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Abella Danger

***The following is a true story, though I have changed the name of my partner for her sake***


Me and Elita had always had a sexual relationship, even if we’d never been official. She was my first snog, she was the first girl I saw naked and I the boy she had seen. But this was before we’d reached our sexual maturity, so we never went any further. When she got a boyfriend at about 13, this stopped. We stayed together as friends, but that was all, and after a while I stopped thinking about her like that. During her 5 year relationship she saw me pair up with several other girls, so when it ended when we were both 18, we’d both done just about everything.

Elita was a girl of Greek decent, whose skin had a rich, reddish-brown tint. Her eyes were as dark a brown as her shoulder length hair. She had strikingly pink lips which inspired many adolescent dreams of sucking, kissing, licking and fucking. She had a large bust above a slightly rounded stomach which gave way to two large thighs she would get out in the summer. Totally without hair, they seemed to be made to be nibbled and to direct the eye to her large, round butt.

I was blonde, with blue eyes and bright pink skin (I didn’t, and still do not, tan well). I was broad and muscular from years of playing rugby, with thick, dark chest hair.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend and two weeks later I was round her house. There had been a lunch with some friends but they’d gone, leaving us two to clean. We could see yellows, pinks and oranges shoot across the sky as the sun set in her garden as I looked out over the sink and through the window. She was wearing a blue-and-white striped bikini top that barely contained her DD breasts, and some Denham short-shorts made for someone with a much smaller butt, meaning the bottom of her bottom fell out her shorts. I was wearing a tight tank-top, chosen to show off as much muscle as possible to the girls at the part, and ¾ length shorts…

As we washed and wiped away, we started talking about life before her boyfriend.

“Do you remember that ridiculous hair of yours?” She said, laughing and smiling.

“Eugh! Do not remind me!” To this day my blonde perm embarrasses me still.

“Haha, I mean, we’re all allowed to have bad hair when we were young, but you really abused the privillage!”

“Huh! You cheeky mare!” I exclaimed. This sent her into a fit of laughter.

“You think that’s funny do you?” I said, despite the smile I couldn’t contain. I splashed some water at her, stopping the laughter instantly and changing into a shocked gasp for air. The water sprayed across her chest, running down her breasts into her cleavage. I burst into laughter at her shocked expression.

“You are so in for it!” She grabbed her glass of water and chucked it at me. It covered my face, most of it landing either in my nose or in my mouth, opened wide in laughter. The shock of it caused me to inhale most of the water and I started coughing. More laughter from her.

“It’s on!” I grabbed some more water from the bowl by cupping my hand and soaked her again. The water fight must have lasted about 5 minutes, and ended with me and her struggling to wrestle the other ones cup from their hand. Our faces centimetres away, I looked into her eyes and we slowly stopped struggling. I looked deeply into her deep, dark eyes. Felt her sweet-smelling breath on me. I saw her lick her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue (something as a boy I had learnt was sign she was horny). Her breasts were squashed against my chest, glistening with water like someone had let their load over her. Time slowed, my hands slid from hers, down her arms and to her soaking form, resting above her waist. We instinctively started to bring our heads together, not breaking eye contact. I allowed my head to rotate clockwise to allow for our noses as our lips parted in preparation for the impending kiss. Her breath slowed as her eyes closed, as if giving in to a temptation. Our lips brushed together…

A loud clattering shocked us both back into the real world, as her cat nocked a saucepan from the drying rack. We quickly parted and went back to our stations at the sink, me washing and her drying.

I coughed, “um…yeah…sorry…” I laughed nervously.

She smiled, her eyed fixedly on the ground, “oh no, don’t…sorry…it’s been hectic lately…”

“Shit shit shit shit what just happened” I thought. “She’s only been single two weeks she must think I’m an utter weirdo shit shit shit.”

I glanced over at her. Her cheeks had gone a bright shade of red, her eyes fix totally on what she was drying. I could tell by her expression she was upset over what had happened.

My eyed went down her body to her now soaking chest. Her surprisingly large nipples had become erect, presumably because she was now cold because she was so wet. They pushed up through her bikini prominently, and left little to the imagination. Where the white material over her nipples had become wet it has become semi-see through. They seemed to be a dark pink.

