Derrick’s Wild Ride

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Derrick never understood why his mother always told him to always be clean and change his underwear until his chance encounter with April. Chances are good he’ll never have to be prompted again.

It had been a beautiful spring afternoon and the flowers were perfuming the air. Derrick had been on his way to town via the back roads to pick up his steady girlfriend Michelle when his car just stopped. He had cursed under his breath as he steered it to the side and off of the road. ‘Great, abso-fucking-lutely great.’ He had always been late picking up Michelle and she was beginning to get pissed about it. This was not going to help.

He got out, opened the hood and stared into the engine bay. He had not one freaking idea of what he was looking at but knew that was what you did when your car died. He had always been a jock in school and had never screwed around with cars. He had let the shop dicks do that for him. His future plans were to play wide receiver for some big name college and then a NFL team and retire filthy rich. He never intended to own a car that needed work, but as they say, ‘the devil’s in the details!’ He now had a car that needed work.

He reached into his sports jacket for his cell phone to at least call Michelle and found nothing. He had put it on the charger and in his hurry to get into town early, he had left it on the charger. This was going to be one fucked up night.

Just as he was about to start walking into town, an older Chevy pickup came lumbering up the road, slowed for a moment and then stopped. The truck had definitely seen better days and he was sure the camper on the back was all that was holding the rear of the truck together. That didn’t matter right now because he positive he could finagle a ride the last two miles into town. When he saw that the driver of the mangled pickup was a sweet looking brunette about 20, he was positive he could get the ride.

She swung the door open on the rusty Chevy and smiled at him. “Hey Studly, what’s wrong with your car?” He would have had to have been blind not to notice that his would-be savior obviously was enjoying the spring day. She had on the shortest set of short shorts he had seen in a long time sınırsız escort and something that passed as a halter-top and that was about it. He wasn’t even sure she had panties on. “I honestly don’t know. It just stopped as I was going down the road here. I was wondering if you might be kind enough to give me a ride back into town?”

She leaned into the engine bay and he wasn’t sure she had heard him. He was about to ask her again when she turned around to face him. He definitely noticed her tits as they swayed back and forth with the motion. She waited until his eyes returned to his before she spoke again.

“Oh, I’ll give you a ride alright… but not into town. Get in.” She motioned him to get into the back of the Chevy. He hesitated for a moment but she was in the back and naked in about two seconds. He got in. He looked around for a moment and realized the back of the truck was heavily carpeted and had several beanbags lying about.

He was looking around when she grabbed his shirt and yanked it up. “Hey Studly! What the fuck is wrong with you? You gay or what?” She pulled his shirt off and reached inside his pants and found a rock hard cock. “Nope. Apparently you aren’t gay. You must just be stupid.” Her approach had thrown Derrick for a loop but he was definitely down for this. He lifted his hips and she yanked his pants off.

“Ah, my name is Derrick…” She cut him off. “Derrick, my name is April and if you don’t shut up and fuck me, you’ll be standing out in the road fucking naked.” She pushed him back and within seconds had her mouth on his cock. She pulled back, looked at him and said, “It’s not the biggest cock I’ve had but it will do.” With that, she was back to sucking his cock, leaving him both in shock and highly excited.

Her mouth was making loud slurping noises as she sucked him. He had had a blowjob or two in his life but nothing like what April was doing. He could feel his balls welling up to cum when she grabbed them. Her touch was none too gentle as she kneaded his quivering nuts. The pain was just enough to calm the surging cum storm that had threatened to ruin his day and he felt relieved.

He was just beginning taksim escort to enjoy her sucking and fondling and drifting off into his private fantasy world when she stuffed a finger deep into his ass. “Son of a BITCH!!” he shouted, almost losing the hard on. He began to lean forward and she shoved him back. Her mouth never missed a stroke on his slightly softened dick and her finger began to fuck his ass with a steady rhythm. He was just about to tell her to fucking stop that when her finger found the spot.

She began to finger his ass faster and he could feel the cum storm building speed again. She was rubbing a hard nubbin in his ass and despite his protests, he was cumming and there wasn’t one fucking thing he could do to stop it. When he could take it no more, which was about five seconds after she found the nubbin, he finally just let it go. He began to blast salvo after salvo of cum into her mouth and all she did was shove his cock deeper into her mouth.

When he finally began to regain conscious thoughts, he realized she was still sucking his dick and she was still finger fucking him. He also realized he had another raging hard on. She pulled her finger out of his ass quite unceremoniously and before he knew what hit him, she had planted his cock all the way into her wet pussy. As much as he worried about another car traveling down the road and finding them here, the pure fantasy come true experience he was having told that part of his brain to shut the fuck up

She began to ride him like she was riding a stallion escaping a pursuing army. He had had a girl in his first year of college who had had a lot of sexual experience but it was obvious April was no stranger to fucking. She was literally squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles and although he had shot the biggest load of jizz in his young life just four minutes before, he could already feel the urge to splurge again.

Just as sudden as she had jumped his cock, she got off him and was on her back. “Fuck me Studly.” ‘Son of a bitch’ he thought, ‘where has she been all my life?’ He wasted no time getting into her saddle. She literally threw her legs over his shoulders and she was tesettürlü escort thrusting her hips into him harder that he was thrusting into her. “Come on Studly… fuck me!” He was frustrated but was giving it all he had and he thought he had her going. He was really into it when she snaked her hand behind him and jammed her finger into his ass again.

The sheer shock of it drove his hips deep into her pussy and before he knew what was going on, he knew he was going to cum again. His hips and cock became separate from him as he felt the electric surge of sperm building in his balls. If he had even been semi conscious of her, he would have known she was about to enter the screaming cum zone too, but he had no clue she was even there. All he knew was he was fucking something extraordinary.

Her finger jammed deep into his ass and his cock sunk deeper into her slit. His balls were about to burst as they bounced against her ass. One more concentrated second of finger fucking and the white flood spewed forth. They both began to get off about the same time and it was nearly a minute later when he opened his eyes.

She was out of the truck, pulling the short shorts back on and ducking back into the mini halter and yelling at him. “Studly… Studly… get the fuck out of my truck!” His brain was still in a white-out but he knew this chick was fucking crazy and he was struggling to get out. He grabbed his clothes and fell out of the back of the truck. He was embarrassed to realize he was naked as shit and quickly began to toss on his clothes.

She never said another thing to him and started to the front of the truck. “Hey baby, can I get that ride into to town?” She looked at him like he had asked if he could fuck her again and wandered over to his car. She reached down inside, grabbed a wire, slid it back onto a small post and then reached in and fired the engine up. “You knocked a wire loose when you hit that pothole back a bit Studly.”

She walked back to the truck and jumped in, fired it up and then leaned out the window. “Thanks Studly. You weren’t the best I ever had, but you were ok. Bye.” And just like that she pulled away, leaving Derrick standing there… without his underwear. He thought to him self, ‘At least it was clean Mom!’ He got back into his car, turned around and went home. He called Michelle he had developed a splitting headache suddenly and needed to rest. She was pissed but he didn’t care. He couldn’t very well tell her his asshole was killing him.

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