Dear Jim Ch. 01

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Dear Jim,

We haven’t met yet but Lori has told me a lot about you, which I gotta say is kind of unusual. I’ve been with married women before but this is the first time one has asked me to write a letter to her husband after we’ve played. She’s worth it so here we go…

She has told me quite a bit about you, her, the kids and how your marriage has evolved into this arrangement, usually while we are resting between very energetic sessions of outstanding sex. She tells me you know so I don’t think there is harm in telling you how much I’ve been enjoying her body, those tits are exceptional and so responsive to my fingers and tongue, but you know that don’t you. As much as I enjoy her I may have to bring a close friend or two into the relationship as she is quite insatiable at times and though I try, I am usually only good for three or four sessions a day, thank heavens I work nights! Today for example, she called about 930, the kids were gone for the day and you were working so I came by your house to pick her up, nice house by the way. We should talk sometime about your boat, I think we’d like to take it some weekend for a get away to the lake.

I picked her up about 10, she was warmed up and ready as she climbed into my truck and kissed me, deeply, pulling my hand to her wonderful tit. I figured we ought to get going before the neighbors noticed so we headed out to breakfast. On the way she excitedly showed me her new belly piercing which is quite nice on such a tight flat belly, I wonder how she has kept it with the kids. Of course the piercing led to her showing me her latest trim job on her bush. I am so thankful that she doesn’t shave, I love the soft, full bush and the care with which she trims it is so erotic to watch. By now the original breakfast idea is dead and we head to my place for a more intimate one.

We arrived at my place to find my roommate and his buddy there, seems they were both laid off and were working on a drunk so we left them in the living room and headed to my room for some fun. Once there she attacked me, pulling at my clothes, kissing my face, my chest, groping, and pushing me to the bed as she threw our clothes everywhere. my cock soon was buried in her sweet mouth, boy can she suck cock! she was moaning and slurping, and swallowing all the while she was playing with my balls and fingering my ass. Did I mention Jim, she’s a great little cocksucker! I managed to get her moved around into a 69 so I could enjoy her pussy while she worked me over but clearly I couldn’t last that way long so eve gelen escort I worked her over on her back still in a sort of 69 but now I could range over her pussy and ass with freedom while she left my cock nestled in her long blond hair. I heard a noise and glanced back towards the bedroom door, apparently in our haste we hadn’t gotten it closed well. There was my room mate and his buddy, standing in the doorway, cocks out watching us. what a sight it must have been, she was splayed out in full glory writhing under my tongue and they had a full body view. She sure does like having her ass rimmed doesn’t she? I am not sure she saw our audience but she may have as she did cum very hard while I was doing her with my face, she usually does cum but not so violently.

After that she sat up and slid a slimy trail down to my cock and started licking her juices off my face and out of my beard as she impaled herself on my cock. She rode me like that through another intense orgasm which very nearly squeezed my cock right off. He nipples were so incredibly hard as she came, and she flushed a bright pink through it all. Very hot! Her nipples are so sensitive, she came again as I pulled one hard as she was coming down from the previous orgasm. She actually slumped off of me after that, very unusual but then as she spread her legs and urged me to fuck her I knew she was OK! I slid between her legs and began to pump, I thought I’d go slow and deep initially but she kept urging me to fuck her deeper, harder, always harder. Well, by now I was pumping hard into her pussy, she had her long lovely legs wrapped around my waist and cinched me close to her as I pounded her. Her fingers played with my balls and ass as I pumped into her. Then she surprised me by telling me to stop. She scooted out from under me and rolled onto her knees offering her wonderful ass and pussy to me from behind. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse so I plunged deeply back into her pussy and resumed pounding. Her moans were gaining in both frequency and volume as she really got into the pounding.

Then she surprised me again by caressing her ass with her fingers and even snaking a long finger into her asshole. That brought deep moans from both of us and yet another orgasm from her. I was hoping to work my cock into her ass after seeing that but when she came with her finger in her ass, I did too. Fortunately, I sprayed her ass with a large load, completely covering her hand, her finger, and her wedding ring.

