Earning My Keep

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Everyone involved is 18+


I was desperate. I owed $500 on my car payment today or the repo guy was going to show up. So I was making a pretty extreme decision. I was offering myself up in trade to someone known for being as perverted as he was generous. He owned the repair shop I worked at and was known for letting women pay “in trade”. Of course there was no guarantee I’d be able to convince him to help me, but I was hoping to use our personal connection as leverage. After all, a girl should be able to ask her daddy for help from time to time, right?

Showing up on my day off wasn’t unusual, so no one paid much attention when I headed back to Daddy’s office. If they’d known that I was panty-less and about to barter sex for cash with my father I’m sure their only concern would have been a chance to watch. Daddy didn’t notice me coming in until I had shut the door to his office and turned the lock. Finding that curious he set aside the papers he had been working on before asking me “Was there something you needed Beth?”

“Well, Daddy, it’s just..I’m in a bind and I could really use some help. I got behind on my car payment and…well…I need $500 or they’ll repo it!” I blurt out to him.

“That’s a lot of money, and you know better than to expect me to bail you out of this Beth. I told you that car was more than you could afford! Don’t expect me to save you from your own dumb decision, I have better ways to spend my money.” He tells me starting to get angry. He had warned me about the expense, but I hadn’t wanted to listen.

“I know Daddy, honest it’s just that my textbooks were so expensive and well I didn’t budget well. Please Daddy, just this once!” I beg him. Maybe I can convince him without having to make the deal.

“Absolutely not. You’ll have to learn the hard way to watch what you spend until you’re earning more.” Daddy says firmly and starts to pick up his papers.

“What if I earned it?!” I blurt out. This gets his interest.

“And how are you going to earn that kind of money today, huh?” He demands.

Here it goes, all or nothing now. “Well…like…I mean I know that lady last week owed $800 and she…well…not that I want to or anything but I really need the money and it would just be the one time but maybe I could umm…” I was babbling unable to finish. I could feel my face burning red with a nervous blush and I didn’t know how to say the actual words. Before I ran out of breath trying to get it out he started to laugh.

“So it’s like that, huh? Well I can’t say I’m surprised, you mom always was one to suck a dick to get her way so I guess you’re just a natural born whore.” I’m a little shocked he’s talking to me like this buy I’ve always known my father had a dark side. “So you need $500? That’s going to take a couple hours for you to earn. Why don’t I stop by that cute little apartment I pay for tonight and let you give me my money’s worth?” He says leering at me.

“But I need it now! They said by 5 or they’ll come take my car!” I plead with him.

“Tell you what, how about you make a down payment?” Pushing back from his desk, he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. “Come show Daddy how bad you want it.”

This was it. I took a deep breath and walked over to stand in front of my father. He was stroking his dick, which was already getting hard, and watching me with a creepy grin. Before I could kneel in front of him, he ordered me to take off my shirt. silivri escort “If I can’t get any pussy, at least give me a show” he mocked me. I peel off my t-shirt leaving my b-cup tits covered by just a few scraps of satin. “Those are cute, but if we’re making this a regular thing, Daddy’s getting you a tit job. I like big titted women. Now get on your knees, my dick won’t suck itself!”

Trembling a little bit, I get on the floor and reached out to touch my father’s very hard and now very large erection. I wrap my hand around it, stroking slowly up and down a few times but he gets impatient and grabs my hair to pull my face right up next to his cock. “I said suck!” he barked at me. Instinctively I obeyed him, my jaw dropping open widely to allow him access and he plunges in gagging me on the first thrust.

My gagging didn’t bother him though, Daddy kept roughly thrusting into my mouth and after a few minutes I was a mess, drool dripping down onto my bra and tears in my eyes. At one point he held me down on his cock, pressing so deep I couldn’t breathe until I was pushing at his thighs trying to get away. Angered I was resisting he used the hand anchored in my hair to pull me off his cock so he could smack me across the cheek. “Don’t fight me, whore!” he growled at me, then stood and repositioned me so that my back and shoulders were pressed against his desk, meaning he had better leverage when he resumed fucking my face and I had no leverage at all.

