Different Strokes Ch. 02

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Tyler Sinclair arched his head back on the bed in the somewhat seedy Ypao Breeze Inn room on Guam’s western Tumon tourist coast and moaned deeply. The sailor was in deep and was slow pumping him. He’d been slow pumping him for an eternity, edging him, holding off on his ejaculation, intent on getting his money’s worth. Tyler had already come, taking care of himself with his own hand. But the Sailor wanted the biggest bang for his buck. Whenever he reached the edge, he stopped and held them there, Tyler’s pelvis being arched up to the big sailor’s pelvis, the young whore’s legs spread and bent, his feet pressed into the edge of the foot of the bed.

The sailor could take his time. He’d paid for time, not for a single liftoff. The first fuck had been quick, insistent, quickly over. The sailor was savoring this one.

Tyler’s cellphone was on the nightstand. He could see it now that his head was arched back. It was vibrating. A call was coming in. He could feel the sailor tensing, ready to blow, but also ready to edge himself again. Tyler put his hips into motion in the crucial seconds, going up on his elbows, thrusting his hips forward as the sailor thrust his cock forward. He called out, “Fuck, yes, you beautiful black brute. Let me have your cum. Blast me with your fuckin’ big cock. Show me what you got. Make me feel it!”

Jolted by the sudden stroking of his manhood, the sailor went over the edge. In three jerks he filled the bulb of his condom, pulled out of Tyler’s ass, and, after giving Tyler a slap on his butt, had risen from the bed and was padding off to the bathroom. He didn’t even realize that it had been Tyler who had brought the fuck to a conclusion.

When he heard the shower start, Tyler rolled off the bed, went around to the nightstand, and pushed some buttons on the cellphone.

“Did you call me just now, Mr. Houser?” Lee Houser was someone important who lived in a mansion hanging off a cliff on the coast north of Tumon. He did a lot of things, including running a stable of high-priced male whores. Tyler wasn’t in that stable, but he’d like to be. Houser rented out to the wealthier class of johns on the island, mostly businessmen here permanently. Tyler serviced cash-strapped horny sailors on shore leave at the naval base to the south. He depended on word-of-mouth references.

Tyler had recently spent a night in Houser’s bed with another sub after substituting as a model in a charity men’s fashion show Houser had held in his house. The mixed American-Japanese man had fucked Tyler four times in the night—with the longest cock Tyler had ever taken. It must have been nearly a foot long hard. It was thin, but hard, and it had gone right into the quick of Tyler. Every time, it had conquered him, sliding in slowly to the quick as he held there docile, panting lightly, gasping, concentrating on how far up into his gut it was. Then Tyler felt himself emitting the long sigh as it was slowly withdrawn nearly the whole way. He would clutch at the man’s buttocks then, feeling the loss of the cock. And he then would lie back docilely, gasping as it glided in deep again. And again and again, Tyler surrendering completely to the man’s long cock a long time before the man flooding him deep with cum.

Houser had barebacked him. Tyler had had to be tested right before doing the fashion show. Houser wasn’t the only one who fucked him that day. The models had been auctioned off to the men who’d come to the show—and Tyler had been put in a taxing porn vid too.

Houser had complimented Tyler on how he had performed. Tyler hoped that would pan out to some gigs with high payers. And here the man was, on the cellphone.

“Can you break away for a week?” Houser asked over the phone. “There’s a Korean businessman here who is going to Honolulu for a week and who wants a companion. It would be $5,000 for you to give him whatever he wants as often as he wants while you’re with him—plus all expenses. Plane fare, hotel, meals and all. You’d have to take an HIV test tomorrow. He barebacks, he’s demanding, and he’s seriously hung. I can’t say you won’t be fully earning the five thou. You’d be doing me a big favor, that I’d be returning if you do good. You’d need to be at the airport at 9:00 p.m. It’s a night flight.”

Tyler was sitting on the side of the bed, facing the bathroom door, when he set the cellphone back down on the nightstand. The sailor padded out of the bathroom, holding a towel around his waist. He let it drop to reveal that he was in erection again. He wasn’t the most handsome sailor Tyler had serviced but he was built. He was on the short side—as was Tyler—and was stocky, but he was muscular and didn’t have much fat on him. He had a cock and balls to be proud of. He was the proverbial black bull. Black curls swirled all over his body, with a trail coming down from his hair-covered pecs into his trimmed bush. He shrugged at Tyler in a “What can you do?” silent expression of half apology for what he then was going to do. He’d paid by büyükçekmece escort the hour, not by the fuck.

