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“I am writing to let you know that in one week I will be in your area for a month. My job is opening up a new department there, so I will be within a thirty-minute drive from you. I will hope to be able to meet up with you then. I will write more to let you know more details.”

That very simple email would turn everything upside down for me. That simple note from Daniel saying he would be near me. Not that I was surprised that he knew exactly how far I would be away from him because I knew very well that Daniel loved looking at maps and things of that nature, but because I never expected to hear that he would be that near. It was something that made my mouth drop open in a surprised gasp and my heart skip a beat and then work double time trying to catch up. As my heart sped up, I also noticed how its doing so was sending tiny little aftershocks throughout my body, though they mainly seemed to center right in the pit of my stomach. I could feel it so low down that I was unable to tell if it is simple butterflies or my body’s needs awakening.

Anyway, that email was the answer to all the fantasies I had inside me both real and imagined. Daniel would be near enough to see and touch. It was something that I had wanted for so long it seemed, though due to our circumstances I had never allowed myself to feel it would be possible.

I wrote him quickly saying that I would be anxiously waiting to hear from him again with more details and then I sat back and just read his words repeatedly. Each time I read it; the thoughts of what could happen during his stay grew and blossomed into a fantasy all its own. By the time I had that short email memorized, I was so turned on and needing his touch that I wasn’t sure how I would manage to get through the week or so until seeing him.

For the next week or so, I spent my time, looking and hoping for an email or an IM from Daniel and thinking of the things we had chatted about in the past. It seems as though through IMs we often gain a better knowledge of whom we are talking to than we would if we were face to face. It isn’t so much, the sight or touch that we know through the net, more the thoughts and feelings and I felt that by now we knew each other as intimately as possible for two people that had not yet met in person.

Daniel and I have never cybered but we talked openly about our wants and needs, the touches we liked or didn’t, the pictures and ideas that turned us on. As the week wore on, I began to wonder how much of our previous chats would influence the things to come when we did actually meet. It was both exciting and scary to know that I would meet someone who knew so much about me.

Finally, after a week and a half, I opened up my email and there was another note from Daniel. Again, he kept it simple saying only, “I am here. I am staying at the Beaufort motel right off 99 room 229. Do you know where that is? If so, I am off the day after tomorrow, taking a personal day, and would like you to come meet me. If you don’t know where it is just let me know and I will write with further directions.”

The whole butterflies in your stomach idea took on new meaning upon reading that he was actually near by and ready to meet me. It was unbelievable to me to think that he was finally near enough to touch. It was every fantasy I had thought of all rolled into one.

I knew without a doubt that if I went there to see him, sex was a definite possibility. I had told him more than once that I found him attractive and Daniel had said the same thing of me a few times as well. Nevertheless, of course then came the negative thoughts that every woman must have, “What if he doesn’t like me when he sees me?” It was then that I made the decision to limit my time available. I didn’t want to show up there planning to spend the entire day, then if it went well, I would just have to hope that he would invite me back again before his return trip home.

I considered how limiting our time together could result in me missing some of the erotic things Daniel and I had mentioned. I thought of his desire to see me naked, wondering what my response would be to be fully naked while he was still dressed and just looking at me. Maybe I would even have to give up his slow sampling of every intimate part of me.

For the next day, all I could think of was every detail about how he would love to lick my pussy or how he would try to discover where my “g spot” was located inside me with his fingers. The way he had talked of teasing me if we were to meet, kissing my neck and breasts or even so far as teasing me with his tongue around my nether hole and maybe even a fingertip pushing inside as well. Each thought of him made my pussy wetter and made me wish further that he and I had actually cybered. Then at the very least I would have more of an idea of what would happen tomorrow, if it came to that, rather than just the teasing little ideas that our sexually charged conversations had left me with.

