E-Written: The Princess , the Peen

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(For record keeping purposes, both the Prince and Princess are of whatever the age of consent plus three is in your local laws.)

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom far away that had a King, a Queen, and a Prince. The royal family found themselves distraught since the Prince refused to marry any but the most noble of princesses. He had met many so-called princesses but had always found himself unsure of the truth of their identity.

The first girl he had courted claimed to be a princess based on her pale white skin, but the Prince has learned that she powdered and made her skin up. He decided that a true princess would not feel the need to lie to prove her worth.

The next to try said she was a princess and offered as proof her cooking, but when they sat to eat the food she casually grabbed handfuls of potatoes and meat and shoved food in her mouth, and the Prince told her to leave because a true princess could not have such atrocious table manners.

Others came and tried, and the Prince was ready to give up on finding a true princess, brooding in his library on a rainy day, when he heard a servant hurry past towards the front door of the castle.

Curious who could be calling at such an hour and in such a storm, the Prince followed along, thinking to greet the guest himself and, if need be, see them off without bothering his parents.

When the servant opened the door, in the entrance hall stood a young woman, drenched to the bone and with her heaving breasts uncovered. She had clearly been running, no mean feat between her large breasts, the heeled shoes, and the uneven cobbles outside.

“Please,” she was saying “please let me in. I’ve come so very far, and my traveling companions and I were attacked on the way here. I am the Princess of a faraway kingdom and have come to meet your prince.”

The door guard offered the girl a wrap from a hook by the door, and turned to find the King and Queen, but ran into the Prince instead.

“My Lord, this young woman claims to be a Princess come to meet you. Shall I take her to your parents?”

The Prince was already somewhat smitten and, having seen so much of her body, very much hoped zeytinburnu escort her story was true. “No, Jarvis. Please inform my parents of her arrival, but I would like to speak with her myself.”

“Yes, my lord.” The loyal manservant turns and leaves the room, off to find the King and Queen.


“I don’t like it.” The Queen says to her husband. “This hussy turns up here, in a storm, and without a top? She says they were attacked, but how do we know that wasn’t a lie.”

The weariness in the King’s face extends to his voice as he listens to his wife rant about the situation for the fifth time this evening. “Why don’t you devise a test of some sort then. Some way to prove whom she is?”

The Queen smiles at her husband’s idea. She would devise an impossible test and get rid of this little hussy once and for all.

I shall set her up in Grandmother’s old room, and place something under the mattresses. I’ll tell our foolish son that if she wakes with a pain in her back, that she is a true princess. Otherwise, he must cast her out.


Shortly thereafter, the Queen puts her diabolical plan into motion. First, she goes to the Princes quarters, and tells him of her test. He agrees, thinking that her logic must be sound, since she was a princess once.

Next, she went to her Grandmother’s old room to look for something to place under the mattress.

As she searched, she could not find anything suitable, so she had a maid bring her a single pea and put it under the mattresses. No way she would feel that!

Satisfied, the Queen leaves the room and smiles all the way home like the cat that ate the cream.


The Prince knew that he no longer cared if the girl was a princess, but also knew that his life would be easier if she were. He made up his mind that she would be his consort, even if not his eventual queen, so he decided to go to her in secret later in the night.

The girl was in bed, fast asleep, when the Prince arrived. He snuck up next to her and touched her face gently. She woke with a start, and her dressing gown fell from her shoulder, revealing her breast aksaray escort again. The Prince could stand it no longer and barely said “May I?” before he gently slid his hand under the pale orb and slowly slid it under the top just enough to hide her ghostly areola.

“What did you want, my Prince?” the girl asked. She was taken aback by him grabbing her breast, but was not yet sure that it even happened, since she was still half asleep.”

“I want you. Even if you aren’t a princess and I cannot marry you, I want nothing more than to have you. If I cannot marry you, I shall get you a job on the grounds so that I may have you when I need you. Please say you want me too?”

The girl looked at the Prince for a long moment, but instead of saying anything, she slid the shoulder of her nightshirt back down, exposing her breast.

The Prince took this as acquiescence and took her breast in his hand. Fully half of it spilled out, and the Prince marveled at their size and beauty. He quickly rubbed her breast, and squeezed until she gave a slight moan, and he decide that he should like to taste it.

He captured her nipple in his mouth, and the soft moan ended in a sharp squeak as the girl’s surprise showed. The Prince suckled at her breast for a long moment, and at last released it to take the other nipple in his mouth as well. The Girl was in ecstasy, her body responding to his eager attempt to please her. But she knew that she needed more to get her release, and that she might have limited time to do so. She gently pushed his head away from her nipple and stood to remove the nightshirt.

As the piece of cloth fell to the floor, the Prince saw her pussy for the first time, perfect with pink lips that seemed to invite him in almost verbally. He removed his trousers and stepped towards her, meaning to take her there and then, but she fell to her knees instead, and in one fell swoop, swallowed his entire manhood.

The Girl had never tried this, and his cock was huge to her, but she deep throated the whole thing immediately, and found that even the slight gagging sensation she experienced seemed to make him all the hornier. She ataköy escort kept him in her throat as long as she physically could, almost passing out, and looking into his eyes the entire time.

The Prince saw the girl’s Emerald eyes glass over after a time, as she reached a point where she had all but choked herself out and might have died if he hadn’t pulled her throat from his cock. He was very excited and hard as the steel of his sword now. He took the Girl’s hand, and helped her back to her feet, then lifted her onto a nightstand and she reached between them and aimed his cock to her hole.

At the moment of truth, the Prince doubted for a moment that he could go through with this, and froze with her lips poised, kissing the head that wears no crown. The Girl looks into his eyes, and scoots herself to drop onto him, finding him to feel wonderful. She wraps her arms around him and uses her legs to force her body back and forth along the length of him. As she drives herself close to cumming, the buildup of mental pressure causes her stomach to feel tight. She lightly bites into his shoulders she keeps working him, and suddenly has to fight the urge to scream as waves of her orgasm wash over her, starting from the tip of him and working their way out.

When he was sure she had cum, the Prince lowered her to the floor. The mattresses were entirely too tall to get her onto in this state, and he wanted her body. As her back rests against the cool floor, he quickly rearranges himself and drives deep into her, driving her back into the hard stone floor below. He builds speed, but never lets up the depth of his thrusts, and she feels his cock kissing her womb with every stroke. Just as her mind begins to break, he grunts in her ear, holds her legs back, and drives himself as hard as he can one last time.

She feels certain the whole head of his cock is in her womb as he floods her with the pent-up seed of a young man that has never found release. She finds herself so full that she does lose it, becoming a babbling cumslut for a few minutes while he fucks her until his cock softens.

“I can’t stay in here my dear, but After you make peace with my mother, please tell Jarvis that I said for you to come see me, one last time. I shall then organize whatever we need to be happy and do that,” the Prince gestures to the very wet area of the floor, “as you and I see fit.”

As the girl starts to stand up, she thinks to herself “Dear lord, my back hurts.”

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