“What can I say?” he asked. “I’ve been at sea for a while and I’m horny as hell.”

There wasn’t much else to say, so Tyler simply said, “Let’s see what we can do about your problem, sailor.”

He came to Tyler and stood there in front of the young whore, while Tyler, grasping the sailor’s hips in his hands, took the cock in his mouth and sucked it to throbbing and the sailor to shuddering and groaning.

Not being able to take any more, the sailor reached down and grasped Tyler’s ankles and dragged the small rent-boy back across the bed to the foot, where he put Tyler down on his belly, with his feet on the floor. Tyler saw, out of the corner of his eye, the sailor reach down and pull the black belt out of his white trousers, which were puddled on the floor at the foot of the bed. Breathing heavy, heavy with need, he roughly grabbed Tyler’s wrists, tied them together behind his back with the belt, put himself in position behind the young man’s ass, snapped a condom on, saddled up, and penetrated Tyler’s passage with his cock. He slid right in, having reamed the whore to his specs earlier.

“Oh, shit, Oh, fuck, you’re big,” Tyler cried out. “You’re a fuckin’ black bull.” He knew the sailor wanted to hear something like that, but it was true that he was monstrously big. And he was young, muscular, and virile. It’s why Tyler went with sailors. It wasn’t just for the money—which wasn’t much, with sailors—it was because they mostly were young, virile, muscular, and came in from the sea randy, their eyeballs swimming in unreleased cum. They came in from the ocean with only one thing in mind—getting laid—and they were usually easily controlled as long as you waved your hole at them and surrendered to their needs—or at least could convince them you had.

Tyler didn’t do it just for the money. He liked being fucked.

“But you’ll take it, won’t you?” he growled. “So sweet. With your size and those slim hips, I didn’t know if you could take it. But you open right up for me, don’t you, baby? Ahhh, that’s nice.” He grabbed Tyler’s hips and started pounding away. As he got close, the young whore knew he’d edge off—that he’d do that as often as he could before he shot off. And there wasn’t much Tyler could do about that in this position. He was completely at the sailor’s mercy.

Tyler relaxed his channel, willing the muscles of his passage walls to milk the dick churning inside it, and enjoyed the fuck, thinking thoughts of the beaches of Hawaii. Surely an older Korean businessman couldn’t take him any harder than this—and he’d pay a whole hell of a lot more than this black boy was paying.

* * * *

Tyler met Song Rhee for the first time in the airport departure lounge. He was tall, wiry, and not bad looking. He was maybe in his early forties. There was a look of mystery and danger about him but he walked and talked like a man in control. Although he acknowledged the young rent-boy was there, his attention until they got on the plane, in side-by-side first-class seats, him on the aisle and Tyler at the window, was taken up with business calls. He spoke in Korean on the phone, but it was clear that he was giving, not receiving, instructions and orders.

They engaged in neutral chit chat during the snack service, the Korean asking the personal questions, not revealing anything about himself, and not saying much. He spoke impeccable English, but you could tell that it wasn’t his native language.

“I’m from San Diego,” Tyler answered to one question and, “I came out here with a Naval officer. He went to his next assignment without me,” Tyler responded to the follow-up question. He didn’t elaborate on how he’d been a beach bum, riding the surf board, not going back East with his parents when they’d left San Diego, with the excuse that he wanted to finish the junior college course he’d started. He couldn’t tell them that he didn’t want to leave the boyfriend who was fucking him. The boyfriend left; the fucking didn’t, and in short order he was doing it for money. Dirk, the Naval officer, had said he was in love with Tyler and wanted Tyler to go to Guam with him—where, he said, the surf was good for boarding. Tyler believed him and found himself in Guam, where Tyler found that the only thing the Navy guy hadn’t lied about was that the surf on Guam was good for boarding. After a year, Tyler had been left high and dry—and in need of money. Thus, the sailors. End of the longer version of the story that he didn’t tell the Korean. Rhee didn’t seem to mind.

“I’m twenty-one,” Tyler said to another question. “Yes, I know I don’t look it. Do you mind?”

The Korean said he didn’t mind, but he didn’t take the conversation any farther in that direction during the snack service.

“I’ve had two years of community college—in San Diego,” Tyler answered to yet another question. “I didn’t çağlayan escort specialize in anything really. What I like to do is go out in the surf on my board.”

