Daughters of Darwin Ch. 00: Prologue

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Under the steady stream of demanding kisses from Tanya, Mark sank back on the couch. He already knew she was a big eater – the way she had handled that huge rib-eye steak when he had taken her out had left no doubt about that – but now it was becoming clear that she also knew other things to do with her mouth. And he was loving that.

As he lay back, Tanya straddled him and ran her hands through his curly black hair, looking deep into his eyes.

“I want you,” she said.

Mark smiled and tousled a strand of her silky dark blonde hair between his fingers. “Yeah, I could figure. So, how do you…?”

“Shush.” Tanya gently put a finger on his lips, smiled, sat up and started pulling his shirt over his head. “Just let me have you,” she said. “I promise, you’re going to love it.”

“Mmh.” So Tanya was one of those girls who liked taking the initiative. Mark sure didn’t mind that. Not that he wouldn’t have minded the opposite, of course. In his experience, sex was equally satisfying regardless of whether you gave or received it as long as both partners were okay with the arrangement. If it was his turn to receive today, well, so be it.

As soon as Tanya had relieved Mark of his shirt, she started unbuckling his belt, and Mark took the opportunity to reach for Tanya’s blouse to unbutton it. To his surprise, Tanya stopped him by taking his hands into hers.

“Be a good boy,” she said. “Trust me.”

“Aw, come on!” Mark protested. “Can’t I at least take a look at you?”

Tanya smiled brightly, let his hands go, pulled her blouse out of her skirt and opened the top two buttons before taking it off by unceremoniously pulling it over her head.

“Whoa, you’re not even…”

…Wearing a bra, was what Mark had intended to say, but at the same moment, he realized that she hardly needed one. Not that her boobs were too small – Tanya had what looked like beautifully round B-cups, but they seemed to be firmer than any breasts Mark had ever seen before, almost as though they were mostly muscle tissue. Perky pink nipples stood up on top of them – not too big, not too small and looking vey suckable. Mark loved sucking tits, and the thought of sucking these two babies was already enough to made his cock harden.

Tanya’s belly was flat and as firm as her breasts, with muscles moving visibly underneath her skin. She was definitely working out, though not to a degree where it would have become unaesthetic. Her body overall looked very balanced – slender but not thin, with soft feminine curves yet without an ounce too much in the wrong place. Whatever sport she was doing, it really helped accentuate her natural beauty.

“Like what you’re seeing?” Tanya grinned.

“Very much.”


Tanya continued where she had left off and opened Mark’s belt, then unbuttoned his jeans. Mark lifted his hips for a moment so that she could continue to undress him and had to resist the urge to touch her body. She had made it clear that she didn’t beylikdüzü otele gelen escort want that and Mark wasn’t an idiot. He was perfectly fine with how things were going; no reason for him to risk that.

When Tanya got to pulling down his underpants, Mark was already half-erect and the feeling of her soft hands on his skin was enough to make his cock stand up entirely. Tanya saw that and chuckled, gently running her hands over Mark’s lower belly without touching his dick. Not that that would have been necessary. Mark went full mast from her caresses anyway.

Eventually Tanya looked at Mark, smiled sweetly, took his cock with her right hand and raised her hips, apparently to take him into her.

“Whoa,” Mark protested. “Hold it!”



Tanya looked at him for a moment with a strange look in her eyes, but then she nodded and sat down on Mark’s legs again. Mark reached down to his jeans, struggled to pull his wallet out of the back pocket and took out the rubber he had put there before leaving the house that day. Turning it between his fingers, he looked at Tanya.

“You wanna put it on me?”

Tanya shook her head. “You wanna wear it, you put it on yourself,” she said. Her voice had a very, very slight mocking tone.

Mark shrugged, opened the foil and rolled the rubber over his stiff cock. His dick seemed even larger today than usual – Tanya’s presence really seemed to bring out the best in him.

As soon as he was done, Tanya raised her hips again, gently grabbed his cock again and guided it as she sat down on it. Mark had already suspected she wasn’t wearing panties underneath that skirt, and as he could feel himself slide in between her pussy lips, he knew his suspicions confirmed, though the feel of her inside was unexpected. It was surprisingly soft for…

“Wow, fuck!”

The sudden tightness around Mark’s cock took him entirely by surprise. Mark was twenty-seven and had been inside quite a few women in his life. Some had been quite tight and narrow; he had experienced quite a lot of friction fucking them. Others had been soft and squishy inside; fucking them had felt warm and cozy. Tanya looked somewhere between eighteen and twenty-two, and from her looks should have been in the “tight and narrow” category. Mark’s cock had still entered her effortlessly – however, now that he was actually inside Tanya, he could feel her pussy squeeze him good!

“Like what you’re feeling?” Tanya smiled.

“Fuck, yes”, Mark gasped. “That… that is…”

“Shush,” said Tanya and began to ride him.

The feeling was incredible. Tanya really WAS narrow – her pussy grinded him good as she rode him from the tip of his glans down to his balls. At the same time, even though his cock felt as though it was in a really tight spot, Tanya absolutely didn’t seem to mind taking it. Her eyes were closed, her face perfectly relaxed – she wasn’t even beylikdüzü rus escort moaning, or panting, or giving off any of the usual noises tight girls made when Mark fucked them. Tanya simply seemed to enjoy him.

