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Mary and I were married when she was 18 and I was 24. Being aggressive in business didn’t allow me a lot of sexual encounters before I met Mary and she was a virgin when we met. Mary is 5’2″ and 115 lbs. with a perfect 36C and slim hips and beautiful blonde hair. I am 5′ 9″ 155 lbs. and fairly trim. Our friends call us the “beautiful couple” although most of our male friends say that as they drool looking at my pretty wife.

After 8 years with my wife only one problem seems to plague our relationship. I am not overly well endowed, as I have a five-inch cock. Mary say’s this is plenty, as she is quite small and tight. Our problem is that I experience pre-mature ejaculation. Mary’s pussy is lightly covered with fine blonde hair and is really very small and tight, compounded with me being quick triggered, we get about 3 to 5 strokes into our lovemaking and I cum, leaving Mary very frustrated. I do get Mary off with my fingers and tongue usually, but she still gets frustrated which leads to some heated arguments.

I have read Penthouse’s Forum for quite some time and recently have been interested in articles about other men watching and sharing their wives with another man. But, until a year ago had never mentioned a thing to my wife. One night we had made love (5 strokes) and Mary wanted more, and a fight ensued. In the middle of all the yelling I said, “All you care about is a big hard cock,” at which she said, “I’d give my right arm for a good fuck.”

I retorted, “If you’re so hot to fuck, why haven’t you gone out and found someone?”

Later that night when everything had calmed down, Mary told me that she was sorry and would never “go out” on me. She would never let another man touch her, let alone fuck her. I assured her that our marriage was intact and that if her needs were left unsatisfied that I would rather see her happy than frustrated.

I told her that I loved her, and she blushed thinking about what I had said and replied, “I just wish you would let me suck you more often. You know how hot that makes me.” (Mary has had a fetish about cock sucking since we had met.)

Our discussion was dropped and it wasn’t brought up again for about another 3 months, until I saw Mary masturbating in the shower. I didn’t let her know that I saw and I waited until that evening after a few drinks to bring it up again. I brought the subject up after the drinks had taken effect and Mary agreed that we could go to an out of the way bar and pretend to be strangers, so Mary could pick up a nice looking stranger and me, telling us that she was married and that she wanted an anonymous threesome. She would tell us that she wanted to suck one of us (him) and the other one could fuck her (I was the only one she wanted to ever enter her pussy).

A few more months passed, Mary would get too nervous whenever we started to make plans for our rendezvous, so we ended up with our love making being a few strokes and that was it for the night. This particular Saturday afternoon we had had a few drinks by the pool and I saw Mary eyeing one of our neighbors in his swimsuit and I figured that this would be the day. I proceeded to make Mary’s drinks quite strong to prepare her.

I asked Mary if she was ready and would like to try our attempt at a pickup? I had noticed a bar that I passed on the way to work and suggested that one. She agreed and we decided to leave in separate cars so I could get us a motel room to use and then I would meet her at the bar as though we had never met. I had hoped that she would meet someone right away, before I arrived.

Mary went in and prepared herself. She was dressed to kill with a short wrap-around skirt and a matching tight fitting wrap-around top that barely covered her chest. I almost came in my pants when I saw that she was braless, her beautiful tits jiggled and her nipples were starting to show through the thin material.

After checking in at a motel about a mile from the bar, I nervously drove over to our rendezvous bar, wondering if Mary had changed her mind and had gone back home. When I drove in the parking lot I saw her car parked, so I parked mine on the other side of the lot and went in the bar. If I had seen the inside of this place before, I would never have picked it for our rendezvous. I couldn’t see a thing, let alone Mary. The bartender asked me what I’d have and left to make it.

As I looked around, my heart raced, a sailor at the end of the bar and I were the only white men in the place. Then I saw Mary sitting at a table with 3 black guys. As our eyes met I could see that she was confused or something. I started “nursing” my drink and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I decided to walk by her table on the way to the restroom. As I neared her table the man on the right turned and kissed her full on the mouth slowly and as I passed I saw his hand sliding inside her top, rubbing her big tits and making her nipples stand out. Then the guy on her other side reached out and started playing with her other breast.

Once in the restroom I couldn’t move, the sight of my wife being pawed by those two black guys was making my head swirl. I stayed in there for about 15 minutes. When I came out I was treated to another surpass as I walked back by the table only the man she had been kissing was still there and they were still kissing, this time my knees weakened as I saw her hand rubbing his crotch.