My room mate and buddy fatih escort were still there watching and stroking, I think hoping for an invite but it was clear we were done for now. I patted her nice ass and went for water for both of us and was accosted by the guys in the living room, begging to join in. I told them I’d talk to her about it but no guarantees, the one guy, I think his name is Dave, said Lori wants them to join in or she wouldn’t have winked at them while I was pounding her doggy. I told them I’d see and rejoined her in the bedroom for round two…

When I returned Lori and I talked about my roommate and his friend joining us, she was reluctant although she did confide that she was incredibly turned on by their watching us. She just wasn’t sure she could take the next step and take all three of us. Of course the guys were right outside the door waiting to hear if they were in or out. It was very arousing when she called out to them and said, ‘you guys can watch but that’s all, … for now’ she then followed it up with another shocker, ‘you have to get naked if you want to watch and we want to use the living room.’ Well, Jim, as you can imagine that woke me up but good, it seems Lori wasn’t ready for a small gang bang but was clearly ready to put on a show! To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was up for it although my cock sure was!

I don’t know if Lori has shown you any of the pictures we’ve taken together, you should ask her sometime, she photographs very well and I did know that she enjoyed posting them online, I just wasn’t sure she’d be so free in person. We may have to hit some strip clubs!

As you can imagine, we moved to the living room and the two of them were bare assed and hard as they waited out, well, Lori’s, entrance. You’d have been proud, she was unashamed as she sashayed past them, running a finger across their chests as she went by and shaking her fine, fine, ass. She looked each of them in the eye, then at their cock, then back to the eye with a ‘mmmmm’ as she licked her lips and lay back on the couch. I moved towards her but she put up a hand and while focusing on me she simply said ‘watch’. With that she began lazily stroking her pussy, just lightly across the lips as she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. The three of us were dripping by now as we all stroked slowly while watching her. Her free hand moved to a nipple and began to pull and tug and pinch it as she opened her eyes, looked at all three of us, well our cocks anyway, moaned, smiled, licked her lips and halkalı anal yapan escort continued enjoying her body with a renewed vigor. The guys and I were really into it now, stroking hard so I moved to her free tit and took it in my mouth, whispering in her ear to watch the guys. she moaned deeply as my teeth grazed her nipple and her eyes opened, first surveying the two cocks and then locking onto the one that appeared closest to cumming, moaning a gutteral ‘cum for me you bastard’ as she looked him square in the eye. He mumbled something and she reached for his cock and tugged his load all over her free tit! I released the one I was sucking and moved to her pussy as the other guy dumped his load with his buddy’s. She came hard and damn near squeezed my head off before looking down at me and saying ‘fuck me now!’

I gave up my lip lock on her pussy and drove my cock into her with one deep, full, stroke as she pulled me tight against her cum covered tits. she opened her eyes as she cried out with the impaling and saw the two spent cocks hanging over her and reached up for them, pulling one then the other to her mouth to clean and suck. And she said they couldn’t touch! with that she pushed me up off her body but kept my cock buried and she started to stroke both of the guys again before releasing them and telling the guys simply ‘more’. She rolled me over on my back so she could ride me and had the guys on either side so she could rub their balls as they stroked and she rode my cock. Every time they started to lag she’d pull them by the balls and take a quick suck, but when they forced themselves closer or tried to grab a tit, she’d push them away and focused on riding my cock. about the time I was ready to blow she clamped down hard on me with those amazing pussy muscles as they both sprayed her tits and face. After a quick kiss on each of their very spent cocks, she really got into riding me and gave them a show, tits going everywhere, and the language! She often talked dirty while we were fucking but never like this, she was really into showing off for these guys and really got into it all. I don’t know how many times she came but it seemed perpetual. Finally she rolled off me and finished me off with her mouth as the guys stared up her gaping pussy and stroked her cum covered tits.

She swallowed my load, kissed me and thanked the guys for the hot time as we headed off to the shower. It was about time for the kids by now so after the shower I took her home and took a few minutes to check out your boat. I think we’ll want to borrow it next weekend. Lori said something about working on losing her tan lines (which I actually really like, but not as much as the thought of her bare assed in the boat!)

Looking forward to finally meeting you, Lori has invited me to dinner tomorrow night before we go clubbing, swing clubbing.

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