Drunken Mother

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“Goddamnit.” Bret grumbled as a stray bullet down his character. “Guys we really gotta watch this goddamn friendly fire bullshit. I mean its bad enough that I got fucking zombies coming after me but I shouldn’t be worrying about getting shot gunned to the skull by people who are supposed to be helping. The zombies don’t hit as hard as you do, if you don’t have the shot don’t fucking take it!” Bret took the moment of free time to sip at the beer beside him. He was expecting to have the place to himself for another six hours or so which meant he was comfortable. Just a pair of boxers covered him. The rest of his twenty three year old toned body was on display, not that there was anybody around to see it.

“Fuck you!” Came a shout from just outside the apartment followed by a collection of sobs. “I hate you and I hope you get in a fucking car accident and die you piece of shit!” Then the sound of keys being jumbled in the lock and his mother spilled into the room obviously a more than a little drunk. She’d gone out partying, and Bret had assumed that she wouldn’t be back until the following morning. She never was when she wore the dress.

The dress was something she only pulled out for the special guys, something she could still wear from her high school years. It was a bright red strapless breast that did an excellent job of displaying her cleavage. A big white bow around her waist was a little dated but did a good job of bringing out her figure. It hung just past her knees though but flowed with her every step in a way that was sexier than shorter dresses.

“Goddamnit. I’m sorry son. I didn’t.” Sheila walked over next to her son and flopped down to the floor. “He’s just a piece of shit. I thought he was different you know?”

“Hey guys, I gotta handle something so I’ll be playing silent. If I have to take off I’ll say something, I can still hear you if you need shit.” Then he reached over and clicked his mike off. “What’s wrong Mom. What did that piece of shit Kevin do?” Bret had to fight to keep his voice steady. He’d known the first time that Kevin came over what he’d kind of man he was. There was just something in his eyes that gave away the fact that he was bottom feeding scum. He’d tried to say something to his Mother then but she’d brushed him off and haramidere escort told him that Kevin was a good guy. There was really no point in arguing it so he’d let it drop, besides there was always the chance that he’d read the guy wrong.

Unfortunately the woman with her head in his lap sobbing meant he hadn’t been wrong. “Well it started when we got to his house. I got there and everything was nice, it was so nice. He had candles lit and it was a nice dinner. He said he cooked himself and he had a bottle of wine. It was a really really nice wine.” Bret’s Mother tried to keep speaking but for a moment the only thing she could do was sob. Not knowing what else to do Bret started gently running his fingers through her hair trying his best to calm her down.

“Okay so you had a nice dinner and he was trying to get you a little drunk. I mean that’s not why you’re so upset is it?” Bret asked almost confused now. When Sheila lifted her bloodshot tear filled eyes he knew that it was something much worse than he’d tried getting her a little drunk. He should have known because of the dress, she’d gone over there with the full intention of giving it up. “Did he hurt you?”

“No, not exactly. See he was so nice during dinner, and the wine was starting to get to my head right?” She paused slightly to gather her thoughts. She’d always been a bit of a lightweight and he’d given her enough to guarantee he was getting laid. “So I said I’m feeling kind of off here, do you have a place I can lie down for a bit?” She broke down into another fit of tears.

“Guys, I’m sorry but I gotta go. I can’t be here right now.” Bret explained to his Left 4 Dead party and turned off his Xbox before sliding off the couch to wrap his arms around his Mom and lightly kiss her forehead, then her cheek. “What happened next?” Sheila shook her head stubbornly. “It’s okay; you don’t have to tell me.” Bret took a drink from his beer and then Sheila snatched it and downed the rest in a single gulp. “You know you’re lucky your very pretty, my Mother and having a bad day. If you weren’t I’d have to kick your ass for finishing my last beer.”

