Debbie “DD” DiNardo

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Author’s Note: Dick is a character continued from “Mom’s Best Friend”. Debbie was mentioned in that story. This is the story of Debs and Dick.

And it occurs a day or two after the events portrayed in “Mom’s Best Friend”.

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“My God, I’d almost forgotten how big you are! How hard you get! How thick and long you are!” Debbie was moaning with lust while she was handling my erection thru my slacks. I was sitting on the picnic table while she was between my knees.

We were using the same picnic table that we had used the last time we had been here. We had had an epic fuck session then. It had been the last time we’d been together. Debbie had left town and gone to a high class technical institute. I had stayed local and gone to State. For whatever reason we had not kept in touch.

We had bumped into each other at the High School game earlier that night. Debbie still looked pretty much the same. Well, except for the fact that she no longer deserved the nick name “DD” that she had carried since 10th grade.

Debbie had always been one of the best built girls in high school. She was an early developer. As a sophomore, she was the first girl to graduate to a Double D cup brassiere. A few of the other girls caught up to her but she was the first. Debbie was never shy about having a large, lovely pair of breasts. Add the fact that she was just gorgeous, with blue eyes and dark hair, and you understand why she was so popular with all the guys. She dated, a lot. She had a whole bunch of boyfriends thru out high school. We had dated a bunch but we were never really a couple.

We got together a couple of times a month for the last few months of our Senior year. Mostly because we both loved sex! She really liked my big dick and I really liked her big Double-D tits. She was just so perky for being so big!

She was a LOT bigger now!

I knew there was something going on when I saw her at the game. She had always been proud of her body. And she never really bothered to hide what she had so much of to offer.

But when we first met she was bundled up. As if she was trying to disguise the fact that she had big tits. They were pretty well hidden when I first saw her. She wore a big oversized sweater to the game. But after she suggested that we go some where that we could ‘talk’, and we got into my car, she took it off to reveal a low-cut, skin-tight blouse. There were stress lines and gaps between the buttons. I could see the fabric of her bra thru the openings. Bulges of tit flesh were being forced up out of the neck line and her cleavage was epic!

She had turned on the front seat, facing me. Letting me take a good long look at her huge new development. She took a moment to sweep her long dark hair behind her so that I could get an unobstructed look at those massive mounds. She was freaking HUGE!

Smirking at me she rocked her shoulders to set her boobs to bouncing and jiggling. Her cleavage just billowed up and above the over matched bra that she was wearing. Then she put her hands on each side of her chest and pressed inward. This, of course, caused even more boob flesh to be exposed as both tits rose up in her bra cups. She proceeded to run her hands up and around and over her stretched out blouse while looking me in the eyes.

“Lets go to the picnic grounds,” she suggested. Well, fine by me. I was pretty sure we would have sex there. We always did!

While I drove she alternated between stroking my dick and running her hands over her boobs, pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, I can tell you!

When we got to the picnic area she led me to our favorite picnic bench.

She took a moment to show off in front of me. And she had so fucking much to show off! As she stood there pinching her nipples and fondling her big, big tits I gazed at her in appreciation!

She looked amazing! If you were to judge her from the soles of her feet to just above her navel you would guess that she weighed 105 pounds, tops! From her navel to her shoulders she looked halkalı eve gelen escort like a 250 pounder! Those boobs were amazingly over-sized for her body. Yet she bore them easily, gracefully!

She grinned up at me. “I put on some weight at The Institute of Technology and Science. It seems to have all gone to my titties. I was always proud to be big busted in high school. I know all the other girls were jealous. And the guys had a lot of fun playing with my Double D-cups. And I enjoyed the attention! Now, well, now that I’m at least a Double J-cup there is so much more to play with, isn’t there, Dick?”

I didn’t bother to respond. I just leaned over and drove my face as far into her cleavage as I could manage. She clutched me to her as I worked. I motorboat and licked between her big titties until I had to come up for air. She was sighing and giggling all the time, she had always enjoyed having me between her boobs!

“I have to be honest with you, Dick,” she told me. “I’m engaged to a great guy that I met at the Institute. And I’m not going to cheat on him. You understand, don’t you?”?

“Well, why are we here then?” It seemed a reasonable question.

“Well, a hand job isn’t cheating! I just want to play with your huge dick! My fiancé isn’t nearly as big as you are. I can still have some fun and not be unfaithful!”

I wasn’t going to argue with her. A hand-job wasn’t my first choice but I wasn’t going to turn it down, either. Not when I got to play with those huge boobs that were trying to fight their way out from her bra and blouse!

And she was really good at giving me a hand job! She was rocking back and forth, both hands clasped tightly to my dick as she pulled and pushed. She was panting and gasping with excitement. She would moan from time to time and then glance into my eyes to see how I was reacting.

How I was reacting was by getting harder and longer as she worked!

