Dubious Hero Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Copperbutterfly for her editing expertise in helping make this a better story.

It was a little strange Monday morning when I resumed my job in building construction. At first my body protested that it wasn’t up to it but I persisted, knowing that the only way to get it back in shape was to work. By the third week, there were no indications that I’d ever missed a beat.

That Wednesday night I got a phone call. The caller, a woman, stated that her name was Brenda and that she was the mother of Katy, the girl that I had rescued. Brenda said that she had stood at the railing and watched her daughter fall, watched me go down the canyon wall, had watched me rescue her daughter, all while too terrified to even help. She said “My daughter is alive because of you and Katy and I want to come visit you and let you know just how grateful we are.”

“Brenda, I appreciate that but its not necessary. I just did what I would want someone else to do if it was my daughter.”

“Oh. So you have children?”

“No. I’m a loner, I guess. I’ve never had that sort of relationship with anyone yet.”

“Well, then we’d like to visit you, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“No. No, I wouldn’t mind. I just don’t want you spending a lot of time thinking I’m something I’m not.”

“Ben, when I think that I wouldn’t have Katy if it weren’t for you, I know you are a hero. Please let us come.”

“Okay, when you put it like that, how could I refuse? When would you like to come?”

“How about this weekend?”

“Well … okay.” I gave her instructions on how to get to my place and told her that I wouldn’t be there until late Friday afternoon. They agreed to arrive between 5 and 6 PM and Brenda insisted that they would like to take me to dinner that evening. She asked about a hotel nearby and I gave her a recommendation.

The following two days I had all kinds of emotions about the impending visit of Brenda and Katy. What if they somehow blamed me for Katy’s injuries? What if they were looking for me to give them some sort of financial compensation? I certainly didn’t make that much. What if they now expected me to take over support of their family? I don’t know why they would think any of these thoughts but you read about just such things happening every day. Ah, well!

Finally Friday passed and I hurried home to get cleaned up before they arrived, shaving and showering to wash the day’s sweat off. I was dressed nicely but casually in slacks and sport shirt when they arrived about 5:15.

Brenda turned out to be a very attractive, vivacious 35 year old brunette with a fantastic smile. I greeted Katy as a stranger, because she didn’t look anything like the frightened little girl I put on that old board in the canyon. She was a beautiful 15 year old with long brown hair and piercing hazel eyes, a sparkling personality to match the pearly white teeth she displayed almost constantly. If her mother was vivacious, this girl was downright voracious. No sooner had I opened the door than her arms were around my neck and she was kissing me on the cheek. Brenda laughed and called her off but that only lasted a few minutes until we were in the den and had settled into seats.

Katy sat on the sofa beside me and made no bones about the fact that she thought I was something special. She tucked herself under my arm and loved on me like a brother … well, maybe a brother with a special relationship. Brenda laughed at her daughter and said “Ben, you wouldn’t believe how much Katy has talked about you ever since she first saw you in the canyon. She talks about you constantly. She talks about how strong you are. She talks about how handsome you are. She talks about how brave you were to go down there and get her. She talks about how calm you were and how you soothed her fears when you were hanging out there in thin air. In short, you are her hero.”

Katy hugged me and kissed me again and I returned the hug. It had started to get a little uncomfortable so I suggested that we go someplace to get something to eat.

Since they had taken a cab to my place, we all squeezed into the seat of my pickup with Katy in the middle, her legs on either side of the floor shifter. Katy had never been in a stick shift with a floor shifter so she wanted to know the pattern of the transmission. I showed her how it went up to first, down to second, up and over for third, and down for high, then over and down to reverse. I was almost embarrassed that every time I shifted to reverse, second or high, my hand came up between her legs uncomfortably close to her crotch. I was extremely careful not to touch Katy while maneuvering the stick shift.