After I had been back at the bar for a few minutes Mary came up pretending to get some drinks and I slipped her the room key. I said “I don’t think this is a good place, there’s hardly anybody in here that’s not black,” but Mary said “oh that doesn’t matter, I think it’ll be ok” she answered. She pretended to meet me and we started a conversation and she invited me to their table.

When we walked back to the table she introduced me to James, who wasn’t real glad to see me. Mary didn’t waste any time in suggesting that we leave as a threesome. She was pretty hot from the looks of her nipples that were sticking out. Mary said that she had a room and that she wanted to suck James and me off real bad, but no one could play or fuck her in her pussy. That was her husbands, but anything else was ok. Mary and I walked out to the parking lot where we waited for James to return from the restroom.

I kissed Mary and rubbed her tits as she leaned against a car, giving James a good show as he walked up. He looked at me and winked, which I returned. He said “Why don’t we all take my car,” but I said “No, thanks” not wanting to be without a car, so Mary got in James’ car and I in mine and we departed. A van cut me off as we were leaving the parking lot and I lost sight of Mary and James.

I drove to the motel slowly in case they had turned off in an attempt to loose me, but as I drove in the motel lot there was James’ car, at least she was safe. The thought of my wife with a black man was really beginning to bother me and I wanted to see if I could end this now before it went any farther. When I neared the door I heard what sounded like several voices.

I knocked on the door and James answered with a grin saying, “You finally caught up – huh.” As he stepped aside to let me in I saw 6 other black guys drinking and smoking what appeared to be pot. Mary was sitting on the bed and she was smoking a joint, this too was a first for her. As she sat and smoked the split in her skirt would gape open showing a nice amount of tanned white thigh and as she passed the joint it would open more and her top would gape, showing off her pretty tit meat.

Not one eye in the place missed this either and whispers ran around the room. I stood by the bathroom door so Mary could walk by and talk to me, which she soon did. As she passed by she stopped and under her breath she said, “I think his friends will leave soon.”

“I hope so, these guys worry me,” I replied.

Mary went into the bathroom and closed the door as James walked up to me. “Hot looking isn’t she?” he said.

I said, “Yes, she looks real horny.”

“She’ll get all the cock she wants tonight,” James said as he tipped his head toward the other guys.

I almost screamed. He couldn’t really mean all of his friends. About then one of James’ friends walked up and James said, “This is Max, cause he is the Max,” and they chuckled.

James reached for the bathroom door knob and I quickly said, “Oh – Mary is in there,” and he smiled back saying “No shit.” Then Max stepped between James and me saying, “Do you have a problem?”

“No, not me,” I answered quickly, wishing this had never started. I was starting to get scared. James opened the door just as Mary was coming out and he simply blocked her way and put his arms around her and gave her a real slow deep kiss, while letting his hands move down over her ass and he pressed her against himself.

Mary tried to push back a little and she mumbled about “all of these people.” Well, James didn’t hear a word. He just kept on kissing and fondling her. I saw him reach out and open her wrap around top and reach in and cup her beautiful tit and lift it out, then the other fell out as the top opened clear up.

I heard several guys catch their breath and one whistled. Max said, “Fuck!” as he reached out to squeeze and feel her left tit as James stared to suck on her pretty, full right breast. The pot had really affected Mary because she slowly closed her eyes and stood there as these two licked and squeezed her ripe breasts. One of the guys in the room said “Hey let’s not be selfish,” and then they all chimed in “yes, it’s our turn,” etc.

I looked back at Max and James as they scooped Mary up and carried her to the bed, all the time James was sucking her tits and tongue. Mary didn’t seem to realize what was happening, all of these men were still here. I looked at James and saw a huge bulge in the front of his pants about the same time Max said, “Let’s get this going,” and he reached out and tore Mary’s top off.

Her tits giggled as they sprung free and all the eyes in the room stared. Her nipples were hard as rocks and they stuck way out from the sucking James had given them. All of a sudden everyone was around the bed and hands were all over my wife’s pretty chest, massaging and pulling at her tits and nipples.

She was writhing in delight with casino siteleri all of the attention her body was getting. Somebody pulled her skirt open and I couldn’t believe my eyes, Mary’s panties were soaking wet. Instantly two black hands reached for her little blonde pussy. Mary clamped her thighs together and mumbled something under the kisses that James was raining on her.

