Delivering My Package

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Here is a quick Literotica story that I wrote about, well, a quickie! Hope you enjoy it.



My job as a parts deliveryman for a farm and small engine company takes me to all kinds of places, but it’s usually not much of an adventure. Mostly I deliver to repair shops and dealers, but I have a few retail deliveries each week, too. It’s often mind-numbingly boring.

Tuesday was different, though.

I had a package for a Mr. Robert Smith, and this guy’s address ended up being way out in the country. I had to look for a while to find it, but I finally did. Maps can only get you so close on these rural roads, and my company is too cheap for a GPS in each truck. Don’t tell them I said that!

Anyway, as I walked up to the house I noticed a flash of light through one of the windows. I’m not usually nosy, but I couldn’t help but glance over. Again, there was a flash of light – a camera’s flash – and I noticed the shades were up in the window. Peering more closely, I saw there was a woman up on a bed on her hands and knees! She had on a tight black tee shirt and little black shorts. While I was watching, she got down off the bed and went over to the camera, pressed a button, and then quickly got back on the bed. She posed on all fours, ass toward the camera and held high in the air! The black tee was tight across her big tits, and the shorts barely covered her butt in that position. The camera flashed again, and she went to check the pic. I watched while she went through this routine several times, varying the camera and the pose a bit each time.

I had a moment of guilt for watching so long, so I decided I’d better just deliver my package. It wasn’t high enough value to require a signature, but at the last second I decided to ring the bell and get a closer look at this amateur photographer. I was intrigued by what I had seen so far.

She answered the door wearing the black shirt and shorts, and she seemed a little out of breath. I also noticed her nipples were hard, despite the heat pouring in the open doorway.

I played it cool. I just confirmed the name and had her sign, and was ready to leave when she asked me if I could help her out.

This was my next to last delivery, so I said, “Sure, what do you need?”

“I’ve been trying to get some good pictures and I can’t quite get what I want, doing it myself.” Her words seemed to drip with double entendre, and I thought about the provocative vision of her butt hiked high in the air.

“Um, I don’t know. What kind of pictures are you taking?” I tried to play innocent, not wanting her to know I had watched.

“Oh, come on!” she teased. “You know what kind of pictures! I saw you drive up, and it SURE took you a long time to ring the bell…”

“Oh, yeah, well, um, sorry about that. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I mean, there is a MR. Smith, right?” I pointed at the package I had just dropped off, sitting on the little end table near the door.

“Yeah, but he won’t be home for at least an hour. Besides, I’m lonely and I feel like being bad!” Her glance dropped to the growing bulge in my grey work pants, and she said “It’ll be fun! I’ll make it worth your while!” She hooked a finger in my belt, looked right in my eyes, and begged “Please?”

How could I say no…

She led me into the bedroom and showed me how to work the camera. She told me she wanted the shots too be sexy, but not show TOO much. She was thinking of putting them on the internet. I laughed and said I would give it a try. She climbed back up on the bed and got into a bunch of different poses. She had nice long legs and a great butt to compliment those big breasts, and I was having a great time, though I don’t know a thing about taking pictures. I had fun teasing her, getting her to hold a pose, and then fiddling with her clothes to arrange them just right.

She was up on her knees again, facing away, and I got her to lean over, resting her head and shoulders on the bed. I got down behind her, trying to find the perfect angle to showcase her ass, and I suddenly realized two things: number one, she wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts and I could see right up them, and number şirinevler escort two, her pussy was soaking wet!

I told her I needed to adjust her shorts because she was probably showing just a little more than she meant to! She just laughed and told me to go ahead.

I could not believe what I was doing! I tucked my fingers under the crotch of her shorts and pretended to try to get them arranged just so. I made sure I rubbed her pussy as I worked, never really sliding inside her, but making sure she knew I wasn’t touching her by accident! She just moaned and kind of pressed back against me. I gave up all pretense and started sliding my fingers inside her wetness, all around, and once my fingers were really nice and slick I found her hard clit and gave it a few hard, circular strokes.

She whimpered and rolled her hips against my hand, and for some reason I was feeling really devilish, because I pulled away and said “Oh, wait! We were taking pictures!” And I knelt down and took some more shots.

She called me a couple of bad names and said I was a tease, but she sounded good natured about it. I told her I thought she was quite a tease, too, luring poor deliverymen inside by leaving her blinds wide open where anyone could see. She laughed at me, saying yeah, she was guilty as charged.

She asked me what poses she should try, so I suggested she strip and masturbate for me! I told you I was feeling devilish. She said that was showing too much! So, I suggested she take off her top and face away, and I would pose her. I thought her red curly hair would look really nice against the pale milky skin of her back, and we wouldn’t really be showing anything else that she hadn’t already put on display.