It was a 30 minute drive to the restaurant that I had chosen, a nice quiet steakhouse that I visited maybe twice a year if I could afford it. Now since I had not spent my allotment on vacation, I was going to spend some of it for these two ladies and me a nice dinner. Katy was so interested in the stick shift and traffic was very light in this part ucuz escort of town by now so we worked out a game where I’d tell her when to get ready, where to shift and after pushing in the clutch, Katy would move the lever and I’d operate the clutch. We jerked and bounced all the way to the restaurant but got out laughing uproariously at ourselves.

At the steakhouse, Katy insisted that I sit on the same bench of our booth as she and that her mother sat across from me. Katy continued to keep up a running commentary about everything under the sun, as if she was afraid of silence. She told me all about her friends back home, about her school … she was a sophomore in high school … and how they had reacted when she told them about me. She made it sound like the girls had all fallen in love with me and the boys hated me. She told me that she had started a scrap book of clippings she had cut from various newspapers about the canyon and about her fall and rescue. She even told me about the two wire stories from the reporters who had interviewed me at the clinic … it sounded like they had embellished the story to make it sound like so much more than it had been.

We ordered, ate salads, then steak and baked potatoes, enjoyed a scoop of sorbet, and then dawdled over deserts and coffee. Before I knew it, a most enjoyable two plus hours had passed. I paid the bill and we piled back into the truck for the drive back home. It was even more disconcerting than the drive over because Katy sat so closely that our thighs were pressed together and I had to concentrate to keep from getting aroused. I don’t know where she came up with so many things to talk about but she kept up the conversation all the way, talking excitedly as if every action was really noteworthy. By the time I pulled into my driveway, we were laughing again but this time because Katy had become pretty good at anticipating the need to shift the machine, and several times admonished me to keep quiet when she had already started shifting before I asked her to.

I put on a pot of coffee for Brenda and me and offered Katy orange juice or a variety of soda pop but she declined. We sat in the den again and talked until the conversation began to lag. Then Katy and Brenda seemed to be exchanging some sort of unspoken messages. Katy seemed to be unwinding noticeably and before long Brenda had her stretched out on the couch. She explained that Katy was still only slowly regaining her strength and the evening had already taken a lot out of her. Katy was asleep before Brenda stopped talking.

Brenda seemed to have something to say but was not sure how to say it. She hemmed and hawed and talked about everything but what was on her mind.

Brenda finally spoke. “Katy and I have been talking about sex. So far I have convinced Katy to remain a virgin although she thinks she is ready to do it. I think I have her convinced to wait a while longer though”

Brenda took a deep breath and continued. “You know we called the doctor that took care of you to get your phone number and she and I talked at length. The doctor was quite helpful and … well, what she had to say sort of cemented my decision.”

She paused and I continued to wonder what she was talking about. I looked at Katy only to see that she was out like a light. I turned back to Brenda. “I owe you so much … I’m not sure anyone else can understand what a mother feels when she almost loses her only daughter. It’s really a terrible feeling and then when someone intervenes and keeps it from happening, she … well, I feel like I owe that person a lot.”

In sympathy, I said “Brenda, I think I have an understanding of what you mean. Let me assure you that you don’t owe me anything. I am really, really happy that I was there and could stop the worst result from happening … for both of us. And spending an evening around Katy and seeing how bubbly she is, well, that’s payment enough.”

Brenda said “Ben, we’ve talked about it. I know that I could never pay you for what you did. I don’t have enough money even if I could put a price on her life. And there’s no way I could do that!”

“I know, Brenda” I said. “That’s why I’m not looking for payment from you.”

“I think there is one way, though” she said> “One way to at least let you know that I do appreciate what you did.”

“Oh? What’s that?” I asked.

“Well … the doctor was very helpful. She had a number of stories she told us … about how you made her and some other ladies very glad that you were taken to their facility. I understand that you spent a week doing very well for them. Is that right?”

“I guess I’d have to say that I did very well for myself. But I didn’t think women were supposed to kiss and tell.”

Brenda laughed. “Women kiss and tell all the time. They just don’t tell other men.”

Brenda moved over in front of me and knelt, looking up into my eyes. Her hand drifted along my thigh and into my crotch, feeling my hard-on … I couldn’t help it. The talk ümraniye escort about sex had renewed my erection. She said “How about it, Ben? Will you do me do this, please? It isn’t a payment but just a token of my appreciation.”

