Dream of Desire

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I wander down the long never ending dark hall. My bare feet cold from the old worn stone beneath them. Every muscle in my body is rigid and alert. I have no idea where I am going or how I ended up here but I can’t help but feel as though I have been here before. My fingers are searching for something familiar to remind me but find only the same cold worn stone. My mind is racing, my heart pounding against my ribs and my chest is heaving from every breath that I have to remind myself to take. My senses have all awoken and are fighting to be the one that helps me remember. The scent clinging to the damp musty air becomes stronger the farther I am led into the torturous dark.

I run my tongue along my lips and can taste what I think I may know. My pace quickens and I am followed only by the flowing of the fabric of my red silk dress that is losing the battle to keep up. The dress has soon become suffocatingly tight and I can feel sweat forming between my breasts and an unbearable desire growing within me. My circling thoughts begin to fade and I soon have only one focus. I have to prove that I know what is causing my senses to overload.

My hand finds a new surface. This one is smooth and I instantly reach for the handle knowing that it is a door and positive that it leads to where I may find my answers. I slowly open it and the light of the pale full moon that is peeking through the curtains spills over my body and my dress looks as though it is glowing with fire. There is no light here either other than the moon. I can hear distant music that is quiet yet I am able to make out the song that is playing. Memories soar through me.

I close my eyes and can feel a presence in the room and I know that my senses have not failed me. You need not speak any words for me to know it is you. I open my eyes and let them adjust but there is still not enough light to see beyond the door. I step into the room and stop in front of the window. A cool breeze touches my skin and sends chills down my spine. I close my eyes again taking in the scent that I know so well and will never forget.

I push my hair back out of my face and run my fingers through it and then slowly down my body. I can hear your breathing now and my heart beat and breathing quicken even more. You take so painfully long to join me and I begin to wonder if I am imagining all of this or if I am too late until you place your hands on my hips and pull me back into you. I sigh a breath of relief because you finally came to me after it took me what seemed like an eternity to find what I was being drawn to.

Heat is radiating from you and I can feel your hardness pressing against my back. I know now that I am not the only one that is drowning in this relentless current of desire. You run your fingers up my body and stop at my neck. You gently move my hair away and I can feel your hot breath on my neck and my mind turns cloudy with your intoxicating scent. I rest my head on your chest and surrender my neck to your lips. You are tantalizing me with the feel of your unshaven face and moist lips against the secret spot that only you have been given the chance to know of and that only you know causes me to become deliriously yours.

I know that I am quickly losing all control. The muscles inside me are tightening and I can feel myself getting wet. The sweat is no longer just between my breasts. My nipples grow hard and are aching to be freed while your lips work their way down my neck to my bare shoulder. I hear myself moan as I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was keeping prisoner in my time of euphoria. Your teeth graze my skin causing me to pull a breath in and I let it out just as quickly. My hands quickly move to the backs of your legs and I dig my fingers in while pulling you closer and urging you to keep going.

I am waiting anxiously for you too remove this barrier between us just as your fingers begin tugging on the laces that have become chains holding my dress in place. Your fingers are continuously brushing against the bare skin of my back while you frantically work to release me. My dress falls to the floor and I step slowly out of it while your fingers work their way down my now bare skin, gently caressing my curves as though I may break.

I hear you let out a moan as you realize I have no panties for you to remove and nothing else stands in your way of taking me and maltepe escort doing to me as you wish. My mind and body are in your possession now and you know that I have no limitations for you like I do the others. I have saved for you the sacred places on my body that you have claimed and will always belong only to you.

I turn slowly to face you and my hands are now on your chest and I can feel the strong rapid beat of your heart. I run my fingers up your chest and to your neck and pull you down to me so I can finally taste your lips. I look up at you and can see the look of desire and triumph in your eyes. You have vanquished what no other man has been able to before now. My hands have begun to tremble and the air seems to have become heavy. Every touch makes it harder to breath.

My hands slowly work their way down your chest and I can feel your muscles tighten. The want to touch your skin has become an overpowering need to touch your skin. I slip my hands under your shirt and run my fingers along your waist feeling and hearing you take in a quick breath that you hold hostage. My hand teases it’s way down and I find you harder than you were only moments before. My trembling whisper breaks the silence and I am begging you to take your shirt off fearing that you will deny me of this. You do not hesitate but rather cannot seem to take it off fast enough. You seem to be in an unbreakable trance caused by desire.