Mary wrestled herself free from James and sat up, “Please,” she said, “I want to suck your cock,” as she stared at James’ crotch. She was so dazed that she didn’t even know that the other men were standing around gawking at her statement.

Mary reached out and unzipped James’ pants and reached in and pulled out his big fat black cock. It was at least 8 inches long and 2 inches thick with a big gray/purple head on it. Her eyes widened and took on a sultry look as she reached out and slowly worked the cock up and down and then she sheepishly bent down and touched the end of her tongue to the head of his cock. She started running her tongue around the big head and opened her mouth and took a lot of his cock right into her mouth.

James groaned and bent his hips forward sticking his cock straight out. She started bobbing her head up and down on his cock making his cock stand straight up and glisten from her saliva. James took Mary by the back of her head and thrust his hips forward trying to bury his cock in her throat and she gagged. James was loosing control and said, “Suck it bitch,” as his loins started humping my wife’s pretty face.

Mary was loving this and was making little moaning sounds as she slurped on his big stiff shaft. James threw his head back and groaned as his cock started to pump his cum into Mary’s mouth. Mary started choking on all of the cum as James pulled his cock out of her mouth and as he did, his cock pulsed and sprayed more cum onto Mary’s face. I couldn’t believe seeing my wife with this big black cock shooting cum all over her.

As soon as Mary stopped choking she started licking the cum off the spent limp dick and then her face. Another guy unzipped his pants and lugged out his big cock. He climbed on the bed and rubbed his cock against Mary’s cheek, she turned and took his cock right into her mouth, licking and slurping all over it. She did this without even looking to see who it was.

I could see that she didn’t know what was happening as she squeezed and massaged his balls while her head kept going up and down on his hard shaft. Watching this had given me a hard on that was about to burst.

While she leaned on her side to suck this guy better, two other men reached out and started playing with her tits and ass. By now everyone was hot and we all got undressed, except Max who was over by the bathroom talking to James.

My hard on needed relief so I climbed on the side of the bed as the last guy shot his load down Mary’s throat when Mary looked up she didn’t even know me, she looked dazed as she moaned and reached out for my cock and said, “Mmmm, give me that cock!” She hadn’t started sucking on me for more than a minute and I came like thunder, and Mary managed to swallow it all.

Mary had several hands squeezing and rubbing her tits and pinching her hardened nipples. Two other men were rubbing her tummy and were now starting to rub her pussy. They had managed to work her panties up in between her pussy lips, which swelled out around the crotch of her panties, showing most of that pretty little blonde cunt. Her pussy hairs were sparkling with dampness as she shoved her pelvis up against the big hands.

Mary laid back on the bed as one man got on either side of her and they started rubbing their cocks in her face. She would lick one and then the other. I could see that Mary was out of control, as one of the men lifted his leg over her chest so he could feed her his cock.

James and Max came over to the bed and Max reached out and took a hold of Mary’s panties and pulled then down a ways. She started to try to say something and the cock that she was sucking rammed right into her mouth, smothering her words. Max reached out and grabbed her panties and tore them off of her. Her blonde covered bush was visible and the fine hair was sparkling with dampness.

Mary started to scream, but again was gagged. James started to lick Mary’s leg as Max reached out to her pussy and tried to stick his finger in between the folds of her pussy lips that she was trying to keep clamped shut with her thighs. Max just kept probing with his big black finger. Max reached up under his buddy’s ass and pinched Mary’s left nipple hard, which made Mary screech, but as she did her legs loosened for a second and I saw his huge finger disappear up inside my wife’s cunt.

“Stop that,” I said, “She said only blowjobs.”

Max turned and said, “Shut the fuck up squid or we just might make you our bitch,” and he shoved me back into the chair that I had been sitting in, knocking all of the wind out of me.

Mary had another new cock in her mouth and she was getting hotter. I could see her slightly parted thighs were wet and her slit was soaking and swollen and its lips were pouching way out. James slowly licked his way up to Mary’s muff and as he got a smell of her pussy he slid his tongue into the top of her slit, replacing the big finger that had been probing inside. Mary started bucking and squirming now letting her bush be seen by all.

She arched all of a sudden, going rigid and she let out a groan as she came all over James’ tongue. James licked and sucked at her clit as it protruded out from her swollen vaginal lips. I got real worried that Mary was letting them play and touch her pussy way too much. She didn’t seem to care what was happening, just that she had cock after cock squirting their warm sperm in her mouth.