I asked “Are you both absolutely sure you want to do this?”

Quickly Brenda chimed in with “I’m am so positive. Yes.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, I’d like to become your sex slave for the night, if you’d let me. You can do anything you want to with me for the rest of the night and until we have to leave tomorrow afternoon. I want to try to give you as memorable a time as I can, so you understand just how much I love you for saving my little Katy.”

I glanced over at Katy and asked, “What about Katy?”

Brenda said, “We’ll make her comfortable on the couch and she’ll probably sleep until late morning there.”

We got a couple of pillows and a quilt and made Katy comfortable on the couch, then turned out all but a night-light and went to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to do with Brenda but she put me at ease, having me sit on the edge of the bed so she could take of my shoes and socks. Even before continuing, she gave me a foot rub that was almost as sensuous as a sex act.

Finally Brenda unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, then unzipped my pants and pulled them and my shorts off as I lifted my hips off the bed.

While I scooted over, she began removing her own clothes, revealing a very voluptuous body very much to my liking: she had large oval shaped boobs that slightly overflowed my big hands, each sporting a hard rubbery nipple about a half inch in length. Her waist had enough of an indentation from her hips and breasts to define that smaller circumference. Her hips fanned out from there into smooth well-rounded buttocks and down to shapely legs all the way to her small feet. If she really let me be her sex master for the night, I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep … and neither would she.

Brenda joined me, on her side facing me, and we spent quite a while just hugging and kissing and touching each other. Brenda was delicious to taste and exhilarating to the touch so I was kept busy as I worked my way all over her skin from top to bottom. I savored every part of her … soft facial and neck skin on which she used a moisturizer probably every day, slightly lighter skin of her chest and back and underarms which was most often protected by some clothing, the gentle tanned skin of her arms which was most often exposed to sun, wind and weather.

I skipped over the next part and moved to her toes, where I attended to her feet which were defined by the taut tendons on top, along with her tiny ruby red toe nails and the surprisingly soft soles of her feet which were graced with no calluses. Her calves were a match for her arms, obviously being exposed often to the sun and weather and yet were still soft enough to feel great as I rubbed them across the skin of my cheeks. Her thighs apparently did not get a lot exposure via sunbathing because they were a creamier color and softer texture than her calves.

I turned her on her stomach and went up above her waist, then started back down, covering the soft smooth landscape in long swirls that could have been designed with a French curve, wandering around each buttock and centering finally on the little crevasse that hid her anus. By the time I had traced thirty of those wet curves, she had buried her head in a pillow to muffle her moans of pleasure.

I rolled her over once more and began working on the area from her waist to the joining of her thighs to her body. When I brushed against her pussy as I stretched to touch my tongue to her belly button, I realized that she was already oozing liquid fire from her pussy. As I buried my face in her soft bush, my face was immediately covered with her cum from my eyebrows to the bottom of my chin while my tongue went in search of the source of such deliciousness.

I went to take a leak and cleaned up my cock and balls, which got me horny again, especially when I walked back into the bedroom and saw that beautiful bottom laying there. I climbed up behind Brenda on my knees and eased my dong into her pussy, eliciting a faint smile from her. I humped her roughly, banging her ass unmercifully until my balls contracted once more and spat another load of cum into her. Then I collapsed beside her and we went to sleep cuddled together.

The next morning before Katy appeared, we fucked until we were sated, then finally showered, ate a late breakfast and then drove down to their hotel, where they collected their things and checked out so they could stay with me the rest of the weekend before catching a plane back to Chicago. We had a great afternoon, with me giving them a tour of my hometown (it wasn’t much compared to their own home town) and what attractions there are. By late afternoon, Katy was asking if we could go back home so she could talk more with a couple of girls her age that üniversiteli öğrenci escort lived in my complex. Brenda was not displeased with the suggestion.

