Dr. York and Nicki Pt. 03 – Chaperone

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Chaperone? That’s what the email request said. Professor York reread the email again.

Dear Prof. York,

As president of the university honor society I am emailing you to ask your presence as a chaperone for our student organization to attend the national conference of our honor society in Chicago at the end of the spring term in April 24-27. The conference is two days long. All of your expenses will be covered by the university. Per university policy any student organization traveling out of state is required to have a full time faculty member attend. We hope that you will be able to support us in this effort. I am happy to meet with you if you have any questions.


Daphne Myers

President Delta Iota Kappa

Like he didn’t have enough to do. York was known on campus as an ardent student supporter. But it also meant he got more involved more often than most of his colleagues. As York began to reply his polite refusal a knock on his office door interrupted his email response.

“Come in!”

And in walked his panther goddess. Nicole. It had been a few weeks since they had first fucked in his office. Any apprehensiveness he felt the first day after their encounter was gone. She was true to him and held his trust. Nicole knew if anyone found out he would be ruined. She did not want that for him and she wasn’t going to use it as a bargaining chip to manipulate him either. He treated her like an equal. At least when they were alone. In class he was all business. It only turned her on more. She would watch the other girls in class try to flirt with him and he would politely ignore them as if they weren’t capable of being on his radar. It was harder when she would be included in their conversations about York. As the other girls would go on and on imagining what he was like sexually Nicole did not need to imagine. They had fucked at least every other day since the first time. Every time was great. Mind blowing. They were careful. Nicole would come at the end of the day when everyone had gone home. Luckily York’s department was not filled with over achievers.

York smiled as she walked into the room. His typical greeting was normal just in case anyone was walking by and heard him. But it was not the end of the day when Nicole entered. It was noon. Lots of people were around. His only disappointment was that he knew they would not be able to have sex.

“Hello Ms. Alteil. What brings you by today?” He asked as blandly as possible.

“Hello Dr. York. I have a question about my paper. Do you have a few minutes to spare?”

“Of course. Come on in.” He tried to hide the excitement in his voice.

As she entered and turned to close and lock the door York was out of his seat and wrapped his army around her waist as she turned to face him. Kissing her deeply she also reached up and wrapped her arm around his neck and held his head with her other hand. They kissed deeply for a few minutes but then released each other. They couldn’t get carried away. Too many people around. And they both knew if they continued they wouldn’t be able to stop. And even worse. They wouldn’t have cared.

“Hi!” She said as she sank into the chair across from him.

“Hi back at you. What’s up? Not that I’m not happy to see you outside of our regular time. But what brings you by?”

“Wellllll… you might have recently received an email about Chicago…”

“Chicago?” He asked. Raising one eye brow in as inquisitive manner as possible.

“Chicago.” She let the word slowly drawl from her lips. No one had ever said that city’s name as sexy as this.

“So this is all your doing? I was just about to reply no when you knocked on the door. Seems like I still should.”

And as he reached for the keyboard Nicole leapt up from her chair and around the desk and into his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck. Sitting comfortably cross legged in his lap she planted a hard deep kiss before his fingers touched the keyboard. He didn’t know how she could get into that position so easily but she did it every time they were together. He truly loved this moment. She released her mouth from his and pulled away from his wonderful mouth. She left his lips glistening with her saliva. His lips were the best ever was all he could think.

“Now why would you say no to me?” She said as innocently as possible.

“Well I didn’t know I was saying no to you. But I still think I should say no.”

York attempted to reach for the laptop again and again she interrupted him with a deep kiss.

“I think you keep saying no just so I have to stop you with a kiss.”

“Seems like a win win for me.” York replied.

He pulled her closer to him. Feeling her body against his was always a rush. Their bodies fit together like two pieces of a puzzle that had been separated but were now locked together as if they were just one piece. Indistinguishable from where one started and the other piece began. Reluctantly however he let his grip go. Remembering that the building was full with people. Nicole got off his lap zeytinburnu escort and sauntered back to the chair. He watched her sweet ass jiggle back to the other side of the desk. Delicious was what came to his mind.