“There’s Grey Goose in the freezer.” She flatly replied. “Yes you can have some just this once. As long as ikitelli escort you pour me one too.” Bret looked at his Mother, she really didn’t need anything else to drink but he wanted his vodka and maybe just knocking her out would put her in a better mood in the morning. Bret got up and poured two glasses of vodka and returned handing her on. She smiled. “You’re a good boy.” She sniffled and sipped at the liquor. “He got me in the bed room and things were going nicely. Very nice. Kissing, touching. I was just getting into it when-“she needed a hit of liquid courage to say the next part, “-two of his friends walk in. One of em’s naked and the others gotta camera.”

Sheila closed her eyes squeezing out a few more tears. Bret didn’t say anything though he felt his arm trembling in rage. If he thought for a second he could catch Kevin before he got to his car he’d end up in prison at least for the night. He’d known from the get go what a rat bastard that piece of shit was and he still hadn’t been able to protect her.

“He tells me that I’ve got really pretty body and he wants to get me on film. And I told him no. So then he starts trying to guilt me into it. I owe him cus, well he’s helped out with the bills a few times and-“Sheila started crying again.

“Okay I don’t need to hear any more.” Bret kissed on the top of her head then on her forehead. “It’s okay he’s the one who did something wrong here not you.” He smoothed her tears away from her eyes. “You understand mmphf!” Sheila kissed him on the lips and pushed her tongue past his lips.

Bret should have been disgusted but he’d always had a slight crush on his Mother. A combination of great genes and an active work out life that involved biking several miles every day had kept her in excellent shape. She’d never really been shy about walking around in skimpy outfits, the kinds that had his friends stealing glances at her whenever she was in the house. It was part of the reason he’d chosen to live with her instead of his Father when they’d gotten divorced.

Bret should have felt guilty. She was drunk and distraught and clearly not making rational decisions at the moment. There was a twinge of guilt but his Mother took care of that when her hand shot into his istanbul escort pants and started massaging his cock to life. He gently pushed against her trying faintly to get away but it was only to ease his guilt. He could easily have overpowered his drunk mother if he’d wanted to.

What he should have felt was turned on but that was the strongest feeling he was having at the moment. His own Mother was jerking him off and making out with him. Her tongue swirled around his own coaxing him deeper into the kiss. “Mom we can’t.” He gasped when she pulled her lips from his.

“Hush.” She whispered and pulled her dress down beneath her breasts. “I know you think I’m sexy. I’m not stupid.” She whispered in his ear then bit down on the lobe. “I always notice you and your friends stealing glances at me when I walk around the house. I know it’s dirty but it’s always kinda turned me on.” She licked along his collar bone.

At the same time she worked his cock out through his boxers and wriggled her dress up and out of the way. “So you just relax.” She took her glass of vodka and upended it before reaching for his, but he stopped her and took it for himself. “Fine.” She mock pouted and guided his cock into her.

Sheila knew what she was doing was wrong. Even though the haze in her mind she’d known it was wrong but part of her had been trying to get this to happen since he’d first come of age and started working out. He was just so sexy and then there was just the wrongness of it. If not for the obscene amount of liquor she’d had that night she would never have had the courage to do it.

She kept her eyes locked on his the entire time. She wanted to be able to see that twisted depravity grow. “So how long have you wanted to be back in me? How long have you waited to be back where you began in my twat?” Before he could answer she pushed his head against one of her breasts. “It’s been a long time since you’ve sucked on mommy’s nipple. Do it.” He didn’t need to be told twice. Bret latched on and started suckling while his Mother continued to ride him.

The sheer taboo was enough that it only took Bret a few moments before he’d erupted into his mother. “Oh God I just came.” Bret recoiled.

“Yeah you just came in your Mom.” She pushed all the way down onto his cock and held in there with a grin. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” She leaned down and kissed him again. Bret wanted to shake his head and deny it but he couldn’t. It wasn’t possible. “Good then maybe we’ll try it again in the morning when I’m sober.” She grinned and kissed him one last time before tottering off to bed.

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