Dream to Reality

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Dream to Reality

She came to me very quietly, the bed moved as she moved across the end of the bed on her knees. Her long brunette hair swung seductively from side to side and as I lay with my head on the pillow I could see down her blouse. Her tits were perfect and swung side to side as she moved between my legs. She had to push my legs apart and I knew I was fully erect before her hand touched my bulge.

She reached inside the leg of my briefs and pulled that hard fleshy shaft into view and she blew gently against my cut tip. A chill ran up my spine and then her lips closed around the tip of my cock, warm and wet. My eyes popped open and I was staring at the ceiling. I had fallen asleep on my sister’s guest bed after having one too many glasses of the rum punch she had made for her son’s 21st birthday party.

The dream was beyond any that I had experienced. The vision of my sister crawling between my legs was exactly as I imagined her in my mind, and the feeling of her lips on my cock was complete with detail and the warm wetness. And as the dream faded and my mind began to clear from the fog of the rum punch my cock throbbed and the wetness and feeling of sexual pleasure flooded into my reality.

I looked down, there was a woman’s head bobbing up and down on my shaft, her brunette hair cascaded across my bare legs. My cock strained with the pleasure, the alcohol had done nothing to diminish my sex drive and I knew I was on the edge of cumming.

She stopped, this dark haired mystery woman, I could feel her hand on my balls, massaging them as if she was trying to squeeze the cum out of them. Then she moaned deep in her throat and the vibrations further stimulated me. It was almost dream like, a warm wet mouth and tongue on my cock bringing me to the edge and I had no idea who it was.

I tried to remember, did I take my clothes off when I got onto the bed? “Yes,” I remembered, canlı bahis şirketleri “my sister Tracy insisted as I had spilled food on my shirt and jeans.” My balls ached, my cock head swelled and throbbed as this woman brought me to the edge at least three times and then stopped as if she had a sense that I would explode. At this moment it didn’t matter who was sucking my cock, I just knew I wanted to blow a load and feel the exhilaration of a mind blowing orgasm.

I felt her grip the base of my cock, clamping off any release, then her head bobbed quickly and her tongue wrapped around the tip of my cock and at the second my prostate contracted she released her grip on my shaft and I exploded into her mouth. She pushed her head down until I felt the back of her throat. I could feel her swallow, my hot spunk spurted again and again as she held my cock deep in her mouth.

When the orgasm faded and my cock began to soften she licked her way off and sipped the final thin discharge from the slit in my cock. I looked down as she looked up, it was my twin sister Tracy. She smiled, cum clinging to her lips, “I knew you would be uncomfortable so I wanted to help you rest properly.” She said as she rubbed her soft hand up and down my cum and saliva slickened shaft. I felt a final jerk of my prostate and that last bit of discharge formed a bubble at the tip.

“You really needed this Larry,” she said as she sipped that droplet off my cock, “when the guest have left I will come back to you, I want you inside of me.”

My mind flashed an alarm, I jerked as if hit by an electrical shock and my head was swimming in an alcohol induced haze. I rubbed my face, my eyes opened, I was alone in a darkened room. My cock was still semi-erect and oozing the last of my cum, yet there was no mess elsewhere, and I looked around the room. I was frantic, I had been asleep, then awakened to canlı kaçak iddaa my sister sucking my cock. “It has to be the rum punch.” I muttered to myself.”

I lay flat on my back, the dream seemed so real, yet I was alone in the room. I thought back to being a teen at home, “I never had sex with my sister,” I thought. But I had fantasized about it from the time I was old enough to jerk off until now, at 45 years old and divorced. My fantasies were always of her. She had wide hips, a narrow waist line, and her tits, although not large, hung seductively in her bra.

Her long brunette hair had not changed in all these years, her smile that was warm and welcoming. I always wondered what she looked like naked, I never had the opportunity to sneak even a little peek. But my mind filled in all the details. Now I had this erotic dream, “why did I feel her lips and tongue?” I asked myself.

I rolled off the bed, stripped out of my briefs, and staggered to the guest bathroom and then stumbled back to the bed, pulling the sheet over my now naked body. I imagined what it would be like to share that sort of intimacy with Tracy, not because she was my sister but because she was so damn arousing to look at.

I drifted off to sleep, I could hear music out on the patio, the party was continuing without Uncle Larry. I felt sad and disappointed in myself, Tracy was divorced raising her son on her own and I was the male figure in her son’s life. “I should not have gotten into the punch,” was the final thought as my mind went blank and sleep took over.

The bed moved, I felt the sheet lifted off me and I smiled in my slumber. “Another dream,” I thought as my mind floated back to thoughts of Tracy sucking my cock. I wondered if this dream would be as vivid. I floated between a dream state and reality for a moment and then felt a warm naked body against mine. Lips met mine, a tongue canlı kaçak bahis probed my lips for entry, I responded.

I opened my eyes at the end of the kiss, Tracy smiled at me. “Time to wake up sleep head,” she whispered and her arm circled around me and I felt her tits against my chest. My arm felt numb from lying on it while asleep but I moved it across her body and felt her ass, plump and soft and she responded by arching her back grinding her pelvis against mine.

I moved back from her, rose to my elbow and looked in disbelief. My dreams had never been this vivid, “Lie back down Larry,” Tracy said, “Make love to me, I have wanted you inside of me since we were teens, now it is time,” I felt her hand slide between us and she held my stiff member gently and then slid her hand up and down. “I always wondered how big you were, not that it matters if you know what to do with it,” She said and kissed me softly, “And it feels like you have exactly what I have needed.”

I looked over her shoulder, the digital clock beside the bed said it was after midnight, the room was dark but the nightlight in the guest bathroom provided enough light for me to know for sure it was Tracy. “I think this is a dream,” I said aloud and as I finished saying it Tracy rolled me onto my back and in one smooth movement straddled me. I felt her hand guide me between her legs, she was wet and slick and my cock slid inside of her as she bent forward, kissing my lips.

“This is a dream Larry,” she whispered, “we have both been dreaming about this for years now it is time to bring the dream into reality.”

I felt her rock against my cock, I was buried deep inside my sister’s pussy, I could feel her bush against me, her soft legs hugging against mine, and she bent to feed me her nipples. I responded as any man would and she began rocking against me in a steady rhythm. There was no urgency to her movement, just a deliberate attempt to pleasure both of us.

“I hope when I sucked you cock earlier that it would make it so you’d last longer,” she said with a smile. She sat up and with both hand pinched my nipples, the pain was real, there was no doubt, I was NOT dreaming.

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