His free hand reached down and pulled my bra up over my tits exposing my nipples, giving him the freedom to pinch and pull roughly at them. The rougher he gets with my body, the more he speaks. Telling me I was a whore, how he was going to fill me with so much cum and how I better swallow it like a good girl. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth and knew he had to be close, so I start sucking furiously hoping to hurry him along.

Finally I felt him jerk, then a splash of cum hits the back of my throat. I was prepared for him to cum in my mouth but not prepared for him to pull quickly out of it and finish by shooting several blast onto my tits and bra.

Calmly letting go off my hair, Daddy reaches for his wallet then gives me $500 in cash. I spend a few seconds dazed, cash in hand cum on face wondering if that all just really happened, then a flash pulls me out of it. Daddy has his phone out, clearly having just snapped a picture of me. I must have looked upset because he quickly took another then put his phone away. “We’ll talk about the pictures tonight when I come over to finish collecting” he tells me.

Standing I reach for my shirt wanting to go, but Daddy stops me. “Not so fast slutty girl. I want to see your pussy.” Before I can respond he reaches down and yanks my shorts to my knees. “Grass on the field, I see. I want that waxed off, you understand?” he insist handing me another $100 bill. Not knowing what else to do I nod.

After hurrying out of the building, I tried to clean myself up a bit in my car. There was cum and drool soaking most of my bra and getting onto my shirt. Not having much other choice I removed my bra, meaning my nipples were showing through the damp fabric of the t-shirt. I didn’t have much time left to make my car payment so I hurried to do that, trying not to dwell on what I had to do after.

As I was finishing up with that I got a text from my father. “Made appt for you, 5:30 they already şirinevler escort know how I want it see you at 8″ with an address just a few minutes from where I was. It was a small salon, with a staff of young Asian women. When I mention my appointment time they all started giggling, then one step forward and took me to the back in a private room. She had me strip and lay back on a table with my legs wide open, then started her business with minimal talking. It was horribly painful, but she never stopped or slowed down. Once every bit of hair from my navel to asshole had been ripped out, she began rubbing some oil on my skin, which I thought would be soothing but instead actually warmed up. Now my pussy was really on fire and I couldn’t hold back a whimper.

The women laughed outright at my discomfort. “Mr. Clyde get that special for his girls. Make pussy hot, pussy hungry for dick all night now” she explained with glee. And she was right. By the time I got home I was horny as hell. My clit felt swollen and tingly, but the idea of masturbating while waiting for my father to come over and fuck me felt wrong. Instead I tried to distract myself cleaning. Of course I was watching the clock like a hawk, at 7:45 I couldn’t take it anymore and just sat on the couch to watch TV and wait.

At 8:05 I heard his key in the lock. My father cosigned the lease and had his own key for emergencies, and I guess now a booty call. Acting like it was totally normal, Daddy went to stand in front of my TV forcing me to look at him. “Aren’t you going to come kiss me hello?” he asked me with a leering grin on his face.

Slowly I get up and walk over to him, trying not to brush against him while I give him a quick peck on the check. That’s not enough for him, so he grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me tightly against him. “You need to work on your attitude. When I want you to do something, you do it the sluttiest way you can think of, do you hear me?” Daddy insist squeezing my ass cheeks so hard it hurts. “Yes sir!” I whimper wanting to calm him down however I could.

He smirked at my response then moved his hands to my hair and pushed my head down. “Good. Now, give Daddy a kiss hello you little fucking whore.”

Not having much choice, I took out his dick and kissed it lightly on the head. Taking one hair from my hair, Daddy used the other to rub himself all over my mouth and face. He made sure to smear the end of his cock over my entire face, smearing some precum over my eyes. “You know Beth, I pay for this apartment, I pay your tuition, hell I even hired you at the office so you’d have spending money. Seems like you owe me a lot more than $500. Well $600 including your pussy wax. In fact, I think it will take a while for you to pay back what you owe me, but that’s ok. Daddy will give you a long-term payment plan.” he tells me all of this while rubbing himself on my face, and I can tell from his voice he’s excited to think about making me his whore.