The snack service over, the lights were dimmed in the cabin. It was a night flight.

The Korean turned in his seat toward Tyler. He placed a hand on Tyler’s cheek and ran his fingers into Tyler’s shoulder-length blond hair. He grasped the hair hard and pulled Tyler’s head back painfully. The young man wanted to yelp, but he didn’t. There was a cruel leer on the Korean’s face, but it lasted but a moment—enough to put Tyler off center—before the Korean’s smile mellowed and he loosened his grip on Tyler’s hair. Rhee leaned in for a kiss and Tyler opened his lips to the man, being surprised that the Korean, so formal, stiff, and distant before now, gave him tongue.

It wasn’t a long kiss, not something that anyone walking the aisle was likely to notice. But no one was walking the aisle. First class wasn’t full and the stewardesses were busy putting the snack service away and were settling in for some quiet time themselves.

“I’m a little worried,” the Korean said when they came out of the kiss. “You are smaller than I thought you’d be. Your hips are slim, you’re very womanish, you know. I’m not complaining about that. You are a beautiful young man. But your hips are so slim. Lee Houser told me that he has had you. True?”

“Yes,” Tyler answered.

“I know he is impressively long. Did you . . .?”

“Yes, I managed him.”

“All of it?”

“Yes. Not easily, of course. But not easily is good, isn’t it? If it’s difficult for you, don’t they feel more satisfied?”

“Yes, very good.” That cruel leer passed over the Korean’s face again, but then it was gone. “He isn’t terribly thick though, I believe.”

“No. But terribly long.”

“I’m thick too,” the Korean stated, but then he went right on. He’d put his left arm around Tyler’s neck and had his right hand on Tyler’s right thigh. He used that to tease Tyler’s thighs to spread. Then he had his hand on Tyler’s basket.

“I want you to control yourself,” he said in a low voice. “I’m going to explore you and you will orgasm for me. But I want you to remain quiet. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Tyler answered. He both heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down and felt the release of the pressure he’d felt down there, as he had been hardening up.

“Do you want me to unzip you too?” he asked.

“Yes,” the Korean answered.

Tyler did so and they both released and fisted each other’s cocks. It was dark in the confines of their seats, and Rhee’s body was turned toward the window. You would have had to lean into the seat to see what the two were doing, and the section was settled down for the night.

“You are a beautiful young man,” Rhee said. “Almost as much woman as man during sex, I imagine, but you have a very nice cock. Very slim hips.” The man seemed to be obsessed with whether Tyler had a hole that would take him and seemed to believe that the slimness of hips had something to do with that. Tyler wasn’t sure if the man would be displeased if he did have trouble taking the cock. And what a cock it was, Tyler was finding by feeling it up. He was finding that Rhee’s cock was way beyond nice. It had hinted at a comparison with Houser’s nearly foot long. The Korean wasn’t that long, but not far off, and he was thicker than Houser was.

“Do you ever dress as a woman . . . during sex?” the Korean asked.

“I haven’t, but I will if that’s what you want,” Tyler said.

The Korean gave a low laugh. “Yes, you will do anything I want.”

Tyler shuddered at that, and the Korean felt, and seemed to enjoy, that. He took two condom packets out of his pocket and slit them open with his teeth.

“So there will be no mess,” he whispered, and he crowned, first Tyler, and then himself. He stroked Tyler’s sheathed cock for a moment, while Tyler did the same with his. But then he was fondling the young man’s balls.

“No noise now,” he muttered. “Take it silently.” He was squeezing and distending the balls, coming close to crushing them. There was that brief look of cruelty in his eyes again. Tyler writhed in his embrace, his eyes watering, but he controlled himself, not crying out.

“Good,” the Korean said. He moved his hand lower and invaded Tyler’s anus, deep, with first one finger and then another. He finger fucked Tyler’s hole. Tyler was stroking both cocks now. And, silently, Tyler came inside his condom. Rhee folded the young man’s sheathed cock back into his trousers and zipped him up. He lay back, still sideways, in his seat, observing Tyler’s face with a slight, indulgent smile on his face while Tyler continued to slowly beat him off. He had admirable control. It took Tyler twenty minutes to bring the man to his orgasm.

They visited the lavatory separately to get rid of the condoms and clean up and to settle in for the çapa escort night. They didn’t settle in for the whole time, though. Two hours later, to the tune of light snores and everyone else in first class either snoozing or trying like hell to snooze, the Korean nudged Tyler awake. Rhee was unzipped and his cock was out, flopping long and thick against his thigh.