She was surprisingly shy as she turned around and pulled the tee shirt over her head. I had her get up on her knees on the bed and tried different poses. At last I went up behind her, put a hand on each hip, and edged her over to the side of the bed, still on her knees with her back facing me. I reached around her, took her hands in mine, and then cupped her hands on her tits, my hands over hers. I made sure my hard cock was nestled against her ass as I did it, but that was all I did before stepping back and taking another picture. I had her tilt her head back so her hair cascaded over her shoulders and back. It looked really awesome!

Next, I went back up to her, put my arms around her from behind again, and moved her hands from her breasts down to her pussy. She kind of resisted at first, but I pressed her hands against her pelvis from the front and pressed my cock against her ass from the rear. I gyrated slowly against her and guided her fingers inside her shorts as I whispered that I promised not to show anything if she would just masturbate for me like that. I slid her finger right inside her wet slit along with mine as I said it, and she just gave in with a shudder. I stepped back and took a couple more great pictures while she fingered herself.

Finally, I had my fill of taking pictures. My erection was starting to throb and my balls felt heavy and achy. I eased up behind her again and pressed myself against her rear as I reached around and played with her breasts. They were big and firm, and her nipples got hard as pearls as I pinched and rubbed them. I was excited that she didn’t stop fingering herself — instead she kept her hand busy while rubbing her ass against my cock.

The musky smell of her sex was filling the room — I have an incredibly acute sense of smell — and I needed a taste of that yummy-smelling pussy. I quit playing with her tits and knelt down, kissing my way around the curves of her ass, biting and tugging the fabric off her shorts, and playing my tongue now and then into the moist crevices exposed by the black material. She moaned and leaned forward with her ass still up in the air proudly, and I pulled aside the shorts and plunged my tongue inside her.

She gasped at my first deep probe of her pussy, and then I settled in and began really exploring, licking and sucking the lips of her pussy, nibbling and licking her engorged clit, and generally eating like a starving man. şirinevler elit escort It’s amazing how quickly you can go from a numb, work-a-day boredom to turned on beyond belief. I kept up my tongue lashing until she was shaking and trembling, and soon she came in a gush of breath and juices. I could tell she was as excited by this forbidden tryst as I was, because her orgasm came quickly and was almost violent in its intensity.

She collapsed forward on the bed to catch her breath, and I took the opportunity to strip off her skimpy shorts. She rolled over and I finally got a full view of her beautiful breasts and pink, freshly shaved pussy. Sitting up and leaning toward me, she unzipped my pants and pulled down the front of my underwear, finally granting freedom to my straining cock. She let out a squeal of pleasure at the sight of my rod there in front of her face, and looked up at me as she licked and lightly sucked the head.

“Oh my god,” she pleaded between tastes, “I need you to fuck me so badly!”

“Yeah?” I said with a little tease in my voice, “is that what you need?” I was turned on almost beyond the point of control, but I really wanted to hear her ask me again. I cupped my hand on the back of her neck, not hard, but firmly, and pushed my cock further between her lips. Each time I pushed into her mouth, I repeated the question: “Is that what you need? You need me to fuck you? You need some stranger to fuck you, Mrs. Smith?” I only took my shaft from her mouth long enough to let her answer.

I have to admit that I was so hot and excited, I was dangerously close to cumming already. Having her practically beg me like that, while I fucked her mouth, was almost more than I could take. I had to change up, and fast…

I layed her back on the bed, then kicked my shoes and pants the rest of the way off and climbed up between her legs. I took the tip of my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit — she was absolutely dripping by now, and I loved the silky feel of my head just dipping between her lips. I made sure to rub her clit with each stroke, and she was moaning and writhing, her pale skin in stark contrast to the black bedspread. I slid my cock just a tiny bit inside her, just enough so the head was completely enveloped, and then reached down to rub her clit with my thumb. She shuddered and moaned, and started asking me again to please fuck her.

I don’t know what kind of perverse devil was inside me that day, but instead of driving my cock home, I smiled at her and said, “Not yet!”

I didn’t really do it to be mean, I was just overcome with the desire to taste her again. I absolutely love to eat pussy, and I wanted some more of her shaved pink goodness. I wanted to feel her pressing her wetness against my face, wrapping those long legs around my head and shoulders and smothering me with her juices. Soon enough, she was, too, crying out in her second orgasm of the afternoon. I was just licking up all her flowing wetness, and letting her slowly calm back down a little when her cell phone broke the peace. A distinctive ringtone jangled from the nightstand.

