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I was thinking of you last night and as I always do I could feel myself getting wet. I allowed myself to imagine what I would do to you if you were laying right beside me. I would cuddle up to you not wanting to wake you up too soon. I want to give you the greatest wet dream you’ve ever had.

Just resting against your body makes me feel so hot. My nipples start to harden as I rub them against your arm. I put one arm around you just stroking your side. Down to your hip then up to your chest. My thumb flicks out over your nipple. It straightens up. Mmmm I like that. My thumb slowly rubs around your nipple going in slow circles.

I stroke your side back down to your hip. I run my fingers lightly across you tummy going up to the other side of your chest. My one finger circles your nipple before I lean over and flick it with my tongue. It tightens up immediately. I suck it in using the tip of my tongue to circle it.

I start to kiss my way across your chest. It wouldn’t be fair to leave the other one out. When it is wet otele gelen escort I look at it. So beautiful baby. I kiss each rib on my way to your incredibly sexy tummy. The thought of being allowed to touch it is unbelievable. Thinking about how much it turns me on I take some time with it.

I touch it with my lips and my fingers only using my tongue when I am moving from your belly button to your cock. When I see how hard your cock has gotten since I started, heat curls in my tummy. I love to turn you on. You are so fucking gorgeous.

First I tease your cock with my hair knowing the soft touch makes you harder. With just one finger I circle your head. My fingers wrap around the base and stroke up. Again I do it without stroking down. When my mouth comes down to join in the fun my hand retreats and cups your balls.

Breathing lightly I trace the out line of your cock with the tip of my tongue. I run my tongue over your cock just enough to tease. I kiss the base of your cock pendik escort and trail kisses down to you thighs one on the inside and one on top of your leg all the way down to your knee. I kiss the base of your cock and trail kisses down to your thighs one on the inside and one on the top al the way down to your knee.

When I kiss your knee I shift my body so that it is straddling your legs before I continue. Even your legs are wonderful when I think of how they held up the other night as you fucked me against the wall. Trailing kisses down your calf I kiss the inside of your ankle before starting on the other leg. Working up your leg I stop to savor the feel of the muscle underneath. One hand trails up the inside of your thigh while my mouth is still getting there. Are you as sensitive there as I am?

As my mouth nears your cock I spread my legs more so I am straddling your body. I take my time showing you how much I appreciate your cock. It does such amazing things to me. I lavish attention rus escort on it with my tongue and my lips. Sucking lightly then stronger. Nibbling the sides with my lips. I love it. Your hips start to move in time with my mouth so I look up to see how awake you are. your eyes are still closed but your breathing is deep and fast.

Dragging my attention away, I move up to your tummy again. loving how the muscles twitch when my breasts brush your cock. Running my fingers across your chest and down your arm. i lean down and suck on your lower lip before teasing my tongue across your mouth.

Your hands come up and grip my head holding me still while your tongue explores my mouth. My body is so hot for you. Your tongue in my mouth is almost too much for me. I want your cock inside me now. Using one hand between our bodies I guide my pussy down over your cock. You shift your hips upward until you fill me. It is so good. I move my hips slowly trying to drag out the moment but I pushed you too far. You hold my hips making move faster. I’m panting and moaning as you make me take you deeper. Oh god yes.

You pull me all the way down on your cock and hold me there while your roll on top of me. I wrap my legs around your waist. Moving my hips with yours until you fill me deeper faster my pussy tightens as the world explodes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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