Finally he let go and told me to go to my room. It was a little bit of deja vu from all the night he had sent me to my room when I was younger. I tried to stand up and walk but he pushed me back down and demanded I crawl. This makes my shorts ride up my ass, but I’m sure he enjoys the view. Once I’m in my room I crawl to the bed then look at him waiting to see what he wants next. “Strip,” he orders “let me see that bald cunt that’s costing me so much money!”

Still şişli escort on my knees I quickly remove my clothes and throw them towards the hamper in the corner. Once I’m naked Daddy tells me to lie on the edge of the bed, hug my knees and spread my thighs wide. This of course leave my pussy totally exposed and he can see not only that all the hair is gone, but the effect the oil had on me. I’m still swollen and red, clit poking out of my juicy pussy lips and there’s no way to hide it when Daddy puts his face just away from it. “Lin used the oil for you. Good, maybe you’ll have some fun too, of course I don’t really care if you don’t enjoy it I’ll get my rock off either way. But listening to you beg me would be hilarious. In fact, I think next time you get waxed, I’ll have her do double then bring over some toys. Spend a few hours with a vibe on that fat clit while you scream, maybe make a video.”

I bite my lip to keep quiet, not sure how I should respond to what he’s saying. Most of me is horrified, but I can feel more juices starting to gush from my pussy. When I feel his fingers spreading me open I jerk, but keep my thighs open. I remember all the spankings I had gotten as a child and something told me upsetting him now would be a terrible idea. I can’t hold in the whimper when he shoves one of his thick rough fingers into my hole, and this encourages him. He starts to finger me hard, telling me how wet my fuckhole is and what a slut I’m being.

It doesn’t take long for me to start moaning and humping back against his hand. I feel a few tears trickle down my face, ashamed of myself for like this but not able to stop. Finally he takes his fingers out, which gives me a few seconds of relief before they get replaced by his erection. Thrusting into me roughly, Daddy holds my thighs keeping me in place for him. “Ask me to cum inside you!” he demands. I’m shocked and take too long to respond, so Daddy reaches up and pinches one of my nipples, pulling it up painfully. “Ask me to cum inside your fuckhole, you filthy cumrag! Don’t make me tell you again!”

“Cum inside me.” I whisper

“Louder!” he insist “I want you to scream for me. Scream ‘Daddy fill my fuckhole with your cum’ or I’ll twist your tit off! Scream loud for me, let your neighbors hear it” The pain makes me believe it’s possible, so I do what he wants.

“Daddy fill my fuckhole with your cum!” I scream as loudly as I can manage. Hearing me say it must have been all he needed because I could feel spurt after spurt of hot thick cum shooting inside me as he growled and slammed into me.

When he was done he pulled out of me, then made me lick his cock clean. I hadn’t gotten off, but my pussy was throbbing with pleasure and he could tell I was still horny. Once I had used my tongue to remove every trace of cum from his cock, Daddy made me kneel on my bed, then told me to reach underneath myself and play with my clit. “I want you to rub that button hard and fast till I say stop. Even if you cum, don’t stop until I say so or I’ll smack your ass.”

My clit is huge at this point and the slightest touch makes me whimper but I definitely don’t want Daddy to spank me, so I start rubbing two fingers in circles over it quickly. It’s too much and I can’t stop myself from having an orgasm almost immediately. It takes everything I have not to stop, but I keep rubbing till I have a second, and then third orgasm. “Okay slut now I want you to lick your fingers clean, but turn around first so the camera can see.” Camera?! I think.

Sure enough when I turn around Daddy has his phone out pointed at me. Shocked and not sure what else to do at this point I start to lick my fingers to get all the juices from my pussy off. Guess my father really plans on making me into a total whore for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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