“So big, Dick,” she sighed as she worked. “I can hold my fiancé in one hand! Not like this monster cock! Even with both hands I cant even come close holding all of your big stiffie! I love big, fat dicks like this one!”

A few minutes later my hips were bouncing as she kept yanking on my dick.

“I’m really close, Debs, really close!” I told her. “I’m gonna cum any moment!”

“Oh good. Do you still cum so…” she stopped talking as I started to blow my load. Spurts of cum shot into the air. They landed on the table, on my groin as well as on her hands as she finished pumping out the cum!

“Just like I remember!” she laughed. “You cum like a fire hose. I wish my fiancée could blow a load like that!” She started to lick up the cum that had landed on her hands. I could see that she really enjoyed the taste and feel as she lapped it all up!

Somewhat to my surprise she didn’t stop at licking up just what was on her hands and wrists. She started licking up the strings of cum that had landed on my thighs, stomach and balls as well.

And when that was all gone she moved up and started to nurse on my dick head. Apparently cock sucking wasn’t cheating either. Hand-jobs were fine and now so was trying to coax more cum from my dick. Those plush lips and agile tongue soon had everything cleaned up. She kept on nursing on my dickhead. She was going to bring me back to full erection in record time!

I was quickly getting harder as she worked. Watching her giant tits as they bounced and shivered under her blouse was exciting. Her eyes were shut as she concentrated on getting all of the cum that was available sucked into her mouth!

Finally satisfied, she pulled away and while arching her back to emphasize her chest she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall the the ground. I could see flesh being pushed out from the sides of her bra, flesh poured over the top of her cups and there was under-boob exposed below the underwire as well.

While I watched she shimmied and shook her shoulders. Those fabulous mounds bounced and boogied, trying to win their freedom from the restrictive bra that was straining to contain her wealth of breast flesh!

“This is only a J-Cup bra, Dick. It’s really not big enough anymore. I really need to buy some new lingerie! But I want to wait to see if I’m done expanding. It seems like halkalı grup yapan escort I’m still getting bigger. I was an E-cup when I left for college. Now? Well, I’m not sure to tell you the truth. Bigger, though! I’m really a lot bigger than I was just a few months ago. What do you think?” she asked innocently.

“Guh,’ I stammered, “you look fabulous, Debbie. You were always the best built girl in school! There was that one teacher that maybe was in your league but there wasn’t another student built like you were!”

“Yeah, Ms. Whomper had some really big tits! I looked at her bra one day while she was taking a shower in the Girls Locker room. The tag said 36-GG. I’m bigger than that now, tho!” She cupped her tits from below and pushed them up until her chin was lost from sight between her breasts.

“But there was this one girl. She was a year or so behind me? She had bigger tits than I did. But she hid them really well. And I think she liked girls better than guys! I know that she got caught a couple of time necking with two girls at the same time! From what I heard they were really giving her tits a going over! She almost got tossed out of school for that! Melodie Mamsford was her name. I think she was an F-cup.”

“Oh, look, you’re already to go again! It takes my fiancé a long time to recharge. You’re so much more fun!”

She smiled at me while she slipped her shoulder straps off. Quickly, she pulled the cups down to display those big, firm mounds with the erect nipples that crowned each mountain of breast flesh.

She grabbed my dick and started to pound her nipples with my rapidly hardening dick! It felt amazing! I could hear the fleshy slaps as she beat her tits with my dick.

“Oh, my, that feels so exciting,” she moaned. “I love to play with a big dick between my boobs!”

“Like this!” She pulled each breast to the side and then tucked my dick between her tits. She smiled up at me while she pumped her tits up and down around my shaft. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement.

“My fiancé just disappears between my tits when I do this! I like being able to suck on your dickhead while I’m titty-fucking your gigantic cock! It’s so exciting, so big, so LOOONGGGGG! SO hard, it’s so stiff! It doesn’t bend no matter how roughly I handle it. You never get even the least little bit limp. Not like my fiancé.” she told me.

A few more minutes of amazing mammary manipulation had me ready to explode again.

“Geeze, Deb, the way you tit-fuck is fabulous! Your boobs are so big and soft, I love feeling them around my hard-on! I’m gonna blow another load! Just keep doing that!” I instructed her.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Cum for Debbie! Cum in my mouth and all over my tits! I love to watch you cum on me!” The first wad of cum blew out of my dick and landed all over her tits before she began to direct it onto her face and into her mouth.

“What a load, Dick! SO much! More now than my boy friend ever did! And it’s the second load in less than 20 minutes! What a set of balls you have! What a great big load for me!” She giggled again and devoted herself to scraping up all the cum she could find and sucking it off her fingers.