It’s etiler eve gelen escort then I saw her looking at me. I had accidently stopped working and now she’d seen me staring at her. If I hadn’t already creeped her out I had now. “Shit shit and fuck.”

But then I noticed she wasn’t looking at my face. Her eyes were fixed on my shorts. I looked down and saw what may be the biggest erection I had ever had in my life, making a tent from my shorts.

“Shit, I’m so so so sorry…” I started sweating, shaking and I could feel I was blushing. I tried to cover myself, “Maybe I should just leave…” I went to grab my phone and keys from the side.

“Wait…” She said in a quiet voice.

She walked over to me, her arms crossed in front her pushing her breasts together and up. My back was against the wall, she had me trapped. Not that I was in a rush to escape…

“Me and Jamie may only have broken up two weeks ago,” She said in a quiet voice, blushing even more now. She never made eye contact with me, and her arm was stroking the other in a self-comforting way. “But we hadn’t had…relations…in weeks. Months maybe…”

“Oh,” is all I could think to say. I couldn’t concentrate; my mind had gone to mush.

“And well, it’s just i’m…y’know….,” her voice dropped to a whisper, “a bit horny.”

By know my mind was blank, my heart beating so fast I thought it would burst, and my dick literally causing me pain as it strained against the material of my shorts. I didn’t move a muscle, or say a word.

She looked down, “I would really like it if you’d help me with that Joe, like we used to when we were little…only this time, maybe we could be a bit more…adult with it.” And with that she took a few steps back, undid her shorts and let them drop to her feet, revealing her small white thong.

A single string, less than a centimetre wide, connected patch of material over her pussy to the back to the thong. Her bald pussy was clearly visible through the material, now soaked in her own juices. She was totally hairless.

She turned round for me, showing me her perfect, plump buttocks. The thong revealed all.

She giggled, “you like?”

I walked over to her, and slid my hands under her bra, grabbing two large handfuls of two large breasts. She moaned gently as I pressed my boner against her, making sure to part her cheeks by pushing the now huge mound in my trousers down the middle of her crack. I kissed from her shoulder, up her neck and up to her ear.

I whispered, “I do very much…” before spinning her round, almost sending her off her feet. I caught her by grabbing her waste, and before she had time to recover forced my lips upon hers. Her lips were sweet, and moist. I felt her rough tongue with mine as I slid it deep into her mouth. She sucked gently on it, and nocked it gently with her front teeth as I retracted it. I grabbed her bottom lip in my mouth, first lifting it into my mouth by sucking before lightly biting down, and nibbling it gently before letting go.

My hands raced around her body, caressing her back before finally my left hand fell on her buttock and my right hand made haste with her bra. It was soon off, and soon I was tweaking and playing with her nipple as my left hand roughly grabbed and massaged her buttock. I brought my left hand up to meet her breasts and I simultaneously squeezed, lifted and gently pulled her tits, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Her gasp let my lips go and they slowly kissed their way down her neck, across her chest and finally landing on her left nipple.

Meanwhile, she had quickly undressed me. She had clawed and pulled at my tank-top until we stopped kissing to let her take it off. Her hands ran across my pecks and down my stomach. The warmth of her touch spread through my chilled body as her hands ran down to undo my shorts. They soon fell to my feet and left me in just my briefs, which she quickly pulled down to reveal my 6.5″, uncircumcised cock. She moaned as she ran her hands along the shaft, not enough to pull the foreskin back but enough to tease me and cause me to thrust my hips against her, rubbing her pussy through her now totally soaked thong.

As my lips made work on her, rolling the inflated nipples between my tongue and gently nibbling them causing her to moan, my hands fell down to her thighs, never breaking contact with her hot body. The insides of her thighs were wet from where her love-juices were over-flowing, so I decided to go straight for her pussy. Nocking my dick aside, I rubbed her through her clothes, totally soaking my fingers. At first contact her body tensed, than relaxed with a large sigh. At first there was little reaction, but as my hand rubbed up and down her lips I noticed when I got near the clit she jumped a bit, as if I was catching her by surprise. I put my hand in the thong and dug through her lips to find her clit with my fingers.

As soon as I made contact she gasped, her body arched, her toes curled and the grip on my dick tightened as a etiler grup yapan escort mild-orgasm rocked her body with a large sigh. She wasn’t kidding when she said it had been a while.