That night I was so turned on by my thoughts that I reached into esenyurt ucuz escort my little nightstand that is beside my bed and pulled out one of my most favorite little vibrators. The one that gives me a cock inside me that moves around and also has like a little rabbit head poking up to nuzzle my clit. Within moments of putting it inside me, I came hard but it only left me aching for more, a real cock, Daniel’s cock, to be inside me.

I awoke no less horny than I was the night before, and went to shower, and dress myself hoping to make a good impression for whatever may happen today. Since I had talked to him many times about a shaved pussy and had finally convinced him that he would like to be with a shaved woman, I also shaved that part of myself so that it would be nice and smooth for him if we made it to that stage. I kept my outfit simple, a black pair of leggings cause Daniel had said one time he liked those, and a black and red sweater that falls to just beneath my ass. Under that was a simple white bra with a front close clasp and a pair of white silky feeling thong panties.

As I prepared to get into my car and head for his hotel, I stopped by my computer to make sure he hadn’t had second thoughts about meeting me, which Daniel hadn’t wrote yet, and while there I decided to write him a quick email. I told him simply, “I am about to leave from here to come and see you. Today I will only be able to stay a couple hours but if all goes well, hopefully we will be able to do this again sometime before you leave.”

I only hoped that Daniel would understand my reasons for staying a couple hours rather than clearing the whole day as I pushed send on my email and grabbed my purse and car keys, then logged off my computer and went to my car.

The thirty-minute ride down highway 99 was the longest drive ever imagined. I wasn’t sure that the ride was ever going to be finished though several times I looked down at my speedometer and found that I was driving above the speed limit. That wasn’t what I wanted since the whole getting stopped for speeding thing would slow me down more. I finally gave up holding my speed down and just set the cruise control to be safe.

However, as is typical, when I did finally turn into the Beaufort motel, I almost wished I could start my thirty-minute drive over again. The nervousness of it all caught up to me quickly and I wasn’t sure that I could go through with actually meeting him. After about five minutes or so, I worked up the nerve to walk into the hotel.

Standing outside of Daniel’s room, I had another slight battle with trying to get up the nerve to knock. Finally deciding that I had come too far and was too close to back out right now, I raised my hand and knocked quickly before giving myself time to really chicken out.

Then once again, I was waiting only this time waiting for him to open the door. I would have laughed at myself had I realized how funny I probably looked standing there just outside the door, fidgeting with my hair and my sweater, trying out different ways to stand so that my best features would possibly be the first things he noticed. It seemed like forever waiting on Daniel to actually open up the door.

Finally, he did open the door and instantly I was more comfortable. The nervousness left me completely as I thought to myself, “This is Daniel. The man you have spoken to about so much and seen on cam so many times.” I stepped toward him and we both opened our arms up at the same time, both looking for the hug of long time friends and when we put our arms around one another I was even more comforted. As the hug was ending and I looked up at him and he lowered his head to kiss me, I never thought of how quick it was. His kiss was gentle and persuasive, not demanding but asking for a response and I gave him a slight sigh in answer as he lifted his lips from me and said simply, “Hi. Would you care to come in?”

I smiled and blushed a little, only having at that moment realized I was blocking him from closing the door. I walked in and did a quick once over glance around the room. There were normal hotel things, a small table and a couple chairs, a larger stuffed chair sitting in the corner, dresser with a TV on it, and a closed door that I assumed was the bathroom. The thing that dominated the room, even more so than the man in it, of course was the bed or at least my eyes were drawn to it. I am sure it was only a double bed, not uncommon in rooms but at this moment and with Daniel standing behind me that bed seemed to fill the room, if not in size then at the very least filled it with implications of what could happen. I hurriedly spun around looking for some sort of distraction from the bed and saw him standing there watching me. I said the very first thing that came to mind, “It’s a nice room.” and then blushed furiously red, wondering if he could guess where exactly my thoughts had been while I looked around.

“Thank you. Care to sit down?” He asked. I nodded rather esenyurt üniversiteli escort than trust myself to speak and turned back towards the room. I decided to sit at the table in one of the dinette chairs rather than risk inviting him to sit closer to me and me embarrassing myself further.

