind of lingerie or underclothing; sometimes she even went topless. She would often notice his erections and comment in rather vague terminology about what she saw. This would often leave him embarrassed.

Finally, he also noticed a change in the way she perceived their shared living arrangement. She was now more comfortable showing her side of life. This meant that the laundry often had her panties, bras, and slips lying around (waiting to be washed). Her magazines, professional journal were everywhere. She had even taken up to trying to feminine his place a little. The final change, probably the most personal had been the slowly progression of toiletries into their shared bathroom. Now along with his razor kit and body spray was her equivalent items. She, however, slowly brought in some more personal items as well. It began with a couple of tampons suddenly appearing and within a week had transitioned to a small supply of feminine products below the sink. He had not really objected. In truth he found the settle ways in which she had schemed to place them within their bath as rather cute.

The only change that was not made to reflect their joint lifestyle was that the two of them kept separate phones. They had separate lives after all. He still saw an occasional girl, and she seemed to bounce from one girl to the next. It was surprising how many bi-sexual girls there were on campus. Now, however, she occasionally would swing by with them. Surprisingly, few of them took offense to her living with a man (even when she explained he was straight).

(A night in early October)

He had returned home early from a short evening of classes. His professor had been out with the flu, the seminar, which amounted to nothing more than a loosely tied together lecture, had been put together at the last minute by a fellow graduate student, who was a PhD candidate. It had been on the development of a usage microkernel for computer operating systems. In truth, it was a very boring lecture. Further complicating his notebook that night, his mind was elsewhere. The night before he had walked in on her, she had been on her cell-phone talking to a new girl friend. Her name escaped him at the moment. Michelle had wanted to know for some time (a little over a week) if she was interested. Her call had basically been to ask her out.

He had overheard some of their conversation in the hallway. She had talked about needing to get her pussy licked. Apparently, it had been a while. He concluded that most of her recent attempts with other girls had flamed out. By her line of talk, it seemed she had not gotten laid since sometime in the early fall. It became clear that they were making some sort of plans.

Later that night, he had awakening to some groaning. Believing that something had happened to Michelle, he sprung from his bed, and not thinking entered her bedroom. She had left the door ajar. What he found was not a scene of pain but one of passion. Well, lust in actuality. She was in a fetal position. A vibrator, rabbit style was loosely held in her finger-tips. When she saw him, she was a little worried at first, but this quickly turned to annoyance. Apologizing, he quickly left. Some ten minutes later, she came out. Her silk, black chemise flaunting her curves (now he was annoyed). In the bedroom, she had been in her panties and topless.

She calmly explained to him that she had gotten a little caught up in the moment and things had gotten a little out of hand. She didn’t really explain herself further, she did, however, leave him with a fleeting reference to her body being on a little bit of a rollercoaster. He of course took this to mean multiples. They talked for a while, however, just when things began to get interesting her new friend called. That night he attempted to masturbate his worries away, but could not manage to do so. He needed some air. A late night trip to campus was what he needed. He had some research notes to look over, and his procrastination over the past few weeks had delayed this.

(Two hours later)

Returning home, he noticed that she was home (someone had gotten the mail). Entering, he found her to be with her new friend. They were on the sofa. It looked like he had walked in on a make-out session. He started to excuse himself, when her friend, Jessica Hines got up and began to excuse herself. She needed to get to work. Michelle tried desperately to get her to stay a few more minutes. She, however, insisted that she needed to get going.

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