“Oh my god! That’s my husband!” she burst out, and sat up, scrabbling for the phone. The look of guilt on her face couldn’t have been more plain had he been standing in the doorway.

I sat there, bemused, while she talked for a moment. Then I got the bright idea to mess with her a bit. I stood up by the head of the bed and wagged my rigid cock in her face as I reached down to rub her nipples. She looked at me with surprise, but I could see the naughty thrill that lit up her eyes, too.

As she talked about what to pick up at the store, I ran the head of my cock across her lips. Each time she paused, I slid it between them. It made the blood crash in my ears and throb in my shaft as I heard her husband’s tinny voice emanating from the phone, even as I watched my cock disappear into her mouth. I wasn’t the only one excited — even though she had just cum, I saw her reach between her legs and start slowly rubbing herself as she talked.

That phone call probably only lasted three minutes, but it was an amazingly exciting three minutes. şirinevler escort I knew it was sooo wrong, and I felt awful and incredible at the same time. I’ve often wondered at the cruel twist of human psychology that causes such a thrill when we do some of the most horrible things. Despite the conflict in my heart, there was no conflict in my loins. I felt like an animal in the rut.

As soon as she hung up, Mrs. Smith (I didn’t even know her first name!) said, “You’ve got to get out of here! My husband is just leaving the store up the road. He’s going to be here in less than 15 minutes!”

Well, there was no way I was stopping at this point. I just pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and said “I guess we better hurry!” before sliding my cock into her. The way she cried out and soaked my cock anew, I halfway think she came again just from me penetrating her, but I didn’t stop to ask. I picked up her legs in the crook of my arms, bent my knees as I stood by the bed, and fucked her for all I was worth.

In spite of the air conditioned house, I soon had sweat dripping down my forehead. I thought I would cum right away, but by some nasty trick of nature and karma, it began to look like I may not get off before her husband got home. I could feel the minutes ticking away. I had so much sexual tension built up, I thought I might die if didn’t cum soon.

Finally I was able to relax enough that I felt my climax growing like a lightning storm in the core of my body. I felt spasms creeping up on me, ebbing and flowing in a rising tide.

She must have felt me getting close, because she said “You have to pull out! I’m not on the pill!”

Well, fuck me!

I just managed to gasp “It’ll get all over!” with vision of my seed all over the black bedspread, when I heard a truck outside. Fuck!!

The arrival of her husband was just too much. I felt the wave wash over me, and, terrified of getting her pregnant, I pulled out just before I began to spurt. She dropped like a cat off the edge of the bed and took me in her mouth as I came. I felt like I must have cum a gallon, and it seemed the spasms would never pass as I heard the truck door slam.

Finally, I was emptied. My new friend leapt to her feet, red mane flying. She gathered my pants and shoes, shoved them into my hands, and pushed me through a doorway into the bathroom.

“I’ll tell him you had to pee!!” she hissed, and closed the door. I could hear her frantically throwing her own clothes on, and then the door opened and her husband came in.

I was thankful to have a moment to compose myself in the bathroom. I got dressed, realizing that my underwear were missing and hoping they were out of sight, put my shoes on, and tried to steady my breath. I could hear voices of greeting and the rustle of grocery bags.

Finally, I knew I could put it off no longer. I stepped out into the living room, nodding stupidly.

“Uh, hi there,” I muttered to the man standing there. “Thanks for letting me use your bathroom, Mrs. Smith,” I stammered, looking sheepishly at her glowing face framed in the red curls.

I felt my heart flop in my chest as I noticed a couple of tiny, almost imperceptible drops of cum on her neck and collarbone, praying her husband wouldn’t notice.

“I, uh, I just, um, delivered a package to your wife,” I rambled, stating the obvious, but I felt like I had to say something. “Long day in the truck,” I mumbled, motioning toward the bathroom as if to explain why I was still in this man’s house. I knew I sounded stupid and suspicious, and I needed to get out of there, fast.

Mr. Smith still hadn’t said a word to me. He just grunted and raised his chin a little, his only acknowledgment that I had even spoken. It was definitely time to go!

I was almost to the door when I heard Mrs. Smith say to her husband, “Say, didn’t you just order another part for that John Deere mower?” I looked back in shock, and she said to me, “I guess we’ll be seeing you again soon!”

She smiled at me, and then opened the door and let me out. Mr. Smith had disappeared into the house, and I wondered what the next few minutes would be like in that household. Did he really suspect anything, or was I just imagining things because I felt so guilty? Good grief.

“Uh, OK. See you next time. Good night!” It was all I could think to say.

I turned and made my way back to my delivery truck, walking at least two feet off the ground, my head in a confused daze. What a day!

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