Daniel decided to sit on the edge of the bed, though I’m not sure if he did it as a distraction for me or if it was simply cause that is where he wanted to sit. Either way, the more I tried to talk to him while he sat there on the bed, the more I wanted to forget the conversation and move on to more important things, like taking care of the sudden tension growing in the lower part of my body or the slight ache that was forming in my breasts.

Alas, he seemed to have no trouble carrying on conversation. It was just small talk, nothing that I really wanted to focus my attention on at that time, like the weather and how warm it is outside. I tried really hard to do my part to keep up with conversation, asking about the new store, and if he had the time to see any of the sites.

Finally, the thought occurred to me that if it was going to go any further than this I would have to make the first step towards it. Daniel and I had talked enough that I felt he would want me to give a sign that I was giving myself to him. I just wasn’t sure what I would need to do in order to give him the right idea though I knew without a doubt that if I showed him I wanted to give myself to him, he would take over and lead the way. That was just the type of person he was, in control, a dominate type person but who needed the woman to submit to him.

With that thought in mind and not real sure what steps to take I decided to stick with subtle hints just hoping that he would understand what I wanted from them. I felt at least reasonably sure that he knew enough about me to understand what I wanted without me having to come right out and say it. Therefore, I stood up and took the few timid steps towards the bed and him. I stopped with only one-step distance separating me from him, to shy to take the final step. I was close enough to be able to smell his cologne or deodorant; the smell of the man….I wasn’t sure which. I continued to stand for a moment trying to gain the courage to take the final step or at the very least come up with an excuse for why I came over to stand before him. I settled on stating, “I’m not sure if you read my note this morning or not but I don’t have very long that I can stay today; only a couple hours.” Even I was surprised at how timid my voice sounded as I spoke to Daniel.

He saved me from dwelling on my shyness for too long saying simply, “I read it.” and holding out his hand towards me. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew that if I took his hand this ache growing inside me would be taken care of and with that knowledge the ache grew and spread. My tits swelled slightly in anticipation of his touch, my pussy grew wetter and felt as though it was opening itself for him. I shyly reached out to give my hand to him, my body to him, wondering if he knew what I was feeling.

When our hands met, he tugged on mine pulling me the final step closer to him leaving me standing between his slightly parted knees. His eyes held mine; I assumed he was waiting for some sign from me that I wasn’t sure how to give, so I just stood in place, hoping he would make the next move.

Daniel didn’t make me wait too long, he turned loose of my hand and placed it on his leg. I could feel the heat of him through his pants, even the texture of his jeans felt foreign on my fingers.

“Are you sure?” He questioned.

I could think of nothing to say, so I simply nodded my head.

Daniel knows how shy I can sometimes be. He has known me long enough to know that I can’t come right out and say what it is that I want or need. It is one of the things he has told me since the day we met online that I should really try to change about myself. But this is one time that he chose to not push me to over come it, with my nod yes, he leaned in towards me and kissed me softly on the lips. His gentle mouth coaxing a response from mine, His mustache tickling my upper lip, His tongue pokes out from his mouth seeking entrance into mine. I opened my mouth to him, wanting to feel the intimacy of his tongue dueling with mine.

Once his tongue had plundered my mouth quite thoroughly, and left me panting for breath, he began to kiss his way towards my neck, over my right cheek, and nibbled just below my ear. Then he worked his way down that side of my neck, forcing my head to tilt backwards to allow him easier access. He took my offering, and continued on his way, moving with gentle kisses across the bottom of my throat and back up the other side of my neck, making an erotic trail back to my mouth where he began his plundering again.

I felt his hands on the back of my thighs and then moving upward, under my sweater and over my bottom. He continued up until the etiler escort heat of his palms was pressed against the bare skin on my lower back and I felt him rub there for a moment before continuing his journey further up.