I pull myself into you and my fingers begin tracing a trail through the dark sexy hair on your chest that leads down to the waist of your pants. I am fumbling to undo your belt and silently cursing you for wearing it. I can’t wait any longer to feel and taste the naked skin of your dick. I feel as though you have worn eleven layers of clothing and you are doing it just to torment me. I unbutton your pants and they fall to the floor and you kick them aside. I am hurriedly tugging on your boxers and letting them fall to your ankles.

I run my fingers down your body and slowly circle the head of your dick with the tip of my finger. The feeling of precum causes me to become more wet. I drop to my knees and gently lick it all off your dick and then lick my fingers. I slide your swollen hard dick into my mouth letting it slide to the back of my throat right where I know you like it. I reach up and you instantly know that I am reaching for your hands. I place one on each side of my head and look up at you with your dick still in my mouth. You lift your hands only to grab a handful of my hair in each hand and then return them to my head. You know me so well that I can just look at you or touch in a certain way and you know exactly what I am wanting.

I place my hands on your legs and you begin sliding in and out of my mouth. Your breathing is quick and I can hear occasional moans coming from whom I’m not sure. Soon you are fucking my mouth, pounding in and out with a vengeance while I rub my clit with one hand and your balls with the other. I can feel myself swelling just as you are with the need to find release. I can tell that you don’t want to stop but that you know you have to or you are going to cum at any second. Not wanting to cum just yet, you abruptly stop and pull back removing yourself from my mouth.

My lips are numb and swollen and I lick them to savor the taste. I look at you and know that there is so much more yet to come. You pull me up and kiss me. Your tongue begins fucking my mouth just like your dick had just seconds ago. Your hands are caressing my breasts making my nipples beyond swollen. You trail kisses along my face down to my neck and then you take my breast into your mouth while your fingers find out just how wet you have made me. Your tongue is quickly flicking my nipple and then your teeth have trapped it. I let out a scream of pleasure and you move to the other breast and torment it just the same.

I am grinding against your fingers waiting impatiently for the moment that you will slide them deep inside of me. You know exactly what I am wanting and you begin to tease me even further by placing a finger just outside of my soaking wet pussy and another outside of my tight ass. You whisper in my ear for me to tell you what I want and I try to find my voice to do so but cannot. Instead I place my hand on top of yours and push your fingers deep inside of me.

We both gasp mecidiyeköy escort for air and I throw my head back with pleasure. You are fucking both of my holes with your magical fingers and I am begging you to go deeper and faster. My hand reaches for your hard dick and begins to vigorously work it while you pick up the pace. Neither of us can seem to get enough and want to give the other so much pleasure. You quickly pull your fingers out of me and and place your hands at the bottom of my ass and pick me up. My legs straddle you as you walk across the room and push my back up against the cold wall. I take in a quick breath from the sudden shock of the cold wall up against my burning slick skin.

I can feel the head of your dick rubbing against my wet pussy and almost asking for permission to enter. I hear a voice saying baby please, baby I need to feel you now and I quickly realize that those words are coming from me. You thrust into me without any warning and my eyes slam shut. Waves of electricity shoot through me and I am sliding up and down on your dick and your hands are gripping my ass firmly. You stumble backwards and move clumsily to the bed where you gently lay me on my back. You remove my legs from around you and push them back so that they are above my head.

You are plunging in and out of me and the only sound in the room aside from our heavy breathing is the sound of your balls slapping against the wet pussy juices on my ass. I pull you down to me so that you can hear my weak voice ask you to fuck my ass deep and hard. This causes a moan to escape your lips and a look of ecstasy washes over your face. I know just how much you love to hear me ask you that and how much you love to grant me my wishes.

You slip your dick out of my pussy and I slide down to the bottom of the bed so that I can enjoy a quick taste of my juices on your dick before you claim my ass. Once I have licked your dick clean of my taste I push myself back up on the bed and flip over onto my knees. You push my head down onto the bed and grab my hands. You don’t even need to tell me what you want as I place my hands instinctively on each side of my ass spreading it just as you like.

You lean forward and trail kisses along my bare skin and then plunge your tongue deep inside my ass while your fingers enter my pussy. My hips begin slowly moving and I am now grinding my ass against your face and tongue fucking them both. I remove a hand from my ass and place my fingers in my mouth wetting them for what is to come next. I then find my swollen clit and gently rub it with my wet fingers. My slow pace doesn’t last long and soon I am panting with the need to find release. My muscles start to quiver and you know I am about to cum and you are urging me to do so.

You stand up and keep your fingers deep inside my pussy while you slide your dick deep into my ass just as your name comes from my lips. You can feel the quivering waves coursing through my body with the mind blowing orgasm that we have both sent ripping through me. I stay on that soaring peak for endless moments as our body’s stay frozen in that glorious tide. My legs are trembling and weak but I find the strength to push myself back up to my knees wanting to give you that same unimaginable release.