Not that Mark didn’t enjoy it either. Tanya really knew how to shake her hips. Mark’s cock slid in and out of her with almost its entire length at each of her moves. The pace she made was more than enough to excite him yet slow enough so that he wasn’t racing towards an orgasm. Even though she was so beautifully tight, he would definitely last a few minutes if she continued like this.

After a short time, Tanya shifted her weight a little and began to lower the speed of her hips. She leaned forward a little and opened her eyes, looking at Mark as she continued to fuck him, now in a different style: Her pussy still felt every bit as tight and narrow and she pulled away from him, but as she moved back and took his cock inside herself again, her pussy suddenly felt a whole lot softer – very much like when she had first taken him in. As soon as she had him in at his full length, the tightness returned, then she lifted herself again, then she softened, fell back down on him – and so on.

As she was now leaning over him much closer than before, Tanya’s breasts were hanging just inches over Mark’s face, and even in that position, they looked perfectly firm. They weren’t even jiggling as Tanya rode him; the rosy nipples stood upright as perfectly as before, an absolutely irresistible sight.

And so, as Tanya closed her eyes in pleasure once again, Mark took his chances and quickly sucked her right nipple into his mouth.

One suck was all he could accomplish before Tanya gasped in surprise and sat up, pulling herself away from him, but that one suck was enough to leave a sweet, somewhat buttery taste in his mouth. It had to be some beauty cream Tanya had used, but strangely, the taste conjured up pictures in Mark’s mind, pictures of… what? Mark had no idea. Places? People? Mark had no idea why the taste would have stirred up something like that inside him, something he couldn’t even recognize at this time.

“Naughty boy,” Tanya purred as she saw the confusion on his face, but then she smiled again and began increasing her riding speed again. “Naughty boy. I think I’m gonna punish you good.”

Mark felt Tanya’s pussy tighten around him more forcefully, and now she was definitely squeezing down on his cock. He had already suspected that she had a pretty good control of her insides, and the way she grinded him now was proof of that. There was no way he would last very long if she continued like this.

Tanya watched Mark’s face closely as he approached his climax, tightening down on him even more and now riding him mercilessly. She started panting lightly, the first time she showed any signs of physical effort since she had started to fuck him, and her cheeks started to redden. “Come on,” she beylikdüzü türbanlı escort gasped. “Give it to me! Give it all to me!”

Mark tried to hold on, but he knew he had no chance. Tanya’s pussy sucked down on him mercilessly; it was now a matter of seconds until he would be ready. “I’m coming,” he groaned, and at the same time, Tanya’s pussy tightened around him so strongly that he thought she would squeeze his cock right off, then suddenly relaxed as Tanya pressed her hips against his.

“Come,” she whispered.

And Mark came. Bucking and shaking, his cock emptied load after load into that beautiful young woman on his lap. Tanya closed her eyes and moaned in delight as she felt him orgasm underneath.

Finally Mark was finished and sank back on the couch, panting heavily. That had been one HUGE orgasm for him, one that had left him drained and weak – a comfortable weakness, though. He felt warm and cozy and didn’t want to do anything but continue to recline there and doze off with his cock securely tucked inside Tanya’s warm pussy.

Tanya had other plans, though. She leaned forward, gently kissed Mark’s lips and then, to his great disappointment, stood up. Her pussy tightened around his falling cock one last time as she stood up and let it slip out of her.

“You’re done already?” Mark asked.

“YOU are done,” Tanya smiled as she stood up and took her blouse from the floor. “Or can you honestly say you’d be able to go for another round?”

Mark smiled wryly. “There’s more to me than just my cock,” he said. “I have a tongue, for example.”

Tanya laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you do,” she teased, “but I’m afraid that your tongue won’t do. I need something inside of me.”

“I also have fingers,” Mark suggested.

Chuckling, Tanya shook her head as she put her blouse back on. “You’re sweet,” she said, “but no. It was fun with you, but we both agreed that we’d do it just this once.”

“But Tanya…”

“Or didn’t we?”

Mark lowered his gaze. “We did,” he said, “but I thought you liked it.”

“I did.” There was only sincerity in Tanya’s eyes. “I really did. You were every bit as good as I hoped you would be.”

“Then why…?”

Tanya sighed as she closed the final buttons of her blouse. “Don’t make this weird, okay? No questions. You promised.”

“Yeah…” Mark looked up at her again. “I just thought…”

“Don’t,” Tanya said, walked to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Don’t think, okay?”

“Okay.” Mark smiled, though a little wryly. “I’ll try.”

“Good.” Tanya returned the smile much more brightly than as she had received it. “I know you will.”

“So we won’t be seeing each other again?”

“No. No, we won’t.”

Mark nodded. It was true – it was what he and Tanya had agreed on. Only once, and then she’d leave. And he had been okay with that.

But that had been before she had fucked him.

Tanya had finished putting on her shoes and already picked up her purse. “Bye,” she said.


Mark watched her as she walked towards the door to his apartment, turned towards him one final time, smiled and then opened the door and left. When she shut it behind herself, Mark knew that she would not return.

It wasn’t until fifteen minutes later when he noticed that there was no trace of the rubber he had put on.

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