Dimitri and Arista

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The moist summer heat in Athens beckoned its residents to seek more comfortable shelter. Dimitri was among the sun kissed men that afternoon. His curly dark hair glistened with perspiration. He wiped his brow and headed toward his father’s grand estate for wine and cheese. Dimitri was a man of passion, intrigue, and prestige. He pressed his full sensuous lips together when he thought about what his father might have in mind today. The old man always had plans up his flowing toga. What Dimitri really needed was time off from his arduous tasks his father set about him. He was well skilled in physical labor and quite talented in architecture. No doubt his father will have another task for his son to master.

Dimitri strolled by over-ripe mangos, sweet jasmine, and honey suckle vines. The scent was intoxicating. He used to eat those mangos as young boy and just lay under trees dreaming, wondering what life could really hold. At night, the jasmine groves would seduce the air compelling lovers to enjoy a tryst or two. Many moons ago, Dimitri enjoyed several nights with one of the servant girls. Nowadays, he was all about proving himself and gaining his father’s approval.

The moment Dimitri stepped inside the spacious white estate, servants rushed to his side urging him to speak to his father. He held up his hand to silence them.

“I am here,” Dimitri cast a dismissive gaze among his servants.

They all went about their business and lowered their heads in submission.

Dimitri reached his father’s imperial business quarters where only men were allowed. Scrolls, ink, and fresh parchment was found among his father’s advisors.

His father was reciting orders to them about day to day business, improving the education system, and the celebration for the upcoming festival to honor the fertility goddess.

The busy room boomed with excitement for the emperor’s son himself has graced them with his presence. And what a presence Dimitri had!

The months he spent toiling at his father’s new architectural design gave him a appreciative build that the warrior god would have smiled upon. Dimitri had his father’s masculine strong angular features. There was nothing soft about him. His mother granted him with dark gray smoldering eyes that can burn Greece and anyone that stepped in his path. The women threw themselves at him wherever he went but no woman could match his lust or stamina. He has yet to meet someone of adequate appetite when it came to that.

“You came. Finally! There is something we need to discuss!,” his father gave a dismissive wave to his branch of executive staff. They all gathered their parchment and ink alike and trailed out of the room in a hurry.

Dimitri’s father eyed him while he ate from a plate of luxurious cream, cheese, fresh fruit, and drank sweet heavy wine. His old eyes saddened when he saw how his son had changed over the last few years. The laughter had died in his large house. Happiness used to reign once but now it has become something elusive. He tried to coax his son to talk but to no avail.

Dimitri was determined to build walls and enclose himself in it. His eyes that once sparkled with mischief now lacked that luster. He worried not just for his son but for himself. His health was slowly failing, his wife refused to talk to him, and just too many responsibilities. He felt a desperate need to hold on to life but when he looked at the one person that he loved more than anyone else, anguish lodged deep in his heart.

He offered Dimitri to savor a bite from the plate.

“Father. What are you about?”

Dimitri’s father smiled. “You’ve grown too observant,” he remarked.

Dimitri arched an eyebrow in question. “Have you asked me to tarry a while to eat cheese or is there another matter at hand?” He pillaged the fruit and cheese plate anyway.

“We invaded the neighboring country and gained much profit,”

“Yes. It’s true,” Dimitri and his father discussed how the past few months landed Athens with much success.

Suddenly the royal palace doors sprang open. Two worried overweight guards came kağıthane escort out with a young woman.

“Your majesty-! We are so sorry to disrupt you but this girl is nothing short of trouble!

“She tried escaping for the third time this week!”

“We are aged men not strapping youth of your son’s age to go running about-“

“Enough!,”roared Dimitri’s father. He took in a deep breath and rubbed his forehead in sheer distress at the sight of his royal guards.

“Your majesty, please, we don’t mean to give you plight but she’s … determined,”

Dimitri’s father spoke finally. “Arista, come here.”

A woman of medium height, creamy smooth skin, curly strawberry-blonde hair, and wide set violet-blue eyes looked at the emperor in his eyes and stepped towards him.

Dimitri fixated his gaze at her. He recognized her at once. He had several dalliances with her in his youth. She had as much lust as he did several years ago. It was addictive every time. They could not continue their passion because of political issues between their fathers. She ended their affair even after Dimitri begged her not to. She was uncaring when it came to his emotions but insatiable in the bedroom. He could not get rid of her in his thoughts at night or anytime else. Bitterness quickly became a disease that he could not cure.