“It was me that recommended you to our chapter President. I thought with your reputation as a supporter of student growth you would be an excellent mentor to have on this trip. Think of it as your service to the growth of students.”

Nicole said this as intensely as she could. Not that she needed to. He knew what a trip out of town with her would mean. Sex in his office had been great. But a bed would be better.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” He asked. “There will be other students around. I’m not sure I will be able to contain myself”. York was trying to sound like a responsible adult but they both knew that was an impossibility as far as their situation was concerned.

“I don’t want you to contain yourself. That’s the point of this trip. Trust me. I will take care of everything. All you need to do is look as beautiful as you always do and wear a bow tie every day for me.”

York couldn’t pretend that he had the strength to say no. He could never refuse her. But he always knew that if she said to trust her and that she would take care of everything then he knew it would be taken care of. But what did she mean that she didn’t want him contained. And as if she read his thoughts.

“Dr. York you’ve treated me politely durIng office hours these past few weeks. Perfectly even. I want you to be impolite in Chicago…imperfect.”

And with that she walked out of his office. Never looking back. Not saying another word. The raging hard on in his pants already had ideas for Chicago. York hoped no one would knock on his door for at least 30 minutes to give his hard on a chance to subside.

Chicago was two weeks away. The thought of traveling with Nicole to another city was almost unbearable but what made it worse was their reluctant but mutually agreed decision to not have any special meetings until the trip. It was too risky to be seen at all together outside of class. Nicole would come during public office hours. She would leave the door open while she was there and think of the most mundane questions to ask. He would intentionally interrupt her and ask her to leave as soon as another student showed. They both wanted to ensure there was no appearance of favoritism. Not one student on the trip would imagine she even had a crush on him. It was the longest two weeks ever.

During that time though Daphne, the president of the honors organization, stopped by a lot. York knew it probably made Nicole jealous but he hoped it would work to his advantage when he would be free to be unleashed in Chicago. Daphne met with York to talk about all the details of the trip. Flight arrangements. Hotel arrangements. He would be two floors away from the students. Conference schedule. Prearranged dinners with peers from other institutions. Cocktail receptions. York wondered if he’d ever be alone at all much less alone long enough to be with Nicole.

The meetings were even more difficult because Daphne was trying her best to draw his attention. York had no idea that Daphne had caught Nicole masturbating to his photo in their apartment. Daphne asked for a copy of the photo and had become obsessed with York. Along with several other girls in the apartment her nighttime routIne was rubbing herself into rapture staring at his photo. She could barely handle being in actual proximity to him. She often left his office with moistness between her legs.

There was no question she was beautiful. She had short close cropped blonde hair. Reminiscent of clapper girls from the 20s. Tall. Almost 6ft. She was also captain of the volleyball team. Her body was impressive. Muscles in all the right places. And she was not shy about showing it off. While her clothing was always professional, more professional than you would expect from an undergraduate, they were always tight fitting and short and revealing. York at all didn’t mind. He would never cross the line much less give a hint of interest in her physically. Nicole was all he needed. Until she said otherwise.

“Dr. York is definitely gay!” Daphne said exasperatedly as she slumped into the leather chair in their student organization office across from Nicole.

“What would make you think that?” Nicole replied. Holding back laughter. Daphne clearly had no idea of what was happening.

“I have worn my sexiest outfits. Skirts barely covering my ass. Blouses so tight my tits are about to explode out of them. No bra. I even went to the bathroom right before our last meeting and pulled on my nipples to make them hard and stand out! Nothing! He never once looked or commented. Ever! He’s gotta be gay or I’m in an alternate universe where THIS is ugly!” She gestured at herself as she made her last statement.

“Don’t be hard on yourself. Maybe you’re just not his type.”

Nicole felt bad teasing her friend but she couldn’t help aksaray escort herself. It was her only form of entertainment until Chicago. She knew York was using Daphne as a message to her. No matter who came to him he wouldn’t break. Not by anyone but Nicole. She appreciated the gesture. It could not have been easy. Even she would fuck Daphne under the right conditions and a good strap on dildo.

