Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Two

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Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Two
Emma woke up laying on her back an the couch, still nude.

Her face was dry, so she got in the bathroom and washed off all the dried cum. “Shit that was a horny couple of hours! Judge Jeff had the longest cock I’ve ever had in my ass!” she thought to herself. Maybe she should leave now!

Just then, Ray walked in the room. “Wow Emma! I’ve never seen you so excited! I thought you were going to explode with Judge Jeff’s cock in your ass! Was it because he’s black or because he fucked you so good?”

“A little of both I think! I haven’t had many black guys fuck me before, and his cock was really nice! Are his friends who saw you hit him black also?” Emma asked.

“Yes, they are both black guys, but you’ll see them tonight, and not before! Does that excite you even more? Does it turn you on that you will have two more black studs fucking you?” Ray asked.

“Not unless they’re hung like Jeff!” she answered.

“I don’t know the sizes of their ‘packages’, but you won’t have to wait too long to find out.” Ray said. “It’s about four AM and I think I heard Jeff stirring from his post fucking nap. You should prepare yourself, because he asked me to help him while he’s fucking you. I think you’ll enjoy the extra encouragement!”

“Exactly what kind of help are you going to provide?” Emma asked.

“You’ll see!” answered Ray.

“Ah shit! Who wants a drink?” asked Judge Jeff. “I’m having a tall strong Tequila Sunrise!”

“Emma? Ray?” asked Jeff.

“Yes! Why not?” answered Emma.

“Me too!” replied Ray.

“Alright then! Two small Tequila Sunrises and one large!” Jeff said. “After all, you two will both be assuring that I am getting an energetic and all around wonderful blowjob from Emma! This time Emma will be taking all my cum in her mouth, and swallowing it! No worries about a condom then!”

“So, drink up and we can get started!’ Said Jeff.

“Tell me Emma. When did you start having fun with boys, including just letting guys kiss you and play with your tits?” asked Jeff.

“Not when you would think! As I recall. The first guy I french kissed was sixteen or so. It was not a very happy time for me, as all the boys wanted to do was go out with the girls with big tits, and that wasn’t me. My first nudity with a guy was when I was eighteen, and he was nineteen. He finger banged me a bit, but we didn’t fuck! That was when I learned about oral sex too. My first blow job was a fiasco, as I didn’t know what to do other than take his cock in my mouth! satisfied?” bursa escort Emma said.

“Then how did you become so renowned as the best cock sucker in the United Kingdom?” asked Jeff.

“I guess I was lucky to fall in love with a man who taught me what pleased men the most!” she said.

“Interesting Emma!” Jeff said. “I see you’ve finished your Tequila Sunrise. Shall we continue your blowjob skills now? And Ray, be sure she goes all the way down on me!”

“Sure Jeff! Talking about sex has made me a little bit horny!” Emma admitted.

Still sitting, Jeff put down his drink and as Emma crawled towards his legs, Ray took hold of her ears and pressed her face down on Jeff’s cock! There was no foreplay at all and his entire cock went into her mouth and throat in one swallow! His balls rolled on her chin! It was always a weird feeling to have a big pair of man balls rolling on your chin! It made Emma feel like a real slut! And it didn’t bother her at all that Ray had forced her face down on his cock. In fact, Emma was starting to love Judge Jeff’s big black cock!

Ray then started pulling her face off his cock until only Jeff’s cockhead remained in her wet young mouth, giving Emma time to gasp for air through her nose. Soon Emma was being forced back down on about half of Jeff’s cock, and then back up until his cockhead was all that remained in her mouth! In, out, breathe. In, out, breathe she went! In, out, breathe. In, out, breathe. In, out, breathe.

All Emma knew was that his big cockhead was being forced into and then out of her throat! This went on for quite a long time, with Emma’s one hand making a pink little grasping ring on the shaft of his cock. This, of course, increased Jeff’s stimulation. Sometimes Emma’s hand would go double fast on his cock, which made Jeff moan with each of Emma’s jerks on his cock.

Now it was, jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, breathe. This continued for a long time! Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, jerk, breathe. Jerk, in, jerk, out, jerk, jerk, breathe. Emma thought she could feel Jeff’s balls filling up with cum to be transferred to his prostate!

On the next move of Jeff’s cock out of her throat, Emma forced her mouth off his cock enough so she could speak! “How does this feel Jeff? Are my mouth and bursa escort bayan throat and hand working up a good batch of jizz in you? Am I a good enough cocksucker that I can suck you off by myself for a while? Deep throating is all well and good, but I have some other moves that will force you to cum in my mouth! Here, how does this feel?”