Right now she was under his father’s thumb because he captured the city and everything he took was his. She was considered to be their bounty. Dimitri never felt more pleased in all his life. Here was the woman that scorned him many moons ago when he was a young lad of 19. He felt something stir in his heart that he had not experienced in the past 3 years. Revenge was his for the taking. Darkness invaded his thoughts.

Arista stood staring at Dimitri’s father waiting for him to speak.

“Aren’t you tired of running away? Haven’t I provided everything for you since your father died?”

“No! You took everything away from me! I will not-” Arista stopped speaking when she looked at Dimitri.

A moment was spent in eternity before she took her eyes off him. She remembered everything suddenly. It was like yesterday when she took off without a moments notice to meet this man for many passionate nights. She remembered how his lips locked his hers, the way his hands roamed and caressed, the way she gave herself to him without any hesitation. It was real. It was damning. It was suddenly too hard to breathe.

“Arista?” Dimitri’s father spoke again but more insisting this time.

He arched a brow at her and Dimitri.

“Dimitri, I have more important matters to deal with. My physician told me to develop new hobbies and interests in life. I cannot do that if I am stuck here with two of the most depressing creatures I have ever met. Before she drives me to take leave of my senses, I will leave you to see that she does not escape again.,”The old man got much of his mind and still continued to rant and rave as he headed out the palace doors.

The obese guards still stood awaiting orders.

“Take her to my chambers,” Dimitri spoke to them but looked right Arista.

She eyed him with those eyes that spoke volumes. She quickly looked away not wanting to stir anymore trouble for herself. She cursed to herself about what a drastic turn her life took. He was going to be a major obstacle for her future plans to escape. Her body knew him even if she lost track of him throughout the three years. It honestly was never enough. He inspired her, made her laugh, and made her mad, and it was just so perfect and yet so wrong. She was in love with a political enemy of her father’s. To protect him and herself, she wrote a letter that changed everything. It left her soul embittered and angry. She refused to smile after that. Her mind would not allow her to. She was plagued by how unfair her life was. She was subject to her father who would kill Dimitri if he found out about him. She would rather live a life knowing Dimitri was safe rather than dead.

The air around them was charged with bottled emotions that neither kartal escort of them wanted to open. It would be danger, passion, excitement, and maybe even a second chance to reclaim what they once had. They stood there staring at each other but did not say a word. Their history should been erased but how do you erase memories that still burn and linger after the fire was put out? Dimitri turned his head away as he watched the two guards haul her away to his chamber. He roamed the palace halls, went up and down the flight of stairs, tripped over rugs, cursed at statues, and bit his lip until he was sure he bled. He was at unease and completely uncertain about what to do next. When he was 19, he had a fair good idea of what to do with her. It’s amazing what happens when you grow into a serious, mature adult he thought moodily. After Arista decided to cut off their torrid love affair, he was left devastated. He never met anyone like her. Life was so morose when the love of your life had no desire for you. He was a prince among men. What was lacking in him so much that she turned him away? There were unanswered questions that lurked in his mind everyday at night. Perhaps now that she was under his supervision, he could gain some insight and maybe some pleasure too he thought wryly.

That night Arista was taken to Dimitri’s chamber and rushed about to get into the tub and encouraged to wear something agreeable to his taste. She did not fight with the handmaids this night. They looked at each other in alarm. She normally would be apt to tear the gown they chose to pieces and then be told to go jump over a cliff.

A middle aged servant spoke “You are in a rather compliant mood tonight,”

“I should get used to my stay here. After all, I was captured and enslaved so who am I to fight against authority?” Arista smiled at the mirror.

She was pleased with the coloring of her cheeks. She knew this would happen. Her plans to escape changed after she learned Dimitri would be spending the night with her. Did he have the same fervent thoughts as she when their gazes locked? Was it just her or did she see a gleam of desire in his eyes? Her heart ached to dream again about him.

The two younger servants stifled a giggle.

The middle aged servant cleared her throat. “Indeed! So you had an eyeful of our prince did you? You are a lucky girl to get invited to his bed,”

“Tell us everything in the morning,”

“Don’t leave out a single detail,”

There was a heavy thud on the door. Dimitri graced the room with his presence. The women stared at the mirror to see Dimitri standing behind them drinking sweet wine.

The servant women left the room in a haste. The prince was known to be impatient.

