Dark Corners Ch. 1

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Walking into the bar was easy, even though the bouncer had to card her before letting her in. Sitting down and ordering was not.

The moment she entered the bar, eyes from the dark environs of the room became glued to her. It wasn’t because she was pretty, even though she was obviously that, but there was an underlying innocence and youthness about her. She looked so out of place in the out-of-the-way bar as a lily white winter flower in the middle of the desert. Although she was dressed provocatively in a tight white shirt and very tight black jeans, there was something about her that shouted, VIRGIN!

“Oh why, why why can’t I turn down a dare?” she murmured under her breath as she looked around for a seat. The place embodied dank, smoky bar. Lots of dark corners, people muttering under their breaths and waitresses with too short skirts, complete with a forbidding-looking bartender.

Sarah does not usually go to bars. She was raised by a middle-class Catholic parents and has always stayed up till curfew and then dutifully go to sleep at the appointed time. Although some of her friends have invited her to go disco-dancing or at least just go to some late parties thrown by one friend or another, she has always refrained from imbibing too much and letting go.

She tried to remember why she was there. The night started out as just another one of her and her girlfriends’ little get-togethers. Lots of food, a little bit of drinking and gossiping. It was part of their monthly ritual. Things were getting boring so one of them started a truth or dare game. At first, it was just mild stuff but as the alcohol started flowing, the questions and dares have become bolder and bolder to the point where Tina, halkalı bdsm escort her most outrageous friends dared her to go to the Liliana Bar at the wrong part of town. Nobody really expected her to accept the dare but some little imp inside her pushed her and now she was here, in this smelly bar, dressed in tight clothes with no underwear.

She tried bolstering her courage and sat on one of the small tables, trying to look like she belonged there. Her long black hair, wavy and half past her back, glinting red highlights in the dim lights, made it hard for her to look unobtrusive. Her face with the tilted cat-eyes, pert nose and full kissable lips made it even harder. The piece de resistance was her body. She was so small she could pass herself off as a twelve-year old but her breasts were incontestably adult-sized. On a regular-sized woman, it would look normal but on her size, it was a wonder she could stand.

A waitress came near the table.

“Whatcha havin’?” the woman asked. She was wearing a tight crop top and a skirt that looked smaller than a plastic bandage.

“Ummm…, “ Sarah started. “ I’ll have an iced tea, please.”

“Iced tea, huh? Long Island?” the waitress cocked her head in question.

“Uh, yeah! That.” Sarah nodded and the woman went away.

Glad to have gotten that over, she started looking around the bar. There were tables all around with some disreputable characters sitting around. A bar was on one side and a cleared area for dancing. There were lots of couples dancing to a slow grinding music coming from somewhere. She saw some men looking her way but avoided looking at them directly.

As she swept her gaze through halkalı elit escort the bar, her gaze caught on dark blue eyes at a dark corner. It was obviously a man although she couldn’t see much of him other than that he seemed large. He sat at one of the tables at the darkest corner of the bar. She wouldn’t have seen if not for his glinting blue eyes.

Those eyes. They were shining, showing so many complex emotions. Sarah could drown on those eyes. They were dark and liquid. So blue and mercurial. So deep.

“Miss, your drink,” a female voice startled her out of her preoccupation with the eyes in the darkness.

“Oh, yes. Thank you,” she murmured.

Sarah suddenly felt dry-mouthed and took a sip of the tea.

Drinking down the tea and listening to the music relaxed her. She has always been an easy drunk. It was the reason she doesn’t drink much. One glass of beer and she dances at the tables… or at least thinking about dancing.

“Can I have this dance?” a wonderful voice sounded near her ear. She got tingles from the warm breath on her hair. The voice was deep. The kind of voice that you hear deep, deep down.

Sarah turned and found herself face-to-face with the man from the corner. The eyes were unmistakable. They drew her in the shadows and drowned her up-close.

She couldn’t do anything more than nod. One hand held one of her hands and another clamped on her hips and drew her up. He was apparently a take-charge person.

Looking up at him, Sarah suddenly felt tingles of fear. There was something dangerous about him. Maybe it was the environment but he looked like a person who can kill. It wasn’t because he looked like an obvious halkalı escort murderer. He had a gorgeous, masculine face. Piercing blue eyes. Straight nose that was broken a time or two. Sensual lips. It was the over-all effect. An aura. But with the fear was arousal. A stiffening of the nipples and a burning of the loins.

Sarah didn’t wonder about it much. Maybe it was the alcohol but she decided not to think about what was happening and just enjoy the moment.

He was a good dancer. Swaying her to the music without a thought. He would move them from one movement to the next. He was seducing her. Moving their bodies. Tempting her. Enticing her to lose her inhibitions. His thighs between her legs.

Looking up at him, she felt small in comparison. He was tall. A full head taller than her and muscular. Broad shoulders and all. He was staring down her and his eyes have changed from dark, dark blue to a smoky blue-gray. Desire in his eyes.

They were at the center of the dance floor. Other dancers all around them. He started to move her closer to him. Closer and closer till all of her body pressed to him. It felt wonderful. She can feel his cock pushing at her. Then he started lowering his hands from her lower back to her hips. Then lower till he grabbed her buttocks. He started grinding their loins together.

It was all Sarah could do to keep down a moan. It felt so wonderful. She was going up in flames, feeling him down there. He started grinding harder and harder and she wasn’t able to hold it anymore. She let go…

Sarah clung to him as she felt her implosion. There was no other way to describe it. It was the first time she orgasmed. It was different from what she felt at the times when she did it to herself.

“Wanna go out, baby?” he murmured down to her.

Sarah couldn’t do anything more than nod.

To be continued… obviously. Please don’t be impatient with me but I’m going to very long in putting the next part because I still have other things to think about like school and stuff.

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