My fears ran wild when I saw that James had another raging hard on and as he was on all fours down between my wife’s slightly open legs, he held her in a somewhat open and weak position.

To my relief, James got up and looked at a friend and said “Hey Roy, dinners on, He-He” and Roy’s tongue replaced James’. Mary was moaning and writhing from the pussy eating she was getting and she spread her legs so Roy could suck her clit better. Her pussy lips parted slightly allowing him to suck her clit in and nibble on it, as she bucked and squealed in ecstasy.

James said “Max I think she really wants you.” I looked as Max started to undress. When Max took his pants off I let out a whoosh of air. His cock was still limp, but it was huge. It hung down, out of the leg of his boxer shorts. His cock was as big as this horse that we had when I was growing up. He stripped his boxers off and walked over to the bed. Mary saw his cock approaching and her eyes began to grow till they seemed like they were all white. His cock was at least 9-inches long at least 3-1/2 inches through when soft and hanging. It looked like a fire hose. His balls hung about 4 inches below his crotch and they were the size of tennis balls.

James looked at me staring at Max and said, “Impressive huh, Max says he’s never had a pussy that could hold it all, except a horse he fucked once.”

Max shoved his cock up against Mary’s lips and she opened her mouth wide to take in as much as she could. When she did Max jutted his hips forward and Mary gagged. She could hardly even get her mouth around the growing circumference of his cock. As Mary licked up and down the sides of Max’s shaft it grew till she could only get the huge purplish-gray head in her mouth. His cock had grown bigger than my entire forearm. The head of his giant cock was as big as my fist and the shaft was over 4-inches through and at least 13-inches long.

Hell no wonder no woman could handle all of that cock. Max was pushing his cock back and forth, as he grabbed Mary by the hair and pushed the whole head of his cock into her mouth and said, “Suck it, you white cunt.”

Mary just couldn’t handle it all and choked and pulled back. Max slapped her, knocking her back on the bed, his cock was standing straight out ahead of him like another leg, and it was huge.

James immediately returned to the bed and thrust his rock hard cock back into Mary’s mouth. She had now sucked everyone once and had swallowed about a pint of cum. Max climbed on the bed between Mary’s legs, replacing Roy who was tiring from sucking that sweet little pussy.

Roy said, “That’s the sweetest little cunt, I sure would like to fuck it for a while.”

At that Mary closed her legs as tight as she could, as Max was starting to kneel between them and blocked them partly open. “Oh no you don’t!” he said as he clamped her legs to the bed with his big hand and shoved his other hand up between her legs, burying his middle finger in her completely.

From my chair I heard her moan as his big finger sank into her. She started to concentrate on the fat dick between her lips and the hands on her tits and she relaxed her legs, which allowed Max to ease them apart a little farther. Now I could see the puddle of juices that were running from my wife’s beautiful cunt onto the bed.

Max started pumping his finger in and out of Mary’s pretty pussy and soon she was raising her ass up to meet his hand as it slid in and out. Mary started bucking and groaning as she neared yet another climax. James slid his cock out of Mary’s mouth as she started to roll her eyes and shake as she had a violent climax.

“Oh god, I’m coming!” she moaned loudly.

As Max continued to fuck Mary with his finger, James crawled around, above Mary’s head so he could tip her head back and stick his cock in her mouth and fuck her face while he played with her nipples which by now were beet red and hard as rocks. Max replaced his finger with his tongue and started licking Mary’s pussy, then he would suck her clit and lick some more. She started rotating her hips on the invading tongue.

Max started to lick a little higher, working his way up to her tummy and as he did, everyone else except James sat down around the room. Two guys sat on either side of me, each one was slowly squeezing and pulling on their hardening cocks. We had a perfect view of Mary’s pussy since the chair we were in was at the end of the bed.

Our view was spoiled as Max got up on his knees from his reclining position tipobet güvenilir mi between Mary’s legs. Now Max started licking toward Mary’s breasts. I looked and shuttered as Max crawled up a ways to lick Mary’s tits, his huge cock hung down, pointing up, right toward Mary’s soaking wet slit. Max started licking her tits and pulling her nipples with his teeth and as he did, she started squirming, all the while sucking on James’ swollen shaft. James was sliding about 4-inches of his cock in her mouth and then back out with a slurping sound.