Emma put both her hands on Jeff’s cock and began jerking him off, with her mouth sucking on his cockhead, in and out. Emma’s tongue was licking all around the edge of his cockhead. Then one of her hands was pressing on the end of his cock and twisting first slowly, and then twisting fast and hard.

And then just as she yelled out “Oh fuck!” he shot his first spurt of jizz right into her mouth and it hit the back area of her tongue. It forced her to gag a bit, but as soon as she realized what was happening she put her lips around the big head of his cock and caught the next six ropes of his cum in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but there was just too much jizm! A goodly amount leaked past her lips and dripped down her chin. She loved it! Still, it seemed like she swallowed a cup or more of the white cum! Emma didn’t stop swallowing until she finished jerking his cock off and into her welcoming mouth.

“Holy crap! Your hands were so good! I thought that deep throat was going to be awesome, but you really drained my balls with your mouth and hands. Would you mind if I bragged about your cock sucking skills to my friends? I know you already have a reputation as a great little cock sucker, so my stories of your skills would only confirm the other stories!” said Judge Jeff.

“As I recall, the document you made me sign said you would not disclose that you fucked and sucked me!” said Emma.

“Shit yes! I remember that clause in the contract. Maybe you would like to ‘date’ me? I just love fucking a young white bitch! If you ever need a big black cock, please call me!” asked Judge Jeff.

“May I eat you out now and really finish you off for the night? You haven’t cum yet since you started deep throating me!” said Jeff. “You should get a lot of rest before it’s my friends’ turn to fuck you. We’ve scheduled you for every other night in order to allow you a chance to rest!”

“Alright! Sure! Eat me out you black bastard! And you better do a good job of it!” said Emma.

Emma lay back on the couch with one leg up and the other leg down and then she spread her cunt open for him. “Go ahead! Eat me out!”

That was all Judge Jeff needed! escort bursa He crept close and stuck his long tongue in her pussy and began flicking it back and forth across her hard clit!

It only took about thirty seconds for Emma to really feel like a slut! “That’s nice! Just keep on doing that! Put two fingers in my pussy too! Finger bang me! Hell, get busy! I got this good of a finger banging when I first experienced it! Bang my pussy harder! Get all four of your fingers inside me!” screamed Emma.

Jeff’s chin was soon covered in her pussy juice! He was sucking on her small hard clit! Then he finally managed to stretch her pussy wide enough that all four of his fingers were jamming in and out of her cunt! Emma could no longer deny that she was being expertly fingered! “Shit yes! Your fingers are great! Keep on finger banging me like that!”

Jeff was working his tongue back and forth on her clit. Suddenly he stopped moving his tongue!

“Fucking move your tongue on me! I was almost there! You fucker! Make me cum with your tongue and fingers! Lick my clit!” Emma demanded.

She grabbed his head and started moving her hips on Jeff’s face. It was as satisfying as his tongue though. She started begging him to lick her! “Please! Oh God please! Eat my pussy!” But all she got for her begging was that he stopped his fingers from banging her.

“You really want me to continue what I was doing?” asked Jeff. “If you really want me to continue, then promise you’ll come back for some more sex next week! Tell me you’ll be my little fuck bunny! Tell me!”

“Oh shit! Yes, anything! Just eat me out now! I’ll cum back next week, and whenever you ask me! I’ll be your young little fuck bunny forever!” Emma promised.

Immediately Judge Jeff began plunging his four fingers deep into Emma’s cunt, while simultaneously whipping his tongue back and forth across her clit! Emma was in Heaven! Her orgasm built up quickly, and then it burst over her brain and entire nervous system! Her legs shook uncontrollably! Her hands reached up and began squeezing her tits and nipples hard!

Emma began screaming, “Fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! Cumming! I’m ccuuuummiing! Fuck that’s so good! My clit’s on fire! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop eating out your Little Fuck Bunny! Sshhiiiitt that good!” Her orgasm lasted a good five minutes, and would have lasted longer if her body had any more strength left.

At last, Jeff stopped using his tongue and slowly withdrew his four fingers from her wet pussy. Even Emma’s hands stopped squeezing her own tits!

Looking down at Emma’s nude and still quivering perfect young body, Jeff knew she would be back for more next week. After all; she was his Little Fuck Bunny who had just had the orgasm of her lifetime!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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