She slid up and snuggled next to my while I caught my breath. Having cum twice so quickly had taken a lot out of me. But Debbie was still interested. She lay next to me for a few moments and then she rolled over so I could feel her enormous cans pressed up against me. She began to lick my nipples, moving from one to the other. At the same time she was gently fondling my cock.

And she had me back to full strength in almost no time. Feeling those huge mams as they rocked and flowed against me was SO exciting! I really love big tits. And Debbie’s were the biggest natural tits I’d ever felt against me. Naked, warm, with erect nipples, she made sure that I felt them as they dragged back and forth.

“Um, I think you’re ready to go again, lover,” she cooed before she swabbed out my ear with her tongue. “Let’s see.”

She slid up onto me. Her pussy came down on my erection. She rode her pussy lips from the root to the head while making sure to drag those gigantic tits across my chest. With a laugh she leaned over and, while mashing one huge tit into my face, she teased my nipple with halkalı masöz escort her other nipple!

As I sucked and licked her boob she bent down to lick both our nipples at the same time!

When she was done she straightened up with out pulling her boob away from my sucking lips and teasing tongue. She smiled down at me with lust in her eyes.

“I love to feel you playing with my titties,” she moaned. “I just love it so much!” Her pussy was still rocking back and forth over my rock hard shaft as she watched me worship her gigantic boobs!

She started to quiver on top of me. Her pussy was leaking heavily, I could feel the fluids building up between us as she kept on rubbing her clit back and forth along my cock shaft. With a heart-felt groan Debs began to cum as she rode back and forth.

“Oh, God, that feels so good!” she cried. “I love it! So GOOD! I can’t stop cumming!” She shivered and shook for another minute or so while I kept on squeezing her huge tits. They were so big that I couldn’t really control them, but the way the hung over me allowed me to play with them to my heart’s content.

Deb’s was panting and gasping as she finally lay still atop me. As I enjoyed the weight of her, her boobs spreading across my chest and hanging off on either side, I felt her hunch her back. With no fuss or muss she socketed her sopping wet pussy onto my dick head. With a grunt of effort she forced herself three inches onto my ankle thick shaft. Her pussy was just as tight and active as I had remembered.

“You are so big,” she moaned in my ear. “My boyfriend is just going to have to understand, uh, that I have needs that he, fuck, so big, uh, can’t come close to fulfilling.” She moaned again. “It’s not his fault that, uh, that he doesn’t fill me up the way that you do! Fuck you’re big, uh, I’ve never met anyone who can fill me like you do!

“And I love being filled like this!” Her hips were rising and falling in a steady rhythm. She worked her self further and further down my shaft. More than half of my big cock was sliding in and out of her melting pussy as she continued to devote herself to taking as much of me as she could!

“Fuck, I’m cumming, Dick! I’m cumming on your huge cock! I love it! Feels so good! Love to cum on a big dick! So big! Ahhhh!”

“I need more,” she gasped. “Slide out from underneath me and then I want you to fuck hell out of my poor little pussy!”

And I did! I let her slide off me and then I stood up, between her legs and put my dick head right back into her hot little pussy.

“Don’t be a tease, Dick. Give me that big dick of yours! I want it all! I can take it, I know I can take it! Fucking fuck me!”

And so I did. It took me a few minutes to drive all but the last two inches of my dick into her pussy. I was pounding the back of her womb and she was loving it! Every stroke brought a grunt from her as I beat my dick head as deep into her as I could reach. And I was playing with those amazing tits at the same time. When I took my hands away her tits would bounce and shake all over her chest. When I tried to corral them I could feel them shiver and it felt like they were trying to free themselves from my grasp.

Staring up at me Deb used her forearms to help keep her tits pressed together and balanced atop her chest. I took advantage to lean over and suck her nipples and lick her massive boobs. I loved it!

“I’m cumming again,” she moaned. “I just keep cumming while you’re fucking hell out of my poor little pussy! Keep driving deeper! I want more! More! Oh GOD!” She came one more time.

Just as she was recovering from that orgasm I pulled me self from her clasping cunt and stepped around to feed her my spurting cock. She took it eagerly and sucked down every drop!

Finally she wiped my dick across her tits, depositing the final drips onto her nipples.

“You are such a good fuck,” she announced while smearing my jism across her boobs. “The guys I date are just going to have to understand that I’m alway going to be looking for a dick this size! Dick, you have the biggest dick I’ve ever imagined. You make all the other men I’ve been with seem small and insignificant. Not to mention limp and inadequate.”

She was looking at me as she kept stroking my dick. “Now lets get you hard again. I want to feel you fucking me from behind and driving yourself even deeper in to my needy pussy. I’m so horny!”

We didn’t leave the picnic grounds for another couple of hours. Debs was relentless in her desire for deep fucking! And I was more than happy to try to keep up with her! What a big busted cum catcher! She almost made Emily ‘Tits’ Maxtra seem demure in comparison!

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