It suddenly became too warm. It was not the fire burning in the hearth but the way Dimitri stared at her that sent a thrill down her spine. He never had to speak for she knew instinctively what he wanted. The way his eyes roamed her voluptuous body made her imagine his rough tanned hands replacing them. Her nipples swelled underneath the flimsy seductive gown. Her heart raced knowing how he would not be able to stand the torture of not having her the past few years and grab her —

“I said, do you want some wine,” Dimitri smiled at her knowingly.

“Yes,” she stammered.

“It might help relax you under the circumstances,” he licked his bottom lip tasting the wine. She noted the angry red bruise. Something about the boldness of that hue made her shiver.

Arista’s gaze fixated on those lips. Dimitri handed her a glass of sweetened wine. Her fingertips brushed his erotically. He grimaced. How could a single touch evoke so many buried memories? He thought about the times he held her hand. He remembered the times he brushed his fingertips through her mane of curls. The color of red-gold flowed in his hands. It was the same color of glorious sunsets he went to sleep with.

She took a sip from the glass but could not take her eyes off his lips. She had admired that same vibrant hue on a rose she was given by him as a surprise. küçükçekmece escort She had kissed that rose and brushed it across his lips. Those same lips that she used to kiss.

“It’s good isn’t it? I had this earlier today,” Dimitri smiled. He then made the mistake of catching her eyes on his mouth. Those damn eyes. He wished he did not remember how intense those violet-blue eyes looked when he made love to her. It was his favorite color. He would sleep under mango trees looking up at the indigo-blue sky with stars falling prey to his inspection. He gave her a necklace that matched those eyes many years ago. She would wear it for him when he snuck into her room at night.

Dimitri turned around quickly before he could take another breath. Another breath would mean having to face her. Another breath would mean further torture remembering how happy he was once was and then having it snatched out of his life. He closed his eyes unable to control the pain those years have been for him.

Arista felt compelled to walk to him to throw her arms around his waist to say just how sorry she was. She was in agony. She could not move even though every nerve in her body screamed otherwise. She closed her eyes to silence the war in her mind. This man was everything to her at one point and he still is standing with his back to her. He just did not know it. He could not have known how lonely she truly was without him.

Arista was determined. She planned to end this madness they both created right now. She did not care if he refused her. She would beg if need be to have him take her back. Arista peeled the dress off and slowly walked behind him. She ran her smooth palms from his hands to his bare arms, feeling the muscles bunched around her. Dimitri whirled around hastily to find her naked before him.

The moon itself would have been jealous of her pale glowing skin.

He grabbed her by her long tresses aching to implant himself inside her. He instead kissed her, her full lips locked with his refusing to break apart. His hands seized her full hips to press them snugly against his raging manhood. There would be no mistake as to what he desired tonight. They made it in two strides to the awaiting bed laced with rose petals and soft lavender.

Dimitri tore his clothes off eager to have her hands explore his hard, hot, throbbing flesh. He pushed her into the bed, watching how her hair stained the linen with her flaming mane. Her breasts grew more full over the years. He suckled on her nipples as her nails pierced his back, her legs spread to encircle his hips. She moaned when she felt his hands entangle in her moist, wet heat. She screamed his name, wanting him to fuck her, arching her hips against his hands. He eased two fingers inside her, aroused at finding her ready for his invasion. He climbed on top of her, laying passionate wet kisses along her jaw line, nose, cheeks, and lips. His tongue swept inside her mouth. He felt her tighten around his fingers knowing she was almost ready to come. Dimitri replaced his fingers with his pulsing manhood, excited beyond belief to have her at his pleasure. The moment he lunged himself forward inside her, he grabbed her by her shoulder to make her look him. Her eyes held the same hunger and agony he felt inside. Harsh breathing intermingled with raging hearts and furious pounding hips. He could not stop himself from burying himself inside her wetness. He set an aggressive rhythm with his hips urging her to follow him. She opened and tightened around him until she exploded into a million pieces. He continued to fuck for hours and hours until she was exhausted from his feverish motions. Their violent love-making turned tender after he saw bruises on her body created by his rough hands. He kissed her wrists, upper arms, neck, and breasts.

Her legs tightened around him making it unable for him to free himself when he suddenly came inside her. She held him as he shook with need and relief. She rained soft kisses on his face, suckling on his lips, enjoying how it felt to be with him after the storm of their love-making. He pulled himself out of her weary body and used a wet cloth to wipe away his seed. She was asleep in his bed unaware of his ministrations. He smiled to himself. He had her where he always wanted her and now there was the possibility of her bearing his child. The future was suddenly starting to unfold before his eyes………

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