Dana’s Story Ch. 26-28

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Dana joins Randy at the gym, where he teaches her about strength training—and the two of them take advantage of the shower to get some much-needed exercise of a different sort. Sadly that’s most of the sex Dana gets during finals. Near the end of Christmas break, Dana arrives in Arlington to visit Zoe’s family. Not a lot of sex in this one, folks—but there’s plenty next time.


Dana woke to Randy prodding her—and not in a good way. “Wakey, wakey.”

The room—Randy’s room, she remembered — was blindingly bright. Dana peered through one slitted eye, the other screwed tightly shut. “What’s wrong with you?” she demanded. Or intended to. Her voice came out slurred with sleep.

“Time to go to the gym,” Randy chirped, obscenely cheerful for so early in the morning.

“Don’t wanna,” Dana replied, closing her eye, and fading fast.

“Yes, you do,” Randy said. “You told me so.”

Yes, she had. But that was last night, when the prospect of rising at dawn to go work out was still far enough away to be safely theoretical. Now it felt like volunteering for her own execution.

Randy stripped away the nest of warm bedclothes, leaving her face down in only her skin. “Cruel!” Dana muttered.

She felt Randy fondle her ass. “You’re the one who said she wanted a nice round ass you could bounce quarters off of.”

Dana sighed theatrically. Yes, again, she’d said that. “I did.”


Dana sighed again. “Fine.”

She pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the bed, yawning behind the back of one hand. The room seemed marginally less blindingly bright. Randy was dressed, alert — and chuckling. “What’s so funny?” she demanded crossly.

“You look like Popeye when you squint like that.”

Dana scowled, which only made him laugh harder. She wished she could argue, but she couldn’t. She’d always been sensitive to glare, and her parents had photos of her as a two year-old with the same one-eyed squint. He wasn’t wrong.

She settled for a huff of displeasure and shuffled into the bathroom with her backpack. She had just finished brushing her teeth when she realized she’d left the jersey behind. She shrugged, too sleepy still to worry. Anyone who might see her naked had already shared her bed. Screw it.

Dana felt more awake—and more human—after a quick shower. Randy stood by the window, fingers tapping impatiently against his thigh as he stared out the window. She dressed under his watchful eye, pleased by his attention.

“Got your gym clothes?” Randy asked when she was done.

“Yeah.” Dana lifted her backpack.

“Okay,” Randy said, picking up a gym bag. “Let’s go.”

Dana followed him out of the building and across campus. It was a bright, cold day and she shivered inside her coat. She’d bring a sweater next time.

“Do you always work out so early?” Dana asked, breaking the silence.

“It’s not that early, really,” Randy said, “but yeah.”

Dana checked her phone. It was a few minutes past eight. Later than she’d thought, but still way early for someone used to sleeping in until eleven on Sundays. Plus, she hadn’t gotten to sleep until late. Dana smiled at the memories.

They crossed the campus and continued walking. “How far is it?” Dana asked.

“We’re here,” Randy said, pointing out a small commercial building on the corner.

The gym wasn’t anything like Dana had expected. It wasn’t a huge, sprawling glass and chrome temple to fitness. No big commercial facility. It was clearly a repurposed storefront. Large tinted windows let sunlight in while shielding the interior from prying eyes. Randy used a key card to unlock the door.

Randy turned on the lights, then signed in on a clipboard that rested on a counter top by the door. The counter had a glass-front display area filled with work-out gear and big jars of what the labels said was protein powder. A line of treadmills ran the length of one wall, as well as a second row of bicycle and rowing machines. The middle of the floor was fairly open, with large mats and some ropes hanging from the ceiling overhead. The far wall was lined with racks of weights, from tiny dumbbells up to barbells and huge metal plates. Several metal frames stood nearby, their purpose unknown to her.

“Are we alone?” Dana asked.

Randy glanced around. “There might be someone in the office back there,” he said, leading her toward the area, “but for the moment, yeah.”

“Back there” was a corridor Dana hadn’t noticed. A bank of small lockers and a coat rack lined one wall. There were several doors, one leading to an office. The others looked like closets, but were two small changing rooms and two showers, each only large enough for one person—or two, in their case.

Changed into shorts and a t-shirt, Dana followed Randy over to the wall of weights. “You’re sure I’m not gonna get big, bulging muscles?” Dana asked, only half kidding.