Your dick remains taut in my ass and I can feel it continue to swell with need. I reach for your hand and wrap my hair around it. You know how I love for you to pull my head back as you fuck me mindless. I whisper for you to have your way with me and do as you wish for I am all yours and now belong only to you not only for now but forever and always. Your eyes grow darker with need and desire as my words sink in and you realize just what it means.

You continue to slide in and out of me taking your time and trying to make this last as long as possible not knowing how long we will have to wait to be given this chance again. With one hand in my hair you place the other one around my hip and your gentle love making turns into a frantic unsteady pace. The need to find release is just as strong as the need to savor this intense moment of pure mind swelling realization that this could be your life everyday if you not only chose for it to be but would let it be.

I can sense that my words have taken your mind elsewhere. I whisper your name pulling you from your merter escort thoughts as I turn my head and our eyes meet. You lean down and kiss me and my hand reaches under me to caress your balls that are firm and waiting for their moment to empty. My hair falls from your hand and you grab my other hip. Soon you are pounding in and out of my ass while I am screaming for you to fuck me harder.

I can hear by the way you’re breathing that you are on the verge of filling me with your cum. I wish that I could feel your cum in all of my holes but I decide that this time I want to feel your hot cum slowly slide down my face and across my breasts. I love to see the expression on your face when you are covering me with your cum. I tell you my thoughts and ultimately leave the decision up to you knowing that you will choose the same as I have.

Your fingers are digging into my hips and you are fucking me harder than ever before. Every nerve in my body is at its peak. You lean down and whisper for me to roll over on my back. You slide out of me and I obey you. Your hand is working your swollen dick and your stomach muscles are jerking. You ask me if I’m ready and I tell you that I am beyond ready. Your eyes close briefly and you suck in a quick breath and let it out with a moan. You tell me to look at you and then you stare into my eyes while you whisper my name and begin cuming first on my face and then down to my swollen breasts.

Our eyes never leave each other’s as you move down my body leaving a trail of cum. I lick my lips to taste the cum that has rundown my face working its way into my mouth. Then I run my fingers through the hot trail and then backup to my mouth where I lick your cum off of them. You are still shaking from the aftershocks of the orgasm as you collapse next to me. Our breathing is still unsteady and heavy.

You whisper my name and I turn to look at you as you gently push my hair back out of my face and run your fingers down my jaw. Our eyes lock and you lean in to kiss me as you reach for my hand. I can see so many things in your eyes, almost as if I can see into your soul, but have no idea what any of it means. You have never been an easy man to read and I have long since given up trying. I open my mouth to say the things that have been weighing on my mind but decide otherwise. I fear that I will ruin this exhilarating night of passion and lust. Just as I know that I will lose you for eternity as you flee from any feelings or emotions and completely close yourself off from the world.

Instead I close my eyes and contently listen to our breathing slow and the quiet sounds of the night. You pull me in closer and kiss my cheek as my fingers softly work their way across your chest and up to your neck where they stop in the same spot as always, almost as if I think it will keep you from leaving, and will remain there until we awake. I begin to drift off to sleep with the feel of your touch and the smell of your skin being the last things I think of and wishing for the night to never end.

I awake with the early rays of the sun warming my skin as it shines in through the open window. I smile with the memory of what the night had brought us and I touch my swollen lips. I reach for you hoping to wake you before the sun as my eyes flicker open. I find myself alone in the bed where so much had happened only hours before. My hand touches the spot where your body had been. It is cold and untouched.

I stand up covered in only a sheet and my eyes wander the room looking for any signs of you having been there. I find nothing and wonder how that is possible. Had you awoken early and left me to sleep not wanting to disturb me? Or had you left me to sleep not wanting me to know you were leaving with no plans to ever return? Or had this all been just a dream? I lay back on the bed and replay the night in my mind hoping I might find a helpful clue but knowing that it is useless. I drift off to sleep again only to dream of you.

When I awake again I find myself at home alone in my own bed. The only signs of last night being real is your faint scent in my hair, the taste of you on my lips and the ache that your touch has left behind. My heart feels heavy from a loss that I can’t explain while my body feels the remnants of a night filled with passion and my mind feels foggy with a dream that seems so real. I lay there waiting to fall back into an eternal sleep that will lead me down the same never ending dark hall that led me straight to you and into the throes of a night of undying passion that brought us both such gratifying, intense and unforgettable pleasure. Soon my eyes begin to lazily close and the darkness slowly returns…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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