Max moved slightly higher up on Mary on all fours, his cock was hard as a rock and pointed straight up toward the head of the bed. Max tried to suck one of Mary’s tits clear in his mouth and as he did she arched up trying to shove more of her tit into Max’s mouth. Mary dug her heels into the mattress trying to press even more of her tit into his mouth and as she dug in she spread her legs wide, making her wet little slit open up into a beautiful wet pink hole. I could see a tiny opening right in her pussy.

My heart sank as I saw Max’s huge cock head only inches from the now open love tunnel of my wife. His huge cock bobbed up and down poised right at her entrance. He wouldn’t dare, He can’t! She has never had another cock, she could never fit such a huge shaft in her tiny pussy, my mind screamed. As Max continued to suck on her tits, his cock seemed to grow bigger and grow nearer to her opening, all of a sudden I couldn’t see her open hole. Max’s cock was so big and so close, that the head completely obscured her entrance.

James was easily fucking Mary’s mouth and she was loving it, along with the workout that Max was giving her big breasts and nipples. She was squirming and writhing all over, unaware that a huge cock was only inches from her open pussy. Max started to nip one of Mary’s nipples, causing her to buck and twist. This was making Mary hotter, causing her to spread her legs as wide as she could. Her moist hole was wide open and Max eased his black baseball sized cock head up against her entrance, just slightly brushing that pretty pink shiny opening.

I couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, as my mind froze as I stared at my wife’s open pussy with this huge black cock touching it and rubbing up and down her groove, stopping slightly as it found her tiny opening. She continued to twist and squirm as his cock rubbed all around the glistening entrance to her love and when he found the little hole, she would stop and let him press against her.

Max nipped and bit at Mary’s nipples, causing her to squirm and buck more, and as she did her cunt lips rubbed and squirmed, opening and closing around on the end of that black cock arm. I started to get up but both guys at my sides held me down.

“No way,” one said. But I still tried, and the one on my left turned and “bang” he hit me, sending me back into my chair. As James fucked my wife’s mouth Max chewed on her tits, all the while keeping his cock against her opening and closing pussy. Max’s cock took on a musky sheen from the juices from Mary’s pink hole, as her cunt lips continually “mouthed” at the end of this massive black shaft.

Max looked up at James and nodded, and as he did James lunged, shoving his cock down Mary’s throat, almost to the base, Mary’s eyes bulged and she gagged and choked, she jumped and slid downward trying to escape the cock that was suffocating her. As Mary slid down Max grunted and lunged shoving that gigantic sized cock in her open waiting pussy. She screamed, even with a cock choking her she was loud. Her eyes screwed up in her head and her body contorted from the searing pain of being torn open. James shoved again burying his cock in her throat right up to his hairy crotch.

“Take it cunt!!” yelled Max as he thrust again. This time the whole head of his cock disappeared into my wife’s love tunnel. Tears started to well in my eyes, as I saw my wife impaled on this huge hard shaft. Max started humping, trying to force his oversize destroyer of a cock deeper into Mary’s cunt.

I could see that her opening was stretching beyond its limits with this huge head inside her and she was trying to escape this tearing pole that was lodged in her tiny pussy, all the while she was being suffocated by James’ cock. As she continued to twist and squirm she only excited Max all the more and her movements were starting to work that big cock into her even deeper. James finally pulled his cock back so Mary could breathe.

James gave her about two breathes, and as he did she managed to pull away from Max’s cock, which made a popping sound as the head of it came out of her cunt. I could barely see through my tears, but good enough to see my wife’s pretty blonde cunt spread wide open. That little hole at the bottom of her tunnel that I saw when she spread her legs wide, was now a large gaping hole, allowing us all to see up inside her vagina. He had stretched her cunt muscles wide open.

Max forced her legs apart farther and climbed higher on her. He reached down and guided his arm-sized cock back to her pussy. As he rubbed her aching opening she started to relax and she started a slow movement with her hips.

As Max pulled his cock back I saw a big droplet of pre- cum form on the hole in his cock, he quickly rubbed it into her pussy while trying to shove his enormous cock head back into her. Mary was whimpering and moaning as James positioned himself over Mary’s head and said “lick my balls and ass, white cunt.” Mary started licking, James’ cock jumped when her tongue darted in and out of his ass. Soon he moved back and slipped his cock back between her lips.

