Dream and Reality

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Aimee Ryan

I am dreaming about you, I see myself turning to you, you’re still sleeping, the sheet is riding low on your hip and I notice it tenting up in one spot, I know that spot very well, and a little devil is urging me to lower the sheet and expose your delicious morning hard on to the cool air, oh I am planning on warming him up very shortly so I am situating myself between your spread legs and start rubbing my hands along your thighs and around your cock, you stir and I stop for a moment waiting for you to lay still again then I continue my morning assault.

I wrap one hand around your hard cock and the other is playing with your balls, kneading them while I stroke up and down, collecting pre-cum that has emerged by now, you stir again and this time I don’t stop, I look up and see your eyes open looking at me, you stretch and push your cock further into my hand, I take full advantage now and while holding your shaft I swipe my tongue along the full length from scrotum to tip, there I swirl innovia escort my tongue licking up drops of your delicious pre-cum while still kneading your balls, I look at you again making sure you’re watching, then I open my mouth and engulf your rock hard cock, sliding my lips up and down, my tongue licking, me sucking, you moaning and pushing up…

…at that point I am awake and so turned on that I turn on my back and start kneading my breasts, taking my nipples between my fingers and tugging hard, I spread my legs, feeling my pussy swelling, feeling the moisture leaking from me, I slide one hand down cupping my hot pussy, rubbing my whole hand over it, then I dip one finger into my wet hole gather some juices and rub them along my pussy, tormenting my clit, I do that a few times and I realize it’s not enough, so I reach into my night table drawer and grab a vibrator, I turn it on full and shove it into my pussy with one stroke, I let out a loud moan, istanbul escort it feels so good, I stroke it in an out, my hips automatically match the movement of my strokes and I cum, I keep going faster this time and orgasm twice more in short succession.

I am still not quite satisfied so I take the vibrator and rub it across my clit then I hold it right on my clit feeling another orgasm but I hold that one for a few moments, letting it build up and build up then with a scream I let go and I can feel the juices gushing from me squirting across the bed sheets, I push the vibrator back in riding my orgasm out as long as I can, I alternate between pushing the vibrator into my hole and rubbing it along my clit, but that isn’t enough, so I reach back into the drawer to grab my bullet.

While I stroke the vibrator in and out of my pussy I hold the bullet right against my clit, the sensation is so intense that I feel another orgasm coming on, but I hold kadıköy escort that one too, and I hold it, and hold it, then with another scream I cum so hard, I pull out the vibrator as I cum and I can literally see the juices squirting from my soaked pussy, and it feels so good, afterwards I just lay there, knees drawn up, legs spread letting the cool air hit my pussy cooling it off, my thighs are still trembling, spasms are still coursing through my pussy, my breathing slowly gets back to normal, and I can finally concentrate again and imagine sucking you off to your completion…

…I close my eyes see myself sucking your cock, you grab my head, holding me in place, I increase my strokes, you push up, your balls are drawn tight against you and I know you’re close, so I take one finger run it gently underneath your balls, stroking that little spot of skin between your balls and your asshole while sucking harder, you tighten your grip in my hair push up one last time and with a shout you shoot stream after stream of hot cum down my throat, I swallow it all, not missing a drop, when you’re done I lick gently along your cock cleaning up every bit of cum.

With eyes still closed I lay there, trying to hold on to the dream, but I am awake now, thinking of you, missing you.

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