Still sucking on her nipples I waited before she was ready to continue, and as she started running her hand up and down my cock I started rubbing my finger through her pussy, separating her lips with the tip of my forefinger. Her grip on my dick had tightened and now she truly pleasuring me, rolling back the foreskin and rubbing the tip of my cock, spreading my pre-cum and pleasure around my helmet. Her pussy was soaking, literally dripping down her thick thighs, and almost too hot to keep digging, deeper and deeper into.

My finger finally found the entrance to her, and I teased the hole with my finger. She let out a long moan and I felt the hole contract and grow, desperately beckoning for my finger to enter. I bit down, though not hard, on her nipple as I quickly, slid my finger as far I could into her pussy. I felt her grip on my member tighten as she gasped in surprise. As I delved deeper into her hot, wet cunt I felt the walls of pussy squeezing my finger, dragging me deeper and deeper. I slowly curled my finger in on itself, taking care to rub along her walls and savouring every moment of her pleasure. I rubbed her now swollen clit with my thumb, causing her to moan in pleasure, and as a reward she quickened the pace at which she was rubbing my cock, sending shocks of pleasure down my shaft from the glands of my helmet.

As she increased speed so did I, and soon our breathing deepened as we enjoyed the pleasure and intimacy we were giving each other. I kissed her deeply again, rubbing my tongue against hers, teasing it into my mouth. As I felt her moist warm tongue enter my lips I sucked, pulling it into my mouth. She obviously enjoyed this as it caused her to thrust further onto my hand and increase the speed at which she was pleasing my member. I slid in another finger and alternatively curled my fingers one after another.

Her juices were running down my arm as I felt another orgasm rock her body. She bit down on my lip, almost too hard, before releasing me to moan loudly. I her stomach lifted as her muscles squeezed on my fingers, and her legs vibrated violently.

“Fu-u-u-ck,” she said as the orgasm literally shook her body.

Once she had relaxed she kissed me all over, from one side of my face to the other and then on the lips, toying with my tongue with both her tongue and her teeth.

She looked me in the eye as she sunk to her knees and pulled me, cock first, closer to her. With one hand she rolled back my foreskin and she rested the thumb of the other hand over my japs-eye, applying pressure to my sensitive glands. I rested against the sink as she licked the tip of me, sending electric pleasure down my shaft from the head.

She cleaned the pre-cum from my head before placing my entire helmet in her mouth and sucking. Hard. The sensation on my head and her moist, warm mouth caused such intense pleasure I threw my head back with scrunched up eyes. As she sucked her tongue played with me, running across my head in search of the entrance to my urethra. She ran her tongue across my glands, and only concentration and her firm grip stopped my cumming right then. She inserted the first millimetre or so of her tongue into the hole. That was too much for me, and I placed my hands on her head, gently thrusting myself deeper into her mouth.

“Please…” was all I could say.

She giggled, causing her large tits to bounce slightly, before sliding my dick into her mouth up to the hilt. Again, the urge to cum came over me but I fought back as her tongue slid out her mouth and onto my balls. She soon took my dick out of her mouth to gasp for air, before putting the front half of my shaft back into her mouth and massaging the bottom of my dick with her fingers. She rubbed my shaft as she ran her mouth up and down me for about two more minutes, using her tongue to pleasure both my head and occasionally my ball sack.

Finally I could take no more.

“I…I’m cumming!” I said through gritted teeth.

She pulled my dick into position over her and aimed my cum over her tits, causing me to spray her with a white shower. My semen sprayed across her tits, running down her cleavage. She aimed one just above her left nipple, causing it to run down and across her puffy pink nipple.

She gasped at the quantity of my load and smiled at me.

She laid down on the kitchen floor, her legs opened with her knees in the air. Her bright pink pussy glinted in the sunlight because it was soaking, and sucking me must have made her extremely horny as there was a small puddle on the kitchen floor where she had been. My eyes ran up her body, over her belly to her cum covered tits and to her smiling, red face.