Randy smiled. “Not from a single workout, no,” he said. bakırköy masöz escort “You have to work long and hard to develop a bodybuilder’s physique, and that’s not what we’re doing.”

“You said it would be hard work.”

Randy placed a barbell inside one of the metal frameworks, then paused to look at her. “It is. Strength training isn’t complicated, but it’s hard work. And it’s not bodybuilding, either. We’re not looking to develop ‘big, bulging muscles’ here. Just strength.”

He stepped over to put his arms around her. “You will add some muscle mass if you work at this, but how much is up to you. You’ll definitely have a bigger, firmer booty when we’re done, which is what you said you wanted.” He lowered his hands to fondle her ass. “Not that I don’t like it just fine as is.”

Dana rested her cheek on his shoulder to hide her face. She appreciated his words, though she had no doubts that he liked her body. He made that clear quite frequently. But try as she might, she couldn’t entirely avoid comparing herself to Zoe or June, or countless other women. If she could really improve her skinny physique, acquire some curves—and strength—she wanted to do it.

“Okay,” Dana said, lifting her head to look at him. “Let’s do this.”

* * *

Randy was right—it wasn’t complicated, but it was hard. He did each exercise himself first while Dana watched. Watched and marveled. She thought he was lifting a lot right off the bat, but he kept adding weight with each set—and those were only warm ups! She’d known he was strong, but the weight he used for his actual workout was amazing.

After he’d finished each exercise, Randy unloaded the bar and coached Dana through the exercise. He spent a lot of time explaining the theory and practice of each exercise, and correcting her form. There were a lot of details to keep track off, and the bar alone was heavier than she’d expected. He touched her a lot as he coached her, but his touch was impersonal and not at all playful. He was completely focused on teaching her.

Dana found both his strength and his focus unexpectedly arousing. She already knew his strength turned her on, but seeing just how strong he was, and how carefully he instructed her made her want to drag him off somewhere private and fuck him. Instead, she did her best to suppress her desires and give his instruction the attention it deserved.

By the time they were done, they both were sweating heavily and Dana was breathing hard, feeling distinctly weak and out of shape. “Don’t,” Randy said when she mentioned it. “Everybody has to start somewhere. If you keep working at it, adding a little weight each time, you’ll be lifting more weight than you ever imagined you could before you know it.”

Dana had no reason to doubt him, but her self-image as a skinny, nonathletic girl was hard to shake. “Look at her,” Randy said, gesturing at another patron.

The gym had filled up while they were working out. Dana saw a woman who looked to be in her forties, not much taller than Dana but with a thicker figure. She was deadlifting a considerable weight. Nowhere near what Randy had lifted, but far more than Dana was capable of.

“She didn’t start at that level,” Randy said. “She worked up to it. And so can you.”

Randy leaned in and Dana felt him grab her ass. The arousal she’d mostly banked came roaring back. “Besides,” he said quietly, “lifting heavy is also good for your stamina. You’ll be able to fuck longer and harder. If nothing else motivates you, I’m sure that will. Right?”

Dana turned to face Randy, stepping in close to hide the sudden hold she took on his cock through his gym shorts. “Yes,” she said. “Yes, it will.”

She met his gaze, letting the desire that filled her show in her eyes. “I need a shower. And so do you.”

“Why, Miss Smith, what kind of guy do you think I am?” Randy asked, doing his best to look scandalized.

Dana picked up her backpack and grabbed Randy’s hand. “The lucky kind,” she said.

He laughed, snatched up his gym bag, and let her drag him toward the rear of the gym and into one of the showers. It was the size of a walk-in closet, with a concrete floor, tile walls, and a curtain separating the tiny changing area from the shower itself. A single overhead light lit the room weakly.

Dana dropped her bag in a corner. She stripped quickly, then turned to Randy, who had gotten as far as removing his shirt and shoes. The sight him thrilled her, and she felt a hollow ache between her legs that could only be soothed by feeling him inside her. She crouched at his feet and yanked his shorts and jockstrap roughly down to his knees.

He was partially erect, his cock pointing down at an angle. Dana took him in both hands, cradling his balls and stroking the shaft. The head of his cock was warm and firm in her mouth, tasting of fresh sweat and his own musk. She felt him responding immediately, his cock getting harder.