Max continued to rub his cock against her pussy opening, trying to force its head back in her ravaged tunnel, “Shit,” he said, “her cunts gone dry.”

Roy jumped up and said, “Here, get out of the way Max, I’ll get her ready for you,” and he walked up to the bed with his cock in his hand. Roy was stroking his cock with both hands as Max stepped out of the way. Roy got on the bed and crawled up between Mary’s legs. She started to squirm, but Max’s big hands on her tits and stomach stopped her from moving.

Roy leaned forward, sticking just the head of his cock inside her pussy opening, and then he started to jack and pull on his cock. I went crazy, a gurgling sound came out of my throat just as Roy groaned loudly, his cock started jerking, spewing his cum into Mary’s tunnel. He came a lot, and you could see it drip out around his cock head. As he pulled out, his cocked pulsed and a rope of cum broke free, hanging down out of Mary’s pussy.

My mind was reeling seeing my wife’s little pussy full of another mans cum. You could see as he climbed off of the bed, her pussy lips worked up and down, and as they gapped open you could see his cum in her and all over her opening.

Max walked up to me and stuck his enormous cock in my face and said, “This is what she wants, and she’ll always love it once she has had it.”

I started to move again, but Max reached out and slapped me right back down into the chair.

Max said, “Roy, Al come on, hold her legs for me, she’s a fighter.”

Mary looked terrified, even though she had James’ cock stuck in her mouth. Max climbed on the bed between her legs and reached out a finger to her pussy. He reamed it around as she squealed and whimpered trying to avoid his touch. As Max climbed up over top of my little wife I begged that he stop. Max took his huge cock with one hand and started rubbing it all over her cum soaked pussy lips. She fought him by squirming and as she did, Roy and Al pulled her legs farther apart, opening her to Max’s desires.

As Mary squirmed, her cunt lips enveloped the end of his big black cock head, making Max hotter. He began sucking her now raw tits. Mary started moaning as Max started nipping at her erect nipples. As Max continue to work on her nipples Mary began moaning and her hips started to rotate and buck. Mary soon started to pant and she got hotter. Her eyes were glazed and she moaned continuously as she bob her head back and forth on the big cock in her mouth.

James said to her “you really like a big black dick in you, don’t you,” as Mary’s head continued to go up and down. Mary’s hips were rocking back and forth, allowing Max’s cock head to enter her opening very slightly, as Max continued to rub her pussy with his cock. As Max’s cock would graze Mary’s clitoris, she would shudder and a low moan would escape her cock filled mouth.

Max continued to rub Roy’s cum around with his big cock, and now slowly with his fingers he pushed his bigheaded cock into her, stretching her wide open. The skin around her pussy was very shiny as it was stretched to its limits. Her cunt lips had barely wrapped around its huge head. Mary was moaning and slowly rotating her hips on the end of his big shaft. Max reached up and pinched her nipples and as he did he added pressure to his now slick pole and it went into her another inch.

Mary’s eyes bulged as she said, “Uughn-mmmm,” as she pushed against this huge invader. As she did, James thrust forward burying his cock in her throat and his balls were laying on her nose.

Max reached up and slapped her tits hard, causing her to buck up, and as she did, he drove his huge 4-inch diameter cock into her. Never have I heard such a sound, such as that, that came out of her throat. Her whole body screamed as she arched trying to escape this ravaging monster. Max’s huge black cock was buried in her at least 8 inches and her insides were being torn apart as she was ****d by this man with a horses cock. He slapped her tits several more times as he withdrew a few inches and then thrust his cock into her even deeper.

Mary’s cunt lips were stretched way out as he withdrew you could see them cling to his giant staff. Then I realized that his huge balls would fire their load of cum into her. What if she became pregnant by this monster, Mary was not taking any precautions. My mind was spinning as I realized that I had a tremendous hard-on again as I watched my sweet wife being torn apart by these a****ls.

Max started a fucking motion with his hips and when he drew back I could see his cock shining with love juices, then he would plunge it back perabet in about half its length. James started to cum, saying, “Suck that big cock, Honey, suck it good,” and then he groaned as he pumped his load down her throat.

James pulled his cock out of Mary’s throat, letting his cum run down the side of her face. “Your next,” he said to me. I couldn’t believe that I got up and climbed on the bed next to my wife. Mary opened her mouth and swallowed my cock right away.