One hand ran down her body, starting below her tits to her pussy and started rubbing. Her other hand spread my cum across her body, creating white smears across etiler masöz escort her chest. This seemed to excite her and she increased the speed at which she rubbed her clit. Her cum-covered hand went into her mouth, and she moaned as she sucked my cum of her hands. She started to finger herself, slowly at first but quickly increasing the speed at which she fucked herself. Specks of her pussy juices flew from her pussy as she came, and stood with wide eyes as cum flowed out of her. Her face squeezed into a contortion of pure pleasure and her back arched, lifting her glistening tits into the air. She laid there, panting.

We waited in silence for a while as I stared intently at her body, a soaked mess covered in our cum and her sweat. She was the pure embodied essence of carnal desire. My dick had not fallen and I stared intently at her pussy, still slightly convulsing. My dick jumped, as if straining against my body to fill her hole.

She looked at me, then my member for a long time. Eventually, she slowly got to her weak legs and walked over to me. She cupped my balls in her hand and whispered in my ear “Go to my room and wait.” She kissed my neck and walked away, running her fingers along the length of my cock as she did. I watched as her tight, perk butt wobbled from side to side as she left me.

I ran to my shorts, almost slipping on her cum puddle and dived into my pocket, looking for my wallet. Inside was only one condom-it’d have to count!

I sprinted upstairs and to her room, threw the covers and the pillows off her bed and spread myself across it. It was only a single, and I covered it totally. I slipped on the condom and waited as I heard the shower go.

What could only have been a minute felt like an age as I heard the shower click off, and the door open. She walked in, dripping (with water) and rolled up in a towel. “Dry me?”

She dried her face as I walked over to her. This is the first time I had been able to calmly look and admire her body, and as I stood there, holding the rough pink material I stared at her. She has a small mole on her left breast, just above her nipple. Her nipples were erect-with cold or arousal I do not know-and pointed slightly in different directions. Her legs were thick, and smooth, and glistened in the sunlight from the bedroom window. Her bright pink pussy, in stark contrast to her dark her skin, was eye catching and mouth-watering.

I walked over to her in silence. I dried her top first, making long, slow, sweeps with the towel across down her chest to her nipples. I trailed the towel with kisses, and her breath caught In her mouth as the I pinched her nipple through the towel, rolling it in my fingers, and planted a long, licking, sucking kiss on it. I did the same to the other breast, and dried her stomach, kissing from under her breast down to just above her pussy. Elita took a large breath as I got closer to her cunt, but I decided to leave it to later. I planted a kiss just above it, intentionally nocking my chin against it. The heat coming from it was unbelievable, and the sweet and sour smell of her juices made me so horny it was all I could do not to fuck her there and then. But I wanted to tease her first.

I dried her arms, still following the towel with kisses. My dick was throbbing, yearning to be inside her. I walked behind her and dried her back, covering it with butterfly kisses as with the rest of the body. I stayed standing as I dried her tight, perk buttocks, and kissed her shoulder and neck. Her eyes were shut, and her breath was deep. I ran the towel between her cheeks as I nibbled her ear, and as the material ran past her tight arse-hole she let out the tiniest, almost inaudible moan. I stopped or a second before a smile spread across my face. I kissed her neck again.

I lined up the towel and pressed it against her sphincter. Her breasts rose as she took a deep breath.

“Do you like it here?” I whispered in her ear before kissing down her neck and left shoulder. I pressed my forefinger against the material, causing her hole to open slightly to allow admittance to the tip of my finger. Her eyes opened in shocked and she gasped, before exhaling and relaxing.

She turned her head to me and kissed me deeply.

“I do, when I’m alone,” She said, holding my pulsating cock in her hand and squeezing it, “and if you’re good, you can be the first man to go there.”

I smiled and laughed a little, as did she before kissing her deeply, feeling her tongue against mine.

I got on my knees to dry her legs, (careful to use the side of the towel that had not just been in her) staring first with the back of her legs, which I did slowly and precisely. I stared at her big ass, centimetres from my face, her words echoing in my head. I bit her right cheek slightly, causing her to jump and yelp before giggling with me as she pretended to slap me.

I turned her round, and came face to face with her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her from a few centimetres away, and the smell of it made my mouth water. Staring intently between her legs still, I dried her legs, starting at her feet and drying up her shin, slowly, then up her smooth, dark thighs taking care to rub next to, but never touching, her pussy. Her legs were shaking with anticipation now, her pussy almost twitching with excitement and her breath ragged, slow and deep, causing her huge breasts to rise and fall gently.

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