“Oh god, Dana,” Randy groaned. bakırköy otele gelen escort “That’s so good.” He pushed his hips forward, eager for more. Dana swallowed nearly his whole length in one go, pleased by her ability to do so now, caressing the underside of his cock with her tongue. He quivered and groaned again.

Dana fucked him with her mouth for a few moments, until she could feel that he was completely hard, completely ready. She liked giving him oral sex, taking her time drawing out his pleasure until he erupted in her mouth. She loved the taste and the feel of his orgasm, loved knowing she had done that to him.

But not this time.

Dana released him, stood and turned to present her ass to him, leaning forward to place a hand on the bench, and another on the wall. She wanted—needed—to be fucked, and fucked hard. She told him as much.

She felt a hand on her hip, steadying her, the brush of Randy’s thighs against her legs. Another hand slid between her thighs, fingers curling over and between her wet, open lips. The fingers retreated, replaced an instant later by the blunt tip of Randy’s thick cock, parting her flesh, impaling her. She moaned, thrilled by the sensation of being filled, of Randy’s cock driving deeper until she felt the warmth of his skin pressed against her ass and knew he could go no further.

Dana waited, panting. Randy didn’t move. She’d tied her hair back for the trip to the gym; now she felt him wrap a hand around her ponytail. He pulled it tight, forcing her head back. She gasped, excited almost beyond endurance by anticipation of the action to come.

Randy’s weight shifted and she felt his cock retreat until only the head remained in contact. He thrust his hips forward as he jerked her closer with the hand on her hip and his hold on her hair, driving himself deep once more. Dana gasped again, excited by the jolt of pleasure.

“That what you want?” Randy growled.

Dana grinned though she knew he couldn’t see her face. “Yes.”

He did it again. Dana squeaked, powerfully aroused. Her legs trembled and she felt the tension gathering in her loins. “Yes,” she said again. “Please.”

Randy denied her, remaining still for a time. Dana wriggled against him, hoping to provoke him. He pulled on her hair, forcing her partially upright until she could no longer support herself with her hands. “What about this?”

“Yes,” Dana said. She tried to turn her head to look at him. He tugged on her ponytail, preventing her. “Please,” she said, giving up the effort. “Fuck me?”

The tension on her hair relaxed and Dana was able to lean forward again, resting her hands on the wall for support.

Randy began to move inside her again. He fucked her steadily, only occasionally using his hold on her hip and hair to give her an emphatic thrust. The exquisite tension wound tighter and tighter, until her legs trembled and she panted for air. A final emphatic thrust of Randy’s cock sent her over the edge.

She cried out, arms and legs failing her as pleasure overwhelmed her. She would have fallen but for Randy’s hold on her. He supported her with an arm around her waist now, and his grip on her hair. Dana sagged in his arms, confident of his strength and that he would not let her fall as she shuddered through her orgasm.

When the ecstasy faded, she stood on shaky legs, both of Randy’s arms around her now. His cock had slipped free, though she felt it trapped between her thighs. He kissed her neck. “Turn around,” he said.

Dana did, turning in his arms to kiss him, momentarily satisfied and grateful for his attentions.

He guided her to her right, turning her back to the wall. She gasped at the touch of the cold tile against her skin. Randy kissed her again, a long, open-mouthed kiss. Dana closed her eyes and kissed him back. His fingers touched her belly, slid lower, slid through her pubic hair to locate her labia, swollen and sensitive, open and welcoming.

Randy impaled her again, pressing his belly to hers, pinning her to the wall with his body. Dana broke the kiss, a long groan of pleasure breaking the silence between them. She opened her eyes to see Randy looking at her. He was just her height, the perfect height to meet her gaze. A corner of his mouth twitched, a momentary smirk of satisfaction at hearing her groan, seeing the need in her eyes.

He was breathing deeply, equally aroused if less desperate. He was in control, after all. His hands settled on her hips, holding her in place, standing practically nose to nose with her, holding her gaze as he fucked her, soaking in the way she responded to his actions. His belly brushed hers with every thrust.

Dana rested her head against the wall behind her, exerting just enough effort to remain standing so he could keep fucking her. Her eyelids sagged as she turned her attention inward, unconcerned with how she looked, neither embarrassed or excited by Randy’s intense scrutiny. She had bakırköy rus escort no attention to spare for such things.

The heat rising deep inside her built rapidly, stoked by Randy’s attentions. Her legs threatened to fail her, the muscles of her thighs trembling as the tension spilled over into her limbs. Dana pressed her hands against the wall, bracing herself lest she sink to the floor as her legs gave out.

