Dave’s Fantasy Ch. 01

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Martine awoke to find a message from Dave saying, “Stop what you are doing. Go to the toilet and finger fuck yourself. Think about pleasing me. Tonight you are my sex slave – for pain and pleasure.” Wow! She had not had a visit from Dave for several days and had been waiting to hear. Later she got another email with her instructions for the evening’s liaison.

Martine went to the ladies just before leaving work and masturbated through her thong, until her juices soaked the thin material. On the way home she picked up a soft porn video (guaranteed to get them horny). Once home, she set out on her table: three wine glasses, two items to be punished with (she had chosen a ruler and a book), two dildos and her juice-stained red thong.

The three glasses puzzled her but she figured all would become clear later. Martine put the video on ready to play. She washed, and anointed herself with her favourite musky perfume, and got dressed in her leather lace-up halter-top and slinky black long skirt and blue lace thong. Bare-footed and wearing her glasses (these were a turn-on for Dave and he had specifically requested these), she awaited ‘her Master’.

Dave’s arrival was signalled by a knock on the door just before 8:15 pm. Martine opened the door and they kissed hello. After perusing the items on the table, Dave instructed Martine to undress him so he could relax. This she was pleased to do, as the sight of his body would get her juices flowing.

Martine slowly undid the button and zip of his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Pretending to ignore the bulge in his pants she turned him around and slowly took off his t-shirt while kissing and stroking his back. Mmmm! He felt and smelt very nice and her hands slipped forward to caress his stomach, beylikdüzü ucuz escort just stopping short of the waistband on his boxers. A little extra teasing, by slowly removing these just a bit at a time, while brushing his cock very slightly with her hands and finally he was naked!

Dave sat down on the low green sofa and told Martine to lick his cock but not use her hands. She enjoyed moving a cock around with just her tongue and it was great fun. She blew softly on his cock and it stood up to reach her mouth! So arousing! She just had to do it a few times more! Martine loved to tease! Dave put his cock in her mouth. It felt warm and swollen with anticipation. Mmmm! Martine moaned with pleasure. Yummy! She slid her tongue around the top of his now wet cock, slowly and then fast, twirling her tongue around the tip.

Breathing softly on the head of his cock to tease, followed by long licks on the underside, Martine then engulfed his shaft in her mouth. Slipping her mouth up and down slowly, circling her tongue on the head of his cock, Martine increased Dave’s arousal and she could feel his cock throbbing with the expert manipulation of her lips.

Dave could watch Martine’s head move up and down, catching glimpses of his shaft disappearing in her mouth. Erotic scenes on the video added to his arousal!

Martine left off teasing Dave’s cock and slowly slid over to lie on the floor cushions to show him how she masturbated with her fingers and dildos. Martine loved to be an exhibitionist and gave Dave a glimpse of her open pussy and clit before inserting her dildo and moving it slowly in and out of her fanny! Dave lent forward and using his fingers to see how wet she was he stroked her beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort pussy lips before putting his fingers in Martine’s mouth, so that she could taste her arousal. Mmmm! Sensual! The dildo was getting her very excited and hot. A flush spread across her chest as the heat increased and she moved her hips up and down, arching her back as she got more excited.

“Show me how far it will go in”, Dave asked. “Use your fingers too”. With the dildo in her pussy as far as it would go, Martine teased her clit with her forefinger, bringing herself close to climax and then stopping so that she knew she would cum later.

Dave got down on the cushions and with a smile, withdrew the dildo. Ohhh! He loved to tease too! He instructed Martine to bend over and get on her knees. With his arm around her waist, he slapped Martine several times on her butt, so hard that it stung. Ouch! Ouch! It hurt, but Martine particular liked being spanked while the vibrator was inside her pussy, for Dave had slid the dildo inside her pussy and continued with the smacks. Ohhh! The pain and pleasure at the same time was exquisite! Dave then inserted his finger in her pussy at the same time as the vibrator, which felt wonderful and waves of pleasure swept through her body.

Swiftly, Dave rolled her onto her back and got Martine even more aroused when he knelt over her prostrate body and rammed his cock in her mouth. She inserted the vibrator in her pussy and he told her to imagine that there was another guy’s cock in her pussy, while her Master’s cock was in her mouth. Ohhh! That felt very good and Martine hungrily sucked on Dave’s penis as he thrust in and out of her mouth. Dave spurred her on with beyoğlu escort his words to imagine the scene with another man there. Two men to pleasure her! Oh, the ecstasy and yearning! The power of suggestion was immense. Martine took Dave’s cock right into her mouth, her tongue rolling around the base! She was so close to coming.

He withdrew his shaft from her mouth as he came. His cum spilling over Martine’s tits and stomach, sliding down the curves of her body. There was so much, and it felt so nice that Martine got even more aroused and she really needed to cum so bad. However, Dave insisted that she continued to masturbate for him while he watched. Her fingers moved in and out of her pussy as she teased herself for his pleasure.

The sight of Martine masturbating for him got Dave aroused again and he moved in to fuck her hard and fast, putting her legs on his shoulders before turning Martine on her side, the pleasure of this position made Dave cum again! The aching in her pussy was so great and she begged him for more.

However, Dave was in control this evening! He bade Martine pour him some wine before carrying her to the bedroom. He stretched out on the bed and allowed Martine to sink her pussy down slowly on his cock. It felt so good sliding in through her moist, silken pussy lips. She had her back to Dave and raising her butt she furiously rode his cock.

With the vibrator on her clit, Martine felt the spasms going through her body as she came. It was wonderful! The sensation of her muscles contracting in pleasure was so arousing for Dave that he lifted Martine off his shaft and turned her onto her knees and immediately fucked her from behind. Hard and fast! It was great! He came and they both lay gasping!

Dave then had to leave for an appointment across town but Martine felt sure that she must have been a good slave because she only got punished once and she had enjoyed that anyway! She had forgotten all about the ice ready in the fridge! The pearls too! Oh well, he will have that pleasure to come another time. Now just why had there been three wine glasses she wondered…

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