She was making mindless a****l like sounds now, as Max continued his “limited” fucking of her. I was hornier than I’ve ever been before, being sucked by my wife as I sat face-to-face watching this man with his gargantuan black cock pounding in and out of my wife’s pussy.

As the sounds from Mary got louder, she started sucking harder on my cock. She was getting hotter and she started to rotate her hips and grind back on that huge cock. As Max pressed his cock into her, you could actually see her tummy swell as his cock filled her. Everyone sat watching and listening, and you could hear a slurping, sloshing sound as Max’s cock went in and out of her fine blonde hair covered pussy lips. Mary started to pant and her ass came up to meet this huge pole that was driving into her open tunnel.

Mary moaned, “Fuck me more with that big cock, fuck my cunt NOW!” as she humped down on his big hard shaft. Max took this as his chance of a lifetime, she was begging for more and he had plenty left. Max pulled back slightly and then moved up higher on her, so he could get his crotch as close to hers as possible. He started slow, short strokes and then a rotating, grinding in her pussy.

This drove Mary crazy, his teasing caused her only to want more of his ravaging cock in her, as she lifted up trying to get more of him into her, he thrust and lowered himself down, and his huge arm sized cock slowly slid clear in her, right up to the base.

Mary screeched, “OH FUCK ME… oh god, it’s SO BIG…. please….” as she now had over a foot of black cock inside her once tiny little cunt.

You could see the blonde cunt hairs entwined with his thick curly black cock hairs. A deep roar slowly came out of her as she started to fuck his huge cock, she was a bitch in heat. All of a sudden I felt a draining sensation as I came in Mary’s mouth. I started to fuck her face hard. I pulled my flaccid cock from her mouth.

Mary was making strange sounds and she was humping down on that huge shaft that had just destroyed her cunt. She grunted and moaned and she took every inch that he drove into her.

When I sat down I could see his huge balls banging against her ass. Her legs were moving around and her ass and cunt lips looked as though they were trying to devour every bit of this horse like dick. Max started to hump faster and the bed started to shake as he pounded harder into her hungry little pussy. I saw his balls as they lifted in their sack and Max said, “SHIT!” as he started to pump his thick white cream into her. Her pussy started bubbling and a farting sound came out, as he filled her with his hot cum.

Mary moaned, “I can feel it squirting, more please, I love it, fill me with your cum” as he continued to pump his sperm into her love tunnel. “Fuck me more, I love your cock, I’ll do anything, don’t take it out,” she begged, as Max continued to drive into her, pumping even more of his fiery cream deep inside her. Max continued to drive into her, his cum kept oozing out of her cunt around his big black shaft, causing me to stare at this big black pole that was covered with his white sticky cream.

After what seemed like eternity Max slowly pulled his cock out of Mary’s ravaged tunnel. His cock made a slurping sound and then a plop as the still huge head came out of her. All three of us, seated at the end of the bed could see way up inside my wife as she lay there, her opening had been stretched so far that the muscles would no longer close her tunnel back up. Max’s cum, mixed with Roy’s, and was running out onto the sheet. Her pussy seemed alive, the lips were quivering and would spasm every few seconds. As she went through these vaginal spasms more sperm would bubble out onto the bed, making a pretty big puddle.

Roy said, “I want that pussy next.”

I started to object, but Max picked me up and hit me right in the gut. I doubled over, and then somebody knocked me back into the chair. Max looked at me and said, “What’s the matter, was that cunt yours?” He rubbed his semi limp cock, “You’ll never keep it happy now, she’ll only want big black cocks from now on,” as he walked away laughing.

I looked over at her, laying there spread eagle with Roy on top of her, driving his black meat in and out of her. She was moaning “Fuck me with your big black dick, oh yah, fuck me now,” as Roy shuttered and shot another load of cum inside of her pleasure hole.

Each of the other guys took their turn at fucking her open, waiting pussy. Soon her cunt was splayed open and was covered with cum, and obviously she was completely filled up with cum, and as she moved, the cum inside her would continue to leak out, in globs. Mary seemed nearly u*********s, other than the little sounds coming from her throat. Her pussy was staying open, and the opening was almost 2 inches in diameter, like she had an invisible pipe in her, holding her cunt walls open.

Max said to me, “Get up there and stick your hand in it.”

At first I didn’t understand.

Then he said again, “Get up there,” rather than get hit I did as he said. “Put your hand in it!” he demanded.