Randy’s hands tightened, supporting her. He laughed softly to himself, pleased by her helpless desperation. He redoubled his efforts, moving faster, harder, pushing her over the edge.

Dana screamed as her orgasm took her, roaring through her body like fire, consuming everything in its path, accompanied by laughter—a joyful sound she couldn’t place—leaving her limp and gasping. Randy’s arms were around her waist now, her body pinned between his and the wall at her back, the only thing keeping her upright now.

She giggled, and realized that she had been laughing. She didn’t think she’d ever reacted that way before. Everything else—the drunken giddiness, the shuddering breaths and muscles like noodles—was familiar. Oh. As was the feel of Randy’s cock, thick and still quite hard, filling her up.

Dana got her feet under her again. Her legs were trembling but she could support herself once more. She met Randy’s gaze. No words, no gestures, not even a nod, were needed. He leaned in to press his cheek against hers, kissed her neck, and resumed fucking her.

He’d been close already. It took less than a minute. Dana wrapped her arms around him, caressing and stroking him, grunting with every frantic thrust of his hips. She felt the tension throughout his body and smiled, aroused by it. The tension wound tighter, and tighter still. Dana sensed the crisis upon him.

She dropped her hands to squeeze his buttocks. Whispered, “Come for me, babe,” before nipping an earlobe between her teeth.

Randy let out a strangled sound and slammed her against the wall one last time, before he went rigid as his climax paralyzed him. She felt his heart thudding against her breasts, the hot panting breaths on her neck, and the spurting warmth as he came inside her, a thrill to rival her own climax.

Now it was her turn to help support him as Randy sagged against her, his strength spent. She laughed again, and Randy joined her breathlessly. The kiss that followed was so spontaneous Dana could never say which of them initiated it, maybe both of them. It lasted a very long time, and Dana clung to Randy long after he’d regained his strength, in no hurry to separate.

Eventually Dana broke the kiss, nibbling at Randy’s lip. “The wall’s cold,” she whispered. She was beginning to feel chilled.

Randy took a step back, pulling her with him. He dropped his hands to grab her ass, kneading her buttocks. “Let me warm you up, then,” he replied.

Dana leaned against him, arms around his neck, making appreciative noises. The warmth of his touch, and of his body against hers helped, though she was still a little chilly. Randy reached up to take her hands and drew her with him past the curtain, into the shower area.

The shower had ferocious water pressure, and no lack of hot water. Dana luxuriated in the heat, playing grab-ass with Randy while they bathed one another. It was a lot of fun, but it had to end eventually. They toweled one another off, indulging in more grab-ass in the process.

“I’d love to take you back to my room and spend all afternoon in bed,” Randy said, when he’d finished dressing.

Dana pulled her t-shirt on. “But?”

“But I have exams tomorrow, and I really have to study.”

“I know,” Dana said. They’d compared their exam schedules. “Me, too. I have my first exam Tuesday.” Between conflicting exam schedules, the need to study, and roommates who would also be studying and thus occupying their rooms, the possibilities for privacy would be limited.

Randy took her in his arms and kissed her. “We’ll figure something out,” he said.

Dana hugged him tightly for a moment. “We’d better. I don’t think I can go two weeks without getting laid.” She thought about the toys Zoe had given her, and laughed. Zoe had been right—she might need them very badly in the next couple of weeks.

Randy looked a question at her, so she explained her laughter.

“That’s all very well for you,” Randy said with a grin, “but what about me?”

Dana kissed him again. “If you’re desperate, send me a text. If I can possibly get away, I’ll be glad to come give you a quick blowjob. Or something.”

“I like the way you think,” Randy said. “Deal.”

He picked up his bag. “Shall we?”

Dana stuffed her damp towel into her backpack. She nodded. “Lets go.”


The schedule said two weeks, but the second week ended on Wednesday with the last day of exams. Dana’s last final was scheduled on a Monday. Zoe’s tutoring early in the semester on how to study had made a huge difference to Dana. She no longer felt like exams were a crap shoot; she was confident in her mastery of the subject.

Zoe and Dana were in their room on Wednesday afternoon the first week of exams. Dana had had her second exam that morning. She was taking the afternoon off to celebrate her success. She’d been reading a novel while Zoe studied.

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