D’s Surprise

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We had plans to meet at my house after work and on my way home I made a last minute decision to stop by the sex toy store. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy, made my purchase quickly and continued home. I took a shower, the hot water against my skin making every pore come alive and awakening my senses after a long dull day at work. I lingered a bit longer than necessary when washing certain parts of my body, my nipples hardening as I brushed the washcloth over them…and over them again. Continuing with my shower, I rest my foot on the edge of the tub as I reach between my legs. The fabric of the washcloth against the smooth skin of my mound sent shivers up my spin and as I gently washed myself my body was covered in goosebumps. Realizing how little time I had before you arrived, I hurriedly finished my shower, my hands wiping off the soap as the water spray rinsed my body, pausing only slightly as my fingers slipped between the folds of my pussy and felt a wetness not caused by the soap or the water. I could not stop myself from slipping my finger inside my tight hole, then slowly dragging it against my lips until it reached my clit, which was already swollen from desire. A deep breath escapes my lips and sensations like shock waves flow thru my body from that one moment of caressing and without another hesitation, I turn off the water and snap back to reality. You’re on your way. Soon. Very soon.

I barely have time to dry off when I hear your truck pulling up. Wrapping the towel around me, I meet you at the door and give you a long passionate kiss, pressing my body against yours, your familiar scent hypnotizing bahis firmaları me. Overcome with pure lust, I pull you down the hall to my bedroom, the towel falling off somewhere along the way, your hands groping me as we walk. Once in the bedroom we kiss madly as I fight with your shirt buttons, then your belt, then your pants. You make no move to help, a faint look of amusement on your face as I struggle to undress you.

We fall to the bed, kissing, touching, squeezing. Your mouth on my lips…my face…my throat…the swell of my breasts…sucking on my nipples. I feel your hand between my legs and I willingly spread them wider as the first touch of your fingers is felt. Wasting no time, you part those sweet pink lips and let out a sigh as you feel how wet I already am. A moment later I feel your fingers slipping inside me. It feels so good, I wish it would last forever.

Sensing you are about to take control, I push you onto your back and sit up. Puzzled, your face is asking me what is going on but I tell you that I have a surprise for you. I reach for the bag that holds my surprise and pull out a small bottle of lube and a small string of anal beads. I see a faint twinkle in your eye that tells me you’re excited but at this point, I’m not exactly sure you realize the beads are for you. I put a small drop of lube in the palm of my hand and begin to stroke your cock. Slowly. Rhythmically. Twisting my wrist as I move up and down. I push your legs a bit further apart, bending them at the knees to allow me better access. I stop the hand job for only a second while I squeeze a good amount of lube on my fingers kaçak iddaa and then rub the beads in my hand to oil them up. Once again I start to stroke your thick cock as I place the pad of my finger against your asshole and rub the lube into your skin. Slowly. Softly. I want you nice and relaxed.

I gently push the first bead in, my hand firmly wrapped around your dick, stroking you oh so good. I run the tips of my fingers along your inner thigh, dragging my nails against your skin, then my fingers again as I gently caress your balls. I’m giving you so many different sensations yet my hand never stops stroking you. Another bead is pushed in and I repeat the caressing, trying to touch different parts of your body, leaving my touch all over your skin. Another bead and now I’m caressing your asshole, lightly pushing on it, then giving the string a little tug just to tease you. Your breathing is deep and fast. I run my hand up the inside of your leg and your body breaks out in goosebumps. I gently push the next bead in, listening to you moan quietly, your cock tensing slightly in my hand. A few more caresses and I push the last bead in. Still jerking you, I bend down to give you a kiss and the passion in your kiss tells me that you are totally aroused.

I scoot down until I am between your spread legs and I lower my head to take your cock in my mouth. Wincing slightly from the taste of the lube, I begin to make love to you with my mouth. I start by giving you a slow sloppy blow job, my saliva making your dick nice and slippery as my hand and lips move up and down. I feel for the string of the beads and give it a small kaçak bahis tug, just enough to let you know I’m about to retrace my steps. I slowly pull out the first bead, hearing you gasp as it pops out, your body giving a little shudder. I have my fingers on your ass now, rubbing the area around your hole, my pace quickening on your cock ever so slightly. Pop…there comes another bead. This time your body’s reaction was more pronounced, your moan louder, your hands on my head guiding my lips on your cock. I tug on the string but you are anticipating it so I tease you a bit. Pulling it almost to that point where the muscle would force it out then releasing the tension so that it goes back into your tight ass.

After doing that a couple of times, your hands are gripping handfuls of my hair and I know you are getting dangerously close to exploding. I pull the bead out and with only a moments hesitation I pull the next one out, catching you completely off guard and this time your body is wrecked with shudders and you gasp and cuss and shove your hips upward to choke me with your cock. You tell me you’re getting close and my first thought is to pull back but by the way you’re thrusting your dick into my mouth I know that I only have seconds. Pressing my finger tips firmly against you, caressing that tight puckered hole, I slowly pull the last bead out just a second before you let your load go deep in my throat. You cum so much and so hard that I gag and your hot juice drips out of my mouth and onto your body. I milk you dry with my lips, then give your balls and the area around your shaft a nice relaxing tongue bath before laying down next to you. You pull me close and tell me all the things you couldn’t say while I was working you over. Within moments I feel you getting hard and I smile knowing you are about to fuck the hell out of me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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