Don’t You Like It?

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I had been seeing the same call girl for about a year, and I knew I was going to miss her when she left for Vegas. But before she went, she introduced me to one of her friends who was also in the business. The friend used the name Honey, and it definitely fits her: long, straight honey blonde hair on top, no hair at all below, a long slender body that wouldn’t quit, and enough honey in her honey pot to satisfy a thousand bears like me. What’s more, she has a set of D-cups that are all-natural, a rare thing with hookers nowadays, and the way they moved under a silk blouse was something to see.

The first two times I saw Honey, we were just getting acquainted. The first time she gave me a long, slow blow job, and let me fuck her between her melons, but there was nothing earth-shattering about it. She wasn’t even as good with her mouth as my old call girl was, but sliding between those honeydews (what did I tell you!) more than made up for it. She was worth what I had paid, and I was definitely going to call her again.

My experience on the second visit was quite a bit better. She let me lick her until she came — I could tell, because I stuck a finger in her socket just to check on her, and her cunt was pulsing in a spontaneous rhythm that made me hot. Pretty soon my condom-covered cock was up her and she was clutching me hard until I spewed the condom to overflowing. She was nice enough to say that it was one of the best orgasms she’d ever had. That flattered me, even though I didn’t quite believe it, and I went away feeling my dough was well-spent.

But it was the third time we met that is what this story is all about. That was something else, though just what I don’t yet know. First of all, Honey met me at the door wearing just a coat — she was naked underneath. That was different all by itself. The first two times, she had played with me, stripping while I watched and then making me strip while she watched. This time she just grabbed me, tossed the coat on the floor, and tore my clothes off, pausing only to put on the condom she already had in her hand.

The next thing I knew, she was down on her knees sucking me off. This time there was no question about her expertise, and bahis firmaları I knew she had been holding back for whatever reason. My cock was all the way down her throat, her lips were pressed firmly against my pubic hair, and I was blowing my load before I half realized what was going on.

She got me hard again in no time, and then I was in a fresh rubber, fucking her on her living-room rug doggy style. Her cunt artistry was exquisite. She tortured me with her pussy, and every time I felt ready to pop, she clamped down so hard on me I could neither thrust nor come. Then she’d start all over again with a new cycle of outrageous pleasure that pretty soon had me yammering with frustrated lust.

As you can guess, this isn’t exactly normal behavior for a play-to-pay girl. Basically she wants you to get off once or twice, depending on what kind of shape you’re in and what you’ve paid for, and then you’re history and the next guy is ringing her bell. But Honey was obviously enjoying herself with me, and in no hurry at all to see the back of me. In fact, she must have come about five times during that session, and not fake comes either. Believe me, I could tell. It wasn’t easy to keep myself from losing it then, but both she and I were doing our utmost.

After she was finally satisfied, Honey did something special for me. We finally made it to the bedroom, and she told me to sit on the edge of her bed and lean back with my heels up. Then she knelt beside the bed, and I thought she was going down on me again. But no. Her tongue explored all around the base of my prick and then coated my balls with her spit. When that job was complete, her tongue nudged my balls aside and found the pucker of my ass. I gasped in awe as the sensations shot through me, from my asshole to the top of my head and back down to the tip of my cock.

Man, did that feel good. I was lying there with my hands behind my head like some emperor being serviced by a pleasure slave. Her tongue teased me, circling and circling my tight hole, sliding away onto my hairy butt, then straight downward and inward till her tip was sticking in the grip of my sphincter muscle. I tried to go for my cock, but she slapped my hands kaçak iddaa away and went for it herself, one hand firmly around my root, the other fondling my wet and slippery balls. Her tits were perched atop my thighs, her nipples pressing into them like sharp spikes. And when she humped her pussy against my shin, I could soon feel her coming again.

Now Honey gave me her full attention. Her tongue fucked my asshole faster, deeper, sliding in and out. As she rimmed me, she pulled my prick with one hand and cupped my balls with the other, resting her whole weight on my legs and her knees and toes. Pretty soon her hand was sliding up and down my dripping wet cock and her other hand was pressing on that magic spot between my balls and the asshole she was still so enthusiastically tonguing. Man, I shot off so hard, my come went halfway to the ceiling, like a jism volcano, and then splashed down all over both of us.

Honey just laughed softly and licked me clean. Then she helped me to my feet and held me as I wobbled to the shower. We washed each other, which got me hard again, and then Honey did something for me that no hooker has ever done. She looked up into my eyes, feeling my cock grinding against her pussy mound, and she kissed me on the lips sweetly and lovingly, her tongue going into my mouth and circling my tongue timidly, as if she was afraid that I would reject her now.

Then she spoke to me in half a whisper. “Would you like to — to fuck me in the ass? Now?” I looked into her eyes, and she was pleading, actually pleading. “No extra charge.”

I couldn’t believe it. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” she said, still in half a whisper. “Don’t you like it?”

I nodded, unable to speak. I was awed that a hooker would do this for me, seemingly for her pleasure and mine alone.

“Me too”, she said in a tiny little voice. “Oh, me too! Do me. Fuck me up the ass. Please?”

We hit the bed still dripping. This time it was Honey whose legs were in the air over my shoulders, and I who was drilling into a dark hole with my tongue. I wet her thoroughly and then began to give her my finger, which I had first dipped into her honey pot to lube it up for her. Her pussy was kaçak bahis dripping wet, not from the shower, and as I transferred that pussy fluid with another finger and then with another, and inserted them side by side into her asshole — well, from the way she was moaning I knew in a few minutes that she was ready.

I pulled all my fingers out, which were shaking with excitement, and I dipped my cock in her pussy for just long enough to get it thoroughly soaked too. Then the head of my dick was out of her cunt and feeling around below, finding and pressing on that lovely asshole, which was now gaping enough to begin the process of letting me in.

“Here it comes, Honey”, I said, or was it “honey”? I wasn’t any too sure. I pushed forward slowly but steadily. Her first ring of muscle was wide open, and I got the head inside with no trouble. Then came the second ring, the one a woman can’t consciously control, but as I pressed against it, I felt it too giving way. Then I was up her, balls deep in her ass, in one smooth easy thrust.

Oh, she was hot and tight and buttery inside, and I felt my cock swelling and growing even bigger and harder than before. The more I fucked her, the more she groaned and panted and clutched me tight with her tunnel of love. She even pulled my face onto her breasts and hugged me to her, and kissed the top of my head as I thrust and groaned above her. Her heels locked around me and pulled me into her with all her strength, making me use all my strength to pull back until I could no longer do so and her legs pulled me right into her ass with a fleshy crash that drove me insane.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted between clenched teeth. “Oh God, fuck me up the ass.” It seemed to me that my cock had grown so long that she’d feel it coming back up her throat at any moment. Finally I got there, and I blasted off into her guts, giving her everything I had, and then I collapsed on her body, still hung up inside her. Then I felt my awareness slipping away, and I was asleep.

When I got up and cleaned up, much later, there was no sign of her. All the money I had given her was in a neat bundle on top of my dresser. I don’t know what this means. I’m almost afraid to pick up the phone and find out. But within a week, my urges were returning to me, and hers was the only number I seemed to be able to even think about calling. I haven’t called her yet. But I will. I almost positively will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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