I could feel the slightly cooler air of the room upon my back and wasn’t surprised to find that when he broke from kissing me this time, it was only so that he would be able to pull the sweater off from over my head. Leaving me standing before him with only my bra keeping him from seeing my breasts which were beginning to ache for him to touch them.

Daniel glanced over me for a moment before putting his mouth back against mine. He wasn’t seeking the long drawn out kisses this time, but just visited my mouth a moment before once again working his way over and down onto my neck.

Without my sweater in place this time, he had no need to stop at the base of my neck, so he continued downwards. He kissed the breast area that was now uncovered and I was glad that my hands had rested on his shoulders after he had taken my sweater off, for if they hadn’t I wasn’t sure I could have continued to stand.

He kissed his way down between my breasts, stopping where the clasp kept it closed and I could feel my breasts swelling in anticipation of what was to come. As he kissed his way up over the other breast he raised his hands and unhooked the clasp keeping my bra in place, allowing my breasts the freedom they needed to swell and harden more.

Daniel kissed and suckled all over the exposed breast meat before him but ignored the nipples poking out at him demanding he take notice of them. The sweet torture seemed to last forever to me standing there, so that when he finally did pull one of the turgid little nubs into him mouth and began to suckle gently upon it, I squeezed his shoulders with my hands and signed as if receiving a much needed relief. When he left one nipple I cried out softly in frustration, thinking that he was done with them now until he pulled the next into his mouth. He repeated this process until I was gasping for air and almost crying for him to give me something more.

Then I felt Daniel’s teeth bite gently into a nipple, and I did cry out at the overwhelming sensations. The slight pain and then the soothing of his mouth sucking upon my nipples, sent arrows of heat straight down to my groin. Never had I been so turned on from someone just messing with my nipples. I felt sure that if he would only touch my pussy he would make me cum a second later.

I am still not sure when or how it happened, but when Daniel did finally pull back from my chest and I saw his eyes wandering down the rest of my body I realized that at some point he had taken my pants and my panties down and they were both at my knees. I was left totally naked before him from the knees up.

The pants around my knees making it impossible to move didn’t escape my notice. It felt truly submissive to be standing as I was between the legs of a man who was still fully dressed as I was doing right now. For a moment I became very self-conscious. “Would he like what he was seeing?” I questioned myself silently. The longer he sat there on the side of the bed, just taking in the sight of me, the more worried I became, and I started fidgeting around trying to hide myself from his view.

Daniel took both my hands in his and pulled them out away from my body. As he continued to look at me, my face turned red, and then I gasped as suddenly he turned loose of my hands and put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.

He went back to work on my nipples, teasing and nibbling on them, before pulling them into the heat of his mouth. As he teased them his hands began their work, sliding down onto my bottom and squeezing and massaging it, pulling me into him and then releasing me.

Again I have no idea how long this continued on, but it was both long enough that I wasn’t sure if I could handle more of it and not long enough, because I didn’t think I ever wanted for him to stop.

In time Daniel did stop once again, and he urged me to take a step back from him, and held me so I wouldn’t stumble. He knelt down on his knees to pull my pants the rest of the way off, as well as my shoes and panties.

It didn’t escape my notice that his face was almost touching the center of my being. I was sure that he was near enough that he would be able to smell the arousal of my pussy. Or maybe even close enough to catch a glimpse of my wetness as he lifted each leg to pull my clothes off. I know that on my end, I could feel the breath of air that he released as he worked to get me totally naked.

I was disappointed when he stood back up and never touched my pussy, nor did he seem all that impressed with the fact I had shaved. I knew that by now my clit would be poking out from between my lower lips and that he was able to see it without hair to shield it from his view. Instead, he pulled me close to him, letting me feel the material of his clothes, reminding me that he was still fully dressed, and he kissed my mouth once again. His tongue demanded entrance and I willingly let him inside and I slid my tongue against his. While his tongue was inside my mouth, fully, I kept it there, sucking on his tongue as if it were a tiny cock and I felt more than heard the increase of his breathing that let me know that he was enjoying it.

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