“NOT HIS TYPE!! Honey I’m everyone’s type!” Daphne declared.

“That may be true… but maybe that’s it. Maybe he knows you know you’re hot and accustomed to being treated as such.” Oops had she inadvertently given Daphne some insider trading tips?

“Who knows what gets that man off. But I am done trying. I’m just glad you will have to deal with him when we get to Chicago. And I’m glad you suggested he stay two floors away from us.”

“Well I won’t even bother to try because if an Aphrodite goddess like you can’t generate anything I have no hope at all.” Nicole could barely contain her laughter.

“Nicole you know you’re beautiful. But that man is impossible. Just for kicks you should try at least.”

“Naw. I am actually thinking of asking him to supervise my honors thesis senior year. I can’t be that girl. He’d never agree to it.”

“You’re such a nerd. Dr. York is easily the hottest man on campus and all you can think of is to use him for his brains! Girl we gotta get you a new perspective on life.”

“But aren’t brains sexy?” Nicole smiled innocently. Daphne rolled her eyes in exasperation at what she saw as the dorky best friend she knew as Nicki. If Daphne only knew.

Finally the time for Chicago had arrived. York and the students were scheduled to depart Wednesday afternoon with a late evening arrival. The conference was Thursday and Friday and they would fly back Saturday. In time for everyone to get a full day of rest before Monday classes. That would be three nights they could be together. But they both wanted more. They both wished it was just the two of them but such a trip was impossible without arousing suspicion. They would find a way to make it work.

The flight was uneventful. Dr. York sat apart from the students. He played every part the of the distant chaperone. He did work on his laptop most of the flight. Though he spent a good deal of time imagining joining the mile high club with Nicole. The flight wasn’t long but it seemed like an eternity. Arriving in Chicago was also uneventful. Everyone got their bags and they loaded into the van. Some dorky kid called shotgun so York had to sit amongst the students. Nicole was next to him on his left against the window directly behind the driver.

“Dr. York, you got any big plans for summer?” A student asked.

“I am considering a new research project…ahem… excuse me.”

York coughed suddenly because while he was respnding to the question Nicole had slipped her right hand under his ass and gave it a good squeeze. She was going to pay for that. Especially since she didn’t remove her hand after he coughed.

“As I was saying. I’m thinking of a new research project that would be primarily archival research and document collection. I’m interested in the historical relationship between Black scholars and community activists at the beginning of the 20th century. There seems to be some indication of intimate relationships between them that I’ve seen in personal correspondence. I’d like to see what impact intimacy has on research. It will require a lot of diligent but tedious work pouring through pages and pages of personal letters. I’m hoping one or two students can help me me with it this summer. It will require a lot of close supervision. I’m still fleshing out a lot of the logistics so most of the summer will be exploratory. Though I want to get as deep as I can and ask penetrating questions. Better questions are always the end goal.”

To the students he sounded like the professor they knew. Serious. All business. He wouldn’t even be relaxing in the summer. He hoped Nicole was catching the double entendres. Damn it. She was. Nicole had managed to get her hand completely under his ass and was stroking his balls. Yes technically they were now in Chicago but this was dangerous. What would it look like if he got out of the van with a raging hard on. This girl was going to be death of him. The rest of the ride was uneventful. Save for Nicole stroking his balls most of the way. Thankfully she stopped just early enough for his raging hard on to subside. She was also getting back at him for not telling her about his summer research plans. York was creating the perfect excuse for her to spend the entire summer with him. Campus would be practically deserted. Spending long hours alone would seem normal. She would be his research assist. The thought was too much to believe. The two of them in constantly alone together. But he did say one or two students. Did he say that to throw students off any suspicion or did he have someone in mind to join them.

They arrived at the hotel around dinner time so Dr. York suggested that ataköy escort everyone check into their rooms quickly and meet back in the lobby and they would all go to dinner collectively. Nicole made a pouty face only he could see. She wanted him now. Let everyone get their own dinner. But York knew he had to set the right tone. Plus he wanted her a little bit eager tonight and he had to pay her back for that van ride groping session.