I stuck two of my fingers in her dripping hole. She immediately started bucking and grinding, trying to fuck my fingers. “All of it,” Max said.

I bunched my fingers together and as I pushed forward, her cunt lips opened and wrapped around my hand with no problem, I was amazed. It felt like my hand was in a warm pool. The pool turned out to be cum, when I swirled my fingers around and then pulled them out, they were covered with sticky white globs of cum.

Mary’s hips were humping the air after I pulled my hand out and Max said, “Now she’s ready for a real fuckin.” He walked over to me, grabbing me by the arm, forcing my face right up to Mary’s open hole. Max said, “Eat it clean, boy, I want to fuck it once she’s good and hot.”

I started to protest but Max shoved my head down to her gapping bush. I could see and smell all of the cum that these 7 guys had shot into her and I couldn’t imagine eating their cum. Slowly my tongue touched her pussy lips, I could taste the salty cum and pussy juices. I started to lick her open hole a little more and Mary immediately started to moan and her hips started to move. As she would move her hole would open up and I could dart my tongue right inside of her tunnel.

“Suck on it,” Max demanded.

Mary was bucking her hips all over and she kept moaning, “OH YEAH, fuck me, fuck me hard with your tongue.” I started to suck on her cunt and a large glob of cum came out of her and into my mouth. I thought I was going to throw up, but I just kept on licking and sucking.

The more I sucked, the more Mary liked it, and the more she ground her cunt down on my mouth. This caused a great amount of their white cream to start coming out of her open hole. I tried not to swallow it, but Max said, “Eat it asshole,” so I swallowed. I couldn’t believe how much cum was in her, it just kept coming. I stuck my tongue inside her, as far as I could and Mary started to fuck my tongue like an insane women, this dislodged more of their cum and I licked it all up and swallowed.

My sucking on Mary’s open cunt had pretty well cleaned her out, and she was now hotter than hell. “Fuck me, I want your big cock,” she repeated over and over.

Max told me to move and he crawled up on the bed between my wife’s legs. Max lifted her legs up over her head and with his other hand he placed the head of his cock slightly into her shiny, soaking wet hole and with a hard slap on her ass, he drove his cock half way into her love canal, stretching her little blonde lips beyond their limits, again. Max slowly withdrew his now partially slick pole, and then buried himself to the hilt in her. Max started to fuck her hard and the bed shook.

Mary cried out, “Oh yes, fuck me with your huge black cock, it’s SO good, fuck, fuck, fuck me HARD!” She was thrashing back and forth on the bed, “More, oh yes, just like that! I love you, please fuck me hard! It’s so big and good, oh yes, I love you!” she kept telling this man who had just destroyed her body.

Finally Mary brought her legs down around Max’s back and she locked her ankles, holding him in her. She started to cum again as she thrust her feet straight in the air, in an effort to get Max’s cock even deeper into her. Mary groaned and started to drool as she shuddered with an orgasm. Max fucked her even harder making her grunt as she kept cumming.

Max and Mary continued to fuck each other for what seemed like eternity, but was really only 20 minutes or so, and as Mary arched and screamed, “FUCK! I’m cumming on your big cock, oh gawd I’m cumming!!”

Max grunted, “ugh-I’m cumming way inside you, ah fuck me, you little white cunt, you feel so goood!” as Max’s body shuddered and his balls fired their cum up my wife’s love tunnel, his cum filled her to the brim and it was bubbling out all around his shaft. He had filled her so full of his cream that it was running down the crack of her ass.

Finally Max slowed his hips, but continued to slide his huge, softening cock in and out of Mary’s pussy. “No please don’t take it out,” she begged, as Max slowly withdrew his now spent limp cock, making a slurping sound as the head came out of her.

“Max, we gotta go,” said one of the guys and four of them got up and got dressed. As they walked by the bed they each stopped to play with Mary’s pussy for a minute. “Later, Bro,” they called back as they left.

Max and James dressed, as did the remaining man. Max walked over to Mary and said, “You know where I’ll be if you need some more real fuckin, honey,” and he bent down and kissed her slowly.

Mary kissed him hungrily and then moaned and laid back down. Max looked at me and said “why don’t you take a turn,” as they all left laughing.

Mary lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open as I tried to clean her up and get her dressed. Finally, she started to come to enough to help. All she could say was “That was so good, when can we do this again?” she asked.

But I wasn’t going to share her pussy anymore — or so I thought…


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