engineering student roomate

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engineering student roomate
Mike made sure we would be alone for the weekend

he wanted me to help him with something he has been building this semester

i was eating with him in our student appartement , dinner was over and i started to feel numb

sit in the living room , my head feeling heavy and the room looking blurry

i didnt understand why he wanted me to stand up and get in his room

i tried but my limbs woudnt cooperate

”you look like you need some help ”

he walk me to his room and i was sit on his bed

”ive been working in this since last year, at first i wasnt sure about it but the hidden cam in the bathroom tell me you want this ”

”there look at the screen”

”oh mike please dont tell anyone dude i was just horny drunk and curious”

watching myself on my knees sucking my pink dildo suction toy

before standing up ass up bouncing on the wall moaning

”Its fine trust me it is, im Bi secret I love how you jump on your toy , needing your cute ass fucked up”

”thats why i think you will like my project”

mike opened his closet and i was help inside on all 4

pink leds light and a pink fluffy mattress

mike securing me on latch doggy a leash on my neck kept head up ass up
my pants down

”good night im going out ill be back later”

closing the door leaving me in my little pink cabin

soon some mechanical sound happened and a real rubber body with a torso and a bbc appear infront of me

a girl voice telling me im cute and sexy ready to suck on a nice big cock

the torso moving toward me

”suck it for me, suck it suck it be a good girl you want it you need it”

dizzy and horny like a slut
my body so sensible with the help of mike secret potion

mouth open trying to suck the nice bbc deep and wet

the girl voice never stopping , making me sucking it better with her advice

”you are a good girl, good girl like to be fuck”

”you wanna get fuck?”

asking it over and over

the cock out of my mouth yelling yes yes i want to get fuck

Mike in his room smilling at the view, the camera running , his friend on the sissy making machine he built just for him

his bbc so hard in his hands

”you gonna wear sexy lingery and go out sucking big kaçak iddaa cocks”

yessss i will i will fuck me fuck me

mike watching his machine work so well another rubber boddy falling down back on his friend white ass

the white sissy in making getting her hole align

the machine pumping from both side, rubber black body foward and backward

the cock pop his hole and it cumed inside wet warm lube the second it got in

then back out

moaning of joy, ass up, mouth open , both rubber boddy getting a slow rythm in my holes

the cock in my ass cumin again more lube until it went all in, tapping the rubber body on my ass pushing me foward on the cock in my mouth

Mike leaving for his party

knowing his machine worked very well

inside the closet, the rubber body in front moving but just a little

while the one i the back was starting its pumping dance

25 different patterns , randomly playing , pumping slow and deep , then faster and harder

the closet big screen on the side playing compilation of white sexy girl spitroasted by 2 black guy

the closet filled with the sound of girls moaning repeating they love black cocks

my head filled with sexy girls moaning , feeling so owned and fucked like them

knowing Mike would get back sometime latter and would fuck me like this

i was holes numb , the machine nevers stop , i was pounded to oblivion

in my pink new room ass up mouth open all night by Mike invention

I was feeling so happy when he opened the door

i was pulled by the leash
looking up eyes glowing at him in boxer hard , a big tent , a big black candy cock

he undress me and smile at me touching his bbc

helping me in a pink dress and smooth coton panty

watching him get on his bed and light up a joint getting his bbc out

no word was needed for the broken sissy i was

i crawl on the bed ass up to his side my mouth slowly taking his head, getting down on his nice bbc

”mmmm you suck good baby”

happy sucking him petting on my head and face calling me a good cock sucker

until he got out of my mouth all wet, standing up off the bed, pulling me to the bed edge ass up his bbc sliding in so easy from the closet training

”just like that, sexy wet pinbahis pussy ”

looking back , happy to learn my roomate was bi , watching him happy pumping in my boy cunt

”you needed this as much as i do, gimme that sissy cunt , you will be my secret fuck doll ”

this is what i really wanted, being fuck in secret , i was going crazy ass up fucked up so good

moaning i love his cock, bouncing on him like a good cum dump

wanting him to cum in me

wanting to feel a real cock explode in me

”you want my cum in you girl, you gonna be a girl if i cum in, be ready to become a sissy, there no turning back now”

bouncing back on him wanting it , moaning for him to cum in me

until he grunt and fuck me deep pouring it down in me

i tried to fight him, but he slap me so hard i fell down

”get back in your room slut, this is were you live now”

slapping me inside the closet

”please please i want to sleep with you, ill suck you all night”

not carring

leaving me tied up , turning the machine back on

”good night little wore”

mike sleeping to the sound of the sissy yelling a cock in her mouth pumped up by another

watching his cam before sleep

how cute it was, to see her with tears i her face , realising she was going to sleep every night like this , in the closet getting fuck

mike smilling at the sound of her calling him

”mikkke i want your bbc , mikeee pleasssse awwww awwww”

sleeping well knowing she would be a good learner

in the morning he watch her crawl to him kissing him asking to be fuck and looked like a tamed little pet

”you always gonna be my good little white girl?”

”yess yesss i do”

the sissy scared of the closet , rubbing mike bbc kissing it over his boxer

”i will listen to you , you are better , i will do what you want”

”good girl , its important , if you dont want to get sent to your room thinking ”

”yess ill be a good girl, im a good girl , i want your cock”

getting it out , like a hungry little bitch licking it asking permission to suck it

”yes, suck me cindy, but in the kitchen i need a cofee go make me one”

i did, and crawl to the floor between his legs under the table, mike doing stuff on pinbahis güvenilir mi his phone drinking cofee

all in pink worshipping mike bbc, not wanting to be sent to my room

wet and sloppy moaning like a slut to make him happy

i was sucking when the backyard door slide open , i coudnt see but there was 2 of mike friend getting cofee asking mike if he wants a refill

all 3 normally talking pants down having fun passing my leash, pulling me from bbc to bbcs

wondering who they were, as i sucked them nice hard cock

wanting to make mike proud of me, serving his friends too

they all cum back to back , feeding me nice huge loads

i was pulled out of the table looking at school friends i knew

pushing me on the floor ass up sliding in me , fucking me fast and quick infront if the table , mike and his friend drinking cofee smilling calling me a good girl

”shes so nice, thanks again mike, you dont owe me nothing anymore”

”just txt me before you come here, in case shes away making me money”

”no problem”

not carring about my life , all 3 just fucking me full of cum

they left and i was sent outside with 3 address to go at and bring back mike the money

i was knocking at the first door

a tall black daddy opening the door

pulling me inside smilling

he walk me to his step daughter room

and made me wear a skimpy to small bikini with a princess from disney on my belly

”now go in the shower i want to play a game”

i was in the shower

when i ear him call for Amy

”amy daddy home, were are you little wore, your teacher told me you were sucking cock in the school bathroom is that true?”

”did you suck on your classmate little slut”

getting in the shower his 9inch bbc out

throwing me on the floor holding my head up agaisnt the shower wall

”you like to suck cock slut”

pumping in my mouth deep

making me gag

”what what yoo big for you amy, you prefer white stupid boy small cock”

”fucking wore , just like your mom, you need the cock ”

i listen and got mouth fuck

then he had me ass up face down moaning , pounding me calling me Amy the cock slut hard and fast

until he cum , growling like a b**st all of his cum in me

and ask mew to leave , the cash is in the pot near the door

i left, feeling weird of the game he played with me

walking money in my pocket to the next adress

becoming the little sissy i always wanted

meeting black horny guy in secret and making money

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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