It was almost 6 o’clock by the time we got home. When the girls spotted Katy, they invited her to the swimming pool. Brenda and I adjourned to the bedroom and I was soon pumping her pussy. I took 35 minutes to get her off three times and then spit my load up her love channel. I rested for a while as Brenda fondled my cock and balls as she laughed about Katy’s enthusiasm over making new friends.

My tool was soon standing at attention. Brenda took her place and let me climbe between her legs. This time it was 47 minutes while Brenda came five times and I gave up another load of sperm. While we rested, we called in some pizza for delivery for the five of us. When it arrived, Brenda shocked the delivery boy by flashing him a shot of her bare pussy as the door was closing.

I woke up Sunday morning with a heavy weight on my body. When I finally got my eyes opened, I saw a beautifully naked Brenda sitting astride me leaning back with my semi-erect cock in her pussy and one hand between us squeezing my balls and guiding my penis into her cunt with the other. Brenda saw my eyes open and she flashed a huge smile at me. Her left hand combed through my chest hair and she said “Come on, Ben. Let’s fuck. This is going to be a short day and I don’t want to miss out on any of it. Pleaseeee!” As if I had a choice … or wanted one!

We had to leave by 2 o’clock to get them to the train station. Before then we spent almost the entire time screwing or trying to get my cock up again so we could screw. I completely lost track of the number of orgasms the woman had, although I vividly remember every one of the five I had, including four in Brenda’s pussy and one where both her hands held my love stick pointing at her mouth as shot after shot hit the roof of her mouth while she giggled uncontrollably. It was a hot morning. Needless to say we left my bed soaked in the mixed love juices of two bodies intermingling freely.

The drive down to the station was a bit melancholy because everyone was sad that we were parting. However Brenda invited me to visit them, promising that I would not need to rent a hotel room … we all laughed at that! Of course Katy knew where her mother had been spending most of her time! As the train was boarding, I kissed them both and thanked them for a great weekend. Katy thanked me for saving her again. Brenda thanked me for reminding her how great sex could be with the right person and for keeping her with her precious daughter.

Unfortunately I never got to make that trip.

Three weeks after they left, the country fell into a recession, one that developed more rapidly than any other in my memory. It was not a bad one as those things go but construction was the first thing to feel the hit. As soon as my part of my current job ended, there was nothing … absolutely nothing … in my line to move to, where there had been a whole list of projects waiting to be started before then. No sweat. There must be something else I could do. I started hunting. But there was nothing to find. Weeks passed with no jobs at all, while in others I found a day’s work here and there. Reports of an upswing in the economy proved to be wishful thinking.

Four months after my last regular job I called Brenda and said that I had not forgotten about my promise to visit them but I explained the situation and that I just couldn’t afford the trip until things got better. Brenda understood and even offered to help by sending money but I told her I just couldn’t take money from her … at least, not yet. Then, about to hang up, she came up with an idea.

She had kept in touch with Doctor Evelyn Santos, the doctor that had taken care of me. The doctor said that they had finally gotten funds from the state and federal government to build a full-scale family medical clinic but so far had received scant interest from builders because it was such a remote area. Brenda suggested I call the doc and talk to her about it.

So I talked with Evelyn about it. She said that none of the contractors they had talked with wanted to build in such a remote area since it was, relatively speaking, a small job. I explained my situation and expressed interest in handling the building as a one man job with subcontract help on the concrete, plumbing and electrical work. She was delighted and quickly began to expand on my thoughts. She said that I wouldn’t have to find a place to live either, if I knew what she meant … and didn’t mind sharing a bed with her.

I would have to form a corporation for doing business in the state but she assured me that it could be done quickly and easily, mostly by internet, and she could help me. Although the board of directors would have to approve, she felt certain that she could provide enough influence on the board that they was agree with her.

In two days I wrapped up my personal belongings, selling or giving away what I would not need, packed the rest in my pickup and headed west. When I arrived an hour before the clinic closed, the doctor shoved me into an empty exam room and smothered me with kisses as a way of welcoming me. Eventually all the other ladies came by and gave me similar treatment.

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