“Suck me off,” he commanded, pulling the face of a half-asleep Tyler down into his lap. The young man kept his gagging and gurgling to the minimum he was able, as he unhinged his jaw, took as much of the cock as he could into his throat, and gave his new master an expert blow job. Again, the Korean exhibited admirable control, running his fingers into the young man’s long, blond hair and moving the head up and down on the swallowed cock for more than fifteen minutes before he came down Tyler’s throat in three prodigious jettings.

Leaning back into the corner of his seat next to the window, Tyler extracted a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped off his lips while Rhee folded a now-flaccid monster cock back into his fly and zipped himself up.

“Satisfactory. Quite satisfactory,” the Korean whispered.

Aloha week had begun.

* * * *

A limousine drove them from the Honolulu airport to the Royal Hawaiian Waikiki hotel. A suite was awaiting them, and there was a box on a table in the suite’s living room when they arrived, with one of the assistant managers saying, “This arrived for you yesterday, Mr. Rhee, and we took the liberty of putting it in your room.”

“Thank you,” Rhee said and stood there, fingering the box, until the assistant manager bowed his way out. Tyler explored the suite, arriving back by the Korean’s side as Rhee was pulling a set of lacy black bikini panties, bra, garter belt, black mesh stockings, and black high heels out of the box.

“As you can see, I anticipated whether you would dress up for me. Lee shared your photograph, and I knew you’d be perfect for this role play. Here, strip down if you please and put these on. Lee said these would fit you.”

“Now? We’re going to have sex now, just having arrived?”

“I’ve paid for a limited amount of time with you. I plan on using every minute.”

“You’re the boss,” Tyler said. As he changed, without further objection, Rhee was also stripping and adjusting a black leather harness on his chest, pulling on black boots, and snapping on black leather wrist bands, all of which came out of the box. The Korean was tall and slim and wiry. He was quite athletic too, and Tyler couldn’t help but find him sexy. He couldn’t object to being dominated by the man and that obviously was what this was all about.

Rhee pulled a hand whip out of the box, commanded, “Kneel to me,” forcing Tyler, dressed in the bra and panties, to his knees in front of him with a cruel grip of his head hair. Rhee forced his huge cock between the young man’s lips, and, whimpering, Tyler opened his mouth to the cock. Flicking the whip, Rhee controlled the bobbing of Tyler’s head on his cock, with one hand buried in the hair on the back of the young man’s head, and side-arm whipped the blond’s buttocks, back, and thighs with the whip in the other hand. The lashes weren’t brutal, but they stung a bit, and Tyler was silently sobbing when Rhee pulled his dick out of the young man’s mouth after several minutes of face fucking, but no ejaculation yet.

“Do you want me to stop?” the Korean growled.

“Do what you want,” Tyler responded through his tears.

“Right answer,” Rhee said.

The Korean swept the box off the table with his arm, turned and pulled Tyler up from his knees, and slammed the young man down on his belly on the table. Tyler’s legs were dangling off the other side of the table, not quite touching the floor. Rhee saddled up behind him, ripped the panties off his pelvis, and wishboned his legs cruelly straight out from his sides on either side onto the tabletop. He whispered, appreciatively, “Ah, very flexible. Good, I like that.”

Tyler reached out to the side with both arms, clutching the table top on either side of him at the edge. Tyler’s facial expression showed a mixture of shock, surprise, and arousal. The expression added in pain and passion, as the Korean worked his long, thick cock into the young whore’s ass, taking all the time in the world to bottom as Tyler panted and moaned, and began bareback fucking him hard and deep. He remarked how tight Tyler was when he first penetrated him and then, with a laugh, how quickly the passage stretched and opened to his insistence. He was quite pleased with that.

Rhee, holding the young man’s hips between his hands, fucked Tyler’s ass for twenty minutes with a blissful, satisfied look on his face. When he was on the edge of coming, he reached up, grabbed a hank of the young man’s blond curls, and arched the his torso back cruelly. Tyler cried out, not for the first time, “Oh, shit, oh, fuck! You’re huge.”

“Yes I am, but you’re taking me nicely,” came back. “And you’re taking me now.” Rhee leaned over the prone body plastered to the table top, took one of Tyler’s earlobes in his teeth, and blasted him deep inside with cum.

When he pulled out of Tyler’s ass, he pulled the young man’s body with him and let him collapse to the carpet, panting and moaning.

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