When all of the students got off the elevator on the 8th floor Dr. York continued on up to the 10th alone. Entering his room he knew Nicole must have been in charge of room assignments. He had a full suite. Sitting area with a loveseat and oversized leather armchair. King size bed. Large floor to ceiling patio window that looked out on to the city skyline. The bathroom was also impressive. It had a large jacuzzi bathtub and separate shower stall with multiple nozzles. She clearly had ideas on the various fucking sites they would engage in. The room setup told him exactly all the ways she wanted him to fuck her. He would definitely oblige her but he had some ideas of his own to surprise her with. York quickly changed his shirt and shoes and went back down to the lobby to meet the students.

He was the first one downstairs so he grabbed a seat in a two seater sofa. Would Nicole take the bait. Students slowly trickled down. They obviously did not know what “quickly” meant. Nicole and Daphne were the last to arrive. What a pair those two. Tall and lithe Daphne with what could only be described as the shortest skirt of all time. Her long athletic legs on full display. A shirt so tight that it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. While her tits were not as big as Nicole’s they looked like two apples squeezed into a wet plastic bag. Even the shape of her aerolas were visible. Nicole was not about to be unmatched. She wore a one piece yellow dress that was equally tight though not as short as Daphne’s. Every curve and nuance of her body was revealed with that yellow dress. She too was clearly not wearing a bra. Her much larger breasts were pushed together almost spilling out of the top of her dress. Dr. York barely made eye contact with them before turning to the rest of the group to get their attention to leave for dinner. With his back to Nicole he stated,

“Well now that we’ve waited long enough I think it’s time we left for dinner.” If he sounded like the annoyed professor it worked. Even Nicole believed him.

He played the annoyed professor well, partly because he was annoyed. Annoyed that Nicole would draw so much attention on this trip. He was not sure what her plan was but he was not altogether pleased. Nicole knew Dr. York was a little angry. She had not planned on this. The dress yes but no one else was supposed to see it. Daphne had gone through her bag when she was in the shower and came across it and convinced her to wear it. To avoid Daphne discovering the real reason for bringing the dress Nicole played it off as her opportunity to meet guys in Chicago. Daphne was easily recruited into the fake plan. Daphne also openly said she was going to give Dr. York one last chance to prove he wasn’t dead on the inside. Neither girl had the affect they hoped to achieve. At least openly. York was resisting every instinctual urge to fuck Nicole right there in the hotel lobby in front of everyone.

Dr. York made a point to not engage either Daphne or Nicole. He in fact went out of his way to have the most engaging conversations with every other student in the group. Dinner wrapped up and the students asked if they could explore the city some on their own. Dr. York did not fight them. He was actually exhausted and just wanted to lay down in his bed. Without a look he said good night to the group. Told them to be safe, to not do anything stupid and that the drinking age was still 21 in Illinois. With that he walked back to the hotel. It was a short walk but enjoyable. The weather was perfect. A cool breeze coming off the lake and almost a full moon. York went straight to his room. Changed into his sweats and turned on the tv. He was not sure how long he had been asleep when he was awakened by a knock on his door. He rolled over and looked at the clock and it read 1:35am. He got up and walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. And there she was. Nicole was standing there in her same yelllow dress but holding her shoes in her hand dangling from her finger tips. He slowly opened the door but blocked the entry.

“Is there something wrong Miss Alteil? It is rather late.” He was both teasing but he was also being careful just in case she was not alone.

“Yes there is. My cunt has not been satisfied by your sweet black cock in weeks.” And with that she stepped towards door.

“Not so fast. I need you to put those shoes on first.” York demanded.

“Out here in the hallway?”

York simply nodded while staring over her whole body. If there was ever a sexy way to put on shoes Nicole had mastered it. She leaned back against the opposite wall. Lifted her left leg and slid the four inch fuck me pumps onto her foot. She never broke eye contact as she slipped the strap over her heel. She did the same with the right. She knew he enjoyed it becuse she could see the growing bulge in his running pants. She made a mental note of York’s shoe fetish. It would give her an excuse to buy more shoes.

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